Cop's Got My Kitty

sweethoney20   January 21, 2019   | 38365 Views
He texted 6 magic words: "I want to eat your pussy" and followed by "I dont want anything in return." Lesbian I met this cop who volunteered at my event and we instantly vibed, so we flirted for a couple of weeks over text. Personally, one of my favorite phase is the sexual tension games. I played hard to get and he continued to push the envelop. Something is so hot about a man in uniform but we couldn't share our interaction with friends because we worked in the same city. I have a professional relationship with his supervisors. I love the sneaky flirty ways we had.

It got me so hot when he texted 6 magic words: "I want to eat your pussy" and followed by "I dont want anything in return." I've abstained for 4 years (that's another story) and it has been always my fantasy to find a man who loves to eat pussy. One night, I let him come over to show me what he was made of. I wore a dress for easy access and continued to act shy to fuck with him. He did not waste time! He got on his knees, used his strong arms to pull my thighs towards him and spread my legs. And just like that, he was face down on my kitty cat on my couch. Oh it got me so hot sitting there thinking this cop is on his knees smacking as he was feasting on my pussy. I watched his head bob up and down on my pussy, moaning in pleasure. I trembled as he was licking and sucking my clit... But I didn't want to cum. I wanted to tease him and leave him wanting or fiending for more so I stopped him after 20 minutes or so and told him he had to go. He was a little perplexed.

He came back two nights later and I let him taste my sweet pussy again. This time I wanted to him to make me cum. He ate my pussy and placed his thumb on my ass with gentle pressure and for the first time in 4 years, a man made my pussy cum so good...I screamed and I'm sure the neighbors heard me. He was determined to pleasure me. He was hungry for that pussy. He stuck just the tip of his cock in me and it felt so good but I resisted and kicked him out again after that. I loved playing sex game with him.
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