A Happy Neighbour

Alex514   June 12, 2019   | 36967 Views
"Maybe I should ask him to help me with my back." banner1

Fresh out of high school and enjoy the lazy summer days, I would go outside and sun bathe. As I didn't like tan lines, I would always sunbathe naked. Much to the chargin of Mrs. Thibault, my next door neighbour who would complain to my parents. My parents would just shrug it off. I was 18, fit and gifted with an ample butt and breast, very proud of my body (still am) and wasn't afraid to be naked. Anyway, Mrs. Thibault's husband would sheeplishly take a peep at me sunbathing if he was doing his yard work. I would shoot back a mischevious grin back at him. It was such a turn on that a good looking older man would look at me. 

One day, I go out to sunbathe, Mr. Thibault is in his yard, I wave and say hello to him, and he waves back.  I lay in my reclining lounge chair and start appling my suntan lotion. I can see out of the corner of my eye Mr. Thibault watching me. I thought to myself, "Maybe I should ask him to help me with my back." I was very nervous and almost shaking at the thought. It was exciting though. I decided to go for it. 

"Mr. Thibault!" I shouted.

"Y-yes?" He replied.

"Could you help me? I need some lotion on my back." I said back.

He was stunned, but slowly walked over, hopping over the small fence that divided our yards. 

"Hi!" I said cheerfully. "Could you get my back if you don't mind?"

"Yeah, sure." He repiled.

I undid my bikini strap, heard him squeeze the lotion out of the bottle and felt his hands going up and down my back. I felt very excited and found myself getting wet. 

"Can you put some on my butt too?"

"S-Sure." He stammered. 

He puts the lotion on, and I feel his hands carassing my butt and I'm getting more and more excited. Then suddenly he stops....

"Can I tell you something?" he asked.  I get up, pulling my bottoms back up and sit up next to him.

"Of course" I replied.                                          

He takes my hand and puts it on his crotch. I can feel his dick getting harder and harder.

"My wife doesn't please me anymore. Can you please? I need this."

I smile at him and ask him to stand up, I get on my knees and pull down his shorts and underwear. His dick, was about 6 or 7 inches, standing straight at my face. I give his dick a few strokes and tongued his balls. He let out a loud moan, and I then put my mouth on the head of his dick, slowly swallow his shaft.

"Thank you." He said repeatedly. "I need this so badly." Putting his hand on my head, I sucked and slurped on his dick, making sure none of it went untouched.

His breathing became more faster, I knew he was going to cum. I kept sucking, he let out a big sigh and I felt the warm, creamy liquid enter my mouth, which I then swallowed. 

"Oh man!" he exclaimed. I just looked up, smiled and giggled. He pulled up his pants and went back into his yard and I continued sunbathing. 

The end.

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