Simone The Schoolgirl (Part Two)

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Simone The Schoolgirl (Part Two)   A horny male teacher gets more than he could wish for at an exclusive residential school for senior girls   Mf, mast, fetish, spank  … stepmom

Simone The Schoolgirl (Part Two)

A horny male teacher gets more than he could wish for at an exclusive residential school for senior girls

Mf, mast, fetish, spank

Chapter Seven

I have to admit, I listened at Simone’s door for a while before I knocked but I couldn’t make anything out above the background noise of the radio. I knocked and called her name and she invited me in. She was sitting on her bed reading. I asked if she would like to go to the pictures that evening and her face lit up at the suggestion. We briefly discussed what to see and settled on a walk into town to the small art-house cinema. I asked her out because I thought that having unburdened herself to me as she had done, I needed to show some trust back to her. And besides, I liked being around pretty girls!

We walked into town and talked about our favourite films. She was keen to know more about me, about the States - usual stuff. She asked if I had a girlfriend but the big smile on her face told me that she was doing it out of playfulness as much as anything. We bought ice-creams and settled in the back row of the nearly empty cinema. I’m not sure if either of us really wanted to see the French film, but neither of us would be so ‘uncool’ as to say that we didn’t. The lights went down and the film turned out to be quite good - a gentle comedy that the French do so well. There was one point that was a little gruesome and Simone buried her face into my shoulder. I smelt her perfume drift up to me and I drank it in deeply.

After the film we decided on McDonalds as we were both hungry and we started the walk back. It was a full moon and a cloudless night so we walked across the fields we had trodden that morning. We were quiet or talked a little about the film. We reached a gate that was not easy to cross in daylight because the lock was broken but at night was even more difficult. I got over without too much difficulty but Simone ended up straddling the gate and bursting into fits of giggles. I put my arms around her waist to lift down and as I did so she fell into me - pressing herself full up against me. We looked into each other's eyes for a while and kissed again. This time, with passion on both sides. I licked her lips, tasted her tongue and rubbed my hands over her ass as we held each other tightly. When we parted she said softly said “Make love to me”. Her face was beautiful, soft and innocent. Her body was firm and nicely curved in the right places. She was a gorgeous girl and I was dying to fuck her. But I couldn’t.

I turned away and said “Simone, we shouldn’t be doing this”. She took my hand and kissed my fingertips. Then placed my hand on her breasts. I tried to pull it away but my heart wasn’t in it. I wanted to do this, I really did. She pulled me to her and kissed me again. I ran my fingers through her hair and moved my mouth to her neck. I licked her earlobes and made her giggle.

Finally, I pulled away. “Geoff, please.” she implored. “Sorry” I began, “You really are a beautiful and gorgeous woman Simone, but we can’t do this”. She asked “Do you want to?”.

With only a seconds pause I nodded and said “Yes. Definitely yes. I want to lick down your body and kiss your nipples. Slide my cock into your sweet pussy and bring us both to the heights of pleasure - really I DO want that. But, but we just can’t”.

I pulled away and made towards the house. She followed a few steps behind and we stayed that way until we reached the school gates. I turned to her and said “We can’t let this go any further. You’ve trusted me with your secret, now I’ve given you one of mine. I want you as a friend Simone, but it can’t be more than that”. She smiled a little but I could see in her eyes the longing she felt. Shit, did she know the longing I was feeling?

I closed the door to my room and let out a deep sigh. I sat in my chair and thought about Simone - what it would be like to fuck her, to see my come dribbling down her tits, to lick her pussy, to hear her scream as she came... Jesus, I was in a bad way. I was enjoying the thoughts though and my cock was responding. I pulled the case from under the bed and removed my favourite mag. I flicked to the pictures of Carla and it didn’t take much imagination to picture Simone. I rubbed myself and alternately looked at the pictures and closed my eyes, dreaming of Simone. I heard a noise and looked at the door - Simone was standing in the doorway, watching me jack-off!

“SIMONE....” I started to protest but then I saw what she was wearing. A short black pleated skirt with black hold-up stockings and high heels, a tight white blouse and skimpy black bra - I quickly wondered if the labels were from a French store. I looked down at my swollen cock and at the pictures of Carla. I looked at Simone again - the similarities were wonderful.

She walked over to me and I didn’t even try to hide my cock - she had seen what I was doing. She knelt in front of me and without a word took my stiff cock in her soft hand swallowed the head trough her soft lips. Her tongue lapped at the underside and swirled around the head. Her nimble fingers teased and stroked my scrotum and she sucked hard and deeply. I held her head in my hands and stroked her soft hair. Her head bobbed down further and I realised she was deep-throating me - not bad for a schoolgirl!. It felt fantastic.

All reservations were washed away as she sucked me to orgasm. My breathing shortened and she could tell I was near. She let me fall from her mouth and looked into my eyes. “Where do you want to come” she said, matter-of-fact. “Over your breasts” I stammered out.

She leant back and slipped the blouse off of her shoulders. She had on a lacy black bra that made her ample boobs look a beautiful creamy colour. As I was drinking in the view she was rubbing the base of my cock and I started to protest when I could feel my balls tighten and the first spurt of come fell from the eye. She angled my cock to be a few inches away from her breasts and the second, larger spurt landed directly between them. I spurted again and again. She moved my cock around her tits until they were covered in sticky spunk. She pulled my cock to her red mouth and licked it clean. I fell back onto the bed exhausted.

She knelt on the bed next to me and with a devilish look on her face scooped a little come of her left breast with a finger and plopped it into her mouth. Then she took her right breast in both hands and lifted it up so that her tongue could flick over her nipple. She lapped at the come and sucked her nipple with her eyes closed. She cleaned some more and then licked her fingers - almost in triumph.

Simone looked down at me and my flaccid cock. She paused for a second and then threw her left leg over me so that she was straddling my chest. She shuffled up so that her pussy was inches from my mouth. I looked at it, sweet and pure. She had no panties on and her pubes were neatly trimmed to leave a small ‘V’ above her lips but her lips themselves were bare.

I put my hands around her ass and pulled her pussy to me and slipped my tongue into the already wet opening. She moaned as she felt me lapping her lips. I sought out her little clitty and sucked on it. She let out a deep moan and an “Oh shiiiittttt...” as the waves of pleasure seeped through her. My fingers found her puckered little anus and gently stroked it. Her face contorted into so many different expressions and then fell blank as her orgasm built. Her juices tasted a little sweeter as she came. She grabbed the head of the bed and ground her hips down forcing her pussy almost into my mouth. I sucked harder on her clit and she screamed as she came. Her body shuddered and went limp. She almost fell onto the bed beside me. I looked across at her and realised she had the face of an angel.

We lay unmoving and silent for about ten minutes. Simone rolled to look at me and reached out a hand to softly stroke my cock. “I’ve not had this inside of me yet” she said, straightforwardly. “Uh, I don’t know if I could” I replied. She leaned on one elbow to look me in the face and said “I bet I can coax you” and she jumped off the bed. I sat up as she stood over by my desk. She was dressed now in just her hold-up stockings and heels. She bent forwards and gripped her ankles with her legs straight and her feet slightly apart - her ass pointing straight at me. She looked at me with her head on its side. “Well, you can always spank me. I know that gets you going” and she licked her lips.

I rose from the bed (in more ways than one) and walked over to her. My cock was now horizontal with the ground and I looked at her gorgeous ass. Well, she asked for it, and I smacked her behind with my hand. It wasn’t hard but she gave a mock squeal. I smacked again and she moaned “Oh, no. I’ve not been a bad girl, why are you doing that” in a girly voice.

I ran my hand over the curves of her ass and slid my fingertips over her pussy lips. She breathed deeply as I tickled her lips and smoothed the wetness around them. I stood back a little and looked at her legs - fabulous, encased in the black nylon and high heels. My cock was rigid again now so I moved forwards and pushed the head against her wet lips. She let out a little squealed “Ooh” and I pushed into her.

Simone moaned deeply and I pulled back until only the tip was in and shoved my hips forward again to thrust deep into her. She took her hands from her ankles and gripped the edge of the desk. “Mmm, yes, fuck me deep, shit I need this, yeah, fuck me hard” she stuttered out in quick succession. I needed no prompting and started to speed my tempo and thrust into her. I held onto her ass as my balls slapped against her when my cock disappeared. She was moaning and panting equally and I could tell she wasn’t far from coming.

I slowed down but pushed harder and that sent her over the edge. She threw her head back and let out a low moan, biting her lip as she did so. I couldn’t take any more and pulled out of her sweet pussy. I rubbed only a couple of times and spurted come all over her ass. I made sure some of the hot liquid landed on her anus and she jumped a little when she felt the heat. I stood her upright and kissed her neck. She turned and we kissed deeply. I led her to the bed and we lay down. I pulled up the covers and turned out the light. I held her close to me and we fell asleep very quickly.

I was woken in the morning by an odd sensation and I opened my eyes to see Simone licking my cock. It was already firm (how?) and she was clearly enjoying the feeling of being able to explore every inch of it. She saw I was awake and plopped my head into her mouth as she looked at me. Her eyes never left mine while she sucked and licked my swollen head. “Christ, you’re insatiable” I said. She stopped licking and let my cock plop onto my stomach. “I can stop if you want” she said in a hurt voice but with a smile on her lips. She continued “Or, we can fuck all day until the girls get back this afternoon” and she picked up my cock and started to rub me. She stroked me fast until I told her to slow down - we had all day. That was what she wanted to hear.

We fucked three more times that day - once in my bed, once in hers and once in the form room. She had asked me to do this but I wasn’t sure. She’d had a slight sulk and said she’d allowed me to indulge my fantasies - now it was her turn. I gave in, that sweet face could charm the birds from the trees.

We went to the form room and she leant forwards over her desk - she loved being fucked from behind. This was her wish, whenever she sat there from now on she could think of this moment. She made me pull out and spurt over the desk so that it left a stain. There wasn’t much left in me by that time but I managed to stain the light wood. She kissed me and held me tightly.

Final Part

During Monday’s last lesson, Miss Archer’s secretary handed me a note - I had been summoned to appear before the great one! At the end of the lesson, I was about to make my way to Archer’s study when she appeared at the door. She smiled at me and walked directly to Simone’s desk. She looked closely at it and said, quite casually, “So, this is where you fucked her is it?”.

I was struck dumb. My mouth went dry, I felt dizzy, the whole nine yards. “I can tell by your reaction Mr. Kelaway that my words are no surprise to you” she continued. I made fish-like moves with my mouth. “Follow me to my study” she commanded. I followed.

As I entered she was winding the video tape player to a specified point. “Ah, here it is” she said triumphantly. Sure enough, there I was fucking Simone from behind in the form room. “Care to comment?” was all she added. I couldn’t think how she’d got all that on tape, but the place was full of old galleries and passages, plenty of places to hide a camera - the devious bitch! 

I blurted out some meaningless words but she shut me up with her raised hand. “Mr. Kellaway” she began, “you have been caught transgressing the most fundamental rule of this school. I don’t mean sexual intercourse with a pupil, but the more serious crime of bringing the name of the school into disrepute”. I blinked. She continued “Simone Tallington is well known to me. In fact it was her ‘womanly’ charms that caused the departure of the previous Geography teacher. It only took her two weeks before she had him fucking her. I suppose she came out with that tale of her Father’s business partner - always good for some sympathy that one”.

Her words swirled around my head and strangely it seemed almost crude that a woman like Miss Archer should be using the word ‘fucking’. “Well, I’ve had enough - of her and of you” she continued, “I’m not to take this further if you agree to resign gracefully and accept my punishment. If you choose not to” her fingers played with the video control “then I shall be forced to inform the authorities. I have no desire to drag the name of Benlow through the mire”. She paused waiting for my reaction. I knew I was at her mercy. This way, I would leave gracefully and probably go back to the States with no-one any the wiser. If not, I knew the Police would be involved.

“O.K.” I stammered dryly, “The term ends next week, should I go then?”. She liked this, it was neat and tidy. “Yes, that would be best. Now, do you also agree to accept my punishment?”. I pictured me having to scrub the bathrooms with a toothbrush or similar. “Sure” I agreed - I knew I had no other option. “Good. I’ve been looking forward to this” and she smiled broadly. She walked me to the door of her study and told me to go to the school gym at 10pm. I started to speak but she slammed the door on me.

At 10pm, I left the house and was immediately greeted by Miss Archer outside the door.

"Good evening Mr. Kelaway" she began, "I hope you are prepared for my particular style of punishment" she stated ominously. I started to meekly respond but she talked over me "you know that discipline is paramount here at Benlow and I intend to ensure that discipline will be maintained" and she smiled through her thin lips.

We walked the rest of the short walk to the gym in silence.

I followed her to the door of the gym. She stopped and turned to face me, the strange smile was still on her face. She instructed me to wait outside whilst she entered the gym and closed the door. I did so and a minute later she returned closing the door behind her. She began “Mr. Kelaway, do you understand what is about to happen?”. She was talking to me as though she were addressing a naughty boy - which in a way I suppose I was.

I nodded in reply, she continued “Once behind the door, you must accept my punishment, completely and without complaint. If you do, the matter will go no further and we will all be happy”. Her smile dropped, “If not, I will be left with no alternative but to expose you for the child molester and pervert that you are!”. Shit, but the enormity of what I’d done was now coming back to haunt me. I couldn’t even conjure up the image of Simone’s sweet ass to comfort me. I swallowed and limply said “Sure”. “Good” she said “Let’s begin” - she was smiling again.

She motioned to me to open the door to the gym and to step through. As I did, I noticed that it was dark in there, all the drapes were drawn and there was no light. As my eyes were adjusting I felt myself being gripped by many hands on my arms, legs and neck. Two hands tightly pressed my windpipe and while I was struggling to free my hands to release the constriction, handcuffs were snapped on my wrists. All of the hands left me and I almost fell over forwards.

By now, my eyes were adjusting and I could see some thick sports mats were laid over most of the floor and a few pieces of gym equipment were standing around, the pommel horse, trampoline etc.. I squinted as I thought I saw someone standing by the horse - the lights were turned on and I blinked a little to adjust my eyes. I looked again and couldn’t believe what I saw.

It was Simone - bent over the pommel horse, her hands forwards over her head and tied to the legs of the horse. Her own legs were wide apart and tied to the horse also. She had a gag in her mouth and she looked across at me now as a helpless girl rather than a ‘femme fatale’. I called out her name but was slapped across the face by an unseen hand and a voice barked “SILENCE!”. I turned to see who struck me but as I did a gag was sipped over my head from behind and tied quickly and firmly into place.

I looked now upon the faces of seven of the fifth-form girls. Leila stood with her hand still raised, a crooked smirk on her face. I moved towards her but my arms were being held tightly behind me. Leila straightened and fixed me with a strong look and said “So, you want to give me the same ‘punishment’ as you gave her, do you?” and she nodded her head towards Simone. “Don’t worry teacher, it’s not Simone we’re all here to punish - that’s your prize” and the other girls all laughed. I looked up at Miss Archer who was standing away from the girls and saying nothing, but she was now holding a cane. I swallowed.

Without speaking to me, the girls led me over to a frame that looked like a clothes rail but was made of solid wood. Very quickly the girls attached the handcuffs to the top of the rail around some clothes hooks so I could move my arms but only a few inches in each direction. They pushed my feet onto the base of the rail and cuffed my wrists likewise. I was now standing on the flat base of the rail, spread-eagled and unable to move off it but I could turn enough to look around.

The girls moved away with the exception of Leila who stayed behind me. She put her arms around my waist and unbuttoned my trousers and let them fall to my ankles. Some of the girls giggled as my ass and legs were exposed. I was wearing white skimpy briefs. Leila grabbed the waistband of the briefs and pulled them up so that they slid between my cheeks. As she did so she whispered in my ear “Comfy?”. I didn’t respond.

Leila stepped back and one of the girls gave her a cane. I turned to look across at Simone - she hadn’t moved whilst all of this was going on. Leila swished the cane down and caught me square on my cheeks. I winced. This wasn’t the reaction she wanted so she turned away from me slightly and swung her arm with full force. I felt a shot of pain burst through me and I grunted deeply. She caned me four more times, the last time caused me to shout out. THAT was the reaction she wanted.

“Enough, Leila”. Miss Archer’s voice boomed out for the first time. Leila stepped back and I breathed in quick gulps waiting for the initial burn to die down. Miss Archer walked over to me and stood close. She rubbed her own cane over the glowing welts on my cheeks. “We’ll leave you alone for a while to contemplate your folly” she hissed into my ear.

She motioned to the girls who all ran over to Simone. Miss Archer whispered again “The girls are going to have some fun with Simone. If you make one sound of protest I shall thrash your behind until you cry for mercy - understand?”. Her voice rose at the end to emphasise the question. I nodded and continued to breathe deeply. I closed my eyes for a while but opened them again when I heard Simone cry out “NO, PLEASE...”.

I turned my head to see one of the girls pushing a very large dildo up her tight pussy. Leila was squeezing and tugging hard at her nipples. The other girls milled around trying to a better view of the action. The girl with the dildo was really fucking poor Simone’s cunt and seemed to be enjoying it immensely. I opened my mouth to call out for them to be lenient but as I did, Miss Archer ran her cane over my backside once more and said “Shhh, shhh”, as though to comfort a child.

I could only watch as Simone was abused by the other girls. The dildo was removed from her pussy and plunged back in right up to the hilt - and it must have been 10" at least. Simone squirmed as it pushed inside of her. Leila was directing the activity and cleared the girls away from Simone’s behind. The dildo was still pistoning in and out of Simone’s cunt when Leila swished the cane down onto her backside. Simone squealed once but one of the other girls took the discarded panties and pushed them into her mouth. I closed my eyes again. All I could hear was the murmuring of the girls, the sloshing of the dildo and the swishing of the cane.

I closed my eyes for a while and re-opened them and looked across at the scene. There were seven girls, plus Simone, all from Alban house. They were wild-eyed and excited as they watched Alicia dildo-fuck Simone while Leila caned her ass. I looked around the gym but the only other person present was Miss Archer.

Miss Archer stood almost impassively watching the scene before her.

"Oh my god!! Kinky's got a hard-on" woke me from my reverie. I looked across and saw all of the girls laughing and pointing at my obvious erection. The girls were still laughing as Miss Archer spoke quietly, so only I could hear.

"So, Geoff.." she hissed, "didn't you know that the girls have given you the nickname of 'kinky'?"

I swallowed. "Kinky Kelaway" is possibly where it came from... the girls like alliteration" she continued, "but I suspect it's because you can't keep your eyes off their legs and young breasts, can you?". I knew it wasn't a question as the last few months had been torture and the girls had been 'accidentally' dropping pens or leaning over my desk. "The girls make sure to keep me informed of the behaviour of all of my staff" she stated, calmly. I sank a little but was kept upright by the handcuffs.

Miss Archer turned a little and raised her cane which made me pull back but she slowly moved the cane below my cock and lifted it until it was almost vertical. "You know..." she almost drawled "... this could have found a home in my room if you'd only asked" as she let the cane drop and my boner drop a little with it.

I looked her in the eyes and could tell she wasn't joking but the thought had never crossed my mind before. Maybe that's what this punishment was about... jealousy?

The girls attention was directed back to Simone's punishment and Leila had handed over her cane to Philippa who had moved around to the front of the pommel horse and was now swatting Simone's breasts with the cane. Simone was almost screaming into her panty-gag as the pain in her young breasts took hold.

Miss Archer moved to the middle of the room and stopped Philippa from her activities. Sweat had formed on Philippa's brow as well as Leila and the other girls all seem flushed.

Simone hung over the horse and sobbed into the panties in her mouth. The only other sound now was loud breathing from the girls.

"Mr. Kelaway..." Miss Archer began, "...Simone's punishment is now down to you".

The girls sniggered and Laura went to get a gym bag. "and don't forget" Miss Archer continued "that we have some very incriminating evidence on video tape and a set of girls.." her arm motioned to the girls present "...that will attest to being molested and groped by you". My eyes shot wide open as Laura said "yes Miss, he fondled my bum and told me not to say anything if I wanted to get a pass-grade".

"That's not true!!" I squealed but "mmmnuttooo" was all that came out from my gag. I sank a little again.

Miss Archer smiled. "Mr. Kelaway, you will be punished so that you will never 'offend' this way again". She continued, "Simone will be punished for being a little slut and for stealing at least one boyfriend from the girls". I saw Leila's shoulders stiffen and realised there was a little more going on than I realised.

"So, how best to achieve both things in one - two birds with one stone, if you wish" and I saw a playful smile cross her lips. The girls giggled again, obviously in on the joke. This didn't look good.

Miss Archer pointed at Rebecca and Kate and they moved behind me. Without any fight from me, they removed the handcuffs from my ankles and replaced them with cuffs they buckled tightly and clipped a strong chain onto each cuff. The chain looked about 2-feet long so would only allow me to walk in short steps. They both stood on the frame and attached similar cuffs around my wrists and another short chain to one cuff. They paused while Laura stood in front of me and she violently grabbed my ball sac and dug her nails into the soft flesh. While I was screeching in pain the girls undid the handcuffs and attached the chain to the other wrist cuff and then removed the handcuffs completely. Laura released my balls and lightly stroked my cock almost as an apology all the while looking deeply into my eyes. Shit, she was gorgeous as well.

The girls led me off the frame and allowed me to free stand. I was cuffed at the ankles, trousers around my knees, shirt open, sweat dripping, my hand cuffed behind me and a cloth gag tied around my head.

Philippa got a large pair of scissors from the gym bag and proceed to cut off my clothes, including my socks.

I now noticed the arousal of the girls, which aroused me more. Simone was still lightly sobbing but even I could smell her pussy from several feet away and I know the girls could to.

The girls were all studying my body. I know I keep in trim but have never thought of myself as a hunk. My cock was bobbing involuntarily as the blood pulsed through it. They were looking me up and down as though I was a slave at an auction.

"Mr. Kelaway" Miss Archer said, "you will now help the girls with a biology lesson". She let the words hang in the air as I saw the eyes of the girls widen. "You will be the subject of an experiment". I swallowed hard.

Miss Archer saw my discomfort but, in an almost encouraging voice, added "but we will all enjoy it, even you!". She seemed almost gleeful. "Gather around, girls" she stated and the seven girls formed a half-circle in front of me.

She herself walked behind and unclipped the chain linking the cuffs on my wrists.

She spoke again "I want you to masturbate for us". That was it, just a statement. The girls giggled.

"Well, what are you waiting for?". I looked at her disbelievingly but she took the cane that was leaning against the wall and repeated "You are to masturbate, to climax". Again, no further discussion was needed.

I hesitated a little until I saw her hand tighten its' grip on the cane and so I brought my right hand to my now slightly deflating cock.

"Pippa, the gag please" Miss Archer stated and Phillipa stood and untied the cloth around my head. I stretched my jaw and Miss Archer spoke again "Mr. Kelaway, this exercise is to show the girls the act of male masturbation." She smiled. "Please provide a commentary describing what you are doing and why" the girls giggled "...and what is going through your mind to help you stimulate yourself".

Miss Archer raised an eyebrow as though the last part was a genuine question.

I spoke for the first time since entering the room. "Miss Archer, please, let Simone go... I'm the guilty one here". Miss Archer looked at me calmly and replied "Mr. Kelaway, Simone Tallington is a disruptive little slut that is only here at Benlow because her mother pays me a lot to keep her here and away from the men that work for her father". I saw Simone's head turn a little and she had stopped sobbing now.

"To my knowledge, the last summer holidays saw Simone 'distract' five of her husband's employees and also the gardener that works at their own home". "She is a little slut that needs to be taught the lesson of not taking what you want just because you can". She continued "to that end, hopefully tonight will see the end to her little activities, at least as far as Benlow school is concerned".

I started to speak but Miss Archer raised her hand to shush me.

"Mr. Kelaway, in a short time this will all be over. Tomorrow morning, Mrs. Talington will arrive to remove her daughter from the school. Mrs. Talington does not know the details of what is going on here but is aware of the discipline I had to administer to Simone's elder sister who was also a border pupil here at Benlow". "She personally thanked me for putting her daughter back-on-track and I'm sure will have no problem with whatever story Simone decides to concoct after leaving here". Mrs. Talington was a pupil here herself many years ago when I was just a tutor and I know she herself fell foul of the school discipline. Simone spends weekends here so that she has less opportunity to fall back into her old ways".

So that was that. Suck it up, get through tonight and tomorrow all is well.

"We're all waiting, Mr. Kelaway..." she concluded.

By now, my boner had shrank and I realised what was left for me to do. Jack off and go.

I started to stroke my cock. The girl faces got a little closer and the giggling had now stopped.

Maybe not unsurprisingly, my cock wasn't behaving as it should and I had to close my eyes and try to drift-off into a reverie so I could find 'my moment'.

It didn’t take long before I was able to conjure the images of Simone and my cock returned to full strength. I opened my eyes to see 7 girls staring not at me, but intently at my cock. I stated to tug faster and could the spunk rising. I looked over at Miss Archer and our eyes locked. She could tell what was about to happen. She smiled.

“Kate” she called. Kate turned but Miss Archer continued. “Take Mr. Kellaway’s penis into you hands and finish him off please”. Very matter-of-fact.

Kate giggled but sensuously moved closer and took my balls in one, my cock in the other. She looked into my eyes and licked her lips. Mmmm, gorgeous, cherry-red lips. I could feel my cock tensing as she rubbed and then, without bidding, took my head into her mouth and sucked. That was all I needed and I started to spurt into her young, hot mouth. I spurted and spurted and Kate started to gag, my spunk dribbling out of the sides of her mouth and onto her cheeks and chin.

I gasped and could feel myself finishing.

Kate gave me one last suck and let my cock slip from her mouth. Miss Archer was now behind Kate and she almost lifted the girl to a standing position and with one hand pulled my head towards Kate. Kate placed her hands on my cheeks and pulled me in for a kiss. Our lips met before I realised she was opening her mouth and pushing my spunk back into my own mouth. I started to pull back but Miss Archer held my head firm in her string hands and I started to swallow my own spunk. The kiss lasted for a minute or so until Kate pulled away and was gasping.

There was a lot of heavy breathing in the room.

“Untie him and let him go” Miss Archer commanded and the girls undid my bonds and I was able to move unrestricted. I look over at Simone as she was slumped over the wooden horse. She looked unconscious but she moved and turned her head to look at me. Her eyes were full and red and she looked completely defeated.

“GO, NOW” Miss Archer barked and she pushed me towards the door. I left my clothes and ran out of the gym completely naked. I was back in room in only 3 minutes and I started sobbing. Everything had turned to shit.

I was genuinely concerned for Simone but rationalised that she would get over it.

I locked my door and packed my things.

Early next morning, at the crack of dawn, I caught a taxi to the town and was in London by lunchtime. Late afternoon the following day I landed at Miami International. I wanted to make sure I was as far away as possible from Benlow school.

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Why do I smile? Lots of sex that's why. If you get a lot of the good stuff you can't help but smile…
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What can I say?... Gotta love sex. Makes me smile. Makes me shine. Know what I mean?
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I've always been into girls for as long as I can remember. Love writing erotic stories and would love…
Published erotica author under the name of Jade Melisande; kink, sex & relationship blogger at;…
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I believe I have reached half way through my life. made some great decisions and some dumb ones. I try…