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SWAPNA AUNTThis story is how i i fulfilled my dream of fucking my aunt,swapna.Her husband.that is my uncle lives abroad and comes here only for two months in a year.My heroine(aunt) lives in Jamshedpur.She is extremely beautiful and sexy and anyone would want to have sex with her on seeing her for the first time.she has a figure of 36-26-36,a figure that can kill any male and that can raise any dick.and adding to her beauty was her fair skin and the skinny dress she used to wear.

I knew she was sex starved as she was not having sex regularly as her husband was abroad.i was looking for a chance to fuck her.i wanted to suck those melons and insert my rod deep inside her pussy.We used to text and call each other.once she told me that her in-laws were going out along with her son so she would be alone and asked if i could come there?i was really happy to hear this.i didnt want to miss this chance of fucking her,so i quickly accepted it.i reached there on Friday morning and was to stay there till next Sunday.

As soon as i rang the bell and the door was opened i was dumbstruck to see my sex goddess in her almost see through night gown.My dick quickly responded.She gave a slight hug and we entered.She told me to freshen up and she would prepare the breakfast.i went inside the bathroom and i was stunned to see her black matching bra and panty.i could not control myself from masturbating and shot a huge load.i freshened up and came out and saw her standing in my room.she was still wearing that dick again rose and she saw it and smiled naughtily.I was embarrassed.i quickly changed my clothes.

We had breakfast together and we were chatting about things like about my parents and my life at the college and so on.she even asked me ifi have a gf to which i truly replied no.She was like how can such a smart guy not have a gf?i was shocked.i asked her why do you like me?She blushed but didnt speak anything.i too ignored it as i was afraid.i was planning how to fuck her.But i didnt know it was my day and everything would happen just as i wanted.We were watching a music channel and the song of aashiq banaya aapne came.I had the remote and as i knew it had a love making scene i changed the channel.She saw me and told me to revert back to that song as she liked the song.i was trembling but did as she said.i was looking down as the love making started .Slowly my dick started responding.I saw from the corner of my eye that she is looking at my dick and she had become horny too.i couldnt control myself and just planted a small kiss on her lips.

She was shocked but her body was craving for sex as she was untouched for such a long time.She asked me what did i do and what i wanted?i very slowly said i am sorry aunty but i like you and wana have sex with you.She was happy from inside as she wanted the same from a long time which she told me later,but she pretended.She switched off the tv and came and sat beside me.She started asking me how do i look?do i look sexy?In between all these she had loosened her gown and her cleavage was visible.i responded yes you are very sexy.She was Bout to question me further when i could not control myself.i just started kissing er.In a few moments she started responding,She held my head and was smooching me very nicely.She was experienced.

We kissed for about 20mins.We were completely lost in each other.Then i took her in my arms and took her to the bedroom.i put her on the bed and started removing my shirt.But she caught me and pushed me on bed.She was on top of me.She started kissing my ears.lips,neck and even biting them.In a few minutes she opened my shirt.She started kissing and liking my chest.I was loving the feeling of her tongue on my chest.she started sucking and biting my nipples.I started moaning.I was holding her hairs.My dick was itching to be set free.She understood my problem and went down and made me naked.She was happy to see it.She touched it and started playing with it.She spat on it and it sent a wave through my body.i was enjoying a lot and even she was.she took the whole of my rod inside her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop sometimes making circles at the top with her tongue.It was giving me intense pleasure and i was moaning.Suddenly i felt i was cumming and told her,she swallowed the whole thing in and licked the remaining from the dick and her lips and gave me a naughty smile .Now it was my turn to eat her up.

I made her lie down and started kissing her earlobes.neck and giving her love-bites here and there.i started pressing her boobs to which she let out a huge moan.i came down and started sucking her madly.She was enjoying a lot and pressing me harder and biting here own lips and clutching the bedsheet and sometimes scratching my back.I sucked her for about 20mins and her nipples grew red and she enjoyed a lot.Now she herself pushed me down.I put my 1 finger inside and found it to be completely wet.I finger fucked her for some time.Then i put my tongue in her pussy.She could not control,let out a huge scream and came on my face.I licked it all.i continued licking her.After a few minutes she said please sweetheart insert it inside.

I positioned myself but thought of teasing her.I put my penis in front of her hole and was teasing her.She was begging me to insert it.She started using abusive languages also.I was taken aback and within a thrust i entered her.she screamed and i said”Le randi maza le”.She closed her eyes and started enjoying.She was enjoying and moaning loudly.She came a lot of times before i reached my climax.As i was about to come,i asked her and she told me to come inside her as it were her safe days and also she wanted my seeds deep inside her pussy.She said:Daal de andar gandu,chod daal harami,phad de meri chut”.I was aroused hearing these words and started pumping her faster and within a few minutes we both climaxed together.

We lay exhausted in each other’s arms.After a few minutes,She whispered it was the best sex she had ever had and thanked me.I was happy listening this and i started kissing her.Slowly i reached her boobs and stated sucking them and making circles.She pulled me and asked are you ready for a second round.I jumped up and asked her to stand in doggy style and pumped her and climaxed inside her after 115 mins.She too had 3 orgasms.

We lay exhausted and slept naked in each other’s arms.We got up at night and had one more session before dinner.We ordered our dinner form out.We had dinner naked with my aunt on my lap and feeding me with her mouth and boobs.Then we took a steamy bath together and had sex in the bathroom also as i love it.we came out and dried ourselves and had many rounds.We had sex the entire night.At last we slept at around 6 in the morning.

The next few days we lived liked husband and wife and completely explored each other’s body.We did it in all positions and enjoyed ourselves.WE enjoyed like this whenever we got a chyance till last month uncle took her with him.We both were very sad but a day before she was going we had our last sex in the room adjacent to in which uncle was sleeping.It was amazing.Friends just mail your valuvable feedback to [email protected]

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