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Her name was Tanvi, she was in my house for around 5 years. For around 4 years I had no interest in her until that day when she was working in the dining table and i suddenly came… Lesbian Her name was Tanvi, she was in my house for around 5 years. For around 4 years I had no interest in her until that day when she was working in the dining table and i suddenly came out of my room. To my utter surprise i saw her dupatta not covering her small boobs and her tits trying to pierce through her kameez. Instantly my gun got strong and erect like hell. From that day she was in my fantasies. Every now and then i used to think about her and how i could eat those boobs of her. Sometimes when she used to wipe the floors i used to look at her ass and imagine her vagina from the back. Everytime i wished i could fuck the hell out of her every possible way i could. To give a brief description of her body she was fair in complexion, not tall but a body to die for. Semi Perfect figure to say the least. She had the perfect boobs for her height and perfect ass for her body. Anyways days passed and i was thinking on how to seduce her. I kept staring at her figure every tym i could. I think she noticed that i was staring at her bt she never looked back at me. Oneday i was going out to my office when i just made a flying kiss to her without wanting her to notice. Bt she stared at me and i was caught red handed. Bt instead of a fiery look she welcomed me with a smile. I got my clue that she was on to me.

That day in the evening when she was working in the kitchen i slowly went to her and was gazing at her gorgeous body. She looked at me and smiled. With great courage i asked her phone number and handed over a small sheet of paper. She gave me her number smiling and while taking back the paper i got the chance to touch her soft hands. Uff what a feeling it was. My gun got strong and was trying to peek out of my pants. Tanvi somehow stared down my pants and understood that my gun was glowing. My smiled and felt shy. That night we talked over phone and after several attempts i seduced her to have phone sex with me. At first she was feeling very shy and uncomfortable but by the end of the night she became an expert player. She made me jerk off six times that night.

I was on Sky nine. All my fantasies that i had in my dreams were coming true. The next few days went on with phone sex and lots and lots jerking off. To make things even better we exchanged tons of dirty jokes and XXX gifs. After around 2 months one afternoon i was on my bed watching porn and she was cleaning my washroom. She suddenly came out of the washroom and i was caught jerking off with cum all over my penis watching porn. Tanvi felt shy staring at my long and strong penis. She smiled at me and ran away from my room. I was getting sure day by day that she was onto me and she wanted me inside her.

Another 2 days passed Tanvi was not talking to me. I think she didn't feel good at me watching porn and being naked with my super long gun. I was in desperate need to talk to her and win her over again. It was Tuesday evening when no one was home except for Tanvi and the other Old Maid who was sleeping in a drawing room sofa. It was the perfect tym for me to talk to Tanvi and regain her. I slowly walked towards the servants room. It was behind the kitchen nd had attached bath. I peaked through the room door and to my utter surprise i saw Tanvi full naked drying her long hairs with a towel. She didn't notice me. Wow that a moment it was seeing my fantasy maid in front of me. She was drying her hair on the opposite direction to the door so she didn't see me. I saw her ass. It was as if her 2 cheeky bums were I slowly walked towards the maid room which was vehindgazing at me. I could only see her boobs from the sides. I slowly unzipped my pants and started to rub my erect penis. It felt heavenly. After 25-20 strokes i cummed a mouthful of cum. Cum was all over the floor. I hesitantly wiped the cum with a tissue which i had in my pocket, my head bumped on to the door and Tanvi turned to see me wiping the floor full of cum. She was in shock seeing all this which i could see in her beautiful eyes. Then she quickly covered her with a towel bt i could still see her boobs peaking out. I kept my cool and looked at her. I saw her bare body with those small boobs speaking to me to eat them, squash them, take the juice out of them.

I tried to explain to her what happened. I entered her room to explain to her. It seemed she was angry like hell bt deep inside i felt she admired to incident. I was sitting on her bed trying to explain to her and she was on the other side. At one moment she got a bit soft so i neared her to console her one last tym. My heart was beating heavily and Tanvi was sweating for some reason. Her sweat made me even more horny. At that very moment i wished to deeply kiss her lips and fuck the hell out of her. Anyways we were in a moment when everything seemed good.

I was about to leave when i thought of giving her a kiss on her cheek. I got close to her when her right hand slightly touched my erect penis. I could not hold myself and i went straight for her lips instead of the chubby cheeks. To my utter surprise Tanvi responded and didn't react. I kissed her badly and she was moaning. I touched her boobs through her wrapped towel and she was feeling great. i untied her towel from her boobs and started sucking her small breasts. She started to mourn louder. I went and closed the main door n came back removing my shorts n brief. Seeing me nude, she bent down. I lifted her chin n asked her to kiss my cock n eat it. She looked in disgust. I understood her n played a blow job video. She started to suck my cock like how it was in the video. I was in heaven.
I pinched her nipples n started playing with it. I made her lie down n started kissing her boobs. She was so much aroused n told me she wanted to pee. I told her tat it was cum n I went to her pussy to drink her juice. We were in 69 position n I started biting her clit. She started to come more. I was so excited to have it.After all the cum, her pussy was well lubricated. I put my cock in her pussy lips n told her to place her legs on my shoulder. She started biting her lips. I got prepared to insert my tool into the door of heaven. It was tough, I tried inserting 1 inch, it was hard. So I decided to let in my 8 inch tool in one go. I pulled it out n put it in in a fraction of second in one go, with a big scream let by her. She started bleeding. But I didn’t wanna stop. I went on. First with a slower pace n rapidly increasing my speed. I started to cum inside her pussy, forgetting abt the effects. But I am sure she enjoyed it a lot. I was happy seeing her happy n I started to fuck her agn n agn. I let my cum in her for the second time, and only then I realised tat it was a mistake! I didn’t wanna tell her cz she wld wanna stop the game. After fucking her for 4 times, both of us were tired n lied on the bed naked. We didn’t talk. There was complete silence. After few mins I touched her pussy,She pushed my hand away and told me she was feeling guilty. I went close to her n hugged her, kissed her passionately n told her nothing was wrong in sex. After that We went in the bathroom and took a shower naked, I washed her all over n we again started fucking in the tub. After the shower both were charged n fucked agn till 4. Then we cleaned the place n dressed up. We had a quikie before tat n I let my cum in, not caring abt anything. She finally got into my track, turned to me, kissed passionately n thanked me for showing her wat sex was. We had a tea n my mom came home at 5. She greeted my mom n smiled at me and left home. After tat day, I started bunking Colg and stayed home having sex with my babe, and adviced her to take required pills so tat we could enjoy everything. I graduated my masters and started to work n couldn’t have sex with her for a couple of weeks. We both missed each other so I started to go to her home twice a week n have sex for few hours n leave home.
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