Give and Take

t0ma5   March 05, 2018   | 23602 Views
...My left hand lands on your small pert breast and you feel the nipple being squeezed. I put my right hand on top of yours, under your slip, and push your fingertips towards their destination.... stepmom

You stand in front of the mirror looking at your body in your black sexy lingerie; tall black pointed stilettos, black lacy stockings, the smallest of black slips and matching bra. Your hand slides over your bellybutton ring that accentuates your firm muscular abdomen. Your fingertips disappear under you slip and a sigh leaves your lips as they reach their destination.

With the corner of your eye you catch my reflection in the mirror as I approach you. I can hear my heartbeat fasten as I wrap my hands around you, my lips settle on your neck and you feel my breath in your ear and my naked torso on your back.

My left hand lands on your small pert breast and you feel the nipple being squeezed. I put my right hand on top of yours, under your slip, and push your fingertips towards their destination.

You feel my overexcited cock through my briefs, through your slip, resting in the crevice of your muscular buttocks, and you involuntary push back to enhance the feeling.

My hand pushes your fingertips on top of your clitoris and caress it gently; you feel the excitement building inside you as the pressure increases and as I move my hand further down you start to rotate faster and pinch your clitoris building up the heat.

My lips are now attacking your neck like bloodsucking leaches; my hand is rough on your breast, pinching and pulling your nipple; my cock is pushing hard into your buttocks; my fingers are opening your cunt lips, trenched in your moisture and enter you slowly, first one then a second; and you push forward to feel them and then backwards to keep the pressure of my cock between your buttocks. 

We dance together entwined while I attack your body, I kiss your neck roughly, your nipple is stretched and twisted, your cunt invaded, your clitoris overstimulated! and then, the volcano explodes, the orgasm building inside you surfaces and takes control of your body. I feel you trembling, I feel your come on my fingers; my cock is squeezed from the shocks of your quivering buttocks....

And then, slowly you calm down, you lean back on my torso, your hands hang loose on your side. I lift my fingers up to your mouth and I slip one past your lips onto your tongue and then the second; I feel your tongue licking my fingers as your mouth sucks them in; you taste yourself, the taste of your orgasm, the taste of your cunt and you feel a new urge stirring slowly inside you, a desire for more starts building inside you.....but it is my turn...

I turn you round. I put my hands on your shoulders and push you down on your knees. You know what I want, what I crave; you pull my briefs down liberating my cock; your tongue snakes out and licks the pre-come from the tip of my cock...and then I feel the warmth engulfing me, your mouth wrapped around my cock; I groan with desire; your mouth and tongue tease me; it is agony I can not bear but I so much desire.

My hands wrap round your hair vigorously; you let out a painful sigh but I do not care; you belong to me! there is only one thing that cock is about to erupt. I use your mouth for my pleasure; I force your head backwards and forwards; as my cock slides deep into your mouth I feel your teeth scratching it, I feel the sucking power of your mouth trying to draw my come out. The sensation of your nose hitting my belly as I plant my cock deeply fully into your mouth and your choking makes me feel I own you. I just want to fuck your let me; you want to please me; you want to feel me erupting inside your mouth proving the power you have over me!....and then, for a moment I stand still; my hands tense gripping your hair tightly, a groan rises up from my guts and comes out stilted through my mouth...aaaah; and then I pull your head towards me, burying myself as far as I can into tense for a second and then relax so that you can receive my come; I pump and pump and you swallow it all....almost all;

and when I am finished, barely able to stand on my two feet, you slowly stand up, your hands running up my sides, your nails scraping my skin. You bring your lips close to mine; you kiss me...your tongue snakes into my mouth... and as our tongues start a battle you give me your present...some of my come!


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