Shy girl dominant fantasy

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I can just imagine pushing you, face down into the bed, pinning you down. You struggling to turn your head to catch your breath, trying to push yourself up. My nails are digging into you, and I'm holding you still. I slap your ass, stinging, and sharp. Leaning over you, biting your neck, your shoulder as I tie your hands behind your back. I run my hands lightly down your neck to your back, tickling you, teasing you. cheating

I can just imagine pushing you, face down into the bed, pinning you down. You struggling to turn your head to catch your breath, trying to push yourself up.  My nails are digging into you, and I'm holding you still. I slap your ass, stinging, and sharp. Leaning over you, biting your neck, your shoulder as I tie your hands behind your back. I run my hands lightly down your neck to your back, tickling you, teasing you. Straddling your hips, my hot pussy wet against you. Your hands clenched tight into fists, with the coarse rope wrapped around your wrists. My thighs tightening around you when you move. My hair tickles your neck as I lean over you, teeth scraping against your flesh, biting you, making you jump. I move my hips, you can feel me grinding on you, rubbing my clit against your back, your ass. Thighs tightening harder, almost painfully around you. Your head turned to the side, making it easy for me to wrap a hand around your neck, your throat.
I'm dripping wet, soaking you, down your sides. I slide off and and grab your wrists, yanking you to your side, rolling you over, awkwardly with your hands still behind your back. Your laying more towards your shoulder than flat, your face towards me. I can see you wince, your breathing heavy. 
I lift myself on you, burying your face in my hot, wet pussy, telling you to make me cum. My hands pulling your hair, pulling you hard against me. My hips grinding me against your face, your tongue licking me, sucking me in between gasping for breath. I'm close to cumming, smothering you, grinding hard, not easing the pressure on your face. You struggle for air, but continue pleasing me, licking me. I can feel you groaning into me and it sends me over the edge, I cum hard into your mouth, soaking you with my hot, sticky, sweet cum.
I kiss you hard, tasting my sweetness on your tongue. 
Moaning into your mouth, tongue playing with yours, slow and teasing. I see the dark look in your eyes when I pull away, biting your lip as I go. I giggle softly, enjoying your frustration.
My fingertips barely touching you, I drag them down your chest, tickling your nipples, playing with the hard flesh. My fingertips continue to lightly touch your nipples, your eyes are closed and your licking your lips. Your face is glistening, still sticky and wet from me.
I pinch you, both nipples simultaneously and you almost come off the bed, back arching, shoulders straining from your hands tied behind you. I giggle again, biting my lip seeing the dark desire in your eyes. You're growling, low and deep. I can't tell if your angry, or just frustrated, you have the look of a caged animal. 
I lean over you, lightly brushing my lips against you, teasing you when you try to kiss me, backing away just far enough you can't reach, touching your lips with a flick of my wet tongue. You try to raise yourself up again, I feel your teeth trying to capture my lips, trying to bite me. I move away, pushing your chest down. I whisper in your ear, telling you to stay still, biting you there,  then licking away the sting from my teeth. My lips wander down your neck, breathing on the wet path, cooling the dampness I leave behind. My hands are touching your shoulders, fingers rubbing your tight muscles. I can feel your body shaking uncomfortably from the strain of the position I have you in.
I continue my slow, tortuous trail down your body. My lips kissing you, across your chest, tongue licking, caressing your flesh. My hands stroking your tight muscles, kneading into them, then tickling them with my fingertips making them quiver at the change in pressure. You're on your side now, so I press my body against you so you can feel the heat radiating from me. I can feel your hard cock throbbing. 
Your breathing is ragged and heavy. I can feel your heart pounding in your chest. I slide down your body, starting at your ankles, running my nails up your legs, your thighs, tickling the inside, close to your dripping cock. My tongue touches the tip, tasting the hot liquid coming from your desire. Your body jerks from my hot, soft tongue. Tasting you, I wrap my lips around you, pulling you deep into my throat. My tongue rubbing up the hard length of you. My hands rubbing the inside of your thighs, your muscles tense under my fingers. I teasingly play with your balls, cupping them in my hand. I hear you groaning, thrusting your hips towards me, trying to fuck my mouth. I pull away from you, pushing your hips back, reaching around and slapping your ass cheek, a loud, stinging crack resonating in the room. 
You suck in a quick breath, and go still. I push you back face down into the bed, your arms still tight behind your back. Your wrists are red, chafed from fighting against the tight bonds. I giggle again at your struggle. I slap your other cheek, but rub out the sting with my hand. I get up, you feel my weight shift off the bed, and I see you try to look over your shoulder at what I am doing.
I come back, and you feel my hands on the small of your back, lightly touching you, slowly moving down to your ass, the top of your thighs. My fingers knead into you, massaging your tight muscles, trying to relax you. I grab your legs by the ankles, and yank you off the bed, dropping your legs, your feet now touching the cold floor. I use my knee between your legs and force them apart, standing between your thighs, my hands on your hips, dragging my nails into your flesh. Pulling you back against me. Your groaning, but I can feel you tense up, surprised by my aggression. I lean forward and you can feel my hair taunting you, giving you chills, goose bumps all over your body. My hands trailing down, between your ass cheeks, lightly touching you, fingertips barely brushing over your puckered, sensitive skin. You stop, motionless, holding your breath when I touch you there, I can feel the shock exuding from you. I move my fingertips down, touching the back of your balls, and then coming back up, rubbing a little harder. You feel something cold, your body stiffens as I spill the frigid lube on your ass. My fingers play in the silky fluid, teasing you before I slip a finger deep into your tight ass. Your growl, and I see your shoulders straining, taught muscles pulling against your binds. Your hands clenching in tight fists. Your breath coming in quick, short bursts. I giggle at your reaction, turned on by my control over your body. I start moving my finger in you, moving it in and out, slowly, stretching you before I add a second. My other hand is playing with your balls, rolling them in my hand. I'm soaking wet, dripping down my thighs. I straddle your leg, putting pressure against me, so I can rub my clit against you, getting you wet. Your moaning, and moving your hips, clenching then relaxing against my manipulation. I take away my hand, and replace it with a toy, your breathing quick and sharp, as I insert the cold hard plastic into you. I whisper to you to relax and take it as I wrap my other hand around your dribbling cock. I fuck you with my hand, slipping the toy in and out of you, stretching you with it. Your body is convulsive, trying to move but you can't. You're growling, groaning in frustration... You're bucking your hips back against me. Your thigh tightening under my hot pussy, rubbing it with every move, the hair coarse against my sensitive skin. I'm not gentle with you, stroking and pulling at your cock, assaulting your ass with the toy. The sounds coming from you are carnal and animalistic. I stop abruptly, not wanting you to cum. I move away from you, but leave the toy firmly in place. You hear the sound of fabric, velcro and the soft clinking of metal. You can't see me moving, stepping into the harness, but you can hear me tightening the straps around my thighs. I move behind you again, knee between your legs to open you again. My hands on your hips, lightly touching you. I reach up and loosen your bonds, not untying you, but giving you more slack, easing some of the tension from your shoulders. You groan as I release you. I remove the toy, and touch you with my fingers again, applying more cold lube, stroking it onto the slightly larger toy I have attached to my harness. I put the tip against you, pushing my hips forward, easing the toy into you. I hear you cry out, body shuddering so I slow down, slipping in and out, thrusting my hips agonizingly slow. You start moving with me, raising your ass, meeting my motion so I increase my speed, going deeper. I thrust my hips harder against you, fucking you. You're taking it all now. I can hear you panting, you are shaking. My hands are holding your hips, pulling you back towards me.
I continue my onslaught,  feeling your body tense, shuddering, close to an orgasm.  I'm so turned on at this point, I reach between my legs to play with my drenched pussy, my fingers easily slipping into my hot hole.  I slow down, reaching up to release you as I pull out and release the harness from around my thighs, it falls to the floor with a dull thud. 
I whisper to you that I need to be fucked now.   You push yourself off the bed with evil intent, growling in a carnal rage as you grab my waist and spin me around,  forcing me face down on to the bed.  Your hands wrapped into my long hair,  pulling me to you as you slam your hard, pulsing cock deep into my swollen pussy.  I cry out, biting my lip, clawing at the bed. I cum almost instantly.  I soak you, and the sheets beneath.  You keep thrusting,  not letting up on me, violating me in the most pleasant way.  I feel you tense up, grunting and moaning, and I know you are close.  Your hands dig into my hips, tight, forcibly.  You won't let me escape you now.  I scream into the bed as I cum again, harder than before.  I tighten and clench around your cock, sending you over the edge.   After a final deep stroke, you pull out, spewing your hot cum all over my back, spilling it between my ass cheeks, between my legs as I collapse onto the bed, exhausted.   

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