Karly’s Getaway Part 1: Pleasure With My Little Vibe

sexykarly   April 13, 2016   | 55314 Views
I don’t bother with clothes after towel drying my hair and rubbing the soft towel against my skin. Anticipation is making me hurry. I want that orgasm now. rings

I’m here – London – for the start of a long awaited holiday . I still can’t believe Michael gifted this trip to me. It helps that he’s the boss, and if he says I can take a month off to travel Europe, who am I to argue?

As an added treat, I’m booked in a luxury hotel for my two days in London and when we meet up again at the end of the month, to spend Christmas and ring in the New Year together, it’ll be a week of luxury living. I can’t wait!

But, I’m here now. At the Brown’s Hotel, no less. That man has amazing taste and a great bank account.

“Karly, I want you to have fun on this trip. Take in the sights. Explore the cities. Meet the people. And when you see someone that turns you on and sets your body on fire, take them home with you.”

How could I have ever gotten this lucky?

“The Kipling Suite, ma’am?”

The clean British accent brings me back to the here and now, and I’m stunned. He booked me in the one room he knew I’d love. Named for Rudyard Kipling who wrote the Jungle Book – a writer just as I dreamed of becoming. I’m in heaven.

“Oh, and a package was delivered for you, Ms. Smith.”

I can’t tell from the packaging what it is, but I have no doubt who it’s from. The brown wrapper reveals nothing. I nod and smile at the older man at the desk and follow the bellman up to my room. Thankfully, he doesn’t make conversation.

I want to lay down on a soft bed, naked, and relax. The flight was brutal. The anticipation of getting here had been maddening. Frankly, I’d worked even harder than usual in November to feel like I deserved the month of December to myself.

But first, the package.

Bags on the bed, a tip discreetly given, and finally, I’m alone.

Curiosity gets the better of me. I rip open the paper wrapping and gasp.

A purple cute little vibrator. What has Michael sent me?

I open the box and a note flutters to the floor. Michael’s bold hand-writing is clear.

Relax. Unwind. And keep this with you until we meet again.

I know just what to do. I hook up the small, soft vibrator to charge and take a hot shower. This will help me sleep better than anything.

I don’t bother with clothes after towel drying my hair and rubbing the soft towel against my skin. Anticipation is making me hurry. I want that orgasm now.

Curling up under the covers, I don’t bother hooking up the vibrator to my smartphone. Instead, I turn it on and press it to my lips and then my clitoris. My body shudders as the vibrations ripple through me. I increase the pressure and play with the vibration settings.

Oh yes. There it is. The pleasure builds. My toes curls. I throw the blanket off. The pillow slides off the bed. Oh yes, yes!

Pleasure streaks like lightning through my entire body. With a sleepy, goofy grin, I turn off my new little sex toy and set it on the nightstand. I’ll clean it and charge it tomorrow. And I’ll definitely keep it close by as I make my way across Europe. I have no doubt I can find all kinds of ways to have fun with it until Michael joins me at the end of the month.

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