A Sinful evening with Ritika.

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Aahan is an erotic writer. Ritika is an erotic reader. She liked the way Aahan described his acts in his stories. She couldn't stop herself from pinging him. They both shared similar equations and soon they moved from chats to videos and her desire to be a part of his actions just got stronger with each day till they finally agreed to meet up and deep-dive through there desires and fantasies. banner2 Hello, I am Aahan and this narrative is close to me and Ritika.
It was almost a year back; I was in my late 20s and working as a content writer in Bangalore trying to earn my way to become a professional author. Coming to Ritika, We just know each other for a month then. We never met physically till then; we typically connected through the telephone. She was then 27 years old. During our initial days only we were comfortable enough to let the cat out of the bag about our sex life and started knowing each other's fantasies and desires. We enjoyed speaking with each other and soon we moved from chats to video calls and started having our intimate moments. We decided to make out, but due to conflicting schedules, it was not happening. On one of the weekdays, I was at my office finishing my lunch when my phone beeped. It was a message from her. “Can we talk now?”
“Sure,” I replied, and she called back immediately. Her shift was recalled, and she was checking with me if I could make it to her place. Though it was sudden still everything looked perfect and after the call, she sent me her location. Needless to say, we both were curious and nervous at the same time. I departed early that day from the office and reached the location and gave her a call. She came out and signaled me to come up. The door was opened and I went in. She asked me to go inside the bedroom, as she closed the main door. This was the first time we were seeing each other in person. She was around 5'7, and she maintained her hair at a medium length. She had decent facial features, but it was her torso with a flat belly and the perfect curves that were the core of attraction.
I made myself comfortable on the bed when she asked: “You want to have something?”
Aahan: “Cold drink should be fine.”
Ritika: “Cold drink is not there, but I got wine. Will it work?”
Aahan: “Cool that will be good.”
She went to the kitchen to get the same and came back with two glasses of wine and sat beside me.
“Thank you!” I stated. To which she smiled, and we took a sip of wine. It was a silence for some time. We were seeing each other's eyes but didn't know how to get down.
“You got a nice smile, and you look more beautiful in actual than in the videos/picture.” I started.
Ritika: “Thank you!”
Aahan: “Are you nervous?”
Ritika: “Not nervous, honestly I've been thinking about this for days, but now as we are in front of each other, it feels a bit strange.”
“Don't worry; it is going to be okay. Let’s make this, one memorable fuck,” I stated and got hold of her hand planting a soft kiss on it. She shut her eyes and exhaled a deep breath, and the innocent face drew me more close towards her. Close enough to feel the warmth in her breath. I had placed my hand on her face and caressed it with my fingers before my lips brushed her cheek, followed by her forehead, her nose, her neck, and finally her soothing lips as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel the fragrance of the wine she had. My tongue was exploring every corner of her mouth till where it could reach and so was hers. I could feel her saliva as it rolled off my tongue and seeped down my throat with every push of her tongue against mine. The efforts were equal at both ends. It was the sharing of one breath, one sensation, one timeless and passionate moment. While my lips were sealed with hers, the bristles of my beard scratched against her soft cheeks as she gripped my head firmly, to stop me from escaping. It felt like an explosion of the best flavors in the universe all at once mingling together and creating the best taste and sensation I'd ever felt.
“How was it?” I asked.
Ritika: “It’s amazing with the right person.”
I pointed to her top and asked, “May I?”
She nodded a yes. I slowly moved towards her and took it off sliding my hand up her spine bringing every inch of her skin to life with my touch. She was wearing a designer push up bra, which was adding more to her breast. I touched them through the fabric and could feel how my touching was making an impact deep in her. I made her turn facing her back towards me and began puzzling out and kissing her back by the furrows of her strips, before unhooking it and slipping my hand forward to hold her breast. They were extremely smooth and soft-topped with tiny hard nipples. I slid the strips out of her shoulder to take the bra off completely and now she was exposed from the top. I was still teasing her bareback with my lips and tongue, while my hands were caressing her boobs, encircling her nipples with my fingers before going farther down. My hands came down without leaving contact from her body and unbuttoned her jeans, before pushing it further down and guiding her legs out of it. Now the only thing left between me and her bare ass was the designer panty matching with the bra. I slid it down.
“That's a beautiful ass,” I said and asked her to spread the butt cheeks with her hands. She did the same exposing her glory hole to me. It was a visual pleasure, the more I saw, the more I wanted to explore. I took my face close to her ass so that my nose could savor her smell. The more I sniffed it, the more I fell for it. I started playing with my tongue and her moans started too. Slowly I worked her around and went for her lips and started going deep on it. Her lipstick was completely messed by now as I reached her ears and whispered, “Now it's time for the front” and I embraced her with a gentle bite. I moved down to her breasts, the nipples maintained its hardness as I began riding it with my tongue while with my hand I cupped the other and squeezed it firmly. A noise escaped from her mouth, as she took an embarrassingly deep sigh. She couldn’t believe she’s letting this happen, but she didn’t want it to stop either. I could sense from her expressions how badly she wanted me inside her. Slowly I moved down to her navel and went further down to her pubic region, and then passing through her thighs and legs, I attained to her toes and lifting her foot to my mouth and kissing each of her toes till all were shrouded. I moved up along the inside of her legs, licking and kissing and stroking her hot skin with my cheek before she extended her legs apart exposing her clitoris that's begging for my signature.
"You're beautiful, Ritika," I whispered, "so beautiful."
I could sense the warmth and wetness, some of it was spread along her inner thighs as well and I thrashed them all before my lips sealed her pussy and sucked it all. Her moans grew louder and louder as she locked my head with her legs to retain it instead, and with every passing minute, the clutch was becoming firmer and harder. She was not in a mood to relax up, nor was I to take away my lip from her snatch. I drew it all from outside as well as from inside till where my tongue could get. Our breaths were getting bigger, but we were in no mood to give up. One by one, my fingers started penetrating her, curling up to her g-spot while my tongue was busy playing with her clitoris. I answered each of her groans but then teased her by withdrawing my fingers with a stroke and entering again until she was ready to explode. With my fingers still inside her, reaching for the magic spots until her orgasm made its way out.
She stated, “I will count till five, that's all you have to get your clothes away before I rip it aside.” Before I could nod, she started counting. It has been just a T-shirt, jeans and underwear, so I was right on time before she pushed me to bed and as I lay on my back, she climbed on top of me and got hold of my hand, placing it aside and gripping it tightly before sealing my lips with hers, and her tongue took control to explore inside my mouth. After a long smooch, she moved down to my neck. It was clear from her actions that she desired to leave her mark on me. She moved down to my chest and further down till she got hold of my penis. My dick was fully set up and the precum was so much that, it made the entire head shine. She brushed my dick through her palm, and with every touch of hers, some more precum came out. Eventually, she rubbed her palm over the penis head and glided the foreskin backward and keeps it in that respect. She got close to my penis and planted a kiss right in the water hole and got hold of her tongue out to insert it in there. I sighed as my eyes got shut, thinking about how unbelievably good it felt, when she gave a throaty moan, then rolled her mouth from the base to tip and whispered, “Look at me.” A situation in which with every stroke, she was packing it to a greater extent and more. Before I could realize, it was a deep throat where she kept it for a good amount of time, before getting choked and taking it out. My cock was wrapped fully with her saliva. She was taking me to a different world. She paid separate attention to each of the balls by taking them in her mouth.
She was surprised at herself and asked: “What kind of spell have you cast on me?”
Aahan: “The same kind you've cast on me.”
Ritika: “Are you close enough to cum or you can hold it?”
Aahan: “I can hold it.”
“Let's start with you on top,” she said, and with that, we took our position with me on top facing her. She took my dick and put it right at the opening before I slowly introduced it in her pussy. I went slowly inside her with a gentle push to make her comfortable, and in some time I was completely inside her, as the to and fro motion started. The pace went up with every push. I moved like a tide determined to crash against those ancient rocks and before we could realize we were moaning at our peak. "FUCK ME!" she continued to wail staring into my eyes as I kept fucking her. Sometimes I was kissing her lips, sometimes her eyes, her cheeks, whereas sometimes I was sucking her boobs out, while her nails tore into my back. With every stroke, the animal inside us was getting wilder. My cock was stretching her hole to the max. She was moaning loudly and pushing back on every retreat. The sinful sensation caused her to arch her back and it was time for the cowgirl position.
She held my hands down, and I pretended to break free as she put it in and I feel deeper inside her. She was in charge and I liked it. She went with a steady pace nor too slow nor to fast while she let her tits touch my face. I just couldn’t get enough of her. I was tired, but I didn’t care. I lifted her and took her to the chair, where I sat, and she faced me positioning her pussy on top of my throbbing rod. She was riding me while our lips were sealed. There was no stopping. I did something; she did it back and the whole room rocked with our moans. We coordinated well so that I wouldn't ejaculate soon. Finally, we both were reaching to our climax. She came first and realized I was about to cum; she took the penis out from her pussy and stroked it with her hand till I released it out on her boobs. She continued stroking the dick till the last drop was out. There was a tissue next to the bed, I offered her, but she preferred licking it out and taking the cock back in her mouth to clean it all.
“I have not been done yet,” she said and pushed me to bed and got on top of me placing her in the 69 position with her pussy right in my mouth and my dick in hers. She started blowing it deeply, and I started eating it out till she reached a shuddering orgasm calling out my name like a chant. I also reached my second climax, as we shiver against each other.
“It was the best,” she said finally, “The best!”
We were exhausted and were lying down naked in each other's arms in silence, with no sheet covering us, staring up into the ceiling and feeling the presence of a world we weren’t part of. Reliving the moments that just happened before saying bye to each other.

Hey, there hope you had a good time reading it. Let me know your comments at
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