Extra special maid services

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I went into his house as the maid, find out what happens Luxury Extra special maid services
By Dina Petro
The VIP houseowner had ordered maid services through the office I was registered at; the services’ office usually offers housekeeping services by hour to only registered and special clients. Being a good looking, curvy woman of late twenties, I registered for such services, not to depend on the low pay I get from them, but I use my brains, charms, and body attraction to get extra special tips while on the job, how do I do that? is what you will find out while enjoying reading the story.
It was the first time I work for this hose owner, he was new to the area, but I was briefed about him by the office secretary, he was living alone on a mission to our country, his wife is back at his country. I walked in, got greeted by a mid-forties man, my lower jaw dropped on the first look at him, he was super good-looking man, over and above being a rich and a VIP. Of course, I was warned by the office staff to be very careful dealing with such clients.
“Good evening Mr. Stadler, my name is Alice, I am your maid as per your request from the services office.”
“Good evening Miss Alice, Nice meeting you, please call me Steve, and please come in.”
I walked into a huge house, very fancy with expensive furniture all over, wondering around while walking in, he took me into a quick tour to all house rooms and places to be able to do my job, he gave me a brief on what he wanted me to concentrate on. I was dressed in a short black skirt and a yellow body tight top, comfortable pair of heels, I looked at him and at myself saying:
“Do you mind if I use my own clothes to work, or do you require a special type of uniforms, I have the uniforms provided by the office with me if you would like me to put them on while working?”
“please suit yourself Alice, anything that makes you comfortable, the outcome is what concerns me, not how it is done.”
I smiled, thanking him, I really wanted comfortable in choosing what I wear, simply because I already had a few things building on my mind from the minute I saw him and walked into his house, and the best suitable would be my own clothes, I started walking to the kitchen when he stopped me saying:
“Alice, you will be on your own for a couple of hours, I have a meeting to attend, please feel at home, I have dealt with your office before, and I know they give excellent services.”
“Thank you, Steve, please go right ahead and rest assured of the best, special services ever.”
He walked out and I started working, but all I had on my mind while working was how to get to this man, he was a special client to me, I mean, he had all the irresistible things any woman in my situation would ever dream of. He was super good looking, all alone in this lovely spacy house, super rich. I wanted to do my best to seduce him, I had no objections what soever to get him under my panties, but I wanted some other benefits associated with it, I wanted to find away to get some extra tips if I fucked him. Maybe many readers would laugh by my saying “tips”, and fucking him, ok, let us call it whatever, I don’t really care, I know exactly that only a hooker or a prostitute would get paid for having sex, so what? Let it be.
The only obstacle I was facing was, his being a VIP, I just did not think a respectable VIP would easily fall for a woman like that, over and above being his own housemaid. I was sure I could do it; I had all what it takes to make any man fall for me easily. I was wearing a short black skirt, as mentioned earlier, barely reaching the bottom line of my ass, the top was yellow, thin material, body tight with a wide opening at the chest revealing most of my cleavage.
There was a clear gap between my top and my skirt showing my bare waist, my belly along with my naval, having a white, silky soft skin all over was another erotic sight. The curvy body I have along with my big round ass, thicker thighs, big tits, all in a woman, are of real erotic eye openers for a single man no matter how hard he is or thinks he is.
Most of the work was done, I decided to prepare myself for his arrival which was getting closer, I decided to drop my panties and take them off, then got rid of my bra under my top, making my nipples poke through the light, tight material of my top, the skirt was hiked up a little further from the waist, showing more legs and upper thighs over and above the bottom of my ass before any pending is done.
I looked myself in the full-size mirror and knew I could do it no matter. He was very prompt, his time of arrival was on the nose, I was listening to some low sound music, singing with it while working with my back to the door, I heard a click and felt Steve coming in, but acted like I did not notice or hear anything. He seemed to have frozen where he was at the door only a couple of yards away from me, I knew it and thought it was my chance, I continued working, wiping the dust off the kitchen counters and cupboards. I was exaggerating the pending over process while wiping the lower parts of the kitchen cupboards. I had naughtily and intentionally made sure Steve could fully see under my skirt, I flashed my thighs, upper and inner thighs.
Finally, my round bare ass and my silky soft, fully waxed, bare pussy were flashed to his eyesight many times, I was still acting like I was still alone in the house with nobody else, working, singing, and moving freely everywhere without watching how my moving actions would flash my body assets under my clothes. Steve made a sound to announce his presence, I turned around, acted like I was trying to cover up and put things together with my clothes. Steve walked closer, looked closely around the kitchen, Saying:
“waw, things look excellent so far, not only you are a sexy, gorgeous woman, but you are a hard-working girl as well.”
“Thank you, Steve, I hope you like what you have seen so far?”
Steve giggled softly saying, “Like what I have seen so far, I loved what I have seen, no one could ever say otherwise.”
I knew exactly what he meant by that, he must have meant what he had seen up my skirt, and the truth is; I sounded like I meant what I had finished of the housework, but deep in me, I meant what he meant exactly, only I could not say it of course. Steve left to his bedroom, a few minutes later he came back to the kitchen, which is wide open to the living room, he was wearing a pair of shorts only, topless. He sat on the chair right behind where I was working and started chatting and semi-flirting with me. I chatted with him along with some light flirting back, acting like all my attention was on the work I was doing. I had never stopped moving around, reaching further back on the counters, allowing my skirt to rise here and there, allowing more of my upper thighs to show up to his hungry eyes.
Steve’s conversation started being more open and unofficial, diverting towards things like, sexy women, sexy legs and so on. He was hinting to my body, which was totally accepted, appreciated, and liked by myself, I was going with the flow without feeling embarrassed or insulted by any word he said, no matter how open it was. As of a sudden, I felt Steve’s hand over my waist from the back while I was bending over the counter, he acted like he was bringing my attention to something, I did not move back or show any rejection to what he did, the next time he did it was a little lower, it was literally over my ass, over the skirt, and he kept it there for a minute or so.
Steve was trying to check my reactions to such actions from his side, I knew it as well, I was not stupid or naive, but, what he got of reactions were smiles and little giggles, till he did it the third time, he rubbed my ass a little saying “what a beautiful ass you have Alice, do you always work pantie less and braless like that?”
I giggled, acted shy whispering, “How did you know that was it obvious and noticeable that much?”
“not only noticeable, but I was also rewarded with a clear look at the most gorgeous ass and pussy I have ever seen in my life, no man could ever miss that scene.”
While saying his last sentence and before finishing it or waiting from any input from my end, stave was bold enough to lift my skirt up, reveal my bare ass and started feeling and rubbing it all over, again waiting for any further reactions from my end. Instead of being mad or upset of what he just did, my further reactions where naughty and inviting, I giggled louder, shaking my ass right and left while he was rubbing it.
“does that mean you liked what you have seen?”
“babe, I have already told you how much I loved what I have seen.”
“Oh! You mean you were talking about my body up my skirt not the kitchen?”
“you are absolutely right Alice, that is exactly what I meant, who said I had seen any part of your kitchen work anyway?”
We both laughed louder, and by then he had already placed his palm over my pussy, rubbing it from under, then he placed both of his hands over my ass cheeks pulling me closer to him. I was totally going with the flow, totally agreeing with all his actions without any rejection or retaliation, acting as easy as whore would be. Steve stood up, held my hand, pulled me towards him and hugged me close. He started kissing me on the lips while his hand was still roaming over my pussy, rubbing, and fingering, I kissed him back till our tongues met into each other mouth.
Steve held my top with both hands, started lifting it up, I raised my hands to give him access to get rid of my top and he did, then he hugged me again, started kissing me everywhere, sucking on my nipples, still fingering my pussy, I was so horny by then, and I felt his rigid, hard cock pushing itself into my body. He pushed his shorts down to the floor, revealing a hell of a good looking, huge cock, fully erected pointing at me as if it were ready to attack my pussy.
After all of that, I knew I had him all for me, he was horny enough to lose control over his cock and over his own actions, he was speeding everything up towards fucking me, and I was sure there was no point of return by then. That was when I had decided it was the right timing to hit on him and try to get any other benefits, I could get out of him before allowing him to fuck me. Before grabbing me, I stopped him, we were both standing at the kitchen counter facing his living room, both were naked, my pussy was so shiny, leaking wet and his cock was rock hard with some pre-cum already leaking out of its helmet.
“Steve, you know I am here to do the housekeeping services for the salary I am making out of you.”
“that is right Alice, anything else about it?”
“Yes, the house keeping services does not include any extra, special services I may be giving, does it?”
“Of course, it doesn’t, and I am ready for anything to cover the extra, special services I am about to get, should I pay now in advance?”
“Hell no, and do not get me wrong please, I am not a whore, I just meant, I would be getting some good tips if I am doing a good job, that is all.”
Steve walked to me, hugged me so hard and started kissing me on the lips and everywhere else, in between kisses he whispered, “who the hell would dare call you a whore or anything like that, I know exactly what you are my darling, and please accept my apologies if I miss worded it?”
“That is ok, I am sure you didn’t mean it to sound like that.”
Steve could no longer handle the situation, I was about to suck his cock, but he would not let me, he was behind me, in a standing doggy and he started rubbing his rock-hard cock to my leaking wet pussy, which lead into its gliding into me inch after another till, he was balls deep in my cunt. He fucked me deep and hard, continuously for a few minutes, then pulled out of me, got on his knees, and started licking my pussy and my ass. I was no longer able to handle the situation myself, my first orgasm was building up and about to burst, my legs started shaking, my whole body was electrified and there it was, I screamed louder, and he kept licking and tongue fucking me nonstop till my orgasm subsided.
He held my hand, walked me to the nearest couch, sat over it asking me to ride his cock, but I did not, I got on my knees between his legs, wrapped my lips around his cock and started sucking on it, giving him the blow job of his life. A few minutes later, I got up, saddled his body over the couch, considered my pussy with his hard cock, lowering my pussy slowly till his cock found its way in between my pussy lips and I started applying some of my weight over his dick, and my pussy was taking it inch after another till it disappeared in me.
I started riding his cock, dancing over it, enjoying every inch of it in my ‘cock hungry’ cunt. Steve held on both of my tits, pinching my rock-hard nipples and we fucked nonstop for at least ten minutes or so. Steve helped me flip over till I was on my back, he was on his knees between my legs licking my pussy when he lifted my legs higher up and started rimming my back fuck hole with his tongue, making me fly to the seventh sky, I loved it. He was using his fingers along with his tongue, he was shoveling some of my flowing pussy juices, pushing them into my ass hole, inserting a finger, then tow in my ass, my moaning was louder and louder.
Steve pulled a nearby cushion, placed it under my lower back making both of my worked-out fuck holes facing him, he positioned himself in between my legs, lifting them up higher, held his cock in hand and started rubbing it to my pussy first, shoved it in my pussy balls deep, then pulled his cock all out and started rubbing its shiny, wet helmet to my asshole.
Steve’s cock head was rubbed to my ass while he leaned over me whispering in my ear.
“I know my cock is big, but your asshole seems ready for it, I can tell if I am not mistaken, letting me fuck your ass would mean a lot for me, it is something I am deprived of with my wife who totally refuses it, mind you, being able to take me in the ass means more than double the tips you will be getting?”
I giggled, closed my eyes whispering back, “I wonder why most wives would not go for that, by all means Steve, give it to me as deep and as hard as you could.”
As if Steve was waiting for my approval to be anal fucked at that moment, he started applying some little force over his cock, trying to push it in me, slowly and carefully, I liked him, he was so considerate, although, I am one hell of an anal sex lover and well experienced at it, no matter how big the cock is. His cock head popped into my ass, no pain whatsoever was associated with it, I guess he did a great job preparing my ass hole for it. Steve started pushing his cock slowly and carefully again, pulling one inch out then two inches in, he kept at it till he was balls deep in my ass, I felt his balls rubbed to my ass by then.
Steve froze for a moment, he was kissing me on the lips while rubbing my tits, pinching my hard nipples all same time. Steve looked me in the eyes as if asking if my ass hole had adapted to his cock girth, I nodded with a smile and he started puling about two thirds of it out of my ass, then back in, each time he was doing it faster till he was literally slamming his huge, hard dick in and out of my asshole with no mercy.
I came again and again, finally, Steve was breathing harder, same time I felt his cock in my ass, tightening up, getting thicker on the head, he looked me in the eyes, I pointed over my mouth and tits, he pulled out, gave it to me, I started sucking on it, milking it till I was rewarded with a series of huge loads of cum everywhere, in my mouth, over my face, tits and hair, I was sucking and licking on it till it was dry clean again.
Steve kissed me on the lips for a few moments, he moved aside, and lay next to me till we both came back to earth. I got up, took a quick shower as it was time for me to leave, when I came back fully clothed again, I hugged and kissed him goodbye, reaching for my purse to pick it up, I noticed upper parts of an envelope showing from its top, I knew what it was, it was the tips! or if you want…the fuck money.
My work money is usually picked up at the office not direct from the client, I kissed him again, thanked him for the special tips! and walked out of his house door.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
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