Memories of a "mistake"

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A memory filled her mind and she felt a smile come across her face…. “Mmmmm… Mike…” she thought to herself. She remembered Friday night and it made her quiver just a bit. Her soft hand moved under the sheet… feeling her tender naked skin. She felt her hard nipples… pinching and pulling them gently… wishing it was Mike’s hot mouth on them. rings

It was Monday morning and for some reason Molly was already awake.  Rolling her head over to the side, she could see darkness still spilling through the window.  With a quick glance at her phone, she saw it was 5:15… still another 30 minutes until her normal alarm would go off.

Looking to the other side of the bed to see that her husband Pete was still sound asleep.  She sighed… wondering what he was dreaming of… what might be going through his mind as he slept.  It certainly didn’t seem like it was her since sex was nearly non-existant these days.  Pete’s work schedule had been hectic with a huge project and they hardly got to see each other.  When they did, it was usually silence over dinner… then him retiring to bed, then off to work the next morning.

A memory filled her mind and she felt a smile come across her face…. “Mmmmm… Mike…” she thought to herself.  She remembered Friday night and it made her quiver just a bit.  Her soft hand moved under the sheet… feeling her tender naked skin.  She felt her hard nipples… pinching and pulling them gently… wishing it was Mike’s hot mouth on them.

It was a mistake and it shouldn’t have happened.  In her mind throughout the weekend, she tried to blame the alcohol… but realized that Mike just provided her what she’s been missing so much.  Pete wasn’t providing it… no, it wasn’t the sex… or the powerful orgasms that Mike so willingly provided her that night.  It was the passion… the desire… that needy feeling of being wanted and more importantly needed.

Her hand glided down her firm 42 year old stomach.  Long workouts at the gym and miles after miles on her road bike helped to keep her in shape.  While Pete took it for granted, Mike didn’t… he admired it and once he got to see it… it just made him want her even more.  Molly could feel the moist feeling of her juices on her fingertips as her fingers slid between her legs.  A slight gasp escaped her lips as her finger slid over her clit.  Turning her head quickly… Pete didn’t budge.

Watching him sleep, but day dreaming of Mike as her fingers slid up and down between her wet pussy lips and rolling her swelling clit between her finger and thumb.  She dreamed of laying back in bed… touching herself with Mike watching as she teased him with her sexy body… looking deep in his eyes as her finger eased into her freshly waxed pussy.

Her finger eased in and out… biting her lower lip as her hips slowly moved… grinding her finger deeper.  Then another finger entered her… fighting the urge to moan out loud as she felt the warmth of pleasure and passion filling her body.  She remembered Friday night… feeling of the cold bathroom counter on her ass, but her body overwhelmed with heat and anticipation.  Anticipation as she watched Mike move forward and ease the mushroom tip of his throbbing cock into her.  Molly gasped again… her free hand quickly covering her mouth and eyes opening wide looking at Pete.

As her fingers eased and out of her now dripping pussy, and her thumb stroking her swollen clit… she remembered how Mike felt.  He eased into her tight little pussy… spreading her walls apart.  He wasn’t there, but she could almost feel him… hear him…  “Fuck his cock felt so good!” she thought in her mind as she remembered looking down… seeing his beautiful shaft moving in and out… glistening with her wetness all around it.

Curling her fingers up and rubbing against her g-spot, she remembered him leaning back to let the tip of his cock rub against it inside her.  She could remember every single detail… every feeling… and the look in his eyes.  She thought about the thick veins of his cock plunging into her and feeling them pulsating and throbbing.  The look in his eyes… “ohhhh fuck yes” filled her head.  That was it… that is what sent her into her violent orgasm with him.  Just the simple glance told her that he wanted her… needed her…

Molly felt her back arch a bit as she watched her sleeping husband next to her… hoping like hell he wouldn’t wake up.  She was well past the point of no return now.  She wanted to cum… needed to cum… needed to dream of Mike’s beautiful cock taking her there.

Then… it happened.  Electricity filled every nerve of Molly’s tender body.  She tightened… toes curled… her hand over her mouth as her orgasm rushed quickly through her body.  Panting hard as she felt her pussy grabbing at her fingers… dreaming of it clamping down around Mike as he fucked her beautiful body.

“Beeep…. Beep… beep” the alarm sounded.  She quickly reached over… shutting it off as Pete moved around a bit.  Her heart was racing… taking deliberate deep breaths trying to calm herself.  “Yawn… you going to get a shower?  I’ve got to get in there soon so I can get to the office.” She heard Pete say without him even looking over.

Her finger slid out of her slowly… easing up to her mouth as she could taste her sweet wetness on them.  “Uhhhh… yeah.  I need to clean up.” Molly said with a smile.  Now she knew… it wasn’t a mistake with Mike, but a necessity.  Her mind spun ideas quickly in her head of when and where she could have him again.  She needed Mike… she needed him wanting and needing her.

Molly eased out of bed… walking into the bathroom and starting the water in the shower.  As the water warmed, she looked in the mirror with a huge smile.  She thought to herself… “Mmmmm… Mike is going to want me even more soon.”  She eased into the shower washing her body as her mind began working her plans.  Her thoughts only interrupted by Pete banging on the shower door… “Hey, don’t use up all the hot water in there.”

As she stepped out of the shower… water dripping down her firm naked body, Pete looked over from the sink as he was finishing brushing his teeth.  “If you’re going to the gym, I don’t know why you shower first.  You’re just going to get all sweaty again.” Not caring about her beautiful body enough to ravage her on the countertop like Mike did.  She just smiled… drying off and pushing past him as she walked into the bedroom.  “Mmmmm… I’ll get plenty sweaty later as Mike is fucking me too” she thought with a smile.  Reaching for her phone… texting Mike.  “Hey… can I get a ride to the dealership this morning?” already incubating her next rendezvous with him.

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