Extra Credit

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This is a story about a friend of mine which is my source to this kind of enjoyment. I would've loved to be her... Lesbian “Natalia, I need you to stay behind after class for some extra credit work.” Mr. Harper said to me. I stay in my seat and watch my class mates walk out of the classroom and into the steady stream of pupils headed to the school entrance. I look at my friends giving them a pleading look before they disappear. They just wink at me, giving me a clear picture in my head at what they are expecting me to do. We were going to go out to the club to pick up some guys and have some fun since it was tradition. We did it every time the school holidays started. They obviously wanted me to keep up with tradition but in a different way.
I sighed and said to Mr. Harper “I’ll need to text my parents quickly and tell them I be at school for a while. What time do you expect we’ll finish?” I finish of the sentence with a flirtatious wink sent in his direction. He covers his grin by reaching under his desk and picking up some sheets of paper. “Do this for a bit until the school clears out, then we might be able to do something in my office in the basement of this sector. We’ll probably be more than a couple of hours since I want you to enjoy this subject more and more.” He says with a cheeky grin. I sigh and walk over to his desk and lean over it to reach for the papers, giving him a clear view of my big breasts. He smacks his lips and adds “I don’t know whether I can wait that long but I’ll give it a shot.” And then hands me the papers.
I walk over to the desk at the front of the classroom and sit down in it. I start the work and listen to the bustling of teachers and students trying to get of the school before the headmaster asks them to do another ‘quick job’. I realise that I hadn’t called or texted my parents so I shoved my hand in my bag and tried to find my phone. I grabbed it in my hand and pulled it out and turned it on. I didn’t need to text my parents, I needed to text my friend and tell them Mr. Harper was interested and I was going to have some fun. I did want to text my parents and say that I’d be later then I told them too though. I made it clear that I was texting them by putting my phone up on the desk.
Once I was done I looked up at Mr. Harper and bit my lip seductively. He was looking at me like I was a meal and he was a starving man. And really, I liked it. I tilted my head and listened to the sound outside. It was almost silent. I looked at Mr. Harper and simply smiled, giving him a hint. He jumped up and grabbed my hand. I looked up at him, since he was taller than me, and said “Can we do something I want?”. He looked down at me and said “Once we get down there, you can lead the way.” with a manic grin.
He opened the door and shoved me out, locking it from the outside. He ran down the hall and opened the door to his office revealing some stairs down to the basement. He shoves me inside there and carries me bridal style down the stairs. He dumps me on the love sofa in the corner of the room and then opens a cabinet beside it full of sex toys for us to use.
I pulled him down on top of me before he could get any out. “My control, remember!” I growl at him. I flip us around so I’m on top. I undo his top buttons and pull off his top and then shove down his trousers and boxers revealing the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. I lick my lips and start giving him a hand job. “I’ve daydreamt about this moment. Since I first saw you in class this year I found you the sexiest, manliest teacher in the school.” I whisper as I lean closer to him. He grabs my boobs that were dangling in front of him. He massaged them and twisted my nipples. I groaned in pleasure and then forced his face up to mine and kissed him passionately. I stuffed my tongue down his throat. He moaned and massaged my boobs harder. His dick was hard and was tickling my vagina. I stopped and crawled down his body, still giving him a hand job. I leaned down and licked the top of his dick. He whimpered in pleasure so I put it in my mouth and sucked. He groaned. I swirled my tongue around it and tickled it. He started cumming in my mouth; I sucked it up.
"You, Natalia, are the sexiest student I have had all my time teaching. I wanted to fuck you hard as soon as you came into my classroom." He says in between moans. I suck his dick harder and deep throat it, making it go in and out, in and out, very quickly. I got up, leaving his dick and started playing with his balls like a cat. He smacked my but that was up in the air, leaving red hand marks on it. I tut and say "You naughty boy! I did not let you do that. You need to pay!"
I get up and walk over to his desk. With one sweep of my arm, I push all the things off the white desk. I sit on it and spread my legs out, showing my freshly shaved vagina. I play with the lips, pushing them open and groaning with the pleasure. I then stick in a finger, pumping it in and out and then add another one, and another one, and another one, until my whole fist is in. I'm screaming in pleasure and I see Mr. Harper cumming. He's stroking his dick with one finger. I start cumming at the though of that in me. It goes all over the desk and he screams "Lick that up now you slut!".
I bend over, my but sticking up in the air. I hear Mr. Harper run up to me. I smile to myself. I start licking up my cum as he sticks his dick into my ass. I scream at the size of it and the amazing feeling that I'm witnessing. He starts cumming inside me as him pumps in and out of my ass. I grip the table and scream. He stops and grabs my ass and plays with it. I turn around and shove myself toward his dick. He grabs me and pulls me toward him and backs me up to the table as he humps me. I sit on the table and open my legs letting him push his dick inside me. I scream again and he moans my name again and again.
He grabs me up and pushes me against the wall and fucks me there. I moan and scream and enjoy him. I then push him back away and say "Lets use some toys.". I strut over to the cabbinet and lean down and look through the toys. I pick out two dildos and stuff one into Mr. Harpers ass when he turns around. He screams in surprise and turns to look at me with a gleam in his eye. He takes the bigger dildo from my hand and stuffs it between my boobs. He pushes it up and down then pushes me onto the love seat. He replases the dildo with his dick and boob fucks me while pushing the dildo into my vagina. I scream and moan but we are interupted by my phone going off.
I shove him off me and answer my phone, trying to calm my heavy breathing. "Yes Mum?" I ask her. "Darling we need you home now so come now!" She shouts at me and ends the call. I sigh and turn to him. He nods and pulls on his clothes. I put on my bra and pants but quickly pull him back to the desk. I sit on it and kiss him, shovig my tongue down his throat again. He moans and pushes me away. He throws me my clothes and then some scandolous lingerie. He winks and says whilst I'm dressing "If you want to gome to my house for ome more 'extra credit' wear that. It will turn me on." . I nod and then leave the room slamming the door behind me.

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