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Hello I would like to start with a bit about myself , my  name is Elana and I am a collared slave to my Mistress , whom I address lovingly as GoddessBernadette ( She likes the… Lesbian

Hello I would like to start with a bit about myself , my  name is Elana and I am a collared slave to my Mistress , whom I address lovingly as GoddessBernadette ( She likes the form of address as a single word )  or sometimes simply Goddess. I have been collared to Her for a few weeks now and have never felt so happy .

 Now I have to share a little about myself before beginning . I am a 24 year old woman with blonde hair straightened to just below my shoulders and brown eyes which I have been told are pretty without being all that remarkable, standing just a hair over 5 feet proud of my slender figure and perky small breasts , with a body toned by years of working out and sports , having discovered the world of BDSM relatively recently , as a domme . For Her part , Goddess is a 54 year old woman of stunning classical beauty with.deep green eyes that I could lose myself in for hours , an easy smile and a beautiful curvaceous body that would put many younger women to shame with a magnificent bust that I am very jealous of myself .

While I had dabbled in an evening of submission here , or a few hours there , my experience with GoddessBernadette is a new one as I am experiencing many things for the first time … She has made me into her foot worshipper ,as well as  Her piggy slave , complete with nose hooks which turn all my laughs and moans into the squeals and snorts which She finds so delightful, and a pink pig tail buttplug which I can sometimes wear all day long when we are at home. I am a slave to Her only , and if I dabble with any other , it is as a strong confident Domme in my own right .

She is the first and only woman I have ever wanted to truly submit to , not because she is a powerful Goddess , but She has ensured my loyalty with love and caring.  While She can really be a dominant figure , I know deep down that Her heart is as much mine as mine belongs to Her.

So I have decided to share , as faithfully as my memory would allow , the records of my descent into submission to GoddessBernadette , and our growth both as Mistress and slave , and as lovers as well…

I met Goddess online and She came into my life with the force of a hurricane and uprooted everything that was the center of my existence , as I said I am 24 and had just finished my internship as a dental hygienist when I met Goddess in an online chat room dedicated to the BDSM community. I had broken up a few months ago from a brief yet passionate affair I had lived as a Domme with a coworker at a previous job of mine and truly I was not looking for love , but as is often the case , love often calls unlooked for . We hit it off right away and unlike most people in the room , GoddessBernadette actually lived fairly close by , a quick 3 hour drive .

From the first few tentative exchanges and jockeying for power of the earliest stages of our discussions , to my ultimate submission and surrender to Her online, Till that magical day when I stood on Her doorstep and saw her silhouette approach through the opaque window of Her front door,  each step seeming to take hours as my heart nearly beat out of my chest . Things just moved so fast , and before I knew it , I was collared and at Her feet as Her live in slave.

I settled into my new life in Her community quite well , quickly finding a job in a local dentist’s office and making a few friends quickly .. one such girl was a 28 year old girl of asian descent named Fei , and we quickly became friends as both of us had moved to the small community at about the same time. 

Of course Fei knew nothing about the inner workings of My life with Goddess , and we made sure to keep things a secret in the small community . We were close enough to a major city that we could travel to find like minded people or shop for new toys ( We had spoken of the former , and we had done the latter ). Goddess and I had discussed many fantasies and we both wanted to explore many things …

 One fantasy Goddess and I had discussed in great detail was that of cuckqueaning . It was a fantasy which had always sent a shiver of dread down my spine and something which quite honestly terrified me , but which I knew GoddessBernadette held dear to Her heart . For me , it always came back to the same thing : what if it hurt me too bad to see her with another ? Why did Goddess want to exclude me from her pleasure ? What if the other girl stole Goddess’ love ?

Now this particular Friday was the end of my first week at the local dental clinic and I said goodbye to my new coworkers . I stopped off at the grocery store and bought a few things we needed for the weekend and headed for home , anxious for an exciting weekend with my Goddess. I loved where Her house was located , the 14 minute drive from the clinic back home was just far enough to be remote while not being so far that driving into town was a real hassle if we needed anything . It also was just far enough for me to get into my sub mindset after a day at work and be ready to serve when I got home.

I pulled into the front yard a little after five thirty and grabbed the groceries from the back seat , heading towards the large house which I was slowly coming to think of as my home and turned the doorknob , I knew it would not be locked as Goddess had the day off .

 In the entryway I immediately stripped off my clothes and put on what Goddess had set out for me to wear , a pair of black cotton panties and a plain blue t shirt and added the pink collar Goddess had given me , written in silver capital letters on it “PIGGY ELANA” one word on either side of my neck and also adorned with a steel hook on the front . A nose hook pulled my nose back to give it that adorable piggy girl look GoddessBernadette loves so much… I was still missing my piggy tail buttplug but I knew if it was not here that meant Goddess did not require me to wear it right now as she likely had other plans .

Picking up the groceries again , I headed for the dining room after passing by the kitchen to put them away , expecting to find Goddess in the room as She normally is when I get home . The room is empty however and I check the living room to find it empty as well .

I head for the stairs and begin to ascend as I hear the sound of Goddess’ laughter coming from upstairs . I smile to myself as I walk up the stairs , anxious to see the woman I serve and love . I walk toward the bedroom we share when suddenly the sound of a loud passionate moan comes forth from the half open door. I freeze in place , my heart in my throat and ever so slowly step forth towards the doorway , leaning against the wall right outside as my knees tremble and I take a deep breath, not daring to move as the moans coming from Goddess’ bedroom intensify.

I put one hand in the doorframe and dare a look . Goddess is on Her back , propped up on her elbow as she looks down between her legs . I can see there is someone between her legs .. the naked thighs and ass  of a slender young woman all I can see for the moment . GoddessBernadette has her legs wrapped around the head of some girl … another woman is kneeling between my Goddess’ legs lapping eagerly at her mound as Goddess moans with undisguised passion .

I feel betrayed , enraged … my eyes tear up and I stiffle a sob . But I feel another thing as well . Arousal , intense burning passionate arousal as GoddessBernadette is pleasured not ten feet from me … I should storm in , I should scream , I should run. I should do anything except what I do next .

I have to hold back the passionate moan that would escape my lips as I suddenly feel my hand pressing against the mound of my pubis as two fingers slide into me . I bite my lower lip to prevent the sounds of my lust escaping . She is doing it… GoddessBernadette is right on the other side of this wall , with another woman … why?? Why am I so aroused by this .? I dare another look and my eyes lock with Hers , as She happens to look up at that moment . 

My heart freezes in my throat as I see her lips curl in a cruel yet undeniably beautiful smile she lifts a finger and beckons me enter as Her other hand presses  down firmly on the jet black hair of the girl between her legs . I take a tentative step forth and then remember my place , despite the shock of the moment , I am still in the presence of my Goddess , and I drop down to my knees , crawling forth until I am close enough to kiss her foot , yes also close enough to smell the strangely familiar perfume of the girl pleasuring Goddess . 

With a start I realise that it is Fey between her legs and I cannot suppress the loud aroused moan that escapes my lips . Fey turns in alarm and her face is a mixture of shock , fear , lust and desire as she looks at me , but only for a second . GoddessBernadette grabs her hair and forces her mouth back to her pussy “ You worship until I tell you to stop girl. “.

Her attention turns to me next “ aren’t you going to greet Me properly , piggy Elana?”

My pussy is on fire , I feel my mouth moving down to her foot . I let out a loud oink and a squeal as She likes to be greeted and kiss her foot gently “ yes Goddess , forgive your little piggy girl for not greeting you properly. “ I hear Goddess laugh as I say this and I feel intense shame as I realize that the scene is making me incredibly aroused .I cannot help myself as I again slide a hand between my legs as I continue to kiss and lick Goddess’s foot . wondering how long this has been going on , how long has my friend Fey been on her knees pleasuring the woman I love?

Goddess’ voice pulls me from my reverie “ elana? ELANA!!!”

My head suddenly snaps up from her foot, to find Her staring at me with a stern look “ be a good girl and thank Fey for making Goddess feel so wonderful , then go kneel by the door while you  watch… and no touching.”

 I let out a frustrated groan at the humiliation … Thank Fey?!? Thank her ?? I should jump on her , push her aside and take my place serving Goddess. Instead I hang my head , and whisper meekly “ thank you Fey , for pleasuring GoddessBernadette, you are such a wonderful friend. “ I can barely get out the last word as I feel a mixture of deep humiliation and overpowering arousal .

I whimper softly as I crawl back to kneel by the door… my pussy is on fire and it takes every single ounce of my willpower to keep my hands from between my legs as I am totally ignored by both  my Goddess and my friend . Mercifully this torment is none too long as within minutes Goddess’ body is wracked by a powerful orgasm and She collapses back on the bed , writhing while Her pleasure slowly subsides 

As Her arousal fades , I realize I have been holding my own breath and let it out in a deep lustful sigh . Goddess smiles down at Fey and invites the girl to sir with Her on the bed . Without even a glance at me , She points down to her feet and I crawl back to Goddess , resuming my worship of Her feet . I hear the wet sounds of their kissing as GoddessBernadette’s foot pushes my head aside and down to Fey’s foot . I stiffle a groan of protest and instead begin to kiss her foot as well much in the same way as I was just kissing Goddess’ feet . 

I hear a soft voice from above “good piggy.” it is that of Fey as she leans down and pats my head with her small hand , I hear Goddess and her laugh and can only manage a pathetic oink and squeal as the sounds of their kissing once again fill the room. 

An hour later we are all down in the main entrance as Goddess and I wish goodbye to Fey , Her with a gently kiss to the girl’s forehead , and myself with a tender kiss to her shoes . Goddess kneels down next to me and hugs me close “I love you so much pet , but I could sense how scared you were of that but how badly you wanted it as well , so I had to take some initiave. “ I look back at Her , feeling more love and devotion than ever before loving how well She can sense what I need and crave, and can only shake my head and wonder in which wonderful direction She will be taking us next .

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