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Story is an incidence that will reveal the truth between a younger brother GARRY and elder sister NANCY. cheating  Hello Readers !
                        I am back again with my story.I hope you have enjoyed my earlier writings.I have lost my virginity to my hot mom LOUSIE.I have seen my sisters having sex together.NANCY as well as NINA is lesbian but i am not a gay.
                        NANCY......A 21 YRS......GAL........BOLD...........HOT....SEXY.........WILD........HAVING LOVELY BREASTS.......ROUND SHAPED BUM...........STRONG THIGHS.........CLEAN SHAVED VAGINA......IS MY IMAGINARY SEX QUEEN FOR MY MASTURBATION.
                        I am a happy guy at this moment.why ? mom & younger sister will be away from home for a night.They will attend a ring ceremony dirty mind is now on my elder sister NANCY.I will seduce her tonight.How ?.....time will tell.
                        GARRY.......19 YRS.......SMART......WELL BUILT........GUY.......FAIR COMPLEXION..........HEIGHT OF 6 FEET....MENHOOD LENGTHS 06-07 INCHES IN FULL ERECTION.I am waiting for my mom and sister's departure for party.
                        In the evening i left for evening walk.I have strong love for chilled beer.I bought a cane of beer & have it.I reached home at 7:45 pm.I rang the call bell and my elder sister opened the door.I am inside my home.I went to my room & changed my dress ,have a nice bath & than came in dinning hall to watch sister NANCY is sitting there.

                         while sitting on sofa i am looking t.v as well as my eyes are on her nude thighs.she is wearing a short length bermuda,her boobs are making me hot.looking at him i asked --------''Nancy
                                                        [nancy] yes garry
                                                        [garry]our dinner,have you prepared it ?
                                                        [nancy smiling at me] don't you know i have no knowledge of cooking food
                                                        [garry] than we will live in hunger for night
                                                        [nancy] no my brother,i have ordered for it to a local food plaza
                                                        [garry]o.k nancy ."

                        I am in my i am watching a porn clip on mobile.Its 09:15 pm,when i heard door bell ringing.I am sure that delivery boy will be here with packed food.after some time my elder sister came inside room & while standing on ground ,she asked me---------'' garry ,when you will have meals ?
                                                        [garry] after 15-20 minutes ,but pl.sit on bed first
                                                        [nancy while sitting on bed] yes garry ,what you are watching in mobile?
                                                        [garry] a nice movie ,the traitor
                                                        [nancy] let me see ''

                        I moved towards my sister NANCY to provide her my mobile.we are too close on bed & i have given him my mobile to watch.she took it and while looking at the porn movie she shouted in anger---''you bastard ,inciting your sister with porn .'' & she left my mobile and in anger left my room.

                        I am now in hunger ,moved inside her room & asked-----''nancy ,if you want
                                                        [nancy shouting again] you dirty guy ,i am you elder sister & you are talking dirty
                                                        [garry]nancy i am asking for dinner 
                                                         [nancy]ok i am in hunger.''

                       we both have dinner at 10:00 pm & she left for her room.while looking her buttocks part swinging & having some nudity in my eyes of her thighs and legs ,i am feeling the heat.I am on my bed thinking about my sister NANCY.I want to love her ,love to kiss her ,smell her private organs ,but how to approach her ? .after an hour i moved to backyards to look inside her bedroom through window.

                      I can see my elder sister on bed with mobile on her hands.I am shocked as well as surprised to see her watching porn movie.I think she also love porn & why not ?.......age of 21 enough to lose virginity ,but if she have done it ?........I don't i came in dinning hall & moved towards her room.she have pushed her door only ,not locked it from inside.

                     I pushed the door & entered in her room & in hurry she kept her mobile inside i am sitting on her bed and she asked----------''garry ,why you are here ?
                                                    [garry] i want your mobile
                                                    [nancy]but why ?
                                                    [garry] just want to see what you are watching ?
                                                    [nancy] go to your room.''
                    I moved on bed to have her mobile.she took it out and have it in her hand ,i am trying to snatch it ,but she put inside her tops......i think its inside her looking at me ,she pointed towards her boobs & inching towards her i put my hand on her boobs to press i am pressing my sister's breasts with my hard hand and now she is trying to push me back & shouting.........''garry ,you bastard ,leave my boobs
                                                   [garry pushed her on bed] no,never your mobile is safe inside but your boobs
                                                   [nancy]leave it you dirty guy its in pain
                                                   [garry]ok i will leave but reply my query
                                                   [nancy]ok ask me
                                                   [garry] have you watched porn clip on your mobile ?
                                                   [nancy] yes i have ''
                   I left her boobs and now looking at her i moved outside of her room.I am on my bed ,now i will masturbate my penis.I have pressed her boobs for 3-4 minutes & i got a soft touch.I have locked my door from inside & after some time ,i can hear the knock on door.I opened the door & my hot sister NANCY is standing there with smile on her face.she came inside and now we are on bed.

                  NANCY eyes shows her hunger & thirst for sex.we are looking at each i took her in my arms ,started kissing her face as well as lips. she is sleeping on bed .we both are wearing bermuda and t' i removed my t'shirt and leaned on my sister.while kissing her lips i took her lips to i am on her top & she is in my control.

                 NANCY put her tongue inside my mouth...while sucking it i am pressing her boobs.she is screaming and i am in joy.month before ,i have lost my virginity to my mom & now i am seducing my elder sister.after some time she took out her tongue & now while sitting near her slim hot body ,i took her t'shirt out from her body ,she is looking sexy & her black colour brassieer have caged her lovely boobs.

                Nancy is on bed & now i put my hand on her bermuda to pull it out.she shows her resistance but i took her bermuda out of her a hot gal is on bed wearing undergarments only.I am looking her flat tummy ,sexy belly ,smooth thighs & she have wore a G string panty .every gal know the merits of G string panty.It can cover her vaginal parts ,ass crack and anus hole only ,but her bum remain nude.

               I am leaning on her waist...putting my lips on her soft body & pressing her boobs.she is screaming and now ,i am kissing her thighs.she is in fire ,but i know how to ignite the body of a gal ? while holding her waist ,i am rolling my tongue on her sexy legs as well as thighs,her legs are shivering and i am holding her waist i put my lips on her panty.........while kissing her panty i got the smell of vagina also.

               NANCY face have become red.I am now kissing her face and lips and she have hold my hairs tightly.moving downwards i can see her two mountaineous peak .........her boobs are coming up & down with her heavy i took out her brassier to see my sister nude boobs.I am kissing it with my hands going on her panty....i am pinching her vaginal flesh ,which is still under her i took my sister's boobs in mouth to suck & she is pulling my bermuda down.lastly i am complete nude.

              I am sucking my sister's breasts and my hand have got the strings of panty ,i removed it and my hand is on her vaginal sister have some pubic hair ,now she have hold my penis and i am rubbing my finger on her vagina.we both are nude & my mission have beautiful sister is now my SEX QUEEN.......i have left her boobs and now pushed a pillow inside her buttocks.

             I am sitting near her waist and she have kept her thighs too close,but i know how to open the door of her hottest area.I think every guy loves to move there with their lips or tongue and lastly with their long hard i leaned on my sister's waist and while holding her waist ,i am kissing her thighs and hr legs are moving in opposite my tongue is rolling on her thighs and now i can see my elder sister's vagina.

             Nancy is smiling on me & i asked ---------''why you are smiling baby ?
                                                              [nancy] nothing specific .''
    and i put my lips on her vagina..........its reddish....with small pubic hair and i am now licking her penis is rock hard while rolling tongue on it.she is screaming in pleasure............''oh garry ,lick it more , i love you darling
                             [garry looking at her]  but i love you too my hot sister .''
 and i am licking her cunt .after some time i took her vagina in my mouth,while sucking it i am in joy.I have got the taste of vagina of my mom ,but she is a 38 yrs. lady and her glory hole have become a deep trench & i am sure penis of a horse can make my mom satisfy.I am sucking NANCY'S cunt and she is screaming.......''oh garry ,suck my cunt hard ,i will cum
                             [garry leaving her cunt] i will taste your cum my baby.'' & after 5 minutes of cunt suck ,her pussy become wet and i licked her glory i am sitting on bed & she ask me to come inside washroom.we both are in washroom.we are complete nude.

                            NANCY & GARRY is under cascade.we are enjoying nice bath.she is masturbating my penis but i asked her........''nancy ,pl.suck my dick
                          [nancy]why not i will suck it
                          [garry]i will love to pour my white fluid in your mouth
                          [nancy] i will taste it garry .''
                         I am standing and she is on ground on her legs ,now she is kissing my penis and than took my dick in her mouth.she is sucking it like a nice gal.My penis is in her mouth & while holding her hairs ,i started fucking her mouth with my penis.she is enjoying my penis in her mouth.after 5 minutes she left i am sitting on my knees ,but near her i am kissing her anus hole......put my tongue on it to lick & she is in joy.after some time i kissied her vagina.

                        In a washroom under a cascade,we two love birds are enjoying oral sex.I am standing on ground & NANCY is on her knees.she is sucking my penis with her mouth moving faster than she took it out and her tongue is rolling on it to taste her mouth's saliva.while looking at me ,she took it again and now i hold her hairs.......i am fucking her mouth with my 6-7 inches long hard dick & her eyes are closed ,face are deep red and i am near to pour.after soem time i shouted............''oh my darling ,aah....ooh.ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.........i am going to give you a tasty dish in your mouth.'' & my penis ejaculated in her mouth ,she took it inside her mouth and than licked my penis to have its taste.

                     we both left the washroom............our oral sex session comes to an end...........with night passed on a bed like a hot couple ,sleeping nude. 

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