My voyeurism story

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I looked out on to the balcony where Maddy was laying sunbathing, her top off. On closer inspection I could that she was wriggling in her lounge chair. Her hand was squeezing and pulling her left nipple as her other hand dipped down past the brick work. I'm guessing it was going to work on her little pleasure bud. cheating

To say I prefer to play instead of watching is an understatement but...

I met Sam a month back and since then we have been shagging like rabbits. There is not much the way of conversation when we get together. Her mouth is usually wrapped around my cock making it hard so it can slice her nice tight 22-year-old fuck hole.

Sam isn't shy by any means. She knows what she likes and she went for it. Me. Sam loves to be controlled in bed. Try to tell her what to do with her life and how to do it... and her look would be as telling as any verbal response. But sexually she needs and craves a man to control her.

She loves me to tell her to get on her knees, crawl to me.

Commands like, ‘Suck my cock hard  so I can fuck you’ fill her body with desire and make her honey pot drip.

She lives in an apartment down by the beach where it is wall to wall dwellings.

Me? Well I never liked living in an apartment much at all. I like my own business to be my own.

Today Sam left to do a yoga class after a morning of good hard, fucking.  Her holes were well used from last night and the minute I woke I rolled her over, laid on top of her and kissed her back, biting her neck and shoulders as I forced her into the bed with my weight and strength.

My cock hard rubbed on her ass crack as I pushed her harder into the bed with my full weight. Her arse was wiggling around as if trying to duck my hard protruding rod from sliding in.

‘Do you want it?’ I said directly into her ear ‘Be a good girl.’

She stopped struggling and replied

‘Yes please. Do it!’ She arched her back as I moved off her just a little. My cock slid smooth and deep into her ass. I laid my full weight on her as she started to wail.

One hand reached under and grabbed her breast squeezing her nipple between my fingers. My other hand took a handful of her long black hair exposing her neck. My cock throbbed and grew a bit more as I started to bite her white exposed flesh. Her body although pinned under me found a way to buck back into me as my cock pushed into her greedy awaiting ass.

The harder I fucked the more she bucked and cried out

‘Give it to me. Fuck that ass. I want you cum inside me. Give it to me. Fill me deep.’

Her words, as if a command, sent the message to my inner being and instinct took over as I felt the wonderful moment arise deep inside me.

‘That’s it fuck my butt, butt fuck me babe. I need it come on that’s it.’

She always got dirty as she came. Her words were replaced my moans, my hand covering her mouth as her window is half open although in reality I don't care. I’m on the verge and that’s all that matters right now.

I always think the body is amazing. It takes over so you don’t wreck the moment. I pumped her like a man possesed filling her ass full of my cum.

‘Yes, yes take it baby. Take it all.’

Her ass squeezed around my cock as she milked every drop out. The head of my cock still finding its way deep inside as my shaft softened, Sam still wiggling under me, her ass bucking extruding each drop out of my softening cock.

‘Fuck babe fuck that was great. I love the way you fuck my ass. Oh god yes… that was sooooo good.’

Sam showered and left for her yoga and the next two hours were for me to entertain myself.

After a nice long shower I decided to grab a book I was wanting to read and headed out onto  Sam’s balcony. Her apartment was on the top floor, dead centre. There were other apartments in front and behind. I sat down with an ice cold soda water with a slice of lime and and started reading.

It wasn't long until I noticed a cute brunette through the window of what I imagined was her bathroom. She was naked, admiring herself in the mirror. I could see her nipples were small and brown and her areola covered most of her breast.

She was on the phone. Moving my chair as if to find a bit more sun I could see her better and hear her. She was pleading with someone to come over.

‘Come on, I’m horny. Come over I need you.’

I scoured around the rest of the apartments. Although they were in the next apartment block down it was only 15 meters from Sam’s balcony to their windows.

I noticed a guy sitting at his computer and his girlfriend, I assume, wander up kiss his neck.

My sight moved lower and I could see right into the bedroom of someone - the bed had been used the covers were all ruffled - and the occupant had gone for now anyway.

The lady I saw first noticed me sitting on the balcony in just my hat, towel and sunglasses. She grabbed a towel and covered up. She could she see that I was watching her, truth was I didn't care.

She disappeared for a moment and I watched as she opened her balcony door and stepped out. She bent over looking around over the balcony her arms resting on the sandy coloured brick.

‘Hello’ I said as I saw her look come my way. ‘I’m Mike nice to meet you.’

‘I’m Maddy.’ she replied, ‘Have you lived here long?’

No this is my friend Sam’s place. I stop here when we catch up.

‘I know when you’re here.’ smiled Maddy.

‘Funny thing to say’ I thought.

‘OK’ was my reply.

‘She is a lucky girl’ Maddy said standing up adjusting her towel.

Ah now I knew what she meant. I smiled knowing she wasn't shy anymore. I stood up and walked over to the edge of the balcony dropping my towel just a little as I did. Maddys eyes focused on every step.

I heard my phone ring inside.

‘Well it was nice to meet you Maddy’ I said as I turned to walk inside, letting my towel slip off as I walked into the apartment - my ass clearly in view.

I chatted laying on the bed for a while catching up with James, a good mate just in town looking to catch up for dinner.

When I finished I looked up out of Sam’s bedroom window. I noticed the front apartment I couldn't see before now.

There was a muffled noise coming from the apartment. I opened Sam’s window wide as her ass had been earlier and hear the unmistakable sound of a woman cumming. When she yelled

‘Fuck me baby. Fuck me!’ I knew she was in her own heavenly battle at that time.

Putting my face close to the fly netting I could see a woman in doggie position on their bed with another person behind her.

‘Slap. Slap. Slap.’ I could hear the slaps on her arse and hear the screaming getting louder. I could see the person fucking slapping again and again.

I looked harder and noticed it was l long blonde haired woman on the bed and a shorn redhead behind with her tattoos up her arms. Her breasts were small her and her pink nipples jiggled with every thrust.

‘That's is you dirty slut, take it, take that hard girl cock.’

Not seeing but now knowing she was fucking the blond with a strap on dildo made me feel horny again. And by the sounds of things she was doing an extremely good job.

‘I’m cummining dont stop fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yes’

Bang bang bang. I heard the bed head slamming against the wall. Her pussy getting caved in by a thick rubber piece of manhood. The red head started to moan thats it slut take it take it go on…

‘Fuck I’m cumming cumming cuminnggg  aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh’  

Her sound increased with each thrust and the blonde came again as the redhead pumped her relentlessly until she was spent.

My cock was hard before I even touched it. My hand felt it all the ridges standing proud. I walk to the lounge room my cock standing tall.

I looked out on to the balcony where Maddy was laying sunbathing, her top off. On closer inspection I could that she was wriggling in her lounge chair. Her hand was squeezing and pulling her left nipple as her other hand dipped down past the brick work. I'm guessing it was going to work on her little pleasure bud.  

I stood and looked out at her, my hand working my cock keeping it hard - not that there was a lot of chance of it subsiding before I came again.

I couldn't’ believe it. She was now biting her hand to contain her screams I guess, her nipples glistening in the sun, standing reaching like a flower in the morning light.

‘Oh how I would like to suck them right now.’ I thought.

I grabbed my cock and pulled it hard again and again. I watched as Maddy body started to arch and writhe in pleasure. Her free hand ran all over herself pinching her nipples as it ran back up over her face and down again.

Everything inside me wanted to jump over the balcony, slide my cock in her and fuck her until I blew this load that was building pressure in my aching balls.

Instead I opened the sliding screen door and leaned on the timber door frame. Maddy noticed me but didn’t stop. I watched as her eyes sunk back into her head.  

I grabbed a handful of my hair as I pulled harder yet again on my cock my body bucking as the cum started in my center and sprayed out the end of me. I pumped my hand until I was spent then picked up the towel my cum landed on (more by luck than good measure) and wiped my hand of the excess man juice.

Walking inside I fell on the sofa well spent.

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