My Nigerian friend who fucked so many women: Part 2: Tina's Younger sister

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The whole irony in catching Chris having sex in my house is that the very reason he moved into my house was because he got kicked out of someone else's house. Before Chris crashed at my place, there was another person's house he was staying at for a couple weeks. She was an old friend with a private house. She also had a younger sister who was a couple years younger than her. The younger sister was also around the same age as Chris. rings

Even though I wasn't really mad at Chris for having sex in my house (mainly cause he's my friend and I can of expect him to be the trouble maker type), other people sure as Hell didn't go easy on him. The whole irony in catching Chris having sex in my house is that the very reason he moved into my house was because he got in someone else's house. Before Chris crashed at my place, there was another person's house he was staying at for a couple weeks. She was an old friend with a private house. She also had a younger sister who was a couple years younger than her. The younger sister was also around the same age as Chris.  Because I don't want to reveal their identities, let's just call the older sister Tina and the younger sister Rita.   

Both of these sisters were Nigerian and worked at a hair salon. Tina was a bit fat and had short black hair, while Rita was pretty fit and had long hair, which were slightly curly. Tina would go out during the day to work, while Rita stayed home and did house chores. When Chris stayed at the house, he had his own guest bedroom upstairs which he stayed in. At first, similarly to my place he would just spend his days doing push-ups and going out for jogs to kill time. But after a couple days, the younger sister started acting  pretty hostile and bitchy towards Chris. She woke him up early one day, and told him that if he wanted to stay in the house he had to get off his lazy ass and start doing house work like a man. Chris didn't argue and only got up to do house chores without resisting.

The chores she gave him involved watering the garden, cutting the grass, and sweeping the floors. Chris told me that she seemed very bossy, almost like she didn't like him in the house with her. I found that to be odd, because I knew her personally and she wasn't quite like that to me. She wasn't exactly the bossy type and seemed pretty nice. But what both of us didn't realize is that she secretly had a thing for Chris and was only pretending to be a bitch so that he wouldn't suspect anything.   While Chris was doing the garden work, he took off his shirt because of how hot it was, thus revealing his big black muscular body and 6 pack. At one point while watering the garden, he used the water hose on himself and sprayed his body, making himself wet. While he did all this, little did he know that the younger sister was secretly watching him and checking him out. She even took out her phone and filmed him for half a minute.

She kept doing this for the next couple of days without Chris ever realizing it, and not expecting her to have a thing for him because of how hostile she pretended to act. Eventually after a week had gone by, she finally made a move.   One late morning, while Chris was taking a shower in the bathroom in his bedroom, Rita snuck into his bedroom to watch him naked. She couldn't control her desire anymore and quietly walked into the bathroom to see him. She slowly opened the bathroom door before sneaking in and quietly approaching the tub curtains. She then slowly opened the bathtub curtains and took a peak. She saw Chris completely naked while he was washing his face. Some soap had gotten in his eyes, so he had to wipe them with his hands and the water. She checked out his big, muscular black body that was completely revealed to her. She admired it like a piece of art. It was like she had finally hit the jackpot. He was so handsome and manly to her, and she loved every second of his nice built sexy body.

She then starred down at his crouch and looked at big black dick to see the size (she wasn't disappointed). She started to feel horny and began to fantacise herself doing some "steamy" things with him in the shower. Rita wanted to just fuck him and couldn't wait anymore. The whole bitchy act was over.   Eventually Chris finally opened his eyes and saw her starring at him. He was surprised and confused. "Rita?" He asked "What are you doing in here?" She didn't respond, she continued starring at his muscular body and looking at his big dick. "Can't you see I'm bathing?" He asked while starting to get annoyed at the silence. He then felt she was joking with. "Rita, get out! I said get out!" He yelled out of annoyance before finally reaching out to close the curtains. She then finally reacted and closed the curtains before he could and walked out of the bathroom. Chris kept wandering what that was all about, having no idea what she wanted.   A few minutes later, Chris came out of the bathroom to dress up. He only had his black boxers on after drying himself. He stood near his bed with his deodorant, rubbing himself with it. At that moment, the door to his room opened and Rita slowly walked into the room smiling. She had nothing but a soft black lingerie on. She gave a soft smile as she walked towards Chris without saying anything. Chris starred at her and asked "Can I help you? What the Hell was that all about?". She still didn't respond. She only stood in front of him smiling.

Chris continued questioning her with no response from her, before she finally reached her hand to the top of the clothing from the shoulder and slowly started pulling it down. Chris noticed this and asked "Um...what are you doing?" Both of them were now quite while she  continued to strip off the dress. It was then completely on the ground, and she was revealed with nothing but a black bra and thong on. Chris was taken back when he realized what she was doing. She was trying to seduce him for sex, the whole rude attitude was nothing but an act. Chris continued to stare but was trying to resist. He liked what he was seeing, but he didn't want to fuck Tina's younger sister and betray her. But he found her too hot and sexy to look away. He never noticed how nice and fit her body was and how pretty she looked. She gave a nice cute smile and her breasts were huge and round, he couldn't keep his eyes off them. He tried to mutter "I can't.. your Tina's sister" while gritting his teeth. She noticed his love for her breasts and then slowly took off the bra, revealing her big tits. She slowly and seductively used her right hand to rub her boobs to seduce him as she finally spook.   "Don't worry, handsome. Tina doesn't have to know. This will be our little secret. It's not a crime." she said softly and seductively. At that point, Chris wasn't even resisting anymore. He was now softly smiling as he continued to stare. He was clearly turned on. He felt his dick getting hardened as the idea of fucking her came up. He looked further down and saw how thick and curvy her ass was. Not too fat but not too small, it was just right. He then slowly looked back up to her face. She continued "I want you Chris. I need you. And I know you want me. It will just be between me and you."

She then slowly wrapped her arms around his shoulders and began to kiss him in the lips. Chris didn't resist at all and instead dropped his deodarant before grabbing her from behind as he embraced her. They made out passionately for a minute, and then Rita placed her hands on Chris's chest and gently pushed him on the bed.    Chris fell on his back as he landed on the bed, and then Rita climbed on top him as they continued to make out. Chris had his right hand grabbing her thick ass while his left hand was wrapped around the back of her head. Both Rita's hands were either grabbing him from the back of his head or shoulders as they passionately made out in bed. Chris estimated that they made out for at least 3 minutes before he started pulling down her thong. Eventually they rolled over with Chris now on top as they continued to make out.

He then pulled down his black boxers, revealing his big hardened cock. With both of them naked, they made out a little for half a minute before Chris pulled his head down her body and began to suck on her titties. Never before had Chris seen such big and round boobies, and he wanted to enjoy every minute of them. After sucking on them for a couple minutes, he then went even lower to her vagina and began to eat her out. Rita moaned so much because of how amazing it felt. She had no regrets for seducing him, he was satisfying her real good. She placed her right hand down and rubbed the back of Chris's head while he ate her out, with the left hand holding onto the bed while she had her head tilted back and facing up the ceiling with her eyes closed and her mouth open as she moaned.

This went on for 5 minutes before Chris stopped eating her out and instead started to penetrate her. They had missionary sex. He was fucking her right in the pussy. She had her arms wrapped around him, one across his back and shoulders, while the other around the back of his neck and head. Both of her legs were also wrapped around Chris's ass while he lifted up and down, penetrating her pussy. Chris also had his head pressed on the side of her head as he kissed and licked her neck. She kept moaning with her eyes closed and mouth open. She was his horny bitch.    Every now and then Chris would take a quick pause to make out with her a little or suck on her titties some more. Eventually he flipped her over and started to bang her from behind. Now he was on top her, while her body faced the bed cover. His crutch was right above her big ass, as he continued to lift up and down, with his big dick tearing her big round ass cheeks into two. Chris gritted his teeth, with both his hands holding her hands down. She continued to moan and even tried to lift her own ass up and down as he banged her. She was like a wild animal, and so was he. All both of them had on their minds was satisfying each other to the maximum.   

In the end, Chris gave a small groan and came in her butt. He shot his loud into her from behind and she enjoyed it. They then both lied on the bed while looking up at the ceiling, amazed by how good the sex was. Rita rested right under Chris's arms with a smile and whispered "you're amazing." Chris responded saying "Yeah, I get that alot". She giggled a little and said "Oh I bet you do, handsome. And I can see why". They both then lied for half an hour before finally getting up, putting their clothes on and leaving to do their house work. Tina didn't come home for another 5 hours, and this wasn't the incident that got them caught. For the next week or so, Chris and Rita had a couple more hook ups were they had wild animal sex before they were caught red handed.  

The second hook up happened the next day in the morning after Tina already left. Chris was walking past the bathroom and heard the water running. He saw the door open and looked inside. There he saw Rita completely naked with her back facing him. He smiled and knocked on the door telling her "Hey Rita, baby, you left the bathroom door open." She remained silent for awhile before she turned to face him with her own smile, telling him: "I know. The real question is why are just standing there like a fool when there is so much more we could be doing?" She then turned back around facing the wall continuing to bath. Chris of course didn't hesitate. He grinned at her while starring down at her ass. "Damn..." he whispered out and then quickly took of his clothes. He entered the tub and grabbed her from behind. He slapped her ass and then began to passionately kiss the side of her neck while  feeling her body. He grabbed one of her boobs and rubbed it up and down, while his other hand grabbed her ass and squeezed it. She stood still and enjoyed what he was doing with her eyes closed as she breathed softly. He continued feeling and rubbing different parts of her body from the top to bottom while making out with her neck. She placed her own hands on top of his chest while he continued to feel her body. She even kissed his shoulders and licked his nipples for awhile. Minutes later, he bent her over and began to doggystyle her. He penetrated her ass while slapping it, up right until he was just on the verge of cummin. He then quickly pulled his dick out and turned her around and made her kneel in front of him with her face up and her breasts right under his crotch. She knew what was coming and held her two boobs together as she lifted it up towards his dick. He grabbed his dick with his right hand and aimed it towards her breasts and rubbed it up and down for a few seconds until he finally came. He busted a massive load which landed across her big breasts. She watched in amazement seeing all the load that Chris shot out. They both smiled at each other, feeling satisfied from the wild sex they both just had. Chris had always wanted to try that and even told me that it was so worth it.

Eventually, they both cleaned up and went back to work after getting out the shower.    Their third hook up happened on two days later. Chris was in his room working out and Rita was watching. He wore his black boxers as he did push-ups while Rita sat on the bed filming him with her phone. After that, they both went to the sitting room to have sex. Chris sat on a sofa while Rita put on some club and hip hop music and began to dance seductively to turn him on. She took off her dress, once again revealing herself with nothing but only her thong and bra on, while Chris just calmly sat back with his arms spread out and watched her. He gave a grin and said "Damn baby, is all this sugar for me?" She bent over towards him with her hands holding his cheeks and said "Oh yes. It is all yours, just sit back and enjoy". She then kissed him on the lips and spent the next few minutes shaking her ass and twerking in front of him, while he just continued to sit there watching her and grinning. He could feel his dick harden as he watched her moving her nice sexy body. "Damn girl!" he said out loud. "Keep going" he encouraged. "If only this house had a fucking pole" he wished.

She continued to dance and shake her ass throughout some dirty songs that played. Eventually she took off her bra and playfully tossed it towards him. Chris smiled even more, liking what he was seeing. She then got closer to him and began to twerk very close to him and even grind on him.  Chris both squeezed and slapped her ass a few times and pulled her thong down while she twerked on him.    He then couldn't wait anymore and got up from the seat. She saw this and turned to face him and starred into his eyes. They both kissed each other in the lips and embraced each other. She jumped into his arms as he lifted her up by grabbing her ass cheeks and carried her with her legs wrapped around him. As they made out passionately, he carried her onto the long coach and they both made out on the couch with Chris on top her.

After a minute of making out, Chris then started to pull his boxers down. She helped him by reaching her hands down to pull it, while they made out. She then squeezed one of his ass cheeks after it was revealed. Eventually the two of them had missionary sex on the couch for a few minutes, before changing the position to doggystyle, then changing the position to Chris sitting up and Rita sitting and bouncing on his lap while facing him. Both of them had their arms wrapped each other, with Chirs's right arm around Rita's ass and his left arm around the back of her head, and with Rita's arms around his shoulders and the back of his head as she rode him. They both made out with each other while having sexual intercourse, and in the end Chris came in her. They then both lied down together getting some rest while the music continued to play.   The hookups all continued each day for the next week until they were finally caught. What eventually caused them to get caught was one of the neighbors. While Chris was doing the garden work, Rita came out of the house to check him out. Chris saw her looking at him and told her to join him in gardening. At that point of the neighbors sort of noticed this and was watching through their window. Next Rita walked up to Chris as he sprayed water towards her. She laughed while approaching him and then slapped his ass and suggested that they instead both go indoors and continue practising their "wrestling".

Chris smiled at her and kissed her. The neighbor was surprised and quickly took a picture with her phone while they made out a little. They then both went into the house to have sex while the neighbor messaged the picture to Tina. What neither Chris or Rita knew was that Tina was going to be coming back early that day due the salon not being busy. After it was past 12, Tina got in her car and started to drive back to the house. She checked her phone while driving and saw she received a message around an hour ago. She checked it and saw the picture of a shirtless Chris making out with her wet younger sister in the garden.

Under the picture the neighbor had typed the words "Well it looks like someone found a new boyfriend". Tina was completely shocked  by this. She couldn't believe her eyes and started to speed as fast as she could back home. Meanwhile Chris and Rita were both in his bedroom room having sex. Chris lied with his back on the bed and with Rita sitting on his dick, riding him. Chris had his two arms stretched out with both of his hands holding her by the hips as he pulled her up and down while she herself moved up and down riding his dick like a pro. Rita had both her hands placed on his abs feeling them while she placed her head facing upwards with her eyes closed as she moaned in pleasure. Chris however stared up at her gritting his teeth as he fucked her. The bed shook while they both fucked like there was no tomorrow, without knowing what was about to happen. After driving for twenty minutes, Tina got home and entered the house looking for both of them. She started to hear what sounded like two people moaning coming from upstairs, along with a bed shaking. She slowly and quitely walked upstairs, following the sound to find that it was coming from Chris's room. She saw that the door was closed and slowly walked towards it. She then placed one of her ears on the door to listen in, and she could hear it clearly. She could hear the bed shaking and the two voices she heard moaning were definitely Chris and Rita. She even heard Chris mutter "Oh baby! Oh shit! You want to take it like a bitch, I'm gonna give it to you like a bitch! Shiiieet!".

She then opened the door and to her horror saw that they really were having sex. She starred at them in shock as she saw her own younger sister completely naked in bed riding a naked Chris. She dropped her purse and gasped "Jesus Christ!". Both Chris and Rita then quickly stopped and saw to their horror that Tina had finally caught them. I don't want to go into too much detail as to what happened after. But I will at least say that Chris and Tina's friendship had officially ended that day. It wasn't long after before he was completely kicked out and had to contact me to crash at my place. When he told me that Tina kicked him out cause they were finally caught together, I felt like laughing. I knew Chris was too careless and that eventually Tina was probably going to find out. I even asked him if she was worth it and if he would do it all again, to which he responded by saying "Hell Yeah". I wouldn't even be surprised if the two of them continued hooking up after he moved back into his house. I guess some guys just don't change.

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