She played my buttons well

DidiB   April 14, 2016   | 77859 Views excited me very much. She must have seen it in my eyes that I was becoming very hot for her. She told me go and take my panties ofF...... Lesbian A few weeks ago I met a beautiful woman. She was visiting me at the office. She was in the company of a young good looking man. While we had a meeting about renewing a service agreement, he was doing some software installation work on one of our server systems. We had a very pleasant afternoon. I noticed that she and her colleague were eying me up and down every time that I got up. One time I walked over to the coffee corner and saw in a window that reflected a little that they both were staring at me. Because the man had to turn around to see me, it was obvious that he was watching me walk away and I made sure that he could see my swaying hips. It gave me a few shivers deep down in my belly. I made sure in the rest of the afternoon that they had plenty of times to look me up and down. I made sure that I could bent over the table plenty of times to see if they would try to look into my blouse. I even was bold enough to sit next to him when he asked me a question while he was on his knees under the table to check some cabling. His eyes were staring between my legs which I guess he thought I did not notice.

The meeting ended a bit late, probably later than necessary because she kept asking questions. She finally made a show of looking at the clock and apologising to have forgotten all about the time. She wanted to make it up to me and asked if she could offer me dinner. I accepted her invitation and went to my office to get my jacket and purse. Her colleague had packed his bag, apologised for the lengthy stay, said his goodbyes and left. We walked out and walked over to a restaurant where I had not been lately. I heard that they had re-built the place and was surprised by the new lay-out. Most of the tables were set between plants and small screens, giving a cozy atmosphere. We sat opposite of each other and were quickly in a nice conversation and before we knew it we were eating our dinner. Then she started.

She must have taken of her shoes as I felt a naked foot on mine, soon going up to my thighs. The feeling was wonderful so I thought it wouldn't hurt to enjoy it for a while. I shifted a bit forward in my seat and opened my legs a bit. She got her foot under my skirt, which scared me a bit, but then I felt her approaching my panties. Moments later she used her toes to get me excited. She was having success and it excited me very much. She must have seen it in my eyes that I was becoming very hot for her. She told me go and take my panties of. She took me totally by surprise and I just couldn't say no. I got up and went over to the ladies. Did what she asked me to and went back to the table. When I passed her, she caught my hand and stopped me before sitting down. She whispered in my ear and ordered me to sit but with my legs open wide. I sat down and wriggled a little left and right to open my legs as she wanted me too. My narrow skirt had to ride up, which would certainly give her good access. Indeed it did and her foot was back soon and her toes did not leave my pussy unattended during the time we were there. Afterwards she wanted to go for a few drinks in a nearby club.

We sat at a table with a u shaped couch. Because she let me sit first I moved to the back and she sat left of me. We had a drink and now her hand was on my thigh quickly. She told to open my legs again. I hesitated a bit because we were more visible than in the restaurant. She leaned over and said with a commanding tone "Do it, little slut" which made me to scared to refuse. Her hands went under my skirt and went straight to my pussy, rubbing my pussy lips. You can imagine how exciting that was and soon my lips were swollen and revealing my pussy when they came to stand wide open by her attention.

I got wet from the excitement of her fingering me and the chance to be seen by others, because I was so exposed by her. She told me to pull my skirt up to my middle and I said that I couldn't. She then pushed two fingers deep into me, so sudden that I jumped in my seat. She had her other hand ready and it went under my but and she pulled my skirt up. There I was with this sexy woman, naked from my middle down and her fingers in my pussy.

She told me to open the buttons of my blouse down to my belly. I didn't dare to say know. When I was doing it she said that I was a good slut and deserved a present. She looked over her right shoulder and waved. After a second I saw him. Her younger colleague was there. He came over and sat on my right side. His right hand was already on my thigh while his left was on the table moving to my blouse. He felt my nipples through the fabric and he complimented her that she was right about me being such a slutty type. His hand was soon in my blouse, lifting my tit out of my bra. It was a low cut one, so he made my tits push up and my hard nipples visible through my blouse. The fingers of his left were now rubbing my clit while she was still fingering my pussy.

I was in heaven and I was not seeing much around me anymore. He had taken my right hand and put it on his trousers. He had a great feeling bulge in it. She noticed it and laughed a bit, while complimenting me again for being a good little slut girl. She took my other hand and made me feel her panties which were wet too. Then I felt her other hand also between my legs in which she held something. I found out soon what it was. She replaced her fingers with a dildo. She pushed it in slowly, all the way up filling me completely. Suddenly it started to vibrate and with his hands rubbing my clit they made me cum. I had a very long orgasm. I pushed my cunt further down, sliding lower on my seat and my head back and mouth open. I tasted my pussy when she stuck her fingers in my mouth. He became bolder, I think because the lights had been dimmed and pushed my blouse open exposing my tits. His lips were soon on my nipples sucking them hard, while she increased the speed on the vibrator and I came again. It lost sense of time and place after that second orgasm. She told me later that I had to be careful next time with drinks and sex.

Next thing I know is being on top of her naked body, licking her wet wide open pussy, while her lips were on my clit. My pussy was filled by what I first thought was her dildo moving in and out. But it wasn't vibrating and when I heard his moans behind me, I knew he was fucking me. He thrusted slow but deep in me and they made me come again and again. He finally released himself deep in me, giving a last orgasm before I fell asleep.

They brought me home the next morning with her car. He was sitting in the back and making comments about something that he was looking at. He liked it obviously and then he showed me what he was looking at. First photo was me on my back playing with her dildo, next was me on my back with him in me and the last he showed me was the same with her on my face. She told me that it would be our secret but they would be coming back for another meeting soon. 
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