Charlie's secret wife.

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How my decision to stay single, helped my aunt ease on her tensed lifestyle and turned to a complete new level. It has multiple Chapters followed based on reviews. Chapter - 1 - who's Roxxie? banner1 Chapter - 1 - Who's Roxxie?

"Hi Aunt Roxxie, how was your day?", As I entered my aunt's lavish mansion carrying groceries and her essentials.

"Charlie! Don't call me aunty.. how many times I have told you not to!"

"But mom doesn't like if I call you just Roxxie the hottest wife I have"

"Well atleast you must have guts to accept me as your wife, anyways forget it!".

She was disappointed because we were husband and wife in our personal lives but when it came to family, she was my aunt, my mother's younger sister a spinster.
She was a business woman in her 40's actually she's 39YO now, in few days she will turn 40 and I have a big surprise for her.
After my grandpa expired and the business in real estate and construction group left out to other share holders to manipulate and take over the company. My doctorate aunt from Cambridge majored in business administration took over the business and now it's an empire she built.

I still remember when we met after she was coming back from London after 2 years and she was 33 when we met at the airport, I was there with my mom to pick her.
I was 20 and had my license to drive my mom wherever she asked me to take her, her personal driver.
I was still pursuing my engineering, living under my dad's fortune and I was comfortable in all the ways. I partied alot and drove my dad's Mercedes, but I love driving the Range Rover he recently bought.
She arrived and I see my brunette dusky hot goddess walk by and my mom's like "Charlie! there's your aunt, be nice to her! She's too selective with who she talks to and always carries her rich attitude".
My mom who was nothing less than what she just said, she preferred me being classy and her men to wear suits over regular outfit everywhere. She mothered me even after I believe I was able to be independent.

"Hey aunty, how you been?"
"Hey boy! Stop calling me aunty!"
"Alrighty, let me grab those bags" 
She gives an annoyed look already, I loved pissing off women with that classy attitude.

"How you been Roxanne?", My mom tried to talk as less as possible, because she knew my aunt would ignore anything she said, and if my mom starts it would be advicing her with her marriage and life.

"I had been good Syrena, how's everyone in the family?"
"Oh we have a lot to talk about, let's get you home first!"
"Sure sis"

I bought my car to the front and they hopped in. A very breif discussion was going on between my mom and the hot aunt, I was just looking through the front mirror, she was amazing, it was 2 years since we met but I don't know something was different.

"Charlie!" She caught me looking and I was a little uncomfortable about what she might ask next.

"Are you still partying, wasting your dad's fortune and fit for nothing?"
"No I rather prefer to play football, workout and study as much as possible during the weekdays and obviously party alot during my weekends, wasting myself and my dad's fortune, Aunty!"
"You haven't changed a bit in these 2 years!"
"You missed me so much that you count the days while you were away from me? That's cute Roxanne"
My mom bursted, "mind your language Charlie, she's your aunt, don't call her with her name".

In our family we had a tradition, that we don't call out our elders with their names! Back to respecting my aunt,
"Aunty you know it's better you don't talk to me and I don't bother you! We will be fine in our boundaries".

And as we reach home with the disturbed conversation in the car. We reached our grandpa's house which was a huge mansion, the same one me and my aunt live in right now which was surrrounded with greenery and tall trees with huge compounds and security, since it is in the heart of the city. My grandpa had a good fortune since he was an ex politician and also an investor.

"Hey Charlie, how are you my boy?" My grandpa hugged me with joy and he loved me the most in our entire family, which was a big family actually with many relatives from most popular corners of the world.

"Go get settled Roxxie, you must be tired", my mom suggested after the greetings and welcome hugs.
"Mister, mind carring my luggage?" My aunt asked me to lift the luggage and follow her.

As I walked, I couldn't stop staring at her tight blue denim and she wore a black shirt and she had her black heels on just to match the sexy look she wore.
She was in shape, definitely her curves proved she worked out often. Her huge racks and her busty ass slaying as she walked.

It was like as if she knew I watched her, she pulled her long brunette hair sideways so I could have a clear look at her tight ass.

We enter the room and I put the luggage down, I turned around to leave with a hard on.

"Don't you want the tip boy?", She grabbed my hand and pulled me close while she sat on the large wood table.

"Why don't you stop calling your man, a boy?"
"I like to tease you baby!"
"Yeah right!"
"Fuckn don't forget how I feel everytime you call me aunt, after the sex 2 years back and the continuous sexting, video calls, and socialising you taught me"

She pulled my ear, like a teacher would do to correct the student.
"Alright alright! Easy there... I missed you babe"
I lean into smooch her and now she was Mrs Charlie, my hot wife Roxxie.

"I love you Charlie!" And I lick her neck and whisper in her ear, "love you babe"

I rub my hand over her back, down to her hips, squeezing them.

"I need you now Charlie, I'm so wet. All the way home, you staring me turned me on so much" She unbuckled my belt and my pant was down, hard on poking her.

I try to remove her shirt but she pushes me on the couch beside the table.

"Just watch boy"
It turned me down, after she called me a boy, I just wanted to bend her over the table, pull her denim down and thrust my hard on deep into her wet pussy.
But she just held my hard dick, kneeling down.
"I love this hard dick, you know? how deep you go, I never felt my dildo touch spots you touched"

I look at her beautiful eyes and her lips glossy and juicy. She gives the best blowjob, I look at her take me deep inside her throat and sucks off all my precum.
She just teases sucking the tip of my hard on. "Now it's time I do something babe!"

I lift her up and bend her down the table and pulling her pants down and the panties down..

I play for a while fingering, licking her pussy lips, she moans loud, I'm glad nobody could hear and the door's locked.

"Get inside me now Charlie, put that thing inside me!"
I just thrust my hard on deep inside her.

She moans, "Charlie, you monster, I need you baby".
I move in and out of her slowly, making love to my wife, "Roxxie, your so tight!".
"Nobody else had me but only you through the virtual imaginations, God damn it Charlie! I feel so good, fuck me!"
I sped up my pace, sliding in and out of her wet pussy, she had her orgasm.
"Fuck me fuck me, Charlie, I missed you, fuck me" 
I just "Ah ah yeah, fuckk huha you babe" Spanking her bubble butt and the rythm between my dick deep down her and her ass slamming, making the moans in the room go wild and wilder.
I lean down and kiss her neck and pull her hair, while she just concentrates on banging and slamming her ass over my dick.

I put my hand through her shirt and rub her nipples, her hard nipples when I squeeze them, she moans much louder calling out my name, every thrust she called out my name.

I loved it, I loved fucking this busty slutty rich wife with all that class outside and all submissive to me and making love together... It was ecstasy, and as she removed her shirt buttons and in her red bra, she looked sexy.

I just pull my dick out to see her tits, while I turn her around. "I missed sucking milk off your tits Roxxie"

She pulls me to her milking fat tits, I just wish I could suck the milk off but I had to get her pregnant for that.

As I suck the tits, "I want to see you fuck me and cum deep inside me Charlie".
She removes her boots and the pants off and I lift her to the bed.
She just looked at me as I stripped my T shirt and exposed my abs and the muscles, she loved it because she told me that she liked a ripped man. I had the workout go on just to show how much she meant for me and what I could do for her.

She was surprised with what she saw, my hard dick, she held it in her hand and rubbed it all over her pussy, now I just lean over her and thrust my dick inside her.

The look on her face as I entered, she was in complete lust. I fuck her, kiss her, lick her, squeeze her, suck her nipples, grab her hips. "Charlie, you make me wild" I couldn't stop fucking deep down her and every thrust and the juices mixing in her pussy and the tightness, I hit her spot.

"I'm going to cum my love", as i seed her with my spunk. Every drop in her, she loved it.
I fucked her deep down, my pace slowed down and we hit climax.

I fall on her and we make out, while I still hump her, our juices mix.

"I missed you Charlie, kiss me now!"
"Argh uff eff... Babe damn your so hot, I love you.. damn yeaa I love you babe", like a beast roaring after cumming inside a tight pussy.

I had fucked alot of women and to this point, I never felt anything close to what I have with my Roxxie. She is just perfect for me.

"I'm not going back to London, Charlie I want to live with you! Do something! Please" She just lay on my chest, kissing and telling me about what our lives gonna be.
"I definitely want to see future and you to be mine, only mine, you know how possessive and loving I am right?"
"Yeah I still remember what you did to my ex" "Not just your ex, anybody hurting you, I wouldn't spare them Roxxie"
"Hey now why are we talking about fights?" "Because to have you, I have to be a fighter"

We make out and she smooched me with the happiness filled. We just lay there making love the entire evening.

My mom and my grandpa are not much worried to know what we were doing since my aunt's room and mine are just opposite to eachother on the upper floor.

I had started living in grandpa's place after my granny expired that's when Roxxie came from London 2 years back and that's when we first made love to eachother.

Since nobody was there to take care of him and also my college was closeby. But mostly I stayed because I could host parties and my grandpa loved partying too. 

T"To be continued.."

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