Carly trains Chris

Jamespk   March 08, 2021   | 14885 Views
Carly started out for revenge. Not for herself, but for those other girls that had been tricked by Chris into thinking he was good boyfriend material. The truth is he is a cock-sucking sissy boi. cheating

There was absolutely no way of hiding it.   People from every continent had watched either the live-stream or the recorded video on the website, which suggested the video had been viewed 8.6 million times.  Chris was a sissy cock-slurping slut...and everybody knew.  

Chris was, of course, mortified beyond all measure.   He was so so incredibly embarrassed!   In fact, Chris was the most embarrassing person in the history of the world.   He had demolished every world record related to being embarrassed and blushing.   The sheer intensity of the embarrassment had caused him to faint a handful of times.  Chris was the laughing stock of millions.   

What added humiliation to his embarrassment was the fact that stories were being told about him everywhere.  Memes were created about him.  Jokes were told about him.  Blowjob techniques were named after him.  He was the central character in countless urban legends.   Girl Power examples were made from his life.  Four sex toy companies named a dildo after him.  

This all happened when Carly showed Chris just how much of a cock-whore he really was.   Even Carly was shocked.   She had found eight multi-orgasmic guys that were able to face-fuck Chris for eight hours non-stop.   Each guy took turns slamming Chris’ tonsils for an hour and repeatedly filling his mouth with cum.  They plunged his throat so hard that Chris' eyes crossed and rolled back.   His eyes just watered as his mouth sucked and slurped vigorously.   

Chris demonstrated advanced slobber jobber skills and a passionate love for having a cock in his mouth.   Never has a person loved giving blowjobs as much as Chris does.   He bobbed and slurped so hard that his cheeks hollowed as his tongue caressed each cock that was in his throat.   Chris was hardcore face-fucked like a slutty rag doll.   

Carly had brought her girlfriends Ash and Rae with her.   They hysterically laughed at Chris as he was being power tonsil-pumped with undisputed authority.   Those girls had never seen such a series of brutal blowjobs.   The girls were also shocked at how much cum Chris could guzzle down.  It was staggering! He was a cock-gobbling cumslut!!   

Chris had dressed in a short sissy dress.  He also wore thigh-high lace stockings with a lace thong panty.   The adorable bow in his hair was still in place after being wicked brutal face-fucked by those eight guys.   Each one of those guys had a cock that was 8 inches long.   And they were still able to insert their cocks so so so deep in Chris’ throat that their balls were sitting on his chin.  They totally owned his slutty throat.

The fact that Chris has such a very teeny tiny cock was a source of great entertainment for the girls as well.  He was so embarrassed by the extra tiny one inch bump in his tiny panties.   All those other guys and their superior masculinity were able to show that Chris is a prissy, effeminate, sissy.  He is very delicate and very girly.  Chris is a total sissy bitch.   

In the evening, the girls had a little ritual with Chris.  Three of Chris’ ex-girlfriends were involved in this process.  Each girl got to read a statement.  It was very humiliating for Chris.  Then they all ran through a hour-long sissy hypnosis with him.  After that, a fresh coat of bright red lipstick was applied to his lips and he was officially named “Sissy Chrissy!”  

As the day was ending, the plan was for Chrissy to spend the night so the girls could play with him again the next day.  He was tied over the spanking bench and all of the girls took turns swinging a large wooden paddle to whack Chrissy’s sweet butt cheeks.  They lit his sweet ass on fire...delivering 1000 firm swats in increments of 250.  Carly kept Chrissy tied up and gagged overnight.   

In the morning, they untied him because they had spanked him into total submission the night before.   Chrissy was not going to go against Carly’s orders, he was still rubbing his sore bottom from the previous night.  The girls had a very busy day planned for Sissy Chrissy.   They had him in his sissy dress and start out making them breakfast and cleaning it all up.  

Then the guys started showing up, just as had been arranged.   The intent was for ten guys per hour to face-fuck Chrissy.   They were supposed to dump their cum down Chrissy’s throat within about 6 minutes.   But Carly wanted Sissy Chrissy to have more sucking time, to increase his embarrassment.  So, each guy was given ten minutes.   Thankfully, not every guy needed the full ten minutes to load Chrissy’s mouth with cum.  

After twelve hours of non-stop cock slurping, Chrissy had sucked off 88 cocks.  So the girls just had Chrissy push through two more hours to get to 100.  The three ex-girlfriends left laughing and giving each other high-fives.  Carly had Chrissy suck 100 cocks over fourteen hours to demonstrate how much of a slutty cock-whore he really is. 

There was also a periodic flow of visitors that would stop by just to see Sissy Chrissy engaged in what he does best...slurp cocks and guzzle cum.  One of those visitors was Carly's daddy, Jake.   He laughed at Chrissy because his true identity had been embarrassingly revealed    He was a sissy slut that could not stop sucking cocks.   

Sissy Chrissy slept very well that night.   And in the morning, Carly introduced Chrissy to her old friend Lee.  Lee came in and fed his cock to Sissy Chrissy.   It was decided that Chrissy would suck off Lee once per hour, whenever possible.  It was also decided that Lee and Chrissy would be a couple.   They would go to bed together and Chrissy would sleep with his head between Lee’s legs and keep his cock in Chrissy's mouth all night long.   

Lee and Chrissy began their life together as a loving couple.   Lee’s task is to keep Chrissy’s slutty mouth full of his cock and Chrissy’s task is to make sure Lee’s cock is very satisfied.  Sometimes Carly thinks about it and just laughs.   She sometimes laughs with Ash or Rae, and sometimes she laughs with the ex-girlfriends that used to be with Chris.  

Sissy Chrissy just blushes and sucks Lee’s cock.   


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