Gift from Candy ( True story )

Man whore   May 13, 2019   | 22096 Views
I took Candy on a date. It was a night I would never forget! banner2 I took Candy on a date. It was a night I would never forget! We went to a club to eat , drink and dance. We were sitting at a table towards the back of the club. This woman came in and sat at the table beside us. She was dressed in a very short dress that barely covered her ass. Candy and I sat there drinking and we noticed the woman had put her feet up in her seat and didn’t have any panties on. She was showing us her shaved pussy! This turned me on and soon Candy put her hand on my leg and felt my hard cock. We began making out and she was rubbing my cock . Candy whisperer in my ear “ let’s go baby” I am so horney and need your cock ! We went to my truck and started to my place. Candy unzipped my pants and sucked my cock all the way home! I started to cum and she said not now baby. Candy would stop , squeez my cock to stop me from cumming. We soon arrived at my house, went to the bedroom , and undressed. Her pussy was soaking wet! I went down and started licking her hot pussy! I used my tongue to lick her juices and swallow them. Candy asked me to roll over and let her ride my cock. She wanted to give me a surprise. Candy got on top and slid her pussy over my cock and soon was fucking me hard. She moaned and suddenly had a soaking wet orgasm! Candy told me to let her know when I was cumming. She fucked and rode my cock for several minutes and I screamed I’m cumming! Candy got off and started sucking my cock as I filled her mouth full of my hot cum! For the first time in my life she swallowed my load! I never had a woman swallow before and Candy finally gave me what I had been missing! Candy looked into my eyes and asked how was that? I said I was in heaven. She then kissed my and said for me to get use to her swallowing a lot! I married her several months later. Candy is my perfect fuck!!!
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