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Gina From Up The Street

redroomdiaries1   June 21, 2017   | 57869 Views
She grabbed a drink and plates for pizza and we sat on the floor across each other with her legs crossed and no panties on I could see the promised land. We got to talking about her day and the students at school *blah blah blah* that’s literally all I heard for 40 minutes as my mind was stuck on her FRESHLY SHAVED PUSSY. Luxury After a long day on the interstate, I stopped at a gas station for some beers and saw shorty in a Red satin dress and thought “Gotta be Gina” (the girl I gave head and got no ass from). I walked to shorty to confirm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t her. Walked back to my car thinking about the 3 hour drive back home, I wasn’t quite ready for that. I pulled out my phone and text her. I definitely had to get that honey pot

Me: Hey you home?
Her: at this awards show, bored and need a Red Bull, what’s up tho?
Me: saw someone that looked just like you and thought about you.
Her: was she cute? Lol
Me: hell yeah, but not like you
Her: haha aww
Me: I’ll stop by on my way home
Her: okay bring some pizza
Me: see you soon

As I walked in her apartment she threw her self in for a tight hug and kissed my neck as my hand cupped her right butt cheek, she looked at me licked her lips and whispered “you really did miss me”, I replied “who wouldn’t”. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she had on a sexy DRESS like she was either going to a party or just returning from one, we held hands as she led me to her room. She grabbed a drink and plates for pizza and we sat on the floor across each other with her legs crossed and no panties on I could see the promised land. We got to talking about her day and the students at school *blah blah blah* that’s literally all I heard for 40 minutes as my mind was stuck on her FRESHLY SHAVED PUSSY. She got up and grabbed some playing cards “let’s play a drinking game”. I thought to myself “My nigga!, we on the same wave”. We played a few rounds and few shots, as I got up to pee she said “I’m gonna fix my bed real quick” I replied “bet, be right back”. Whole time I’m taking a piss I’m thinking about her full, succulent, soft, dick sucking, make-you-buy-her-a-house lips. I walk out and she’s bending over tucking the covers in and I walk to her and hug her from behind, pushing my semi-hard dick against her ass. She got up and turned around for a hug and I started kissing her neck slowly, and one hand lifting up her DRESS grabbing her ass and the other wandering around playing with her pussy. She moaned softly as I kissed lower down her neck and chest, pulling out her perky pierced-nipple left boob, i sucked her boob and played with the nipple in my mouth and the moans got slightly louder. She held me tighter and started kissing, tongues wadding, my dick getting harder and her body grinding on it. She slid her hand down my chest to my dick, took it out of my pants and tugging it, we locked eye as she slowly dropped to her knees and put my balls in her mouth, playing with them, my knees got weak, I had to gather my life and stand tall. She noticed I was tryna contain myself and she swallowed my dick, *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* eyes still locked like I’ve been blind and I could finally see, and the first thing I see is this black goddess deep throating hard dick. This is the devil but I love her! I couldn’t even blink, I felt my dick get even harder, I could feel my pulse on my thighs, she kept going, sucking my dick and playing with my balls, I tried to push back but she wrapped her hands around my thighs. Not tryna sound like a lil bitch but I did, whispering softly “Damn Gina, Damn”. She sat me on the bed and got up with an accomplished smile, “you good DADDY?” Still trying not to sound like a bitch, I replied “yes ma’am” I’m looking at Gina like...

I took another shot, picked her up and tossed her on the bed, picked her foot up sucking on her toes and licking my way up her thighs to her soaking wet glazed donut, I mean pussy. She was dripping down to the bed. I looked at her, pretty face, smooth dark chocolate skin, nipples hard, body quivering in anxiety, I kissed her stomach, licked around her pussy nice and slow, licked the juices off her butt cheeks and followed the trail right to the pussy. As my tongue touched her pussy, she let out a sharp moan and her body jerked, I looked up at her again and held her waist, kissed her clit and my tongue went ballistic. She tossed and turned and tried to run, I tied her hands behind her back with my shirt and held her legs against my shoulders. She moaned and screamed louder, yelling my name, squirming. I was gonna make her feel as helpless as she made me feel. Juices kept flowing and I kept cleaning up and eating. Minutes go by and her moan got really loud and sharp for a second and just like that she dropped back on the bed breathing heavily and staring me dead in my eyes. I got up and looked in the mirror, I had a cum beard and mustache. I got her some water and we caught our breathe. …. to be continued.

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