Jacking Off Over The Phone

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I remember very vividly the best, sizzling jack off session that I had experienced during my twenty-seven years of existence. The jerk off session took place over the phone with a stranger that I had met on a local partyline. It was an unforgettable encounter that left both of our cocks throbbing and quivering uncontrollably from the intense pleasures that deep masturbation has to offer. Everytime I think and reminisce about the delightful jack off session, I get turned on and sexually aroused to the fullest. banner1

I remember very vividly the best, sizzling jack off session that I had experienced during my twenty-seven years of existence. The jerk off session took place over the phone with a stranger that I had met on a local partyline. It was an unforgettable encounter that left both of our cocks throbbing and quivering uncontrollably from the intense pleasures that deep masturbation has to offer. Everytime I think and reminisce about the delightful jack off session, I get turned on and sexually aroused to the fullest. 

I was honorably discharged from the United States Navy, therefore I was back in my small, little, boring town in sunny Florida. All my friends that I had in high school were no longer around for the simple fact that they had relocated to different cities and states, thus converting me into a depressed loner with no social life. The only person that I had any type of contact with was with my gorgeous, lesbian cousin, Nina. Me and her rented a modest, three bedroom, pink house that was located in the boondocks. To explain it in plain English, the house was in the middle of nowhere. During the first month of being back home, I felt like I was drifting into a state of depression due to the negative feelings that I was having. I noticed the darkness and gloominess that was surrounding my mind and vital aura. In order to alleviate the harsh isolation that I was facing, I would exercise, smoke marijuana, or masturbate naked in my bedroom, while watching hot, steamy pussy porn.

It was a hot, humid, summer night and I had just been relieved of my responsibilities at a local gym where I had been employed as a personal trainer. I went home, and followed my usual daily routines. After I finished my typical routines, I then stepped in the bathroom and took a relaxing, fifteen minute, cold shower. When I was done bathing, I walked downstair, to my bedroom, so that I can dry myself and get dressed. My cousin was working a graveyard shift, hence I had the entire house to myself. Since I had the entire house to myself, I decided to roll up a blunt of strong marijuana Kush. I removed the tobacco from the inside of the cigar and replaced it with a gram and a half of marijuana.  I was now in possession of a fat blunt of Kush that was ready to be smoked into thin air. With a Bob Marley lighter, I then sparked the tip of the blunt and with gentle ease, began to inhale the marijuana smoke. As I was half-way through smoking, I could feel maryjane slowly creep inside my body. The tokes from the marijuana smoke soon hit me like a semi-truck.

I then started to have sexual fantasies that were highly erotic and indulging. My dick started to wake up from its sleep. It was getting big and firm. It felt like my solid rod was going to rip a hole through my basketball shorts. That's how hard my dick was swelling and bulging. I knew I was going to fall into a deep jack off session. I went into my drawer and retrieved my Fleshlight, an artificial vagina sex toy that I had purchased online. Along with my Fleshlight, came a small, plastic bottle of warm, water-based lube. I then placed my laptop on the upper left side of the bed. After that, I popped in a porn dvd titled, "Big Ass Brazilian Butts Volume 9". I was high as a kite and really horny from my consumption of maryjane. I was eager to wank my anaconda penis all night long.

 I proceeded with the jack off session by stripping down to my birthday suit. I was now laying on my bed butt naked with my legs spread. The only thing that I was wearing were my ear lobe piercings. Other then that, I was totally exposed from head to toe. Once I was thoroughly nude and in the spread eagle position, I gently stroked my cock with tranquility. As I peacefully played with the head of my penis, my testicles began to tighten and were no longer hanging low. I took my time pleasuring myself. My eyes started to roll behind my head like marbles which means that I was falling into a profoundly deep state of ecstasy. For twenty exciting minutes I was calmly stroking my erect cock.

I then took the initiative to utilize my fleshlight for the session. I placed a small amount of water based lube on the artificial vagina opening. I then grabbed my cock and slowly inserted it inside the fleshlight's tight, slippery hole. As I carefully stuck my dick deep inside the toy pussy, I released an easy-going grunt and went, "aaahhh" from the marvelous sensation. It actually felt like a real pussy! It felt nice, tight, warm, and wet. Within the first five or six thrusts, I had the urge to ejaculate, but I held back. I let go of my cock and relaxed for a moment in order to slightly diminish the superb, emotional state that was leading me into having an orgasm.

Following my minor two-minute break from an intense edging moment, I once again replaced my dick inside the fleshlight and continued to slide it back and forth at a snail's pace. My dick started getting accustomed to the fleshlight. As a result, I gradually started to pick up the momentum. As soon as I added speed to my strokes, my moans and groans began to grow louder. It felt as if though I was making love to a sexy, beautiful woman. The porn movie that I was witnessing on my laptop, combined with the fleshlight usage, greatly increased my cock's throbbing motions which were one of my desired goals during the session. In order to make the session more interesting, I decided to call the partyline. I was searching for someone to masturbate with over the phone. I was very fortunate and hooked up with an asian buddy that was willing to jack off with me.

"What's your name bro?", was the question that I asked him. He replied in a low tone of voice by saying, "My name is Angel dude and I'm twenty-eight years old." He then inquired for my name. I told him that "I'm Jonny." "Are you feeling horny bro?", asked Angel. "Hell yeah bro, I'm just right here laying on my bed butt ass naked with the palms of my feet placed together, knees spread apart, stroking with a fleshlight...I'm real stoned dude and I'm feeling mighty good", was my honest yet horny response. "Sweet", said Angel. "How long have you been jacking off that cock of yours?", was another one of his multiple questions. "Dude, I've been jacking close to an hour now."

For some odd reason that simple question had triggered my sexual arousal to an even higher level. I expressed my deep horniness by going, "aaaaaaaaaaaaahh shit it feels so damn good bro." I was edging hardcore. When I lifted the fleshlight off my cock, I saw a slight ooze of clear, precum discharge from the tip of my penis. I was on the verge of no return, but I had the willpower and patience to contain my semen. I let go of my cock and commenced to pant in a crazed-induced- frenzy. "Are you cool dude? Did you come already?", asked my intrigued jerk off buddy. "No, not yet dude", was my smooth, nonchalant answer to his question. I wanted to cum but I was too busy enjoying my voyage into the fantastic realm of deep, prolong edging.

For the next forty-five minutes or so, I continued to shove my stiff, thumping dick inside the fake, lubricated, pussy hole. "Ooooooooooooooooh" and "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" were the moans and groans that were being displayed between me and Angel while both of us jacked off over the phone. Although the session took place over the phone, the positive, sexual vibe and energy that was running in the air made it even more exhilarating. Between me and Angel, I was the more loud and vocal bater. Angel was more of an auditory person. He would listen and hear very intently to my moans and grunts. "Hey bro, it sounds like your getting an awesome blowjob from a hot babe", said Angel.

All of a sudden I heard a loud panting cry from Angel. This was no ordinary moan. He was cumming and it was hard. He was like, "Fuck dude, fuck dude, I'm cumming.... I have to cum.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ah ah ah fuck yeah ah ah ah ah." Angel had just finished accomplishing his mission which was to release his fierce sexual tension. It was now my turn to splatter my white, baby batter all over the place.

What actually got my cock stimulated even more was the big breasted, apple bottom, sexy Brazilian babe that was getting penetrated anal style in the porn movie that I was watching. My dick was giving me an amazing feeling that was a gateway to one of the most phenomenal orgasms that I ever had in my whole entire lifetime. As soon as I was getting close to bust a powerful cumshot, I told Angel in mellow tone of voice, " Hey bro, I'm getting close to cumming dude....I'm so damn close bro... my dick can no longer hold my cum bro... fuck dude aaah!" I tried my best to contain my semen with my pelvic muscles but could no longer do so. I stopped using the fleshlight and started to stroke with my right hand instead.

The reason why I decided to use my hand to jack off is because I wanted to see cum squirt out of my cock. I was getting ready to bust a 'nut'. From the satisfication that I was recieving, my head would lightly rock back and forth in slow motion as if though I was bobbing along to a musical beat. My moans and panting noises started to increase in volume.

"Come on bro.... Act like your cumming on a hot babe's face man", were the words of encouragement that Angel gave me when I was near my extraordinary orgasm. "Fuck yeah dude... I'm cumming.... ay dios mio ay dios mio....aahhhhaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooohhh oh oh ah ah ah fuck yeah man." I was having orgasmic spasms throughout my entire body. I swear to God, I came all over the place. I came on my left shoulder, chest, stomach, groin, and pelvic area. I came like champion. The way I ejaculated my semen would put some well known male pornstars to shame. I must have unloaded at least eight or nine geyser-like cumshots from my throbbing dick.

After I  completed my session, I was laying in my bed naked and motionless with a great feeling of pride. My entire body was squirming and twitching from the shocking yet intoxicating orgasm that I had achieved. It was one of the best masturbation sessions that I've ever had. After my strong cumshots and five minutes of silence, I realized that Angel was still on the phone listening to me. I had momentarily forgot about him. "Wow bro.... I heard you cum loud and clear.... It must have felt good huh bro?", commented Angel. "What does ay dios mio mean?", asked a confused Angel. I chuckled at his question and continued to play with my dick. I was ready for round two!

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