Extra activities

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I was supposed to be the cleaning girl in that house, but i was seduced and fucked earning a good tip Luxury

Extra activities

By Dina Petro

Working as a house cleaner by hour through the special services office, I got a call from the office and was given an address and was told they needed a house services job, and I was given the exact time to be there. I was there on time, it was the first time I went to this address, I rang the bell, a handsome middle aged man opened the door for me with a wide smile.

I said, “Good evening sir, I am Vickie, your house cleaner.”

He answered with a wide smile on his face, “Good evening Vickie, I am John Adams, please come in.”

Mr. Adams seemed to be a nice, good looking, flirty person, but in an acceptable nice way, he was checking me all over with a wide smile, to be honest, I would be lying if I said, I did not know what I was expecting of a man in that house, yes, I had an idea from the services office secretary, I have my own special way of getting these information’s ahead of time, and choosing the proper clients for me to serve. When we were inside his fancy, huge house and he closed the door behind me, he said, “I never knew they have such gorgeous looking, young women do the cleaning service.”

I smiled saying, “Thank you Mr. Adams, that is kind of you, but what did you expect?”

He giggled saying, “Please call me John, and I have expected an ugly looking older woman with fat ass to be honest.”

We both laughed loud, he was showing me around the house first, and things that needed to be done, but he had never stopped checking my body out neither had he stopped flirting with me like a teenage boy, again, I was not bothered with that because he was doing it in a real sweet, pleasing and flattering manner that would please any woman. He kept asking me questions, some of them were personal, and why would a good looking, young girl like me be doing such a low paying job.

I thanked him, explaining to him that I was not poor, and I had another decent job, but I needed the extra money for a project I had on my mind, besides, such low paying job could be a good paying job with the good tips I get here and there by doing a good job! I guess that was one hell of a hint that he loved hearing, but I meant it exactly as it sounded anyway.

I had already started doing my job and he was around all the time, keeping distance, enough to watch me and talk to me all the time. Suddenly, he asked,

“Vickie, are cleaning girls willing to do other activities outside the cleaning job?”

I acted really shocked, stopped doing what I was doing and turned around facing him and asking, “What do you mean Mr. Adams?”

He giggled saying, “Do not get me wrong sweet girl, I meant things that are not in the cleaning dictionary, like cocking or whatever.”

I acted relaxed after hearing his explanation, I smiled looking him straight in the eyes and saying in a real naughty, soft feminine way “well, it depends, I am not sure about other girls, but I personally would do anything that I am capable of, but, keep on mind, I am getting paid for cleaning, so any other activity would have its own pay rate, don’t you agree?”

He giggled loud and naughtily again saying, “Yes of course, it is only fair, besides, money is never an issue for me, I happen to have lots of it!”

By then, I believe both, him, and I, were hinting to something we both knew, he was hinting for being rich, and willing to pay anything, which I knew ahead of time anyway by the office staff, and I was hinting for my naughty willingness to ease up a little with him, but we both were implicit about it, hinting only so far.

He was quite for a while only watching me, I asked him without turning around or facing him, “So what was it you had on mind for me to do John, do you want me to cock a meal for you?”

He said, “Yes please, I am hungry and do not want to go out, but I hope you understand that you cannot cock with these clothes that you have been using while cleaning, do you mind if I offer you something from my wife’s closet?”

I said, “Sure, that makes sense and I have no objection to that.”

He walked away, went upstairs to the master bedroom, came back a few minutes later with a dress in his hands offering it to me to go to the bedroom and change into it. I took it from him and went to the bedroom to wear it, when I put it on, It was a nice comfortable dress, but did not look like a working dress in anyway, it was a fancy red dress, super short, almost topless with little straps barely covering my tits to the edge of my nipples, the rest were showing, the top was almost separate from the bottom, only hooked up to it by a thin strap from the back and sides, the front had a huge opening showing my whole abdomen and belly button, in short, it looked super sexy, but very slutty as well.

I stopped at the top of the stairs without going down saying “John, I can’t work in this dress, first it may be too formal, besides, it looks kind of slutty making me look semi-nude with my bra showing under the dress.”

He looked at me saying, “you are right about something, but this is a house dress, designed for comfort while working in the house, it is actually worn with nothing else under it, that is why it feels very comfortable for you if you do so?”

I guess he was testing me by then, and I did not want to sound or act stubborn or hardheaded, so I just acted shocked lowering my lower jaw with a smile saying, “you do not want me to wear this thing on the nude do you John?”

He giggled while looking me straight in the eyes from distance saying, “well, I cannot force you or ask you to do anything against your well Vickie, but if you want to feel free and comfortable, Yes, you should, I know everything has a price, and if you work with that dress, the pay will be tripled by the hour, besides the dress would be a gift for you.”

That was a hell of a good deal for me, but I guess I was acting in between loose and decent, so I said, “OK, I will wear it without the bra, but I will keep my panties on if you do not mind?”

He seemed to have gotten the clear hint that I am ready for a bargain by then which made him obviously happy, he said, “well, it is up to you, what ever makes you comfortable, but if it was up to me, it would be much more comfortable for you without the panties, and if you do that and wear it as it was supposed to be worn, I will hike the pay to a multiple of 4 instead of three, a deal?”

Without saying a word to him, I went back inside the bedroom, took the dress off and wore it back with nothing else under it, no bra and no panties and walked out and back in the kitchen with a curious look on his eyes, but the smile did not depart his face during that, he did not say anything, but I had a feeling he knew I followed his instructions but he wasn’t sure, so it was my turn to make sure he knew in my own way.

I was preparing his meal as agreed and he was sitting on a chair from a little distance in the kitchen, while working I bent over making sure he could get a quick glance at my bare pussy under that dress, it did not require any extra efforts, the dress was so short anyway.

John, clapped his hands saying, “So, you have decided to follow the actual instructions of using this dress, haven’t you?”

By then I knew he got his needed flash of my pussy, I giggled saying, “do not forget the pay became 4 times now?”

He giggled saying, “How could I forget that, but it seems to me that it would rise up to 5 or even more times the actual pay, if we keep up the nice bending over in both directions, front and rear?”

I laughed real loud without facing him saying, “You greedy man, you want to keep looking at my bare assets while I am working”

I guess I felt it was time to open up and waste no time, I knew exactly what he wanted, and I was willing to give it to him, my body, but he seemed to enjoy having it in a slow motion.

He got up, walked towards me kept getting closer till he was right behind me with his crotch touching my ass over the dress, wrapped his arms around me, placed a little kiss on my cheek saying, “You got that right darling, I would love to see the gorgeous ornament pussy of yours, it looks so tempting, actually I would love much more than just seeing it, but only when the right time comes and when we reach the actual hourly pay that activity deserves”

He smelled real good, and felt good too, in fact, I was being turned on suddenly with the feeling of some moist over my pussy, I did not stop him at all, on the contrary, I acted softly, smiling and giggling to what he was doing to me, feeling my body all over till one of his hands started feeling my round ass over the dress, he was waiting for my reaction, which came according to his needs, total approval without any objection, as of a sudden he pushed his hand under my dress.

He started rubbing my bare ass, then going further till he placed his palm over my pussy, and that was exactly when I started feeling his ‘hard on’ over my ass, he turned me around facing him and we were hugging close and kissing on the lips while his hands were all over my bare assets under the dress making me melt slowly and passionately.

The first chance I got loose from his arms, I turned around to continue cooking and I said, “If you keep doing this, I will not be able to finish cooking your meal?”

He said, “I changed my mind, I will take a rain check on that meal you are cooking, I am interested in having another meal now.”

He went down on his knees, lifted my dress up and started licking my pussy and ass in a very tempting and pleasuring way, it did not take him long to make me have my first orgasm while standing up being licked and finger fucked by him. He kept at it till my orgasm subsided, then I turned around, felt his hard cock over his pants which felt great and so big, I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pushed them down along with his boxer and was rewarded with a hell of gorgeous looking, rock hard, super long and thick cock, I guess I am lucky in that department by always facing them huge dicks that I love having.

I rubbed and massaged his cock while looking him straight in the eyes, no shame whatsoever, then I wrapped my lips around its shiny red head and started sucking on it, sucking his cock and taking it into my mouth inch after another till I was deep throating it almost chocking on it.

He was moaning loud, he stopped me, helped me up again, turned me around lifted my dress up revealing my ass and pussy and started rubbing his cock head to my swelled pussy lips in a standing doggie. Although his cock was huge, long and thick, but it did not need any effort from him to start gliding into my wet, slippery cunt, he kept pushing it in me slowly till it was balls deep in my pussy, he fucked me like that for a few minutes.

Then he stopped fucking me, helped me out of the dress and he got rid of all his clothes, got me on the kitchen floor after he lay down on his back, sat me over his face and started eating my cunt again, same time I leaned over, took his cock in between my lips and started sucking on it again, we were both enjoying an extra erotic 69 position for a while.

After that he fucked me in every position he could think of and much more, I was totally used and fucked, enjoyed, and pleased for at least two hors nonstop, I came countless number of times while he came twice, once in my mouth and one all over my body, all of that was right in the kitchen and on the kitchen floor.

Finally, we got up, took a shower together, he fucked me again one more time in the shower, then I got dressed, thanked him and left after he slipped an envelope into my purse, winking an eye and kissed me on the lips, I walked out, the first chance I got as I sat in my car, I opened the envelope to find a hell of a lot of money in the envelope that I did not even dreamed of getting.

Should I call it my tips for doing a great cleaning job? or the price of getting fucked like a real hooker who gets fucked and paid, or else, maybe it was for the extra activities I had offered him over and above doing the original cleaning job? Who cares?


Wishing you all the best



Dina Petro

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