Work Experience. Part.1.

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I was caught masturbating at work by my boss which resulted in her, I and her husband having sex together. Luxury


Author’s note.

This is my first attempt at writing a story. The story is a true narrative, (with the exception of names of course), of an amazing experience I had recently, and have been bursting to share with someone, but didn’t quite know how, or to whom; until I discovered this site. I hope you enjoy it and would welcome feedback).

I am no great beauty, far from it. I have dirty, blonde hair, I’m slim to the point of being skinny and I have tiny breasts. I am also very small at about 146 cm.

Before going to university, I had only ever been with two guys, both of whom had only been very brief episodes as I found neither of them very exciting.

My only other sexual experience was with one of my girlfriends from school. I spent most of my weekends at her house when we were at boarding school as she lived in the same town where the school was located, my home however, was a four-hour drive from the school.

It started as just a schoolgirl sort of thing, we would lay together in our pj’s at night in her bedroom, talk about boys and watch porn’ video clips on her iPad. It got to the stage where we would masturbate together, and, eventually, we would snuggle up naked, in her bed, and masturbate each other. My girlfriend said that I was so small, it was like making with a small doll!

I had just been accepted into university and had taken a casual job as a receptionist at a local vet’ clinic in Northern Queensland for three days a week, to help pay my uni’ fees.

The clinic was owned by John, the veterinarian, and his wife Tina who managed the business. The small clinic was located on their large property adjacent to their house. There was another vet’, Rod who was a business partner and who lived with John & Tina in their large house.

Both John & Rod were in their late 20’s & awesomely gorgeous athletic guys who had been friends from their schooldays. Tina was a few years younger, her father was Australian and her mother was from Singapore. She had a typical, flawless Asian complexion, dark almond eyes and long, straight, jet-black hair that fell below her shoulders. She was a stunning lady.

I tend to live in a dream world when it comes to sex, I love to masturbate and, after starting work at the clinic, most of my fantasies involved Tina, Rod & John, and my fingers would work overtime at night in my room thinking about them.

One afternoon, just before it was time for me to leave work, Tina asked me if I could stay for an extra hour to take any after-hour calls, as she had to drive John & Rod to a seminar in town. We locked up at 5pm and I sat at the desk with nothing to do except deal with any late calls.

I noticed a USB on the floor beneath Tina’s computer, she must have dropped it there. Out of curiosity, I plugged it into mine and opened it, it contained just one video clip which I opened. 

There was Rod and Tina, sitting side by side together in the spa pool, up to their necks in water, laughing and splashing water at each other. It was dark and the pool area was brightly lit by two floodlights on either side of the spa. It was just a playful home video and I assumed that it was John who was holding the camera.

I was just about to click the video off when Tina stood upright in the water, her back towards Rod who was still sitting, her gorgeous small, firm breasts were naked! I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

As she stood, Rod reached up and grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her back down in to his lap, locking his arms around her, holding her body tight against his own and burying face in the side of her neck, kissing her hungrily.

The camera zoomed in on them. Tina was obviously enjoying what was happening. She rested her head back on Rod's shoulder, lifted her arm and put her hand behind his head, holding his lips against her neck as he kissed her. He was fondling her breast with one hand, his other slipping down the front of her body and under the water below her tummy. I was stunned: was she and Rod having an affair? Who was holding the camera?

I let the video run, hypnotized by the sight of what was happening. The camera followed her as she pulled herself out of Rod's grasp, waded towards the steps and climbed out, water dripping from her gorgeous body which was completely naked!

I held my breath, mesmerized by her flawless olive skin, the sheen of her long wet black hair clinging to her slim body, almost down to her waist, and her small, firm, perfect breasts. As she reached the top of the steps my eyes were drawn to her incredible long legs that seemed to go on forever, and her smooth thighs, at the top of which, I could just catch a glimpse of the cleavage of her vagina, unobscured by any trace of pubes.

The sight of her naked body made me tremble as I watched the camera follow her. She walked towards two pool loungers which had been placed close together at the side of the spa. As she sat and reclined on her back on one of the loungers, Rod was still in the pool, leaning on the edge, looking at her.

"Don't you want to play anymore?" Rod said.

She was reclining on her back with her knees raised and both feet on the lounger. As Rod spoke she moved one of her feet from the deck of the lounger, placing it on the ground and parting her thighs slightly.

"Yes. But not in the water", she replied, teasingly".

As she said this, she ran her palm slowly down along the front of her body to the top of her thighs and slowly ran the tip of her slim middle finger back & forth along the lips of her vagina, whilst the fingers of her other hand slowly teased one of her nipples. I was breathing heavily as I watched her and I was feeling so weak that I think my knees would have given away had I not been sitting.

Rod was now stepping out of the pool, he too was completely naked. I gasped as I looked at him, he was a magnificently muscular, athletic looking guy, and his erection was enormous. As I looked, I tried to imagine how it would feel for Tina in the pool, with his arms around her, to feel that solid length of muscle protruding between her thighs, his rigid shaft pressing against the soft lips of her vagina.

I was breathlessly anticipating what would happen next.

Rod approached her, his erection swaying in front of him. He knelt at the foot of Tina's lounger, leaning his head forward and kissing the inside of her raised thigh whilst she continued to finger herself. The movement of Tina's fingers between her thighs were increasing in tempo as she looked down her body to where John's lips were now brushing lightly against her vagina as she masturbated slowly.

I was leaning back in my chair as I watched the video. Without even realizing it, my free hand had slipped under my smock and my fingers were pressing against the fabric of my briefs between my thigh as I heard Tina gasp.

"Let me have it. Let me have it now!

Rod moved to sit astride the lounger, lifting Tina's legs and draping her thighs over the top of his own, pulling her forward until his tight balls were pressing against her soft cleavage, his thick hard-on was resting heavily along her tummy, the swollen head reaching all the way to her navel.

I held my breath as I watched her reach down and grasped him, wrapping her slim fingers around his rigid shaft, stroking them back & forth slowly along the whole length. Rod sat motionless, his head thrown back and his eyes closed, savoring the feel of what her hand was doing to him.

He placed his hands under her knees, raising her legs higher and parting them wider as she guided the tip of his cock until it was just pressing against the soft outer folds of her vagina, sliding it slowly up & down along her slit. It was almost as if I were watching in slow-motion. The camera moved closer to them and I could clearly see the way the tip of Rod's cock parted her lips as she moved it against her.

It was amazing. I was getting so aroused. Almost without knowing it, I was leaning back further on my chair, my hand had now slipped down the front of my briefs, my middle finger slowly teasing my clit'.

The camera now moved around to the end of the lounger, behind Tina's head and looking down along her body. She looked up at Rod and said,


She now had one hand against Rod's hip as if to prevent him pushing in too hard and fast. Her other hand was still gripping his erection, guiding him. As he eased his hips forward, she continued to work the swollen head of his cock against her, easing him slowly inside her.

The camera zoomed in along her body to take a close-up. She gave a sharp gasp, her body arched upwards as the lips of her sweet vagina opened slowly, yielding to the pressure of Rod's cock and then folded back around the prominent ridge of muscle around the base of his swollen head as it slipped inside her.

As soon as her lips enveloped thick head of his hard-on her body seemed to relax as, inch by inch, in one slow thrust, he slipped the full length of his rigid shaft up to the hilt inside her tight sheath.

He held himself deep inside her for a few moments before moving his hips and sliding the full length of his solid cock in and out in a smooth rhythm, gradually increasing the tempo as Tina urged him on, arching her hips to meet each of his thrusts whilst groaning and gasping incoherently,

"Yes...yesss...Oh fuck...yesss!".

I was out of control as I watched them. I was so fucking turned on. My fingers working rapidly beneath my briefs. Even now, just writing about it makes me so wet. I am having difficulty in keeping my fingers on the keyboard!

 Rod was now slamming into her hard and fast, and my own fingers increased their pace, working feverishly against my clit'. It was obvious that Rod & Tina were about to reach a climax and I too was almost on the verge of coming.

Tina was first. As her orgasm hit she let out a small, high pitched scream, her hips arched upwards and her whole body shuddered violently from head to foot before collapsing back on the lounger in a seemingly, complete swoon. For a few seconds, Rod continued spear into her, driving hard and fast into her, limp body.

Impaling her with one last thrust, he held himself deep & hard inside her, then, with a long groan which almost sounded as if he were in pain, I saw the muscles of the cheeks of his butt clench and jerk, rapidly as he ejaculated repeatedly.

As I watched, I imagined myself in Tina's place, feeling the warm flood of his sperm, shooting repeatedly inside her. That thought almost brought me to the peak. My fingers were working frantically between my legs.

After coming, Rod stayed inside her for a while as the camera moved closer to them. He slowly withdrew his cock from her, the wetness of their mutual orgasm glistening on his shaft which didn't seem to have decreased in either length or hardness.

He stood and walked towards the camera. Meanwhile, Tina, still lying back on the lounger, her thighs apart, with both feet resting on the grass, looked straight at the camera, smiling and beckoning with her hand to whoever was holding it. The camera moved around erratically, as if it were changing hands.

I could hardly believe it when I saw her husband John walk into view! It was he who had been filming his wife making love with Rod. He too was completely naked as he walked towards the reclining Tina. Filming his wife and Rod together had obviously excited him as his full erection was just as impressive as Rod's.

Tina was smiling, holding her arms out to him as he sat astride the lounger between her open thighs, lifting them and draping them over his own, just as Rod had done earlier.

As his tight balls pressed against the wet lips of her vagina, Tina reached down and wrapped her hand around his hard-on and began to masturbate him rapidly. There was no foreplay, he must have been close to the point of coming even as he was filming, because it only lasted seconds.

He quickly pulled away from her hand, almost too late. His first powerful jet of cum shot out of his cock onto the lips of her cunt just before he speared his rock-hard shaft between her thighs, impaling her to the lounger, gasping loudly as she locked her legs around him whilst he shot the remainder of his load deep inside her.

Trying to imagine how it felt for Tina to feel another cock slipping into her wet sheath and ejaculating another flood of sperm inside her, only seconds after John had shot his load inside her, was the last straw for me. My own orgasm hit me like a tidal wave and left me gasping for breath.

When my climax subsided and my body had stopped trembling, I leaned back on the stool and tried to process what I had just seen. Suddenly, my heart leaped into my mouth when I felt a hand placed lightly on my shoulder from behind my chair!

I wanted to Die! Tina had come in the back door. I hadn't heard her, and she had caught me masturbating at my desk. It was the most embarrassing and shameful thing that had ever happened to me. I was terrified. I didn't know what to do or say. My emotions were in turmoil as I fumbled to withdraw my hand from my briefs and shut down the video at the same time.

"Oops! Sorry", she said, in what seemed a rather mischievous tone. "I didn't mean to startle you".

I was so emotional, I cannot even remember what I said, other than that I just broke down sobbing and stammering incoherently, trying to say how sorry, embarrassed and ashamed I was and that I would leave immediately and not come back.

I stumbled off my chair, my eyes full of tears, frantically trying to straighten my smock which had somehow got caught up in the hem of my briefs whilst I had been fingering myself. I was in shock, I hardly knew what I was doing. Tina took hold of my shoulders.

"Hey. Calm down Nikki", she said as she gently pushed me back down on my chair and handed me a box of tissues.

She stood beside me and stroked my hair until I had used half the box of tissues and regained some sort of composure.

Between sobs I started to say the what I was doing was unforgivable and that I would leave and never come back. I was blabbering incoherently, trying to say that I would promise not to tell anyone what I had seen taking place. But she calmly placed her fingers on my lips and said,

"Come on. Let’s go to the house. We need to talk".

She led me out of the back door of the clinic and locked the door, she put her arm around my still shaking shoulders as we walked towards the house. When we were there, she told me to sit down on one of the high chairs at the long breakfast bench in her beautiful modern kitchen. I was surprised when she walked around the bench and took a bottle of red from the wine rack, and two glasses.

"I think it will be better if we talk over a drink", she said as she poured the wine.

She moved back around the bench and sat on the high chair next to me, turning it to face me. She was sitting close to me, her knees brushing against the side of my leg. I was confused. Why was she giving me a drink if she was going to fire me?

"Tina", I said. "What I was doing was unforgivable. I am so sorry, please don't tell John what I was doing. I swear I will never breath a word to anyone and I won't come back".

I gulped my drink. I needed it.

"Oh Nikki", she giggled as she refilled our glasses, "John would not be at all annoyed if he knew you had watched it. He would be pleased that it turned you on so much.  And stop worrying ", she continued, "I'm not annoyed with you either".

"How long had you been watching me?", I asked hesitantly.

"About five minutes", she replied smiling ", as she refilled our glasses.

"Oh why?", I cried. "I feel so humiliated".

"Please don't feel like that Nikki". She dropped he right hand onto my leg, just above my knee and continued. "I didn't stop you because you obviously enjoyed what you were seeing. You were so aroused, and watching you touch yourself like that turned me on too".

I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say. She was admitting that watching me masturbate made her feel horny!

"You mean you let me carry on because it turned you on to watch me do it?", I gasped in amazement.

"Oh Nikki", she said, squeezing my thigh gently. "You are so young, sweet and deliciously innocent and naive. I can read your pretty face like an open book and see your thoughts in your eyes."

As she said this, she raised her other hand and gently ran her fingers through my hair. I felt her other hand move a little higher along my thigh as she continued talking in a soft voice.

"I have noticed the way you often look at me when you thought I was not aware of it, and I have seen you look at John in just the same way. Can you tell me truthfully that you haven’t often thought of us in a way that is a bit more than just friendly?"

"Was I that obvious?" I replied sheepishly.

She didn't reply. She just looked into my eyes. The light touch of her hand on my leg seemed to radiate a tingling sensation up along the inside of my thigh. The hand that was stroking my hair moved around to the back of my head as she moved her face closer to mine. I knew what was going to happen.

The tips of our tongues probing and entwining sensuously, like two slippery snakes. I lifted my arm to hold her closer to me, but she pulled away.

"Are you attracted to me Nikki?", she said, looking into my eyes. "You seemed to like me kissing you".

"Oh no...I mean yes ... I mean ...". I was stammering. "I mean I just think you are so beautiful", I finished lamely.

"That is a lovely compliment", she said, "And I want you to know that I have the same thoughts about you. I think that you are the most drop-dead gorgeous girls I have ever met".

I was astounded. I asked how she could think that a small, skinny thing like me was beautiful.

"Why would I kiss you if I didn't think you were beautiful?"

She poured another glass of wine and asked me if I had ever been with another girl and I told her about how my girlfriend & I had sort of played around together when we were at school. As I talked, she poured yet another glass.

"Did you like it?", she asked. I just nodded. I felt like a shy schoolgirl, too nervous to reply.

She stood and took my hands, pulling me off the stool. My legs felt wobbly and my head was a little woozy from the wine.

"Come with me", she said as she took my hand and led me into her bedroom.

It was a huge room with the largest bed I had ever seen. The wall opposite the bed had wall to wall mirrored sliding doors which opened into a wardrobe. She made me stand in front of the huge mirror. She stood behind me with her hands on my shoulders, looking at our reflection over the back of my head which only reached to just above her breasts.

What happened next was like some hazy and incredibly erotic dream. She reached her arms around me, unzipping the front of my smock, sliding it off my shoulders and on to the floor around my ankles. As she undressed me, she was telling me that I was like a small, fragile, and perfectly formed, beautiful porcelain doll.

Soon, we were both, lying on her bed in each other’s arms, kissing frantically, the front of our naked bodies pressed together as we embraced. What followed next was a kaleidoscope of incredibly beautiful sensations such as I had never before experienced.

The feel of our breasts & nipples pressed tightly together. The sensation of our legs entwined and the lips of our soft, moist vaginas, brushing against the smooth skin of each other’s thighs. The gorgeous feel of her long hair cascading across my skin as she kissed the whole length of my body from my eyes, to the top of my thighs.

Then, the indescribable feel of her mouth covering the lips of my tingling puss’ and her wet tongue slipping into me to probe and tease my sensitive clit'; making me sob with pleasure and bringing me to the verge of orgasm.

She coaxed me how to do it to her, experiencing for the first time the feel of a girl’s vagina against my lips, the reaction it caused her body, and the way it made her gasp breathlessly as I teased her with my tongue swept away any lingering inhibitions I had.

"Oh Yes... oh fuck Nikki...just like harder...Aaah!...", her hips arching to meet the pressure of my lips.

I could feel she was almost about to come. I could hardly believe that I was about to bring another girl to a climax with my tongue. Suddenly, she pulled away and rolled me over onto my back, kneeling over me. She parted my legs and knelt with one knee between my thighs, lifted my knees and lowered her hips between mine.

How can I possibly describe, the sensation of the light touch of the lips of her vagina brushing lightly against my own? Gently at first, slipping & sliding together sensually in our combined moistness. She rotated her hips slowly against my own, gradually increasing the pressure, spreading our lips wider, like two mouths kissing hungrily.

Both of her hands were covering my small breasts, her head thrown back. mouth open, breathing heavily as she repeatedly gasped my name, over and over again. I was grasping her thighs, arching my hips against hers, returning the pressure, grinding our clit's together in the delicious, slippery wetness. I was sobbing uncontrollably, on the verge of my climax.

"Fuck me Nikki...fuck me... come with me...oh fuck!", she cried as her whole body began to shake and convulse with the intensity of her orgasm.

My own climax was equally as violent. It overwhelmed me like a powerful tsunami, washing over my body, engulfing me with the most intense, sexual reaction that I had ever felt.

We lay on the bed, exhausted, our heads face to face on the pillow. I felt like a small child lying in Tina's arms, talking between kisses. She asked me how it felt for me. I could hardly find the words to explain how incredibly beautiful it felt. I wanted to know so much about her. 

I hesitantly asked her about her relationship with John & Rod. She told me how the two guys had first met at uni', and after she & John had married and started their business, Rod had bought into the business as a partner. He had moved in with John & Tina whilst he was looking for a place to live, but the relationship between the three of them had soon become 'close', and they had lived together for almost a year.

I voiced my amazement at how she could live, and make love with two guys. I asked her so many questions. Did the three of them always do it together? What did it feel like to do it with another guy whilst her husband watched? How did it feel to let two guys to come inside her like she did in the video? ...etc.

I was blabbering. The very thought of the three of them together aroused me tremendously. She smiled and pulled me more tightly against her divine, naked body. She put two fingers against my lips to silence me and said,

"By the way you were fingering yourself in the clinic, it obviously turned you on watching me being fucked by two good looking guys, didn't it?"

There it was again! She was using the sort of words and language that, although they were in my thoughts when I masturbated whilst watching porno video clips, they were the sort of expressions which I would never use in conversation. But when Tina used them they felt somehow, so earthy, so deliciously filthy and, dare I say it? … so fucking erotic!

"You know it did", I replied sheepishly.

She slowly rolled me over on to my back and leaned over me, supporting herself on her elbow. My body was on fire. I just wanted her to fuck me again. I reached up to pull her down to me, telling her that I would do anything she wanted me to do as long as it would please her. But she resisted my attempt to pull her closer.

"Would you let me watch you doing it with another guy", she asked.

Her question took me completely by surprise. I wasn't sure what to say. I told her that I had only ever been with two other boys and she asked me to tell her about them.

“Would you like to do it with John?”, she continued.

I would love to do it with him of course, he was a fantastic looking guy. Since starting at the clinic, both he and Tina had occupied most of my fantasies when I masturbated in bed.

"Only if you were there with us ", I replied, not knowing quite what else to say. "But would he want to do it with me?".

"Oh yes", she breathed. "He thinks you're gorgeous. He gets a hard-on every time we talk about you".

As she said this, I felt the tip of her long, slim middle finger, lightly teasing the lips of my vagina with butterfly touches. Oh God! I was on sensory overload again under the effect of her caress.

She lowered her face close to mine, as if she were about to kiss me as I said,

“What would he think if he knew you & I had been together like this?”

She smiled at me; her lips just inches from mine. Lifting her eyes to look across the room she said,

“Why don’t you ask him?”

I jerked my head to the right to look in the direction she was gazing, and I almost died when I saw John standing in the open door of the bedroom, watching us, with a smile on his face.

I tried to roll off the bed to grab my clothes, but Tina threw her leg across my thigh and her arm across my chest, holding me back on the bed.

“Hi”, she said to John. “Our beautiful young receptionist and I decided to spend some special leisure time together”.

“So I gather”, he said. “Can I join the party?”

“Not whilst you are wearing all those clothes”, she replied giggling.

I immediately realized that I had been duped. It was John she had been talking to on the phone when we were in the kitchen and I had been set up!

He was standing barefoot, wearing a pair of jeans and shirt. I didn’t know how long he had been stood there watching us, but it must have been for some time as he had a huge, prominent bulge that looked as if it were about to burst out of the front of his jeans as he walked to the side of the bed, looking down on us.

How much embarrassment could I possibly take in one day? I just put my hands over my eyes and groaned.

“Isn’t she beautiful John?”, she said as she took my hands, moving them from my eyes.

“She is absolutely gorgeous”, he replied, smiling, as his fingers touched my hair, his eyes taking in every inch of my naked body from my face to my feet, and the bulge of his obvious erection only inches in front of my eyes.

“Would you like to fuck her John? She told me that she would like you to fuck her if I were here with you”.

“I can’t think of anything more exciting than to make love with such a beautiful girl”, he replied.

Everything seemed to be so surreal, the way they were talking about me in the third person. I was shivering all over. Not because I was afraid, or because I felt I was being used. He had not said he would like to ‘fuck’ me; he had said he would like to ‘make love’ to me, and for some silly reason, that made all the difference, and I was shivering in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Tina was still holding me, flat on my back. I made a futile attempt to retain some sort of modesty by trying to cover the front of my thighs with one hand, my other arm across my breasts as John began to unbutton his shirt, revealing his muscular, athletic torso.

He was now standing above me, his knees touching the bed.

Tina reached over me and grasped the solid bulge of his erection beneath his jeans in her hand as John released the press-stud at is waist.

“Come on John. She wants it. You will love her. She is so small and tight”, she said as she stroked his bulge.

My eyes were rivetted on Tina’s hand stroking the tremendous length of his hard-on. I was suddenly aware that my right hand, which had, until now, been covering the front of my thighs, was now between my legs, my middle finger pressing firmly against my vagina. 

John moved his hand to his zipper, then hesitated and moved it instead to again gently stroke my cheek. Looking into my eyes he said. “Do you want to do it with me Nikki?”

I answered by smiling at him and moving my hand from between my thighs and reaching for the zipper of his jeans…..

Just writing about this experience turns me on so much. I can keep my fingers on the keyboard no longer. I will commence part 2 as soon as I have used them to find some relief!  

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