Naughty in my hotel room

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I was trying to make a sexy show for the hotel room service guy by displaying part of my seminude assets, expecting to enjoy seducing him and maybe rewarded with a look at his hardening cock under his pants before he leaves my hotel room, but the outcome was way beyond my expectations, read my story, enjoy it and find out all the details about it. rings

By Dina Petro

Our company had chosen a delegation to represent it in an international affair at one of the countries abroad, being the executive secretary, I was asked to travel a few of days ahead of the delegation to make sure all arrangements of our company’s booth at the affair is all set and prepared properly.

I was in my mid-twenties by then, I flew by a plane and arrived at my already pre-reserved five-star hotel room, I had the rest of the day free for myself, as work starts the next day, I was not tired, the flight was short, I took a shower and decided to go shopping in a nearby mall, within walking distance from the hotel.

At the lingerie and women’s underwear department, a sexy, hot lingerie caught my eyesight which I liked very much, it was a short nightie-like lingerie of super thin and soft, shiny material, about 50% transparent, I bought it right away, finished shopping and got back to my room, it was in the afternoon already.

After my meal, I relaxed for an hour or so, then decided to try my new lingerie on, I took a shower first, then put it on with nothing else under it, no bra and no panties, looking at myself in the mirror, I looked so hot to myself, a curvy hot body, firm D cub size tits, and fully round ass, the contrast between my bright white, silky soft skin with the color of the black lingerie made it look so sexy, it was suspended to my shoulders with two thin straps revealing most of my tits, and  very short on the length, it had barely covered my ass ending less than one inch bellow my ass bottom line, which made it super-hot and sexy in fact.

Being a bisexual woman, I almost fell in love or may be lust with my own figure, making me horny, my pussy was itchy between my legs, I lifted the garment up revealing my pussy which was shown in the full-sized mirror, completely waxed with silky soft skin, some moist had made it look a bit shiny by then.

Being all alone in my private hotel room, as of a sudden, a real naughty memories came to my mind, of watching some hotel room related porn clips of some porn actresses wearing sexy, revealing lingerie or nightie, calling the room service man for some services, but in fact trying to act naughty and make a sexy show for the man, which helps one way or another making a woman feel partially satisfied, I asked myself (why don’t I try it? It could be real fun), thinking to myself again, till that point of time, I hadn’t had ordered anything from room service at that hotel, not knowing what kind of room service person I could get, it could be a young, old, handsome, or ugly guy, it could be a woman too, then I had decided, no matter who it would be, I wanted to go ahead with the plan, even if it was a woman, I would still enjoy making a naughty sex show for her.

Of course, I had no intention to go any further than making a naughty show, may be the most could happen when I get rewarded with a cock getting hard under the guy’s pants trying to go out of his control till he leaves embarrassed, most of the clips I had seen ended up just showing and rare flirting, the room service guy leaves and the porn actress locks the room door behind him, being so naive by then, I did not realize they were only actresses and actors making those shows, which maybe so different when it is done in real life events.

I picked the phone and dialed room service number, ordered a drink to my room, the answer from a guy on the other end came “right away mam”, only a few minutes later, I heard a knock on my room door with a male voice of spoken words “room service”, I opened the door, exactly the way I was dressed in my lingerie which I have described earlier.

I peaked through the cracked room door first, to see who it was, a handsome middle-aged man with a wide smile approached me saying “your order mam.”

 I smiled back, backing up allowing the door to open wide asking him to place it on the coffee table please, he obviously could not control his eyes, which were browsing my body up and down, right, and left as if he wanted to draw a picture of me, it did not bother me at all, on the contrary, it pleased me adding more heat to my already horny state, meaning my seductive plan was working.

I was standing with my back to the TV and desk wooden counter in the spacy hotel room, he bent over, placed the drink over the table in front of me and handed me the bill and a pen to sign it, I took them from his hand, turned around placed the bill over the wooden counter, with my back completely to his eye sight by then, there was a lot for him to see and enjoy without me looking him in the eyes, I guess I had saved him the embarrassment, giving him a full chance to look and enjoy.

The counter was a little low for my height, so I had to bend over to sign the paper, with some extra exaggeration from my side by spreading my legs apart without being noticed by him, which means, the ultra-short nightie I was wearing,  rewarded him with an extra gift of a clear look at my fully bare ass and pussy, and I took my time signing the bill starting a conversation with him, asking some questions about the hotel, without turning to look at him, as if I was busy reading and signing the bill.

I clearly noticed the change of his voice tone, which was becoming intermittent and mumbling some unclear words at times, but I completely understood his position with what he was looking at in his ‘pussy hungry’ man eyes, but I did not seem to realize that things do not always go as planned, and the situation I put myself in was not acting, it was a real life situation without knowing exactly what his reactions would be, I only assumed, wrongly, it would be like those actors in the porn clips I had seen.

It did not take me long to realize how wrong I was, I was totally shocked when I felt him grabbing my waist with both hands and I felt his bare, hard cock being rubbed to my pussy from behind, to be honest, that was something I had never expected it to happen.

“What the fuck” was the first and only sentence out of my mouth, before he placed his hand over my mouth stopping me from saying a word, and he started applying force and pushing his cock into my pussy, which wasn’t a hard process, as my pussy was runny wet and my pussy lips had already gotten engorged of the thinking I had on my mind of the scene I had planned and expected.

Feeling an abnormally long and thick cock had already invaded my cunt, I had decided to wise up and be smart to the best I could, knowing that I had willingly put myself into such situation, my fighting would make it worse, I eased up my repelling and fighting him back to the minimum, almost allowing him to go on with what he had started, maybe I wanted it as much as he did, so why should I make a big deal out of it.

His cock was balls deep in my pussy when he froze for a moment, brought his mouth closer to my ears, almost whispering in my ears and saying “listen bitch, you have forced me to act like this, being semi-nude, pantie less putting your nude assets in full display for me, means one and only one thing, that you wanted fucked and I am fucking you now, I hope you realize it is not only my fault here”

I was nodding my head tapping my hand over his’ softly, as if asking him nicely to release my mouth to allow me to speak, he said “I will move my hand off your mouth, but if you try to scream or do something stupid, you will force me to act rough, please don’t.”

I nodded, he lifted his hand off my mouth and I said, “Aren’t you afraid of losing your job by force fucking a customer if I report it to your management?” of course by then I was totally convinced there was no backing up of that situation, I wanted him to fuck me so bad, I will not allow him to back up even if he wanted to.

He said, “Yes mam, you are absolutely right, I will get fired and may be prosecuted as well, but please understand, you put me in this situation, I could not handle it anymore, and started thinking with my cock instead of my mind, but I can stop right now if you wanted me to stop?” but during that conversation he was fucking me so hard and so deep penetrating my cock hungry pussy with that huge, lovely cock he had.

I unintentionally giggled saying “Don’t you think it is too late to back up now, you are already fucking me, besides, you have already given me the taste of your dick in my pussy, I would never ask you to stop.”

As if my words triggered his pleasure point, he placed both of his hands over my tits and started rubbing them, pinching my rock-hard nipples, placing a few quick soft kisses on my neck and cheeks while fucking me, he was so happy saying “really mam, you mean I can continue fucking you.”

I did not answer him, I was so busy moaning louder and louder from the complete stretching of my inner cunt walls, his huge cock was making, but it was making me so happy flying to the seventh sky, that fuck was all I needed without realizing it.

Within ten minutes or so, he was screaming that he was ready to cum, I told him not to cum in me, he pulled out, I sat on the bed side and took his cock in mouth and started sucking it, milking it to the last drop, swallowing each drop of his milky and sticky cock cream, I sucked his cock dry clean while looking him straight in the eyes with a smile on my face and a bigger smile  was drown on his’.

He landed on bed, sitting next to me, we looked each other in the eyes as if blaming each other by eye contact only, trying to find out whom to put the blame of what had happened on, but he did not last long, he wrapped his arms around me, hugged me so close and kissed me on the lips, I kissed him back with our tongue circling into our mouths, we broke up the kiss and he spoke.

He said: I am very sorry mam; I know that no words of sorrow would clear out or verify my, wrong action of violence against your body.

I said: Look, I know it is not all your fault alone, I should take some of the blame too, may be I had exaggerated my actions of receiving you in my room semi-nude, more over bending over allowing my bare assets to be revealed like that, I am not sure what I was thinking by doing so, but I want you to know I happen to like dairy, courageous men who know what they want from a woman and take it without asking for it, especially the way you did, may be you forced yourself on me one way or another but it was in a polite, accepted manner.

He said: you mean you will forgive me and let go of it?”

I said: Yes, but under one condition, if you go down on me right now, eat my pussy and make me cum the way I sucked your dick, it would be only fair wouldn’t it?

He hugged and kissed me again saying “Oh my God mam, you are not punishing me, you are rewarding me by allowing me to come near that precious, super hot pussy of yours, allowing me to eat it.

Without waiting for my reply, he was between my legs in no time, lapping, licking, sucking, and munching on my pussy like a ‘pussy hungry’ man, which made me cum and cum nonstop till he stopped, lifted my legs up, spreading them apart for missionary fuck, and started fucking me again for another endless, great fuck session.


Wishing you all the best



Dina Petro

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