Saintly Dream Comes True

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Stella Saint had an erotic dream, which disturbed her every night. She discussed the odd situation with Denise Moore, who persuaded her to enact the dream. Stella agreed to do so at a hotel. Little did she know that someone else had planned to make out with her. Luxury

Cast of Characters:

Major Characters:

Stella Saint:   Protagonist.

Denise Moore:   Stella’s friend and an intelligent psychology major.

Leona:   A lesbian felina.

Minor Characters:

Jonathan Wood:   A businessman and Stella’s boyfriend.

Clark Dawson:   Denise’s classmate.

Crewmember:   A burly man employed at McDonald’s.

Lupe:   A call girl.

Receptionist:   A redhead employed at Baisamé Hotel.


Stella Saint entered into a well-furnished spacious room. She looked about her. Nobody was there and she asked herself, ‘Now, where is she?’

Suddenly, the door opened. She turned around, and saw a grey tabby entering the room. The cat was wagging its bushy tail as it walked toward Stella. Its minty green eyes had a mesmerizing effect on her. The door closed automatically behind the animal and a feminine voice echoed into her mind, ‘Come on baby! Let’s make out.’

Stella felt a soft touch on her shoulders. Her clothes went off to shreds. She shivered while a fleshy and wet thing flicked over her voluptuous body. Then, she was hurled on a bed. The tabby jumped and got higher before it landed slowly on her torso.

Instantly, the smiling face of a girl hovered above her. She had short streaked hair and grey complexion. That girl spoke something to Stella but she could not understand a word.

The girl kissed her lips. Stella closed her eyes submissively. The outlandish lesbian breathed along her neck. She nuzzled her head into Stella’s mega tits, and opened her mouth to suck them.

Stella laughed for a delightful sensation on her tits. She opened her eyes and found the tabby instead of the girl. The cat’s whiskers tickled her smooth skin as it licked her nipples swiftly. Soon, they were hardened and her pussy twitched in pleasure. She began to moan.

Stella’s moans distracted the cat. It rose and mewed. She could perceive an indignant look in the feline eyes. Almost immediately, it waxed and turned into a silhouette. She felt the same soft touch on her legs. They were splayed in plain automaticity. The silhouette distorted, demarcated, and defined itself as the grey girl who was holding Stella’s round thighs apart.

The girl opened her mouth and there came out a phallic shaft; it was her tongue. Stella hissed as it invaded her pussy. The shapeshifter retracted her weapon and propelled it once again into the welcoming cunt. Then, she kept up the good work and her fucking pace developed with each push.

The tongue was hitting Stella to the hilt. Soon, all the sensation centered within her pussy. She bit her lip. The walls of her cunt quivered in pleasure. She screamed as torrents of her cum gushed into grey girl’s mouth…

And she woke up in her dim-lighted boudoir. That vivid and weird dream had roused her again. It had been disturbing her for five consecutive nights. Stella could not ignore it even though she was a realist. Dreaming about the grey girl was a terrible thing for her but Jonathan Wood, her boyfriend, used to say that she would drive a lesbian crazy with her stunning beauty.

Stella was 28 years old. She had an oval face. It looked alluring due to wide-set brown eyes, thick eyelashes, straight nose, and heart-shaped lips. Her honey blonde hair was long, glossy, and copious. Moreover, she was endowed with an hourglass figure and inviting looks. Jonathan loved to fondle and suck her full tits; 36E bras were fit for them. He used to stroke along her wide hips and squeeze her plump ass-cheeks. Since he was a good tease, she always urged him to eat her out and he complied with her avidly. When she was ready for him, he fucked her to his gratification.

Stella blinked at the ceiling. She was recalling her dream. A cold jet from the air conditioner caressed her and she felt the dankness between her thighs. Hence, she reached down and touched herself. “Ah! Not again,” she said.

Stella sat up and pushed her fingers deep. They got soaked within her lubed pussy. The top sheet, already laid in a mess beside her, was not worth a damn. She raised her hand to observe her cum. Then, she felt the bed sheet. There was a wet spot between her legs. “Shit,” she said.

Stella turned her eyes to look at the wall clock. It was 6 a.m. She never changed the bed sheet or showered at late night before that nagging dream. While speculating on it, she resolved to communicate with her bosom friend. Hence, she took her cell phone from the nightstand and browsed through the Contacts folder to locate Denise Moore. She texted her: I need to talk to you. Call me when you get up.

Denise called her after two hours. “Hi”, answered Stella.

“Hey! What’s the news, Ella?” Denise asked.

“All is well,” she said.

“Whew! Girl, you had me worried.”

“I’m sorry Denni,” Stella apologized, “but you are the only person I open my heart to.”

“Well thanks, but don’t tell me Jonathan wasn’t with you last night.”

“Oh, you know he can’t be here yet,” said Stella. Jonathan was out in Atlanta for some business transaction.

“Yeah, he hasn’t been here for six days. Hey! Are you both planning something terrible? I hope he isn’t running away.”

“Shut up! It’s a dream I want to talk to you about.”

“You want to talk about a-WHAT?”

“It’s a dream.”

“What a big surprise! Ok, I’m ready.”

Stella recounted her dream from A to Z and said, “That’s all.”

“Oh my,” said Denise, “what a fabulous cat! It can transform itself into a lesbo, a silhouette, and someone invisible who can speak into your mind. Oh how I wish to have such a pet!”

“DENNI, that’s just a dream!”

“Yeah, and what a great dream it is!”

“Are you kidding? That dream of yours has shaken me up, OKAY.”

“It isn’t my dream, sweetie. You are the one who had it.”

“Ah, please Denni! I can’t sleep well. That stupid dream is disturbing me every night and-I don’t know WHY?”

“That is a very good question but you have to wait for an answer until-7 p.m.”

“Ok. Should I call you then?”

“Gosh! How can you forget? Today is FRIDAY.”

Stella gasped. She and Denise used to go out on Friday nights. “Oh yeah,” she said. “You’re right! That dream is really getting on my nerves.”

“I understand, baby. We need to work something out for this. Um-right now, I’ll go and see Clark. He has been so helpful and supportive you know, and…”

“Oh Ella, he’s so sweet, so dashing, so charming,” Stella said mimicking Denise’s accent. Clark Dawson, a psychology major, was a handsome guy. He was carrying out research into dreams. Denise and other female classmates fancied him, but he seemed too busy to be interested.

“Er-well, see you then,” said Denise and she ended her call. Stella chuckled, and she put her cell phone back on the nightstand. She spent her time watching television, eating her lunch, and taking a nap.

Stella slept like a log until six thirty-five. Her jaw dropped as she looked at the wall clock. “Gosh! I’ve taken a long siesta,” she said. “Denni will kill me for sure.”

Stella removed the top sheet hastily, got out of bed, and walked over to the wardrobe. She opened it, and looked at her dresses. “Aha,” she said. “This will be spot-on.” She chose a red sheath dress with patent belt. Then, she stooped down to her shoe cabinet and fished out a pair of matching heels.

After attiring herself, Stella put on some make-up and combed her hair. Her lips curved into a smile as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. “Wow,” she said, “I love you darling. You’re so...”

Stella froze as she noticed a young girl who stood behind her. She sported a boy crop hairstyle. Her round face was pleasant, yet it had an apprehensive expression owing to the prominent green eyes and downward-turning lips. She had a grey complexion and pointed ears, which made her look inhuman.

Stella turned around but to her astonishment, there was no sign of the grey girl. When she looked back at the mirror, she could only see her reflection.

Stella frowned. ‘That’s strange, really strange,’ she wondered. ‘A girl who doesn’t exist but I can see her in the mirror, and she resembles the lesbian in my dream. Golly! Am I losing my mind? Perhaps I’ve been thinking too much about her.’

The alert tone startled her. She picked up the cell phone. Denise had sent her a message and she read it: Where the heck are you? I’m at McDonald’s, watching people like an imbecile. She replied: Hang on dear. I’m on my way. Then, she took her white handbag and got out to the carport.

Stella stopped in her tracks as she saw a grey tabby sitting on the hood of her Mercedes-Benz. The cat fixed its minty green eyes on her. It was watchful and ready to flee if she made a move. Instead, she stared at the animal and felt that it was a look-alike of the cat in her dream. Then, she shook her head. “That’s absurd,” she said. “It isn’t necessary to correlate any tabby with the one in my dream.”

The tabby mewed. It leaped down and disappeared behind the car. Stella resumed walking, and opened the car door. She cast a glance at her right but the cat was nowhere in sight.

Stella arrived at McDonald’s in 15 minutes. She found her bespectacled friend at a corner table. Denise had no sex appeal. She did not often groom herself. As always, her freckled face looked pale and her brown hair was messy.

The two beamed at each other. Stella walked over to the table and Denise stood up to greet her. They exchanged quick pecks on cheeks and took their seats together.

“Ella, my dear,” said Denise, “I was wondering why you didn’t show up here in time. What took you so long?”

“Er-I’m sorry. Actually, I took a nap.”

“I see. Did you sleep well?”


“That is great news! Let’s see what is going to happen tonight,” said Denise, “and you don’t have to say sorry. I am chill. Okay?”

“Yeah, I can see that. Thank you for your assurance.”

Denise laughed. She turned her head to look at the counter and signaled a crewmember. When he came to their table, she told him to bring two Big Mac Combo meals. He nodded and retreated.

“You are in the mood, I guess,” said Stella as Denise looked back at her. “Did Clark say anything special when you met him?”

“Nah,” said Denise, “he’s too tough to ride the wagon. Cause, he always keeps his nose to the grindstone. You know, he’s not like Jonathan.”

“Yeah I know.”

“So, I wondered how I could ask him. However, I managed to do so!”

“Brilliant! You asked him out for a date and he agreed, right?”

“Tut! It wasn’t the date, silly. I asked him to lend me the thesis for today.”

“Oh! Ok.”

“He complied with me. I thanked him, went to the library, and skimmed through his thesis there. It’s really a swell stuff on dreams.”

“Cool! Did you find anything on my dream?”

“Yeah, I found some remarkable interpretation and wrote it down with my conclusion,” Denise said. She noticed that a deep furrow appeared on Stella’s forehead. “Do you want to read? Well, I think you must,” she told her.

Denise opened her black handbag. She took out a rolled-up sheet of paper and passed it to her friend. Stella unrolled it and began to read:

Dream Interpretation:

Room and loneliness

To dream that you are alone in a luxurious room signifies some repressed urge for gratification in the waking life.


A cat, featured in the dream, is usually connected to a special woman in your life.

To dream of a grey tabby signifies that you are going to meet some mysterious female lover.

To dream that a cat jumps and overpowers you indicates your submission to a wild or perverted woman. It also means that you are going to move on in a new relationship. If the cat is angry or aggressive, it indicates that you will soon be dealing with a cunning person.

To dream that you are receiving a lot of affection from a cat represents your desire for having close physical contact with a female partner.

Voice of an Invisible woman

To dream that you are hearing the voice of an invisible woman suggests something that may emerge from the unconscious, leading you to a pleasant experience in the near future.


To dream that you feel comfortable about being nude signifies an anticipated freedom from some social conventions. It also suggests that you need to express the feelings and desires, stifled within your unconscious.


To dream of a silhouette represents some aspects of the unconscious that you have not acknowledged or incorporated into your own personality.

Making Out

To dream of making out suggests a need for physical touch and connection. If you are making out with a female partner, the meaning of such a dream is self-explanatory.

Lesbian sex

To dream of lesbian sex, even though you are a straight woman in the waking life, represents that you need to explore your sexuality.

Orgasm, Ejaculation, and Squirting

To dream of an orgasm symbolizes your need to overcome the sexual hang-ups. To have a guilt-free and pleasurable ejaculation in a dream indicates an imminent release of some pent-up desire. If you are a woman and dream that you have squirted while having sex with a lesbian, it means that you have been bottling up the desire to have sex with a woman and you must express this aspect of your sexuality.


There is no record of the dreams featuring a shapeshifter in Clark’s thesis. Hence, I cannot assign meaning to them. Nonetheless, the veracity of my conclusion and suggestion remains unquestionable.

Conclusion and Suggestion:

Ella’s dream has been disturbing her because she has repressed her desire to be with women in spite of her acknowledgement to the straight persona. She must explore her real sexuality to stop this dream for good.

Stella looked up at her friend. “Well,” Denise asked her, “what do you think?”

“I don’t get anything,” said Stella.

“Really? There’s nothing unclear about this interpretation.”

“You’ve written at the end that I must explore my real sexuality.”


“What is this real sexuality anyway?”

“The answer to your question can be found in the conclusion,” said Denise.

“Ah! Can’t you answer me plainly?”

“Ok. To put it another way, you’re a bisexual.”

“NO WAY, that’s ridiculous!”

“No, it isn’t. Just tell me why you dream of a lesbian catgirl every night?”

“I don’t know.”

“Alright. Why do you wake up wet after having this dream?”

“You know, I have no idea.”

“Of course I know, but you must realize the consequences of sleep deprivation.”

“So what is the connection between my sexuality and the sleep deprivation?”

“Well, I have no reason to believe that they aren’t connected. The human mind is extremely complex. If you keep it satisfied, everything goes fine with you. If an underlying desire is held back, it may lead one to anxiety or frustration. In your case, the outcome is an erotic dream.”

“I see, but you are forgetting one thing. I wasn’t disturbed when I took a nap today.”

“Are you jumping to conclusions? Still, I cannot say that you won’t be having this dream tonight. You need to explore your unconscious, my dear.”

“There is no such thing as unconscious, I tell you.”

“I’m really amazed! In spite of that, you can have a dream and it recurs every night depriving you of a sound sleep. Can you tell me, why?”

Stella had no answer to her question. ‘I think Denni makes sense,’ she thought. ‘Perhaps I love to be with women and need to explore that so-called unconscious, but how?’

The crewmember came to serve the ordered meals at their table. He turned around and walked back to the counter. Denise began to eat. She noticed that Stella was contemplating on something. “You aren’t eating the Big Mac,” she said. “They are making it smaller but-it’s yummy as always.”

“I was thinking that...”

“All this dream interpretation is simply pointless, right?”

“No. It’s about exploring the sexuality or that-unconscious.”

“Now you’re talking! It’s the only thing that can stop your dream.”

“How can it stop my dream?”

“Well, have you heard of diverting a prospect?”

Stella frowned. “No, I haven’t,” she replied curtly.

“Ok. I believe this dream is the warning of a future event,” Denise went on. “You know, either a recurring dream or the precognition does signify something imminent.”

“If something is going to happen to me, I’ll be ready to face it. Why should I bother stopping the dream?”

“I can see, you have no idea about the consequences of sleep deprivation. Do you want to live with memory loss, depression, red puffy eyes, malaise, and hallucination?”

Stella stared at Denise. It occurred to her that she could perceive that inhuman girl again. “Goodness,” she exclaimed, “you are scaring me!”

“I’m trying to help you. Cause, you can’t wait for a female shapeshifter coming out of the blue and meet you someday.”

Stella sighed. “Yeah,” she said, “and I know that’s impossible.”

“Of course, it is. That’s why you need to divert the prospect of having sex with some catgirl or a mysterious female lover. Just enact your dream and it won’t disturb you again.”

Stella laughed.

“That’s not a joke,” Denise told her. “You must ask a girl for one nightstand.”

“What! Are you serious?”

“Oh, you know I’m damn serious!”

Stella’s face fell. “Er-I think you are,” she said.

“Remember, it’s the only solution to save your mental health.”

“Will it be easy for me to ask any girl for sex?”

“No, but you may ask a call girl.”

Stella gasped, “A call girl! But Denni, I can’t do that,” she said.

“I think,” said Denise, “you are worried about Jonathan’s reaction if he ever knows this.”

“Yes, he’ll go mad and I don’t want to lose him.”

“Baby, it isn’t the free love in your case. I assure you, he won’t get a hint of what you’re going to do. Nothing will be ruined between him and you.”


“Trust me, Ella.”

Stella made a face, “I hate to do that,” she said.

“I understand, but don’t you see? A call girl can be a wild and cunning female lover whom you’ve never met before.”

“I don’t know if there are any lesbian call girls.”

“Um-I know only one, but she is a bisexual. I can hire her for you.”

“Give me a break! I had no idea of your acquaintance with a call girl.”

“Please, don’t misjudge me! I am not a solicitor to Lupe. I met her three months ago because I received the assignment to write an essay on the mentality of call girls and escorts. However, I needed some authentic source of information. I knew that one of my classmates was her regular client. Therefore, I consulted him for her cell number. He smirked and gave me her number. I called her and she answered. I asked her if she entertained female clients as well and she asserted that she did. I told her to come and meet me here.”

“Ok. What happened then?”

“She agreed and we met the day after. A call girl doesn’t entertain anybody except her clients, but she went on with answering my questions for a thousand bucks.”

“A thousand bucks! But that’s too much for an essay.”

“Yeah, I don’t give a damn what it costs. An A+ is my goal.”

“Hum-will she believe that you really want to hire her for a client this time?”

“She will, my dear Ella! Just offer her a handsome amount and she’s yours.”

“How much will you offer her?”

“As a matter of fact, I won’t call Lupe until you have this dream tonight-I mean, if you are disturbed again.”

Stella wanted to say something but a purring sound startled her. She and Denise looked down. They found a grey tabby standing under their table. It was staring up at Denise.

Stella frowned. The tabby looked akin to the one she had seen about 45 minutes ago. Her eyes averted to Denise, who neither blinked nor gave a start as the cat jumped and settled itself on her lap. Denise’s lips curved into a smile. She began to stroke the cat. “That’s like a good kitty,” she said.

‘Denni never told me that she has a pet,’ Stella wondered. She asked her, “Denni, is this your cat?”

Denise looked at Stella. “No,” she replied, “but she’s so cute, isn’t she? I’d love to take her home.”

“Erm-ok,” said Stella. “Suit yourself!”

The two ate their meals. Denise paid the bill. They got up and walked out of McDonald’s. Stella cast a glance at the tabby in Denise’s arms. Its eyes had a cold lingering stare. She shivered inwardly.

“If you have this dream tonight, just text me,” Denise told her as she got into her Nissan.

“Sure,” Stella answered, “but don’t cuddle much with this cat. No one feels easy for having watery eyes, itchy nose, and sore throat.”

Denise shrugged her shoulders. “I bet she isn’t the shapeshifter in your dream,” she said.

“Yeah,” Stella said. “Take care!”

“I wish you the same,” Denise said, flashing a smile.

Stella arrived home and went straight to her boudoir. She stripped herself, stretched out abed, and began to reflect on everything Denise had told her. When she pondered on enacting her dream, Lupe’s vision came to her mind. She closed her eyes and felt a twitch in her cunt as she imagined that the call girl was eating her out. She moaned and reached down to finger her pussy. After a while, she dozed off.

She entered into a well-furnished spacious room. It was not her boudoir. She looked about her. Nobody was there. She spoke, ‘Now, where is Lupe?’

Suddenly, the door opened. She turned around, and saw a grey tabby entering the room. The cat looked familiar and it walked toward Stella, wagging its bushy tail. Its minty green eyes had a mesmerizing effect on her. The door closed automatically behind the animal and Denise’s voice echoed into her mind, ‘Come on baby! Let’s make out.’

Denise appeared out of thin air. She put her hands on Stella’s shoulders and transformed herself as the grey girl. She denuded Stella, hurled her on a bed, hovered above her, and kissed her voluptuous body from head to toe.

The girl proceeded to lick her up and took her mouth in a French kiss. Stella closed her eyes submissively. The outlandish lesbian smiled at her and murmured, ‘I love you Darling. I’m happy that you are mine, all mine.’

Stella wanted to smile back, but the girl kissed her again. She nuzzled her head into Stella’s mega tits and opened her mouth to suck them.

Stella laughed for a tickling sensation on her smooth skin. She opened her eyes and found the tabby instead of the girl. It was licking her nipples swiftly. Soon, they were hardened and her pussy twitched in pleasure. She began to moan.

Stella’s moans distracted the cat. It rose and mewed. She could perceive an indignant look in the feline eyes. Almost immediately, it waxed and transformed itself as the grey girl.

The girl pushed Stella’s thighs apart and went down to eat her peach. She opened her mouth and there came out the phallic tongue. Stella hissed as it invaded her gaping pussy.

The shapeshifter retracted her tongue and propelled it once again into the welcoming cunt. She kept on repeating the maneuver and her fucking pace developed with each push. Stella shook her head in frenzy. The tongue was hitting her to the hilt. Her inner walls quivered in violent contractions. She screamed…

Her eyes flew open. She blinked, and came to her senses in a moment. The very first idea that sprang to her mind was that she had really screamed. Because, her dream was more dramatic than it was last time. ‘Denni was in my dream tonight,’ she thought. ‘What will she say if I tell her that?’

Stella reached down to touch herself and felt no disgust for the moisture that had seeped out of her pussy. She sat up, ran her fingers through her untidy hair, and looked up at the wall clock. It was three-oh-eight.

Stella resolved to text Denise and she took her cell phone from the nightstand. On the second thought, she put it down and lay back. She rolled on her sides to no avail and spent the rest of the night sleeplessly.

The next morning, she called Denise at seven fifty.

“Hey,” Denise answered her. “How was your night, Ella?”

“I had it again,” Stella said.

“Oh, I was expecting that. I bet you had a sleepless night then.”

“Yeah, and this time you were in the dream.”

“Holy cow, I’d love to hear that! Tell me,” she said and Stella related her last night’s dream.

“Hum-it looks like you were thinking about our chat before dozing off,” said Denise.

“Of course, b-but how do you know?”

“That’s obvious, baby. I’m still positive that you need to follow my suggestion.”

“Ok. Are you going to call Lupe now?”

“That’s right. I’ll make sure she agrees to meet you tonight.”

“Thanks for helping me.”

“You’re welcome, my friend.”

“Oh Denni, you know I’m really sick of this dream!”

“I understand. The solution seems as strange as your problem, but I’m glad you’ve realized how serious this matter is.”

“That’s because I trust you.”

“Cool. I’ll tell you when everything is done. See ya,” said Denise ending the call.

Stella followed her example. She waited for Denise’s call all day long; therefore, she could not take a nap. Her patience was rewarded at 6 p.m.

“I’ve got good news for you,” Denise told her.

Stella could perceive the excitement in her friend’s voice. She grinned and asked, “So Lupe has agreed to come and meet me, right?”

“Yeah, she agreed to meet you but she won’t come at your place.”

“What do you mean?”

“Um-I went to Baisamé Hotel and got a room booked in the name of Silvia Sade.”

Stella frowned. “Silvia Sade? I’ve never heard of her,” she said. “And-why did you book a room in her name?”

“That’s because it’s your name-a fake name.”

“What! You’ve told them a fake name for booking?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to show your real name and address. People often do that when they go somewhere for one nightstand with call girls or escorts.”

Stella raised her eyebrows. It was a clever strategy. Jonathan would never know about her adventure with Lupe. “You’re sharper than I’ve judged you,” she said.

“Thanks for the compliment. You must reach there around eight o’clock. They will ask you for nothing except the name and the room number.”

“Great! What’s the room number?”

“It’s 19. Get the key at reception, and wait in the room for her. She will check in shortly afterward.”


“Well, don’t forget to inform me when you see her. Good luck!”

Stella wanted to thank her but the call was dropped. She sighed, put her cell phone on the nightstand, and went into the TV lounge to watch her favorite show. About an hour before eight, she took out the plum swimsuit with matching skirt and satin heels. She wore them and began to groom herself. There was a hint of bags and blemishes under her eyes. Therefore, she had to put on some extra make-up for the minimizing effect.

Stella got into her car at seven forty-five and headed off to Baisamé Hotel. She reached there in 25 minutes, and entered the lobby. Men and women turned their heads to look at her. She walked past them, smiling inwardly.

The receptionist was a cheeky redhead. She cast a questioning glance at Stella.

“Um-a room was booked here in my name.” Stella told her.

“May I know your name and the room number, ma’am?”

“Yes, of course. My name is Silvia Sade. It’s Room 19.”

“I’ll check the entries. Please wait,” said the receptionist. Her fingers moved deftly on the keyboard. She pursed her lips and looked up at Stella. “Yes Ma’am,” she told her. “It was booked this eve at four thirty-eight.”

“Ok. How can I find it?”

“On the second floor, it’s the fourth room to the left.”

“Thank you,” said Stella.

“One moment please, ma’am.” said the receptionist. She opened a drawer, fished out the room key, and held it out to her.

Stella smiled at her and took the key. She climbed the stairs, found the door to Room 19, unlocked it, and went inside.

The room was spacious, well lighted, and air-conditioned. She saw her reflection in the wall-mounted mirror; the door closed automatically behind her. She looked around. The floriated drapery matched elegantly with the pink wallpaper and fancy wall lights. There was a king-size bed with two nightstands. A couple of chairs and the TV set with mahogany cabinet stood opposite the bed.

The interior of the room did not fascinate her. She frowned. “It looks like,” she spoke, “I’ve been here already, but when?” The next moment, she got her answer with an astounding realization. She was standing in the very room of her dream!

Instantly, a clicking sound startled her. She turned around. The door was opening smoothly. She asked, “Who’s there?”

A slim woman was standing in the doorway. Stella stared at her. The woman stepped inside. She was dressed into a white button-down shirt and grey trousers.

Stella recognized her immediately. “D-Denni,” she stuttered.

“I’ve come here to accompany you,” said Denise. She wore no expression. The door closed behind her.

Stella sighed. “Oh Denni,” she said, “thank goodness you’re here! This room really struck me dumb.”

“Oh, really!”

“I can’t believe, and you won’t either, that this is the very room I had-hey, wait a second! I didn’t know you were following me.”

“That’s right, my love. Cause, I didn’t tell you.”

Stella smiled. “Um-it’s ok,” she said. “Are you planning to watch me and Lupe tonight?”

“No. She won’t come here.”

“What! But you told me…”

“You’ve heard me, haven’t you? It’s no use to wait for that filthy call girl! She isn’t the right partner for you to enact your dream.”

Stella frowned, “Well,” she said, “it was you who suggested me to do that.”

“No, it wasn’t me. It was Denise who told you to follow a worthless scheme.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m as plain as my words, baby.”

“Hey! I think you’ve lost your wits.”

“No, I haven’t! Just look at me, Stella.” Denise spoke as she took off her glasses and stepped deliberately toward her.

Stella stared at Denise and she exclaimed, “Denni! What’s wrong with your eyes?”

Denise smiled. “There is nothing wrong with them,” she said. “They are green, naturally.”

“Oh, come off it! I know they are grey, and you’ve put contacts in your eyes to play a prank on me.”

Denise laughed. “Do you think so? Very well,” she said. “Just turn around and the mirror will show you the reality.”

Stella turned around. She stared wide-eyed. There was no reflection of Denise in the mirror. Instead, the grey girl with cropped hair and pointed ears stood behind her. She was smiling maliciously.

Stella turned her head to stare at the green-eyed Denise and she asked, “Who are you?”

Denise raised her right hand and snapped her fingers. Stella gasped as Denise’s figure began to distort. Her skin tones changed to grey and she took her real shape right away. “I’m Leona,” she said. “Last night, that bat with glasses called me a catgirl. Oh, should I say she had no idea about a felina.”

“Felina! W-what’s a felina?”

“That’s my race. I don’t like if somebody calls us catgirls even though there is a hint of feline and human hybridization in our ethnicity.”

“I-I don’t think anyone has ever heard about you or your race.”

“Precisely,” Leona answered. “That’s because we live in an underland of feline shapeshifters, the Pumaland. There are hundreds of felinas, roaming around on earth. They are disguised as cats.”

Stella raised her eyebrows. ‘So, I’ve been dreaming about a felina for six nights,’ she deduced.

“We’re fond of exploring the nature,” Leona added. “I came here to explore it and the world too. So much has changed in 68 years.”

“68 YEARS,” Stella exclaimed, “but you look hardly older than 20!”

Leona laughed. “Felinas have a life span longer than that of humans,” she explained. “We come of age at 56.”

The two stood silent, staring at each other until Stella asked her, “I saw that you were disguised as Denise but the mirror exposed your real self.”


“Was it a magic or something?”

“A felina can take any shape and speak into the voice of somebody else. In addition, she can control minds and go invisible at her own will. However, she can’t hide herself from a mirror.”

“I see. That’s why I could see you only in the mirror last eve. You were invisible!”

“You’re right.”

“So, what were you doing in my room then?”

“I came there to see you.”


“Because I’m a lesbian and-I love you.”


“It’s true Stella. I’ve been coming at your place since a month, just to look at you.”

“Since a month! B-but you know I have a boyfriend.”

“I don’t care if you have a boyfriend.”

“I care for him!”

“Yeah I know, but remember how Denise had told you about your bisexuality. Then, you believed in her suggestion and agreed to come here for stopping the dream that has been disturbing you every night!”

Stella was speechless. “Good gracious! You know everything,” she blurted out.

“YOU got it.”

“That’s impossible-I mean, just two of us, me and Denni, knew all about this dream and its connection with my sexuality!”

“You may think so, but actually I was around when you and your friend had a chat at McDonald’s.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yesterday,” Leona said, “I was in your room when you were telling her about the dream. Of course, you couldn’t see or feel me because I was invisible. It was indeed a fascinating thing to know that you had been dreaming about me for five nights. In fact, I wanted your consent to accept me as a lover. However, I never tried to control your mind and had to wait for the right moment to tell you all about me. I stayed with you all day long. You took a nap and I sat on the bed, beside you. The natural beauty, which you possess, always enthralls me. I kept looking at you until you got up. When you saw me in the mirror and turned around in amazement, I decided to take the shape of a tabby. Therefore, I went to the door and opened it while you picked up the cell phone. I got out, walked over to the carport, turned into the cat and jumped up to sit on the hood of your car.”

“Why did you take the shape of a tabby?”

“I wanted to know if you were going to talk more about the dream with your friend, but my real shape could scare you off. When you came out, I leaped down and made myself invisible. As you opened the car door, I jumped and settled myself on the seat beside yours. That’s how I reached at McDonald’s. My hunch was right! You went there to discuss your dream with Denise.”

“Yes, I was sick of this dream. Denni made me sure that I can stop it if I go to bed with some wild and cunning female lover.”

“She recommended you a useless course of action,” said Leona. “I didn’t like the idea of hiring a call girl, but the consequences of sleep deprivation were too serious for me to ignore. Hence, I decided to go with her and appeared as the tabby. I made an eye contact with her and she was mesmerized immediately. She perceived my telepathic command as her own idea to take me home.”

‘That’s why,’ reflected Stella, ‘Denni could neither blink nor give a start for Leona’s jump at her.’

“Little did she know,” Leona went on, “that I was controlling her mind. She babbled about the interpretation of your dream to her dear PET. Like her, I wanted to save your mental health. Therefore, I waited until you called her this morning. She told me about your last night’s dream and I knew that the place for enacting the dream must not be your bedroom.”

“So, she told you that the room in my dream was other than my boudoir.”

“Yes. She followed my command to keep herself from calling Lupe, and took me with her to look for some hotel room.”

“And she got this room booked some hours ago.”

“Exactly,” said Leona. “She had to cruise around the city because she couldn’t get any room in six hotels.”

“Goodness,” Stella exclaimed, “she had been under your control all day long!”

“Until, we returned to her home in 30 minutes. I had to take her shape before meeting you here. Therefore, I put her under a spell.”

“What spell?”

Leona smiled. “The slumbero spell,” she answered. “Your friend will be sleeping in her bedroom for 15 hours.”

“15 hours! But that’s too much.”

“Don’t worry, darling. When the spell will wear off, she won’t remember about your dream or Lupe.”

‘If Leona made Denni sleep under a spell,’ thought Stella, ‘she might have done that before six o’clock. How is it possible for Denni to make a call then?’

Leona noticed that a deep furrow had appeared on Stella’s forehead. She asked her, “What’s troubling you, my love?”

“I received Denni’s call at six this eve and no one, by all means, can make a call after dozing off.”

Leona laughed. “It was me who made this call and spoke with you in Denise’s voice,” she said.

“Oh, yes. It sounds reasonable. I’ve seen you speaking in her voice, but tell me one thing.”


“You’ve been coming to my home since a month. It was very easy for you to have sex with me in my boudoir, and you could do that before I had this dream. May I know why you refrained yourself from making advances at me?”

“Like I said already,” Leona answered, “I wanted your consent to accept me as a lover. Perhaps, no one has ever told you that a natural beauty must not be exploited. I worship you because I love you. That’s why I’ll never control your mind to make out with you.  It’s very hard to force one for sex whom you love sincerely.”

Stella raised her eyebrows. She thought over Leona’s answer for a while and then, she spoke. “That’s really impressive, Leona. I believe you, and in your love for me. You are the very person in my dream. I can’t break up with Jonathan, but I have no question on your privilege to be my partner. Come and take me! I’m yours.”

Leona beamed at her. She walked closer to Stella, took her waist, and asked, “Is it just for tonight?”

Stella raised her arms to hug Leona around her shoulders, “No,” she said, “but for the whole life.”

“How may I thank you for this favor?”

“You know very well how to thank me.”

“Yes,” said Leona and she took Stella’s lips. Her kiss was soft and warm. Stella closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of Leona’s mouth on her own.

The two did not break their kiss. It grew demanding and passionate. Stella felt that Leona was sucking her lips, and she moaned.

Soon, they locked their mouths in a French kiss. Leona’s hands roamed over her back. She reached up to unknot the halter tie. After kissing her cheeks and licking her neck, she removed the straps of her top and pulled the bra cups down. She kissed her lips again, and began to play with her exposed melons. Stella smiled languidly; Leona’s teasing manipulation of her tits was pleasing indeed.

“Hum-just look at them,” said Leona as she ogled at Stella’s tits. “They are so big and beautiful. Do you want me to suck them?”


“Of course I will. Cause, I can’t resist myself,” she said, grabbing Stella’s tits into the deep cleavage. Then, she slipped her tongue out and licked her there, and ran it across them from nipple to nipple.

Stella bit her lip. She tilted her head back. Leona’s tongue flicked on her nipples and they stood out as a pair of pink protrusions.

Without further ado, Leona took a mouthful of her left tit. She pressed her lips together and released the nipple. Then, she went after the right tit and held the nipple in suction until it slipped out of her mouth.

Stella grabbed her lover’s head. “Yes, yes, like that Leona,” she cooed. “Suck my tits. Pull them for me, yesss…”

‘Of course my love,’ thought Leona. ‘I’d love to do this for ages.’ She hanged around the juicy tits to suck, to bite, and to pull them.

Stella’s face flushed. “Mmm…” she moaned. Leona’s ardent mouth and hands were setting her ablaze.

Leona held her melons and pressed them to bring her nipples closer. Then, she went on with licking and sucking the puffy pair.

Stella sighed as Leona released and retook her nipples. ‘She wants them bad. I love the way she’s sucking and touching my tits,’ she reflected.

Leona, however, resolved to go down on her. She looked at Stella and said, “I want to taste your pussy, and I’m sure it’s already lubed for me.”

“Yes it is.”

Leona smiled. She knelt down and her arms clasped around Stella’s thighs.

Stella laughed as she felt a pressure at her crotch. She looked down. Leona’s face was buried into her skirt. “Hey, you can’t taste my pussy like that,” she said.

Leona looked up. “Ooh la la,” she said, “I can smell it.”


“Just kidding! Take your suit off, my love,” said Leona. She fumbled with the buttons of Stella’s skirt. Meanwhile, Stella pushed the swimsuit down her middle.

The silk material fell in a mess at Stella’s feet. One of the two nightstands was at her left. Hence, Leona touched her thigh and said, “Raise your leg, baby.”

Stella did as Leona had told her to do. While putting her foot on the nightstand, she reclined against the wall to brace herself.

Leona’s eyes fell on her bald pussy. “Wow,” she spoke out, “what a sight! Your pussy looks so fresh, so clean, and so SMOOTH.” She raised her hand and Stella hissed for a light touch between her thighs.

“Of course,” Leona went on. “It’s sensitive and”, she darted her tongue out and ran it into Stella’s pussy, “hum-very tasty.”

Stella sighed, and she closed her eyes. Leona had kissed her snatch. It was wet and odorous.

Leona glued her mouth to Stella’s womanhood and she sucked her nectar. Then, her head bobbed as she proceeded to lick her in urgency.

Stella moaned. She began to pinch her own nipples. Leona’s mouth and tongue were shaking her.

Leona roamed her left hand over Stella’s midriff and she clawed at her right tit. “Ouch! That hurts,” Stella complained.

Leona ignored her. She squeezed her tit for a while, and moved her hand down. After stretching Stella’s pussy, she drove her tongue out. It went easy into the vulnerable cunt. She heard a faint gasp, and resumed using her tongue to fuck the blonde hottie.

Stella laughed and her chest heaved. Jonathan was a good cunnilinguist, but he never fucked her like that. It occurred to her that Leona was moving her head back and forth. ‘You’re so good. Oh how I want you to fuck me with your tongue forever,’ she wished.

Leona licked her cunt. Then, she flicked her tongue to circumscribe the engorged clit. In order to suck it, she clamped her lips on Stella’s hood.

Stella squealed as she felt a tickling touch on her clit. Her stomach muscles began to contract.

Leona proceeded to kiss and suck the pink morsel with clamorous smack. Stella chanted in delight, “Ooh… yes… yes… yes… right there baby… right there... aah… right there… mmm…”

‘I guess she’s going to reach her peak,’ Leona deduced, ‘and she must not cum until I fuck her with my shaft.’ Hence, she released her clit. After that, she proceeded to lick up her stomach and grabbed her melons to suck them. They kissed each other passionately. Stella took her lips, savoring her own taste on them.

Leona asked, “Do you love the flavor, baby?”

“Yes. It’s so wonderful,” said Stella.

“Oh yeah, I love it too.”

“Really! I just thought you wanted some break.”

Leona smiled. “So,” she said, “we aren’t satisfied, are we?”


“Ok. Turn around,” Leona told her.

Stella turned around. Leona raised her hands, and she gave her a jolt. Consequently, Stella pitched forward on the bed.  She turned her head and scowled at Leona. “Hey,” she spoke out, “what was that for?”

“I’m sorry, darling,” Leona apologized as she joined her abed. “I didn’t mean to harass you.”

“I don’t like such pranks! OKAY?”

“Ok. I’ll keep this in mind,” Leona assured her. ‘Actually, I’m enacting your dream,’ she thought before lying herself atop Stella.

“Ah,” Stella groaned.

“Baby! What happened?”

“I feel something hard at my ass.”

Leona pursed her lips. It was the bulge in her trousers. “Um-never mind,” she said. “Let’s make out, shall we?”

Stella closed her eyes for a peck on her cheek. Leona showered her back with a trail of kisses and she touched her fleshy bottom, squeezing it. “Wow! Your ass-cheeks are so big and soft,” she said.

“Ouch! That was sharp,” Stella exclaimed as she received a spank.

“I know how to relieve this pain,” said Leona. She kissed her rump on the spot where it was spanked.

Stella laughed. “Yes,” she said. “I can feel that.”

Leona said nothing because she was licking her ass crack. Then, she pushed her ass-cheeks apart. Her tongue snaked along their insides. Stella moaned as she got her asshole licked and lubed.

After enjoying the taste of Stella’s asshole, Leona rolled her over. She pushed her legs open, knelt between them, and lay face down to kiss her lips.

Their kiss grew passionate until Leona decided to go for Stella’s tits. She grabbed them to lick her cleavage and suck her nipples.

Stella smiled dreamily. Leona went on with kissing her midriff, legs, and feet. Then, she crawled forward to lick her thighs and planted a kiss on her pussy. ‘Mmm… I love her smell’, she thought, ‘and I must eat her now.’

Stella moaned for a very pleasurable sensation. Leona’s mouth and nose had sunk into her dripping pussy. Soon, she felt that Leona was lapping her pussy lips feverishly.

Leona went down to lick her vaganus and came up to suck her juice. Her tongue flicked on Stella’s clit and she began to suck it.

Stella’s cunt walls quivered. She reached down to grab Leona’s head and held it against her crotch.

Leona knew that Stella did not want her to stop. On the contrary, she ate her cunt for a while, and rose up with a smirk on her lips. She unzipped her trousers. “Watch this, my love. You won’t be disappointed,” she said, taking out a pink shaft.

Stella gasped as her eyes fell on the thing. It was big, curved, and venous.

Leona grinned at her. “You love it,” she asked, “don’t you?”

“That’s weird! I mean, you can’t have a cock.”

“Yes, you’re right. Cause, this isn’t a cock. It’s my CLIT.”

“What? That’s your clit! But how can a…”

“I’m a felina. RIGHT,” Leona cut her off. “I can retract my claws when I’m a cat or my clit may stand out if I smell and taste a pussy.”

Stella pursed her lips. ‘So, it was her clit that pressed into my ass,’ she deduced.

Leona held her thighs apart and she hovered above her, positioning herself between them. “Do you know,” she asked, “what was the cock-like tongue in your dream?”

“I’m too amazed to think of an answer,” said Stella. She hissed as Leona’s glans touched with her pussy hole.

“Well, I can’t change my tongue into a cock,” said Leona. “Hence, it has to be my clit and I’m gonna use it to fuck you for real.” Almost immediately, she pushed her shaft into Stella’s cunt. It went slow and easy for the first entry.

Stella opened her mouth but she could not utter a sound. The friction on her G-spot was extremely pleasant.

Leona went down to her hilt. She kept her shaft lodged awhile in her cunt. Then, she pulled it out before making another insertion.

Stella bit her lip. She reached up to hug Leona and they kissed each other.

Leona went on with fucking her. She moved her hips with perfect timing. Her gentle maneuver developed gradually into a series of shoves.

Stella began to moan. The desire was soaring up her spine.

Leona let her lips go. She raised her torso to heave into Stella’s cunt.

Stella yelped. Waves of extreme pleasure were seizing her. She shook her head in complete abandon.

Leona’s pussy was twitching violently as she continued to pound into Stella. The lust rose within her, filling her vitals to the brim.

All the sensation centered within Stella’s pussy. She clutched at the bed sheet. The cunt juice flowed through her walls. She moved her hips, meeting up with Leona’s shoves.

The last push was the mightiest of all. Stella shrieked and Leona groaned. They came together right away.

The climax drained most of their vitality. Leona’s clit shrank back into her pussy and she managed to snuggle up with Stella.

None of the two spoke for some time. Stella lay on her back. She had laced her hands under her head. Meanwhile, Leona fondled her tits. She noticed that Stella was blinking at the ceiling. “I guess, you’re thinking over something,” she said.

“Yes. I feel a connection between this room and my dream.”

“Really! How come they are connected?”

Stella looked at her and replied, “Denni never believed in the existence of a felina, and she suggested me to divert the prospect of having sex with some mysterious female lover. You told me to come here because you wanted to enact the dream at a place other than my boudoir. I think, both of you were pretty sure about this room.”

“No, we just got it booked. Why do you say so?”

“I say this because-it’s the very room of my dream!”

Leona sat up. She stared at Stella and reflected at her words. Then, she understood everything. “So-that’s what you wanted to tell me when I got here,” she said.

“Yes,” Stella affirmed as she followed Leona’s example, “but then I thought Denni-or you had no idea about the room.”

“Correct! We had no idea that you already dreamed of this room.”

“But, that’s impossible!”

“Impossible? Oh baby, you shouldn’t forget,” said Leona, “that Denise had to cruise around the city looking for a vacant hotel room. She was under my control all day long. Obviously, she knew nothing.”

“Do you want to say that the booking of this room wasn’t planned? Was it a coincidence?”

“We weren’t after a room akin to the one in your dream, but I agree that it was a plain coincidence.”

Stella shrugged her shoulders. “That’s incredible,” she said. “I never believed in dreams or unconscious but that was before I met you.”

Leona took Stella’s hand in her own. “Darling, I must tell you one thing,” she said. “All three of us had different beliefs and desires, but actually we were led by fate to follow a common purpose. Consequently, your dream came true.”

“Yes,” said Stella, “and I hope it will never disturb me again.”

“As long as I’m sure, it won’t,” said Leona. She moved her hand and ran it over her crotch. The wet spot on her trousers was gone instantly.”

“You’re brilliant,” said Stella cheerfully.

“I want to give you a more brilliant thing,” said Leona. She fished out a lustrous ornament from under her shirt. It was the green pendant, carved as a cat’s head.

Stella looked at it in fascination. “It’s beautiful,” she said.

“I’m presenting you this locket as a token of our love. It will keep us united even though we go far away from each other.”

Stella took the pendant. “Yeah,” she said, “because it’s a gift.”

“Sure. It’s a gift, but there’s some magic.”

“What magic?”

“If you need me anytime, just put it on your lips and call me thrice. I’ll come over to you right away.”

“Wow! I love this idea.”

“Remember, my love. Our adventures don’t end here tonight,” said Leona.

“Yes, they never will.”

The two smiled at each other and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

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