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Eve was only 19 and about to turn 20, she is 5ft7, with a dark skinned complexion, long braided hair, she has a slim build and I hadn’t noticed before that evening that she also had curved hips and a pert arse. Now I wasn’t even perving on her but I just looked up at one point and there it was, I respectfully looked away and continued working but it wasn’t long before she came to my workstation and began to talk. Luxury

I honestly never meant for any of this to happen, but if I’m completely honest I didn’t try hard to prevent it either. One evening while at work a young cleaner named Eve came into the office and began to tidy the place up. I work in an open office with multiple workspaces so I wasn’t bothered by her swanning around the place wiping down surfaces etc.

I spoke to her pretty often as her mother worked there previously but left to go back home to Kenya, her husbands work tenure had ended but Eve stayed behind as she was still studying in University. Her mum was a nice lady; always cheerful and happy and she had gotten Eve the weekend job before she left entrusting everybody to look after her daughter.

Eve was only 19 and about to turn 20, she is 5ft7, with a dark skinned complexion, long braided hair, she has a slim build and I hadn’t noticed before that evening that she also had curved hips and a pert arse. Now I wasn’t even perving on her but I just looked up at one point and there it was, I respectfully looked away and continued working but it wasn’t long before she came over to my workstation and began to talk.

It seemed innocent at first asking me what I was doing, and me asking her how was Uni and if her mother is alright, she’d always ask about my wife and family as would I about her studies and her mum but somehow this conversation took a turn.

Eve began to tell me that everyone treats her like a baby, and hearing that from her who has quite a squeaky voice, a small posture and being the daughter of someone we’d all worked with for a number or years, I tried to mansplain it away but she persisted.

She told me that she goes out regularly and drinks at bars with her friends and even fools around with boys, I told her that studying should come first and all the boring ‘be careful’ stuff as you do but she wasn’t hearing any of that.

“I bet you were bad in Uni and College” Eve pried.

“That’s why I’m telling you this stuff!” I replied.

“What did you get up to?” Eve then asked me directly.

Trying to maintain my stature and professionalism I simply began to just offer her advice.

“I’m sure you don’t need to be told what young folks do in Uni, but I will tell you this; those loud contentious types talk too much, if you want to maintain your integrity stay away from them. If you have girlfriends who are kind of bitchy, don’t tell them your secrets because they will use them against you when they’re ready to, if you’re going to be naughty because you want to then do it but not because of anyone else, and for gods sake be careful!” I responded.

I was hoping that would be the end of the conversation but she only got more curious.

She sat on the table next to mine and started to tell me about a boy she fools around with which she referred to as a friend, I got Netflix and chill vibes from it all but then she said she doesn’t chill with him anymore and then said she’s had flings and that’s where my radar began firing up.

The smile on her face was hard to ignore, the topic of discussion had delved into an area I did not predict it to go, her body language was flirtatious and when I spoke to her she was hanging on to my every word.

I turned to face her and began to speak about how to conduct herself without garnering the wrong time of attention, not being naive and being discreet. Her eyes were locked into mine and I couldn’t help but look back into hers, I noticed that her lips were small but plump and looked well cushioned, I’d never had a single improper thought about her, this girl is 18 years my junior but now I was feeling a wild urge to kiss her.

I knew that this was leading down a path that I could not undo if I didn’t stop it, but luckily at that point another cleaner came into the office looking for her so I had a reprieve which prevented me from allowing the situation to escalate.

I wound down the final 45mins of my working day and then packed up my things to leave, that’s when Eve returned.

“I was hoping to catch you before you left.” She said.

“Lucky you caught me, I was just leaving!” I replied.

“What we spoke about earlier is our secret right?” She questioned.

“Yes of course,” I said.

“People can’t know I’d given you tips on how to be naughty discreetly!” I said.

Then she hugged me tightly, our bodies were pressed into one another and I could feel myself becoming aroused, this made her hold onto me even tighter that’s when I said rather uncharacteristically,

“Since we’re on the subject of keeping secrets, I’ve got one more for you...” I said.

“Ooh, what’s that? She asked, while releasing her grip enough to look me directly in the face.

That’s when I kissed her, her eyes closed as I closed in and felt the warmth of her lips as I pressed into them. She kissed me back purring as she did so, our tongues began to intertwine and I ran my hands down the small of her back, taking two firm handfuls of her peachy arse, and pulling her hips into mine in the process.

We were locked in an embrace for longer than either of us would have thought we’d be, her hands explored my body as mine explored hers. I eventually stopped as I knew that someone could have walked in at any time. I enquired as to when we would be working together again, and discovered that we both had the following weekend off as we were both celebrating our birthdays within a few days of each other.  A fortnight later however, would be the next time we would be working together, we exchanged details and then parted ways.

The 2 weeks flew by, we messaged birthday wishes to each other but that was about it, she was wrapped up in her own life and I was wrapped up in mine, but when she back walked into my office the look, the smile and the hug we gave each other said it all.

I asked her if she was going to clean the meeting rooms, she smiled and nodded before I proceeded to lead her to the meeting rooms at the end of the hallway behind my office. The moment we got inside I turned around and kissed her again, she reciprocated and embraced like a pair of naughty teenagers.

I won’t lie to you, I had thought about her during my time off, wondering what her body looked like under her cleaning uniform, the dull grey trousers and blouse combo didn’t flatter anyone but I imagined a tight petite body like what I’d occupied a lot of my time with as a young man.

It wasn’t long before I was groping her small breasts and kissing her neck, she went with the flow. I reached under he blouse and held her waist, traced her spine to the bottom of her bra and unclipped it. I then began to unbutton her blouse, and before I knew it I was sucking on her dark nipples as she cradled my head moaning gently in response to my tongue strokes.

I now fully removed her blouse and her bra and she was completely topless, and began to pull my jumper over my head. I allowed her to because I wanted to feel her body pressed against mine, I released her breasts and lifted my jumper up over my head, then pulled her in close for another tongue kiss while our bodies were introduced to each other for the first time.

I squeezed her as we kissed and then I released her as I savoured the texture of her lips, and then her skin as I traced her jawline to her neck, and then from her neck to the centre of her chest, and then from breast to breast licking, sucking and nibbling on her nipples as I enjoyed them.

I began to unbutton her trousers and ushered her over to the meeting room table, she sat on the edge and I continued to kiss her body, down her midriff towards her belly button, as she shuffled her shoes off from her feet. I removed her trousers and traced the outline of her knickers with kisses of differing intensities until her hips her pushing towards my lips with each kiss I was planting on her.

Finally I kissed the fabric of her white cotton knickers against her vagina, her moans turned from soft whispers to low groans, I teased for a few moments before lifting her knickers to one side and licking her from her perineum to her clit. There was a single streak of fluid which caught my eye when I moved her knickers, I naturally had to taste it and it was worth it.

I licked up her juices merrily and then took aim at her clit licking it and sucking it in sequence while running my hands back up to her small breasts with her erect dark brown nipples squeezing them and pulling at her nipples with impunity. She started calling for god and stroking my head and then I felt her juices moistening my chin, I went down for another taste but then she started to pull me back up and met me with her mouth, kissing me passionately.

She reached for my belt buckle and began to undo it, and then said,

“I know I haven’t told you this before, but I’m still a virgin.” She said.

This caught me off-guard, I thought she was talking about sex when we were speaking about fooling around and getting drunk and doing things with guys, not petting and second base. I looked back at her and I know the confusion on my face would have said it all, but I said to her as she reached down my boxer shorts and pulled my cock out,

“I won’t rush you then, I just want to make you feel like the woman you are.” I said.

And then she leaned in and kissed me again as she began to give me a hand job. Now I haven’t been given a handjob in a while so although it was nice, a naked young woman with a dripping wet pussy inches from my penis was far to tempting for me not to maximise. I pushed my tip between her pussy lips and let her glazed pussy feel me as I made them part.

Eve looked at me as if I was going to go back on my word and then I whispered to her,

“Shhh, I won’t penetrate but I want you to feel me.” I whispered.

We were forehead to forehead and her eyes were looking up at mine, I took hold of my cock and she clasped the back of my neck. I began to press my cock against her pussy and flick it up and down along her pussy lips, she moaned and kissed me sporadically allowing me to take the lead with her most delicate and precious intimate parts.

I didn’t want her first experience to be me cumming right against her hymen so I lay my shaft between her slickened labia and pulled her closer to me on the edge of the table. I started to grind my cock against her and she reached behind me and grabbed my arse with both hands, my arms were across her back and I held her tightly as we kissed and humped until I finally exploded my warm semen onto our stomachs while she too produced more of her slick lubrication which coated my cock and balls.

We kissed for a few minutes before she lay flat on the table exhausted and wearing a mess of our combined bodily fluids.

“I can’t believe we just done that!” She said excitedly.

“Oh my god, that was so good.” She beamed.

That day was only the beginning, but I now had this sexy young virgin at my place of work who I secretly took on a journey of sexual exploration.

This secret, is unknown to anyone even to this day, but is only the start.

I thoroughly enjoyed finally getting it off my chest by writing it down for you all to read.

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