Teasing at the Lake Park I

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Amy Bass was a sexy twenty-two year old woman who now found her-self living in a strange town and married to a twenty-eight- year old workaholic. cheating

Amy Bass was a sexy twenty-two year old woman who now found her-self living in a strange town and married to a twenty-eight- year old workaholic... Amy and her husband had moved to a new town a couple of month's ago when her husband took on a new sales job with a new company. Her husband just left again for another week long business trip and the five-foot three, hundred and ten pound blond found her-self lonely and bored again, so she drove over to a small lake (she had found one day while out riding around) to lay out in the sun.  Amy was stretched out on a blanket in the grassy area close to the parking lot when she notice two women drive up in a white truck. Billie, forty-one and Janet thirty-eight were both lesbian's, and really enjoyed their job taking care of the maintenance at the small lake across the interstate from the main lake park. They also loved the scenery that come with the job in the summer time too. When Billie turned in to the parking lot that Monday morning, Janet noticed Amy sunbathing on the grassy area by the parking lot. "WOW", shouted Janet as she hit Billie on the shoulder. Billie quickly looked over at Amy, who was lying on her stomach looking out over the parking lot. "Damn what a body", shouted Billie. "Looks like lot of maintenance to be done over there today," laughed Billie".  Janet and Billie continue checking out the shapely little blond laying on the blanket as they pick up loose paper around the lot...." I got to get a closer look", said Billie to Janet as she headed over to empty the trash can close to where Amy was laying.  "Looks like it going to be a beautiful day"spoke Billie as she walked by Amy.  "I hope so", answer Amy.  Amy figured the two women must like women by the way they continued staring at her. "It was obvious they are really checking me out," Amy thought to herself. "MMMMMMM!!!.. think I will have a little fun and tease them a little ," Amy giggled, as she laid stretched out on her stomach with her upper body arch just enough that her breast barely touched the blanket she was laying on as she sipped on the wine cooler she held in her hands.  Amy reach around and untied the strings on her bikini top and let it fall loosely on the blanket exposing the sides of her breast to the two women working closely by..Amy really was enjoying this attention she was getting, sense there was very little attention at home anymore.  Billie continue messing around close by where Amy laid... It was very obvious the older woman was still checking her out, so Amy slowly rolled over on her back letting the loose top expose more of her breast to the older woman close by.  Janet looked over at her friend and quietly laugh to her-self. Janet had never seen Billie so torn up about anything in her life as she was about this sexy little blond.  "Don't get to much sun now," spoke Billie , as she walked close by where Amy was laying.  "I want", answered Amy as she watch the two ladies walk toward the small bathhouse and new they were talking about her...  Amy watched the two women cleaning up around the bathhouse for a while and then told herself," Well I guess it's time to make a trip to the bathhouse," she giggled.  Tying her top, Amy got up and walked toward the bathhouse. The two wine cooler's she had earlier, had really made her fuzzy headed as she fought to keep her balance while walking to the bathhouse.  Janet said, "Look what is headed this away"...."MMMMMMMM", said Billie.  Amy smiled at the two women as she walked by them and just couldn't resist twisting her shapely little butt a little more than usual, as she walk up the sidewalk to the bathhouse, knowing they were watching her. "WOW this is really exciting," laughed Amy quietly to herself.  Amy was still in the bathhouse standing in front of the mirror fooling with her hair, when in walked Billie.  "Is everything all right honey", ask Billie?Amy turned and placed her hand's on the corner's of the sink and leaned back against it and faced the woman standing behind her.  "Yes," answer Amy. That last wine cooler really hit me.  "Are you alright now Sweetie"? Billie ask.  "Yeah I think so," replied Amy.  "There is suppose to be no alcohol on these grounds", replied Billie.  "Oh I 'm sorry, I didn't know," answer Amy. I need to get out of here Amy thought to herself, as she felt the butterflies start swimming in her stomach.  Billie walked closer to sexy little wife and place both hands on her shoulder's and said,"Don't worry, We didn't see a thing sweetie", but you need to watch out for the park guards. "OK", replied Amy.  Amy took a deep breath as she felt Billie hand's moving lightly over her shoulder's and down over her biceps. "You are so beautiful sweetie", whispered Billie. "Sorry for the way we kept staring at you, but you are so sexy and we don't see someone like you that often on this side of the lake", laugh Billie.  "It's ok," whisper Amy, it feels good to have someone notice you now and then.  Billie step closer to Amy and said,How could anyone not notice you sweetie?  "My husband doesn't seem to anymore", replied the sexy little blond. Amy couldn't believe what she was saying, but she was really frustrated with her husband gone all the time.  "May I do something?" asked Billie?Amy in a tense voice answered,Well I, I guess.  Billie quickly leaned over and placed a short kiss on Amy's lips then step back and looked at the twenty-two year-old standing in front of her.Amy, with a fearful look on her face, finally broke the silence between them and said,"I guess better go work on my tan some more..."  "The tan you have now looks great", spoke Billie, as the finger's of her right hand moved slowly through Amy's short blond hair.  "I need to get little darker though," mumbled Amy.  Billie took a firm grip on Amy's biceps as she felt Amy start to pull away her and quickly placed her lips firmly against Amy's again. Amy took a deep breath as she began to panic as Billie slowly move her head left to right, right to left, continuously, pressing her lips tighter to Amy's.  A soft moan eased from Amy's lips as they slowly parted to accept Billie's pursuing tongue. Amy continued to moan softly as Billie's writhing tongue dance further into her warm mouth and made contact with her own tongue. Amy had always had a curiosity about sex with another woman, but she couldn't believe she was kissing this stranger back, as she writhed her own tongue in between the warn lip's this older woman  Amy place her hand's up on the older woman's shoulders and thought how much different this was from kissing a man. The softness of this woman lips and tongue was very stimulating.  Billie's softly placed her hand's on each side of the younger woman's body as they kiss and slowly let them wonder down to her small waist and over her lower back and down to her firm buttocks causing a quick gasp escaped from Amy's lips, as Billie took both buttocks into her hands and pulled the sexy wife tighter to her pressing Amy's breast into her own.  Billie slowly pulled her lips from Amy's and placed soft kisses on the blonde's cheek ,over to her ear lobe and then down over her smooth neck. "MMMM", moan Amy, as she closed her eye's and leaned her head over to the side as Billie's lightly brushed her lips up and down her soft neck.  "You are so beautiful," Billie softly whispered in Amy's ear as her right hand moved slowly up Amy's side and under her bikini top, taking the sexy blonde's left breast in the palm of her hand and squeeze it firmly. Amy gasp sharply and leaned against the older woman and panted as Billie's soft hand push the bikini top up over her breast. Billie leaned over and took Amy's exposed breast into her warm lips and began sucking on the nipple gently causing a soft cry to escape from the sexy little wife.  Janet quickly walked in door and shouted someone is coming.Amy quickly pulled herself from Billie and pulled her bikini top over the exposed breast that Billie had worked free from her top.  "IT'S THAT FAT ASS SHANNON," shouted Janet.  "DAMN it," said Billie in a angry voice. "I wish she would find her a damn woman and stay the fuck away from here. THAT DAMN COUNTRY ASS DYKE NEEDS TO STAY ON THE FUCKING FARM WHERE SHE BELONGS!"  Amy turned and looked into the mirror and pretended to be fixing her hair, when in walked the other woman.  "Hi y'all!" said Shannon as she walked pass Janet and Billie. "What's up today", she said to Billie and Janet as she looked over at the little blond facing the mirror.  "Same old same old", answered Janet.  Amy turned and walked toward the door and couldn't help notice Shanon giving her the eye also as she walked by her with her top hanging so loose that it barely covered her breast. Amy was so turn on now by all this teasing and making out with Billie she didn't even think about tying it any tighter as she walked out the door.  Billie followed Amy outside and said, "You don't have to leave do you?" Amy smiled and said,"I don't know about this Shannon." Billie replied, "She's cool, but just a pest sometimes. Just hang around Kidd O", said Billie. "We got to get to work." "Ok" replied Amy.  Amy knew she wasn't going anywhere - she was horny before she got to the lake and now she was even more horny now besides Amy loved playing this innocent and teasing little house wife role. This was the most fun she has had since she moved here.  Amy stood with her hand's on her hips outside the bathhouse and watched Billie and Janet drive off. Amy looked over shoulder and seen Shannon, who appear to be around thirty or so, staring at her from the door way.  "Well," thought Amy. There is no one here but the two of us so what not tease her a little now.  Amy turned and walk back into the bathhouse and gave Shannon a little smile as Shannon stepped back from the door to let her by. Amy walk over to one of the stall's and partly close the door and pretended to being fixing her top.Amy giggled as she heard Shannon's foot steps slowly pacing back and forth in front of stall where she stood. Then she caught Shannon looking through the partly closed stall where she was. Amy kind of felt sorry for Shannon for the way Billie and Janet called her name's even though she was not too attractive, but she was just a big-boned woman so being a little over weight doesn't look that bad on her.  Amy moved around in the stall where Shannon could clearly see her through the partly close door. Then reach around and untied the top string on her bikini top and began fumbling with the bottom string on her top, as to be untying a knot in it as Shannon walked by again.  Amy slowly ease the door open a little further and turned with her back to the opening of the door and untied the bottom string on her bikini top and took it off. She took a deep breath as she listened to Shannon's foot's step's passing by as she stood there messing with the string on her top. Are you having problem's sweetie, ask Shannon?  "I had a knot in this string," answered Amy, as she turned and faced the much bigger woman. The two women seem to be lost for words as they stood looking at each other. I must be crazy, Amy giggle to her-self as excitement run through her knowing this big woman was wanting to touch her.  Shannon couldn't believe a woman of such beauty was standing right in front of her with nothing on but the bottom of her bikini. It has to be a dream she thought as she stared at the curvy little blond standing in front of her. Shannon knew Billie and Janet well, and knew something had to be going on with this little blond before she walked in.  Shannon took a deep breath and slowly reached out with one hand and lightly place the back of it against Amy's stomach and began moving it slowly up and down Amy's flat tummy, then up over her left breast, then over to the right one, lightly brushing the erect nipple's in front of her causing Amy to moan softly as she placed her top over the door and leaned back against the cool petition.  Shannon eased her way into the stall and placed her hand's on the little blonde's waist as she leaned over and took Amy's left breast into her mouth and began sucking on it gently. "MMMM YES", Amy sighed, as she placed both her hands on the back of Shannon's head, pulling her tighter to her breast.  "MMMMMMMM," the sexy wife cried out, as Shannon's tried to suck all of Amy's left breast into her mouth.  Amy open her eye's and dug her finger's deeper into Shannon's hair as she look down at Shannon 's unusually long tongue flickering her left nipple back and forth. Shannon's slowly removed her lips form Amy's breast and quickly press her lips to the eager lips that waited her above. Amy wrapped her arms tight around the bigger woman's neck and open her lip's wide as Shannon's extremely long tongue move in between her warm lip's.  Shannon grip Amy's small buttock's with both hand's as she press the smaller woman tight against the petition with her bigger body.  "MMMMMMM," the little wife gasped as Shannon massaged her buttocks harder and harder while they kiss.  Shannon was finding it harder and harder to control herself with this sexy woman writhing and panting in her arms. Never in her life had she ever touch a woman so beautiful and sexy and never in Amy's life has she ever been so turned on and with a another woman at that.  Amy reached down and pulled at the Tank top that was tucked into the bigger woman's shorts and pull it free. Shannon moved back from Amy just enough to pull off the tank top she was wearing and exposed her very large breast.  Amy whimper as Shannon pressed her large breast firmly against her own pushing her back against the petition again. Amy had never felt helpless and powerless in her life as she stood pin tightly to the petition with this much bigger woman. Amy found her-self really turn on to Shannon's roughness and aggression .  "You are so beautiful baby," Shannon whisper as she place her lips to Amy's again. Amy tighten her lips around Shannon's long soft tongue and sucked on it as if it was a small cock as she felt Shannon's hands sliding down the small of her back and into her bikini bottom.  Shannon reached out and partly closed the stall door as she caught a glimpse of someone walking by.  The lady strolled by slowly again and Shannon could it was a very tall slim woman, who appear to be in her around twenty or so.  Shannon raise up slightly breaking off the kiss from her sexy little friend and ease her right leg in between Amy's legs as she push her right breast to Amy's soft lips. Amy cupped the large breast with both hand's and took the large nipple between her lip's and began sucking on it while biting it gently. "OHHH YESSSS", Shannon moan as she grip Amy's buttocks tighter and pulled her tightly against her right thigh.  Amy began grinding her swollen cunt into Shannon's thigh as she suck on the large nipple that was in her mouth. Amy moaned and whimper as she ground her cunt faster and harder against the big thigh between her legs. "Yes baby suck it," Shannon moan, as she looked down at the little blond with her breast in her mouth. "That's it sweetie suck my nipple you little bitch," cried Shannon.  Shannon removed her breast from the mouth of the little blond and quickly place her lips against the writhing little wife's in front of her, causing both to moan as they kiss and caress each other.Shannon slowly began kissing her way down Amy's trembling frame, biting one nipple then the other, then running soft kisses down her stomach, till she was kneeling in front of Amy on her knee's. Shannon tugged at the bikini bottom Amy was wearing and slowly ease it down over her shapely legs, as she kissed the front of Amy's thigh's softly.  Amy eagerly stepped from the bikini as her hand's rested on Shannon's shoulders. Shannon placed her hands on the firm little buttocks of the sex hungry wife and slowly parted Amy's sexy thigh's with her head.  "OOOHHH YESSS...YESSS," Amy cried as Shannon's attack her swollen clit with such force with her writhing tongue. "EAT ME BABY!"  Amy quickly raise her arm's up over her head and gripped the top on the petition with her hands as she arch her pelvis forward to Shannon's tongue that was dancing on her little clit.  Shannon, with a buttock of the hot little wife in each hand, press Amy's wet pussy tighter to her lips as her long writhing tongue ease into the wife's burning little box, sending a loud cry from her sexy little friend. Shannon worked her tongue in deeper and deeper into the writhing cunt in front of her causing Amy to writhe and moan even more as Shannon's swirl and flicker her tongue in the little blonde's pussy.  "OH YESSSSSSS!" Amy continued to cry as Shannon work hard to bring this sexy blond to the best orgasm she has ever had.  Shannon could hear foot steps pacing slowly outside the door as she twisted her head back and forth between the thigh's of this beautiful little blond. Shannon look out the corner of her eye and seen the white sneakers stop at the door and knew the person was peeping in at her sexy lover who was clinging hard to the stall petition and writhing her hot little cunt to her face. "EAT ME", screamed Amy as she push her burning little pussy tighter to Shannon's face. Shannon notice the sexy little wife's looking at the door several times as she looked up at her face while she flicker her tongue up and down Amys clit.  Shannon reached over and pulled the door open further and was quickly to see it was the young woman she had notice earlier. The woman looked very surprised and embarrassed as she look at Shannon and Amy. Shannon knew it was making her lover even hotter knowing this young woman was watching them.  Shannon went back to work on the sexy little wife easing a finger into Amy's cunt. Then another finger, then another sending a pleasurable cry from the writhing blond as Amy pushed her cunt further down on the Shannon's large finger's in her pussy.  "YESSSSSSSSSS THAT FEEL'S SO GOOD!" Amy screamed as Shannon moved her finger's quickly in and out Amy's wet little pussy, while she flicker her little clit up and down.  The woman moved closer to the door and watched Amy's grinding her pelvis into Shannon face. The woman look down at the bigger woman who was giving this sexy blond the pleasure that only a woman knows how to give, then look back at blonde's lusting face.  The young woman reach for her on breast and moan softly as she stared into Amy's eyes.  Amy whimper, as she arch her pelvis forward as Shannon push her finger's deeper into her and twisted them around. Amy watch as the young woman removed the tee shirt she was wearing and reveal her on breast to them. Her breast were smaller than the two women in front of her but her long nipples were long and cute.  The young butch woman lean over and took Amy's right breast into her mouth sending a loud cry from the sexy little blond as she suck on the panting blonde's nipple.  The woman step further into the stall and ease the door shut and  removed the jogging shorts she was wearing. The young butch began kissing and massaging the breast of the sexy blond beside her ,who was humping this big woman's face viciously. Shannon reached up and began to massage the bare buttocks of the young butch woman with her other hand as the woman suck on the writhing blonde's nipples in front of her. Amy's breath grew faster and heavier as she rocked her pussy back and forth on Shannon's flicker tongue.  "OHHHH, OHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH,YESSSSS!" Amy cried, as her body began to shake and tremble. Shannon tried harder to flicker her tongue faster and faster on the trembling blonde's clit as she felt her cunt muscle's contracting around her fingers. Amy's body shook and jerked viciously as her orgasm rip through her as she cling to petition for support. Amy's pulled her breast from the young Dyke as she gasped for breath as her orgasm rip though her shapely little body. "WOW," Amy whimpered as she release the petition she cling to and panted hard trying to get her breath.  Shannon stood up and put her top back own as the young butch moved behind Amy and wrapped her arms around Amy's slender waist. Shannon eased her tongue into Amy's mouth once more for one last kiss as the young butch moved her hands up and down Amy's contracting stomach.  Shannon softly whispered, "I need to run and kiss both women on the cheek and left the two standing there."  The young butch cupped both of Amy's breast with her hands and squeezed them hard as she pulled Amy tight against her pressing her nipple's into Amy's bare back. The taller woman press her lips against the sexy little blonde's ear and whispered, I would love to make love to sexy... Amy push her buttocks back against the gyrating pelvis behind her as she felt the pelvis of the young butch woman pushing harder against her buttocks..   "We better go, I guess", Amy whisper as she leaned forward as young butch began to run her hand's slowly up and down Amy's back. The young butch gripped Amy's waist firmly and grind her pelvis hard into the little gyrating ass in front of her. "I want you baby," the young butch whispered.  Amy turned and face the young lady and said, "We will get together sweetie."  The young butch woman lower her lips to Amy's. Amy gladly accept her soft tongue to dance with hers as the caress and kiss each other before getting dressed.    

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