My Hospital Stay: Monday

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Carol drew the curtain all the way around her bed. Stephen gazed at her with every step. She wheeled away the trolley table with Stephen's laptop on before she pulled on the latex gloves like she'd done a thousands times before. rings

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Stephen lay with his back propped up against the pillows of his hospital bed. Although he was getting better at it, he was still struggling to work his laptop with his good arm in a cast. His whole right hand was suspended in a contraption holding the bones of his hand in place while they healed. It was still a little unsettling to look at the small cables penetrating through his skin on the back of his hand and going all the way though to his palms.

He'd been helping his uncle put in a new garage door when it had fallen and trapped his hand. Luckily it hadn't cut into him or damaged any veins, but it had broken three of the metacarpals and cause a lot bruising.

Stephen had been here for four days now. Not that he'd slept much on the first night mind you. Other than solitaire, which he was still struggling with, he couldn't really play games with one hand. Despite having no choice but to try he just couldn't coordinate his left hand to do what he normally did with his right. Stephen had watched everything new on Netflix that he hadn't already seen by now and would just have to start watching things from the start again.

He looked out the large window to see the clear blue sky punctuated by an occasional fluffy cloud. Turning back he reminded himself that the other three beds were now empty.

On his first night there had been three of them in there. One old guy who needed an oxygen tank to breath; from the looks of him he'd been a heavy smoker all his life. The other guy had been  much closer to Stephen's own age. Jason was twenty three and had hurt his hand too but he'd simply burned himself repairing a car engine. He'd kept Stephen company for almost the full day before going home just after the evening meal. They had enough in common to keep each other company by talking about gaming, movies, music and a lot of other stuff too.

Stephen kind of felt like he'd rather be alone than have an old guy again. He felt horrible for thinking that but for him it was true. The Doctors and Nurses were great and really paid attention to him, but when there was nobody else in the room he didn't see as many of them coming and going.

He looked out the window again as he watched a passenger plane high up in the sky as it left a white trail behind it. Stephen then turned his restless head back to see someone coming in to room again. He could tell the difference between someone walking past and someone actually coming in to see him.

Carol walked in with one of the junior nurses. The pair acknowledged him before checking the tidiness other beds. Carol then came over to him while the other nurse left again.

"How are you this morning?" she asked him.

"Good," Stephen replied. "I'm sleeping a little better," he then added.

"How's the hand?" Carol came around to the other side of the bed to check on it.

"I tried going without painkillers to see how it feels," he began. "Although it still hurts it's the itching that's the worst."


"That's pretty normal," she explained as she touched his finger tips one at a time. "How's the feeling in your hand."

"Still tingles a little, but the feeling is pretty good."


"Did you have a good day off?" Stephen then asked.

"It was nice thanks," she answered. "Not as nice as today," she then remarked on the weather.

Carol then walked around to the other side of the bed. By Stephen's guess she was about forty and she was about five foot two with short blond hair. Her blue eyes were seemed to glow with the bright blue sky outside. Although nobody could call her fat she was definitely curvier than most of the nurses. Stephen couldn't be sure where her biggest measurement was; around her hips or her bust . She then unexpectedly sat down on the visitor's chair beside him.


"Nina said you were a little distracted yesterday. A little out of sorts. Is everything okay?" she then asked.

"Sure," he answered.

Carol could tell there was something on his mind. While still sitting down she reached out and pushed out the curtain a little so that it blocked Stephen's view from the door.

A sympathetic smile then graced her face before she spoke.

"For most eighteen year olds it's pretty normal for them to... release themselves most days."

Stephen knew instantly what she meant but stayed silent.

"It's very normal thing to do," she reassured him.

He still didn't say anything.

"I'm an experienced nurse. I've heard it all before."

Carol checked over her shoulder to see if there were any silhouettes at the door.

"How often do you masturbate?" she asked softly but directly.

Stephen swallowed.

"Once a day, twice a day, every couple of days," she tried to gauge him.

"Once a day," he then committed himself, "sometimes twice."

Carol smiled a little. But there was nothing malicious or even mischievous about her smirk.

"I guess it's been a few days since you've done it then," she confirmed.

Stephen nodded.

"If you want I could do it for you," she began.

Stephen's eye's widened.

"There's no need to be embarrassed. I've seen every kind bodily fluid there is."

"It's okay," Stephen's voice spluttered. "I'll be okay."

"It's not something that we're really supposed to do; but I know a couple of other nurses who'd do it if you don't want me to do it. I know it's not an easy thing to get your head around for someone to do that kind of thing for you. It's normally the kind of thing that you'd only let your girlfriend do. Or boyfriend," she then corrected her phrasing.

Stephen's eyes wandered away.

"Anyway, if you want me to then just give me a call," she repeated her offer.


Carol patted Stephen gently on his thigh then left him in peace.

When she got out of sight, Stephen's heart started hammering inside his chest. He was struggling to get over what Carol had said and how bold she'd been.


Stephen couldn't settle to anything. No matter what he tried to watch or do he just wasn't happy with it. As it was coming to the end of the evening, the nurses closed the curtains to keep out the unnatural glow of the street lighting.

Carol's comments had put him on edge so now he looked out to the corridor at every single footstep. Since this morning he hadn't seen Carol; till now.

Without stepping into the room she looked in towards him and smiled. She was readying herself to go home and was adjusting her coat onto her shoulders. Just as she was about to leave his sight, Stephen spoke.

"Carol," he tried to say as his throat choked up. He was almost surprised that she'd heard him.


She turned gracefully before parading in towards his bed. Carol stood beside him wand waited for him to talk.

"You know what you spoke about before," Stephen began.

"Yes," she smiled.

"Could you... I think I want to try," he stumbled his words. "Help me to relax."       

"Sure," she replied. "I'll dump off my coat and get a couple of things."


Carol headed out the door again before coming back a two or three minutes later.  

"I got a pair of the better gloves," she waved them in her hand.

Stephen's heart was already pounding but it was still able to step it up a notch when she showed him the gloves. He now didn't know if he could go through with it but he couldn't figure out how to tell her he'd changed his mind either.

Carol drew the curtain all the way around her bed. Stephen gazed at her with every step. She wheeled away the trolley table with Stephen's laptop on  before she pulled on the latex gloves like she'd done a thousands times before.

"Are you sure nobody's going to come in on us?" he asked.

"No. It's okay," she reassured him.

She placed the small bottle of lube on the bed and made eye contact with him. "We can use this if we think we need it," she said to him.

Carefully lifting the covers, she pulled them down towards the foot of the bed. Stephen was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts over his boxer shorts. Prompted by Carol's body language, he supported himself on the bed and tried to lift his hips as she dragged down both pairs of shorts in one smooth motion. They slipped down easily and she took them all the way down to his ankles.

Stephen took his hand away from the rail and placed it over his groin. She touched his hand for a moment before lifting it away.

"Just relax."

Stephen tried to relax but his body was so tense. Carol lifted his flaccid cock and held it in her palm before wrapping her thumb around it. The latex gloves felt strange against his skin as she began to make tiny stroking motions. She was slow at first so that he could get used to the sensation.

It took a moment for anything to happen but slowly he began to grow in her grasp. She continued the slow rubbing motion as his cock got harder and harder. Soon his foreskin became tight an his helmet began to poke out the top. Nina had told him how generously he was endowed after she'd given him his first shower. Carol had thought Nina was just exaggerating but she really wasn't.

When his cock finally came to it's full length it had to be almost ten inches. Stephen's cock was standing upright and Carol began to quicken her strokes a little.

Carol wanted to compliment him on the size of his cock but knew it would be inappropriate. "Just tell me if I'm going too fast," she looked him in the eye.

Stephen slid down the bed a little to get himself more comfortable. He had to slip one of his ankles out of the shorts so that he could move his leg. Managing to spread his legs a little Stephen relaxed. The cold bars at the sides of his bed didn't bother him that much as his thighs pressed against them.

With slow and deep strokes Carol manipulated his full length in her hand until the head of his cock disappeared with her grasp. She began to speed up just a little as the head of his cock developed a little moistness around it. Carol was almost tempted to place both hands around it but she had to be professional and not try enjoy this herself. This was for Stephen's benefit.

She smiled towards him but found that he wasn't looking back. His head listed off to the side as he tried to remove himself from the situation.

"How are you feeling?" she spoke softly.

"Um hum," he acknowledged he was okay.

"How's my grip?" She then asked.

"You can go a little tighter," Stephen responded.

His request was unexpected but she complied.

At first Stephen's eyes glanced into the middle of nowhere. But gradually his eyes shifted onto her shapely bum. Carol's jeans showed off her figure far better than her hospital clothes.

"So..." she began, "what kind of things do you think about when you... do this for yourself."

At first Stephen only licked his lips to moisten them; but he didn't speak.

"Do you have a favourite actress, someone on TV," she offered suggestions. "A lot of guys look at pictures online now. Back when I was young a remember my mother finding my brother's stash of dirty magazines."

Stephen didn't say anything but he did look up and meet her gaze.


"Don't worry," she reassured him. "I keep telly you his kind of thing has been normal since the beginning of time. We look at all shapes and sizes of bodies the whole time. There's nothing more natural than the human body and there's nothing to be ashamed of."

Carol experimented with a few fast strokes every so often. Stephen didn't object.

"Pictures mostly," he then admitted.

Carol smiled softly at his reply.

"Do you... do things for yourself when you're not with your husband?" Stephen then asked. He'd asked the question before his brain could tell him to stop.

"Not married any more. I have a sort of on-off boyfriend," she explained.

Stephen gulped. Carol's response was swift and open. He'd almost expected to be upset by the impertinence of his questioning of her.

"Make's it sound worse than it is. He's kind of a boyfriend. We're not full time together. We're just kind of... fuck buddies."

Stephen's whole body tensed up. Including a tightening in his cock. He was shocked by her continuing openness. Surprising considering what she was already doing for him.

"Women watch porn too. Sometimes."

"Do you?" he  asked.

She tightened her grip on him and gave a few deep strokes right to the base of his cock.

"Sometimes," Carol replied cheekily.

"What kind?" he chanced asking her.

She squeezed him again mischievously.

"Just couples," she began, "sometimes threesomes with two guys, or two girls. Nothing too risqué."

Stephen could feel the hotness inside his cock as if he was about to cum but he knew he was nowhere near yet. He used his fingers to lift up the skin of his balls to make then a little more comfortable.

She looked down to see his scrotum begin to tighten up. Carol was beginning to the feel a little hot herself. What she was doing was to help Stephen; but she was beginning to enjoy it in a way that she knew she shouldn't be.

She step down the bed a little and looked deeply into his eyes. Carol set her elbow down and the bed between his legs. As she leaned over the bed he could now see the full outline of her breast. He watched her full breasts moving inside her top a little as she wanked for him.

He moved his leg a little and inadvertently his thigh pushed up against her breasts. Stephen could feel the underwire of her bra digging into him.

Carol didn't move her breasts away from him. She could feel her nipples rubbing back and forth against his leg. They began to get harder and harder and harder.

"Kind of feels like we're one of those movies right now," she joked.

Stephen smiled. But his smile was soon broken by a silhouette being cast over the curtains. He'd gotten used to people walking past but there were two shadows standing in the doorway.

Carol noticed his gaze. "It's okay," she whispered as she placed her hand on his.

Stephen couldn't relax until the two figures walked away again. He felt the grasp on his cock release and as he looked over to what she was doing he found her putting a tiny bit of lube in the palm of her glove. The sound of the lube lid snapping closed almost sounded as loud as a gunshot.

Carol stepped up near the top of the bed again before she wrapped her hand around him. The coolness of the gel made him jump and little at first touch; but his roasting hot cock soon began to warm it up.

The slipping and slopping noises felt like they were going to be heard out in the corridor but Carol wasn't worried by it.

As she continued to masturbate for him he could feel himself getting closer all the time. She leaned over the bed and even cupped her hand around the side of his face. Stephen almost nuzzled into the feeling of her hand but her hand pulled his face closer to her breast. Even though his face didn't touch him he could feel their warmth.

Carol noticed his foot began to jiggle and felt that he was getting close.

"Just tell me when," she told him.

Stephen's eyes closed as he got closer to the end and his head arched back against the pillows.

"Almost there," he whispered. "Almost there."

His hand moved to the inside of his thigh. It was like electricity surging around his veins.

"It's okay," she whispered back to him. "Just relax."

"I'm going to.... Carol!"

Just before she felt the first twinge of his cock she moved her grasp so that she caught the cum as it was released from him. She could feel the hotness as it hit the inside of her glove. She tried to cup the end of his cock without squeezing it so that his seed could flow freely.

His whole abdomen tightened as if he were doing crunches. After the first twinges, Stephen's cock gave three more strong pulls before the movements began to subside. When she could feel his cock begin to subside she used her finger and thumb to gently milk the last little bit of cum from around his head and clean it away.

What moisture was there wouldn't make a mess anymore and might feel better than drying it off with a tissue or cloth. She had to keep one hand raised like a cup to keep the hot and sticky cum from dripping down over her wrist.

After giving Stephen a few moments to compose himself before she helped him put his other foot back into his shorts. She pulled them up till he could get hold of them with his good hand and could help get them up over his hips.

They looked each other in the eye for a moment.

"See you tomorrow," she smiled at him.

Stephen was still trying to get his head together but managed to reply. "See you tomorrow," his voice said softly.

Still trying to balance the cum in her hand she used her free hand to pull the bedcovers back up over him. To give him a little air she also pulled back one of the curtains from around his bed before disappearing around the corner. He watched her silhouette exit the room as she went towards the bath room.

Carol made a loose fist while still trying to keep the cum from dripping out of her hand. Another Nurse exited the bathroom as she was about to enter. She pushed her way through before the doors fully shut. As she stood in front of the mirrors she looked at the milky cream in her hand and examined it. Deep white flecks ran through the opaque fluid.

She could smell the exotic scent from it as she had it so close to her face. Just as she was about to wash it off her hand. But she then stopped.

Making one last check of the bathroom she looked at the fluid in the palm of her hand again. With a swift movement she lapped her tongue out and fed it into her mouth. It was so thick that it all clung together and when she sucked in the rest of it; it was like sucking on spaghetti.

The sweet and salty cum tasted so good that it more than made up for the guilt she felt over doing it. She savoured it for a few moments before she heard the outer door opening and she had to swallow it. Carol only had enough time to swallow once and had to let the rest of it trickle down the inside of her throat. It was still warm and it felt like melted chocolate dribbling down her neck.

Nina walked in and acknowledged her before pulling her vaping kit out of her pocket.

"Sorry," Nina waved the vaping kit for Carol to see. She used the bathrooms as much for a sneaky vape as what they were supposed to be used for. She went into one of the stalls and soon the first wafts of grey vapour began to waft through the air.

Carol just ignored it as always because she wasn't doing anyone any harm. As she removed the gloves to bin them, something caught her eye in the mirror. A small droplet of white cum clung to her lip, in realising that Nina must have seen it too she licked it off with her tongue and cleaned the rest of the evidence. She then made a swift exit.

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