Covid 19 naughty mask

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I was supposed to help and assist the VIP expert in his working project, but i ended up seducing him to fuck me cheating

Covid 19 naughty mask

By Dina Petro

Our company had a VIP coming over for some insurance case to be investigated, he arrived, all the case needed files and documents were prepared ahead of his arrival. Being the executive secretary and at the same time, the public relations officer for the company, I was assigned to assist him on this project, a special meeting room was designated for us to work privately without any disturbance by other staff.

The designated place had a conference room, a sitting room with some seats and comfortable sofas, and an attached kitchenette and a private bathroom set, totally isolated from the other sections of the company with a private locked entrance.

Steven Hance, the VIP expert attended a meeting with our general manager and decided to start working on the project the same day, but he had set an hour which was after the office closing hours, I was asked if it was OK with me, and of course it was, I get paid overtime anyway, over and above any special tips (?) I usually get from such VIP Guests of the company.

My name is Lilly, in my late twenties of age, I have a curvy body, big sized tits, and white soft skin all over, I am told to be a sexy, good looking woman! but usually that is for others to decide, I happen to be a wide open minded woman with a very rich sexual experiences, I must admit utilizing my body and looks to make some extra tips here and there during my job at this company.

I saw Mr. Hance the first time at the boss’s office, he was a black man, and honest, he was extra ordinarily handsome and good-looking man, that any woman would dream of getting him in any way she can, and I happen to be, not only one of those women, but a super sex loving, hot, slutty woman. After the first look at him in the boss office, when I brought them their drinks, made my whole body shake and tremble, my pussy was swelling becoming leaking wet so fast.

Almost all day at my office I was busy thinking how I could get closer to this guy, I wanted to fuck him in anyway I could no matter what kind of sacrifice it takes, but I was feeling relaxed and assured I might, because I was lucky enough to be chosen as his working assistant, and all I had to do is wait till that evening and find the proper way.

At the set time for the project to start, I had the place all set up and prepared, so was I, I had my laptop ready with all the needed files and documents, I also wore a floral, light material summer dress, a pair of thigh high pair of black stockings, and a matching set of bra and panties, both fully transparent and super light.

Mr. Hance arrived, we met again introducing each other fully this time, Steven was wearing a face mask and over the mask he had the full-face plastic transparent, hard mask, I felt it was being over cautious, especially that we both knew that we were both already vaccinated against Corona virus. He did not hide his astonishment of my being mask less, although we sat far a part, but his objections were in a soft, kind, flirty manner with lots of smiles and louder laughter’s, I flirted back, but could not hide my concern, especially that he was a VIP of upper management of the main company abroad, that our company is only a small branch of.

While working with him, my mind was occupied on two things, how could I get closer to him or get him to open faster, same time how could I hide my concern about my mask, or should I utilize it for the other purpose of my concern. His being a nice person with good manners and humorous personality, some obvious flirting, commenting positively on the way I looked and dressed. He made a couple of comments on how sweet, soft, and sexy girls of my country are as he found out during previous visits, but it was the first time I met him myself.

 Finally, something came up to my mind as of a sudden, it sure was something super naughty, may be slutty as well, and needed lots of courage to do, but his way of talking and acting while working encouraged me a lot, I was getting a bit nervous, thinking how to do it, and his final words about the mask of may be it was ok for me to be without one all triggered my mind and courage.

I smiled, lightly giggling, and saying, “I guess you are right, I should have worn a mask, and maybe I should wear one right away.”

I just pushed my swivel chair back a little, swiveled to the side, lifted my ass up a little off the chair, pulled my panties down through the sides, all the while, he was looking at me, trying to find out what the hell was I doing. I managed to get my panties to my knees, then pushed them slowly to my feet, this time looking him straight in the eyes with a super naughty smile, I am sure I got him so anxious and curious.

I pulled my panties off the floor, lifted them up to my face and wore them as a mask, sat straight on my chair and acted like I was working again with that super funny, erotic look on my face with my transparent thong over my mouth and nose, covering half of my face, he could not help it, he was trying not to laugh, but he couldn’t, I looked him in the eyes, giggling and saying “what? You do not like my protection mask?”

He said, “Not only I like it, but I love it, it looks so cute, but how did you ...”

I interrupted him saying “how did I manage to wear it with the smell you mean?”

He almost lost words there, he did not know what to say, seemed embarrassed as well, trying to mumble unclear words. I got up, walked over to him, got very close standing next to him, I took the panties off my face and placed them over his’ after I took his double mask off. He shocked me, instead of resisting, he smelled my panties making a noise of loving the smell and feel of them over his face.

Keeping my panties over his face, he got up, hugged me so close and started kissing me on the lips, I was kissing him back when I felt his hands creeping under my dress and up towards my, now bare ass, and he was rubbing it making me much hornier than I already was.

We moved to the couch and this time, I could not hide my interest in him, I just pushed him on the sofa after I unbuckled and unzipped his pants, I managed to get his already rock hard cock out, and that was a real shock for me, pleasing shock of course, a huge, over a foot long, super thick cock sprung out to my face, I could not wrap my hand around it, so thick and so long, that kind of a cock size would have scared any other girl away, but not me, being a well experienced, sex loving slut, and I happen to be madly in love with bigger cocks, I started massaging his dick and sucking it for a while making him moan and groan.

He openly and direct forward Said “Do you think you can handle such cock?”

Without any answer or a sign, I just looked him in the eyes and looked at his cock with a wide smile, and before I answered him, he continued saying,

“I will have to admit to you that I have a big problem enjoying the women of my own choice and taste, because of the huge cock I have, it would have to be women who could handle it and I may not like her that much, but I would go for it if I wanted to feel fucking a woman all the way”

I giggled saying “Not me Mr. Hance, I am all yours in anyway way you want me, I have no problem taking this gorgeous cock in any hole of my body.”

With a shocked look on his face he said, “Don’t you Mr. me while holding my cock in your hand and lips, call me steven please, and…In any hole of your body, do you mean that Lilly?”

I just nodded naughtily and smiling.

He almost shouted “You mean I could put that thing in your pussy, and in your ass too? And I could fuck you like any man could fuck a gorgeous looking young woman like you?”

Without giving me a chance to answer, Steven got me on my back after getting rid of my dress and he was doing one of the best pussy licking jobs I have ever had over my pussy, his sweet, hot, wide tongue was lushing my pussy lips, my clit, going down to my asshole, then back up making me cum twice on a raw before lifting his head off to fuck me.

Although I am a fully experienced woman when it comes to sex, but usually with such cock sizes, I would ride the cock first before allowing him to fuck me in any other position, riding the cock allows me the full control over it sliding into my pussy avoiding any wrong treatment or penetration depending on the man’s experiences in sex, some men are inexperienced and such a hurry to push it in which might hurt.

I rode his body, sliding his dick in me inch after another, enjoying all of its length and girth inside my welcoming, hot, slippery cunt, and he sure proved to be one hell of a patient, fully experienced man, I loved it and I finally gave him the full control over my whole body, allowing him to fuck me in any way he wanted, and he sure had utilized that permission fucking me in many positions.

When he fucked me in the ass, he was as patient as carful for the first insertion, but was as well shocked for how much I could take of his dick, I took it balls deep in my ass without any pain or complain whatsoever, I loved every inch of it sliding in and out of me, and he made me cum countless number of time before he shot his warm load of creamy thick cum all over my body, on my tits, belly, face and everywhere.

We relaxed for a while resting and catching breath, we both fell asleep for a few minutes before I woke up on the feel of his tongue in my pussy licking me, pleasing me like I have never been pleased, he started all over and fucked me again for the second time, and this time he came in my mouth, deep inside my throat, I swallowed every drop of his cum loving its taste.

We both realized that it was getting late by then and we had not accomplished any work, so he decided to put the work off for the next day announcing that he wanted me as his full companion and fuck body during his stay in our country, if I did not mind.

Not only I did not mind, but I loved it and my whole body was his and his body and cock were all mine for the few days he spent in our country.


Wishing you all the best



Dina Petro

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