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Teaching New Position To Young Married Aunt

naughtyharshith   April 26, 2018   | 30449 Views
lovely story for recent married ladies stepmom

We were recently married and lived in an apartment in a big city. Those were the fun days when we were very excited about sex and used to experiment a lot. We had a couple moved in our neighborhood, who were also recently married. Neighborhood lady Mira was in her early 20s, and my wife soon became friends with her. Mira was good looking, with nice figure and her boobs seem to be in good shape from what I could make out from above the dress. They used to talk a lot while I was gone for work.


One day my wife mentioned a funny story about the couple. She said that Mira told her that soon after getting married, husband tried to have sex with her. But, she was not aware of the whole sexual process. In fact, she wasn’t even aware of the sexual intercourse.

So, when her husband tried o insert her penis in her vagina, she protested and said that he was doing something wrong. Husband kept trying to convince her that it was very normal for husband wife to engage in sexual intercourse and penis had to go in vagina for this to happen. She wasn’t convinced, specially since she felt that penis was too big to go in her young vagina. I was just amazed to hear this story, and thought that she must have a young tight vagina, and was aroused about the whole story. Anyway, Mira eventually decided to see a doctor about this. Doctor made her take her panties off, and inserted finger in her vagina.

He told her that it was very normal for a tight vagina to feel the pain for the first time. He advised her to finger herself few times to get used to the process, and make vagina ready for sex. He demonstrated that by fingering her and she told my wife that it was the first climax for her and she finally was convinced that the intercourse was normal for husband and wife. Then, she had sex with her husband. When I heard this story from my wife, I laughed but thought about one day getting to see this young vagina of this lady who did not know much about sex even after her marriage. I did not know that the chance would come soon.

One afternoon, I came home early, and me and my wife were fooling around. We got excited and started having sex in doggy position in the bedroom with our TV on. Suddenly, our next door neighbor Mira knocked on our door. She thought that my wife was alone and watching the TV. Since we were in middle of sex, my wife shouted to the door to know who was knocking. Mira replied that it was her and she wanted to come inside to watch some TV with my wife.

My wife looked at me and was about to say that she was busy. But, I thought of an idea. I told my wife to let her come inside, and let her experience what we were doing. I told her that it would be fun, specially since Mira wasn’t very experienced in sex, and not sure if she had experienced doggy position before. Somehow my wife agreed, and called her in. As the door was not locked, Mira came inside and straight into the bedroom where TV was playing and we were having sex. I was right behind my wife and my penis was in her vagina. Mira came inside completely while looking at TV.

She suddenly looked at the bed and saw us in that position from the side. She saw that we were totally naked and I was moving behind my wife. She just stared at us for a bit, and then suddenly said sorry. I told her that she could sit down and watch the TV. We were just having fun. I told her that she was a recently married lady, so probably knew about husband wife getting excited frequently and having sex. She said that it wasn’t sex and we seem to be doing something else. She said that sex is done while lying down. I suddenly remembered the story my wife told me about her and her husband. I thought this was a good time to engage her.

So, I told her that sex can be done in many different ways, and this was one of the positions to try and it was called a ‘doggie’ position. She became curious and asked me if I was inserting my penis into my wife’s ass. I asked her to come closer and showed her my inserted penis in my wife’s vagina from behind. I showed her that I could have inserted my penis in ass as well, but vagina is more normal. Then, I started thrusting my penis in my wife’s vagina from behind. She was looking at my penis and the whole intercourse from very close. I had an idea, and asked her if she had tried this with her husband. She said that she had not done it. I said we could show her how this is done and she seems to nod.

I took out penis from my wife’s vagina and showed her the position my wife was in and her vagina. Then, I showed her my penis head. She seemed very excited to see my penis head. Then, I slowly inserted my penis into my wife’s vagina while she was watching it. I asked my wife if she felt any pain and my wife replied that she didn’t.

Since she was now into the demo, I took a chance and asked her to make a position just like my wife. She looked at me. I told her to keep her clothes on and just bend down like my wife. She came onto the bed and made the doggy position just like my wife. I was so excited about this, and held her butt from behind to position it correctly. I told her that she had to position her butt properly so her husband can see the vagina clearly and can insert his penis. I separated her leg a bit and tried to feel her vagina from about the dress. She moved her butt a little. I told her that since I could not see her vagina, I was trying to get her in the right position by feeling her vagina’s position.

Then, I asked her if I could move her skirt and try to get the proper position for her. She said yes. So, I slowly moved her skirt from the back all the way up to her back. Now, I could see her panties and she was right in front of me with a nice butt. I could not stop myself and quickly moved the panties down. She covered her ass and vagina with her hand, and was feeling very shy. But, I told her that this way I could see her vagina’s position to tell her the best doggie position. She slowly moved her hand and now I could see a very nice butt, with a wet vagina opened right in front of my penis. I got hold of her butt cheeks and separated with my hand to see her ass hole. It was such a nice sight.

I started moving her butt around while keeping the butt cheeks separated. She finally started moving freely as well. I saw the opportunity and told her that I was going to see if she was in the right position. Having said that, I slowly started inserting my penis into her ass hole first. I had little bit of fun there, and then told her that it was possible to insert penis in ass hole like this, but she should first try to get penis in her vagina in this position.

Then, I inserted my penis into her vagina completely and gave her a couple of thrusts. I told her that now she was in the perfect position and this is how she should do it with her husband. I then took out my penis and inserted into my wife’s vagina and started fucking her.

To my surprise, Mira did not change her position and kept the doggie position, and started looking at my wife. My wife saw that Mira was keen on continuing, so she asked me if I could continue in Mira’s vagina. I asked Mira if she wanted me to fuck her from behind. She nodded. Seeing her lust, I moved my hand under her top and grabbed her boobs. I took her top and bra off and started messaging her breasts. Her breasts were really firm as she was a young lady, and I really enjoyed messaging those.

While messaging the breast, I inserted my penis back in her vagina from behind and started giving her big thrusts. She was now enjoying my fucking, and started moaning slowly. I could not believe that I was fucking my neighbor’s wife so easily. I really enjoyed fucking her from behind while holding onto her butt cheeks. When we finished, she just lay down and thanked me for teaching her a new position. I asked her to come some other time so that I could teach her more. My wife looked at me, but gave me a smile. She knew that I really enjoyed it and she wanted it to continue.

Mira later on told us that she tried the doggie style with her husband and he loved it. She asked me to continue teaching her new positions, which I obviously obliged. But, I still remember the first doggie session as it was the first time I was able to fuck my neighbor’s wife.

I hope you liked my story. I have many experiences to share with you all. My email is

Please share your views regarding my story and how I can improve it. Your good advice is appreciated.

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