One Night Stand

MysticMike3204   May 24, 2016   | 371422 Views
I couldn;t stop fucking her, it felt so good with my hard cock so deep in her tight little pussy. A chance like this only comes around like this once in a lifetime and hell; Lesbian

I couldn’t stop fucking her, it felt so good with my hard cock so deep in her tight little pussy. A chance like this only comes around like this once in a lifetime and hell, I wasn’t passing this up.

She was only 23 and I was 62, but what the fuck, I still had it and I knew how to use it. Fuck, she was hot with those long slender legs that seem to go on and on. To me, her ass was the most prefect ass that I ever seen, nice and round, but firm, just the right size when I fucked her from behind.

Ok her tits, they were big and round, I don’t know what size they were, but I could cup them in my hands, squeeze them together and tit fuck her all night long. Then there was her nipples, oh sweet nipples, they fit prefect around my lips and in my mouth.

I saved the best for last to describe, her honey hole, it was, words can’t describe it , it was as smooth as silk, just like the day she was born. Her pussy lips were so full and when you parted them, the prefect shade of rose bud pink. When I eat her cunt, the taste blew my mind, sweet as candy and like eating your favorite food until you felt like you would explode but continue shoveling it in your mouth forever because you didn’t want that taste to ever end.

Now let me tell you, she was the best cock sucker that ever sucked my ten inch dick. When her ruby red lips touched my cock head, veins in my brain popped and when she put the whole length of my three inch thick shaft into her moist mouth, that was it, I lost my mind. I went to places I never been before, my entire body screamed with pleasure.

And the feel of her tongue as it slide under the length of my massive cock pole and ball sack sent me into orbit. I had come what felt like buckets of cum into her mouth, coating the inside and sliding down her throat, ever drop of my seed never escaped her hungry lips.

Leased I forget, when my huge cock was inside her fucking tight pussy, thrusting it in and out like I was on fire, her cunt muscles grabbed ahold, squeezed my shaft so tight my balls wanted to blow the head of my dick off. My cum escaped at the speed of light, filling her pussy cavity with millions of my little fuckers.

I never wanted that night to end and in a way it never will. Our fuck session will always be burned into my brain. Her smell, her touch, the taste of her being, will be part of my soul until the end of time.

Her name was, it doesn’t matter, that night will forever be the best night in my life and at the age of 62, I died thinking about her and had the biggest smile on my face. I smelled pussy.

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