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Story is about my younger sister NINA and elder brother GARRY .she come to know that her elder sister NANCY have enjoyed sex with me [GAARY] and so she is looking for sexual pleasure. rings Hello Readers !
                      I am going to write down about my younger sister NINA.she is a 19 have made physical relation with her elder sister NANCY & i have seen their physical love.
                      NINA.....A 19 YRS........GAL........HEIGHT OF 5'3 FEET......WHITE COMPLEXION........SLIM FIGURE..........WITH NICE TITS.......ROUND SHAPED BUM.......STRONG THIGHS........REDDISH VAGINA.....IS MY YOUNGER SISTER.
                     I have made physical relation with my elder sister NINA.once we have a nice oral sex session and than we have enjoyed intercourse.I don't know that NANCY have explained our physical relation to her younger sister NINA.
                      I am now enjoying my life with my hot mom as well as with my elder evening ,when we all were in dinning hall ,my mom asked me........[mom]'' garry ,i want to ask one thing
                                                                           [garry] yes mom
                                                                           [mom]nina is going to chennai for tour
                                                                           [garry looking at nina] so nice ,but with whom?
                                                                           [mom] with her friends ,but school administration have asked for a guardian
                                                                           [garry]ok mom ,you may go ,we will live here
                                                                           [mom] no garry ,my spa will be affected
                                                                           [nina] garry you must accompany me
                                                                           [mom]sure ,tommorow you both have to leave for chennai
                                                                           [ garry] ok as you wish .''
                  we are now preparing for our tour to chennai.we have to board a train with her friends and teachers.we reached chennai after a long journey & school have accomodated rooms in a four star room is allocated to a student and her guardian. we are in a hotel room.we slept after having dinner.

                  Next morning 30 students with their guardain have boarded a bus to visit some place in chennai.we have kept a hand bag also .after having a nice visit to some monuments ,we reached to MARINA BEACH.we are near sea beach and we both brother and sister is sitting near a large rock ,which is on the sea shore.

                 after some time teachers called them and took them to a green room ,which is near the sea shore.I am near sea beach and all of them came back,they are in bikni.......I can see 30 hot babes ,all in her 18-20 yrs. age group.looking their nude thighs as well as their boobs ..........but this is the common dress for sea beach.

                  NINA came to me and looking at me asked--------'' any comment on my dress
                                                                           [garry] too hot & bold
                                                                           [nina] ok come with me.''
                 we both moved towards sea beach and we both have left other ones.we are running near sea beach and trying to aloof from them.we both have moved for atleast 200 we are moving inside a dense forest ,a natures paradise.she hold my wrists and we are sitting on grass.....large trees and dense green zone have made us safe.

                  I am watching my younger sister's hot body.In a bikni she is looking too hot and wild.I took her in my arms and now ,she is sitting on my thighs with her arms on my shoulder.she is kissing my lips and face and her boobs is pressing on my hands are on her nude backs.what can you expect from a bikni ? can cover your private organs only and in a bikni ,gals boobs as well as bum and thighs will remain nude.

                  we both are on grass.I took her lips in my mouth to suck and she is pushing her tongue in my mouth..while sucking her tongue ,my hands are on her bum and boobs.I am pressing her soft small boobs....i am surprised with my younger sister's move......she have invited me and i am sucking her dick is becoming rock hard inside my jeans.

                   she took out her i am kissing her lovely face and massaging her boobs.she is smiling on me.we both are in dense forest like a hot i removed my jeans and shirts............she is now  standing on grass with her legs wide apart......i am on my knees...........kissing  her thighs as well as waist.she is screaming in joy.

                  I am kissing my sister's thighs and my tongue is rolling on it.NINA while looking at me ,removed her bikni....she is complete nude..........never seen her beauties so closely............her vagina is clean shaved.....her boobs are tight with small brownish younger sister is too i put my lips on her vagina and while kissing it...........i have hold her waist........she is in joy and have hold my hairs tightly.

                  Readers can imagine......two love birds are in dense forest........a hot gal is nude and a hot guy is rolling his tongue on her vagina.after some time i took her cunt in my mouth and she is screaming.....''oooooooh..........muuummmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm........garry ,suck it hard .'' & i sucked it for 5 minutes.I have left her cunt & now busy in kissing her smooth thighs as well as legs.she than moved back to show her bum.....its sexy and round in shape.
                  I am kissing her buttocks and my tongue is rolling in her ass crack.she is inciting my sexual my tongue stopped at her anus hole............while licking hands are on her my finger is on her vaginal hole & my whore sister have guided my finger in her hole.Her glory hole is burning & i am licking her anus hole.

                 NINA moved i am fingering her vagina ......while my tongue is rolling on her waist and sexy belly.she is screaming in joy & i took her cunt in my mouth to suck.she is holding my hairs tightly.In a natures paradise a porn queen is standing nude with her legs wide apart.....and her sex slave is sucking her she screamed............''oh garry ,drink my cum........taste it....aaaaaaahhhh i am....''& my mouth have got the taste of vaginal fluid.

                we both are sitting on grass.she kept her hand on my undies........just touching the bulge of my erected penis....than her desire to have it nude.......i removed my undies & she is playing with my penis.she is comfortable in her dress.............means nudity.....she is masturbating my penis hardly and while kissing my lips ,she asked........''garry
            [garry]yes my hot sister
            [nina] you have enjoyed sex with nancy also
            [garry]no never
         [nina smiling at me] don't say lie
           [garry]yes i have fucked your elder sister .''
            NINA ask me to stand.........i am standing on grass......a she is on her a porn queen.....she is kissing my penis with her lips.........she kissed it.........than took it in her mouth to suck.....i have hold her hairs and now i am pushing my penis in her mouth.she is enjoying my penis.after some time,she took it out ......she is now rolling her tongue on my long hard penis.........i am screaming in joy & again she took it in her mouth to suck.........she is moving her mouth a bitch she is giving me a nice blow job.

         she left my penis and now she is sitting on grass.she is looking too hot and wild .NINA took my penis in her hand........she is masturbating it fastly......i am massaging her boobs.we both are enjoying oral nina put her sexy bum on my thighs.............she is sitting on it with her arms on my shoulders.......she is masturbating my penis ,she asked----------'' garry 
                                               [garry] yes my sexy sister
                                               [nina]will you give me your dick inside my cunt
                                             [  garry] sure but in hotel room
                                                 [nina] yes i love you garry.''
         she is masturbating my penis fastly and now i ask her to suck.............she is sucking it and now my penis have ejaculated my white fluid in her mouth...............she tasted it.we took rest there.......than moved to the group.................
 lastly we enjoyed a day at sea beach and we have a nice oral sex session there.
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