I thought Mom was an Angel! Ch 01

SammyS   August 26, 2020   | 34290 Views
OMG! Danny was on my dad's bed fucking the shit out of my mom. banner2

My mom was always the best mom ever! Going through High School she was popular with all the guys when I bought them back to our house. Ultimately that popularity made me popular too! It wasn't just that she was a fantastic cook and also so warm and friendly to every house guest! The thing I was most proud of and that every guy knew, was that my mom was smoking hot! Mom had the body of a model, the skin of a teenager, and her dress style was the hottest of any mom I knew! It seemed every year the number of friends I had and who came to our house just doubled! Everyone at school knew me and I knew it was down to my mom! 

The guys would all be totally polite and respectful of course! Never once did any of them have a rude word to say to or about my mom. If they did they knew they'd be the least popular guy at school pretty soon! But of course, when they got home it would be a different story! I knew every single guy at school had the hots for my mom and every one of them fantasied about her! Even though she was my mom I'd grown up knowing that every guy that knew her jerked off to her when they got home! 

Dad totally knew he was the luckiest guy alive! Throughout my entire childhood, he never put a foot wrong! He never once said or did anything that might make my mom think she wasn't the perfect woman she was! The only person that loved mom more than dad was me!

I never ever thought about mom sexually myself! Sure I got it that every guy wanted her! But to me she was mom. Sure she was beautiful, I knew that. Mom had the sexiest body, full big beautiful breasts, a drop-dead gorgeous face, long blonde hair, long sexy hot legs and an ass! Oh boy! She was everything a high school jock could want! But to me she was mom and I loved her so much! 

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined myself to have become attracted to mom like the other horny guys at school! But then something happened that changed all that forever! 

Even though I was 18 I had never seen so much as an inch of any part of mom that a son should never see! Our house was pretty big and I had my own bathroom and shower and my parents' room was on the other side of the house! So I never saw anything more of mom than any of my friends had seen! That was until that crazy day when everything hit off and got started!

It was a school day and I was walking home early. A couple of the guys had asked if they could come hang out with me at my house but I had a ton of homework I needed to get done! Of course, I knew what they really wanted! They wanted to ogle my moms beautifully curved legs and maybe catch a glimpse of the curve of her ass in the short dresses she always wore! Or maybe even the catch a glimpse of her cleavage as she helped them to drinks and snacks! 

As I got to our driveway I noticed a car there! It was a car I recognised! It was Danny's! Danny was the Football captain, a 6-foot tall muscle packed quarterback! He'd been to my house many times but I couldn't figure out why his car was here now! We hadn't made arrangements to hang out tonight! It was all kind of weird! 

When I went inside I tried to be as quiet as possible, it was early afternoon and I knew mom always liked to take a light nap this time of day. Coming home early I really didn't want to wake her up! So I did the best I could to creep upstairs past my parents' room to my room. The strange thing was mom didn't seem to be asleep at all! There seemed to be a lot of noise coming from my parents' room! Maybe my dad had needed to come home early too! As I tiptoed past their door I got the biggest shock I've ever had in my entire life! What I saw would change everything I had ever known about my mom and nothing would ever be the same again!

Through the slightly ajar door to my parents' bedroom I saw where the noise was coming from. To the horror of my life, it wasn't my dad in there with my mom! It was Danny the school football captain! That should have been the biggest shock of my life but there was worse than that! I'd never seen my mum close to anywhere near any kind of indecent pose, but now when I saw her she was lying on her bed naked, her legs wrapped around Dannys back her huge breasts bouncing to the rhythm of their movements. But worse still, from their position on the bed, I could clearly make out Danny's massive cock entering and exiting my mothers pussy! Holy shit! Danny was on my dad's bed fucking the shit out of my mom! 

I couldn't move! I just stared at them. At him! At Danny! At his huge cock plunging in and out of my moms' hole! He was pushing it into her all the way up to his balls. Shit, if his balls had been much smaller they would have been inside her too he was banging her so hard! 

I couldn't believe my eyes! Mom was 38! Danny was only 18! He was half her age! She was married! Married to my dad! She had a son for god sake! I was her son and here she was on my parents' bed with a guy I went to school with! A guy I had brought to our house many times before! I guy I had ultimately introduced to my mom! 


That's when it hit me. For all my innocence I had been the one to set this up! I had been the one to introduce them! I might as well have said "Hey Danny this is my mom. She has an amazing body why don't you go into my dads' room strip her naked open up her pussy, pound her with your massive jock cock and shoot your cum wad deep inside her glory hole!"

I didn't know what to do! I just watched under some kind of spell! Soon the movements started getting much harder and faster and it was clear Danny was getting ready to shoot his cum in my mom! 

"Oh shit, I'm getting ready to come! I'm gonna fill you up so much fuller than your husband ever did! Your pussy is gonna be so full with my horny wad maybe you're gonna have another son!"

Oh shit! They weren't using protection! This was bad enough but if mom ends up pregnant with Danny's kid! My half brother or sister! OMG! This was the worst day of my life I thought as he pounded mom harder and harder! 

"It's ok!" My mom told him. "Fuck me as hard as you want and pump me full of your cum and shoot as deep inside me as you can Danny. It feels so much better when a guy can keep going all the way to the end with full sensation. Fuck me, Danny, fuck me!" Mom repeated.

It was then that I heard a phone go off from somewhere in the room! 

"Oh my God!" Mom said as she reached to the bed table and picked up her phone! "It's my husband!"

"Tell him the high school jock is fucking you and he's about to shoot his cum in your beautifully moist vagina!" Danny laughed as he revved up his engine even harder! "Say you can't come to the phone now." He said panting. He was really pounding her hard now, obviously turned on by the fact my dad was texting with her! 

"I'll text him." She said picking up the phone and holding it over Danny's shoulder while he banged her remorselessly! 

Shit! I thought! He was banging my mom while she was texting my dad! How humiliating! What was she thinking! 

Now Danny lifted up moms legs and wrapped them around his neck so he could get even deeper in her pussy! Leaning into her he took her bouncing breasts into his hands, cupping them while his huge shaft filled up her sweet hole! 

"Oh, Danny! You were always such a good boy. I knew when you became a man you would be wonderful at making love." Mom told him as he kept ploughing his hard cock into her.

"Making love!" I thought. He wasn't making love to her! He was fucking her into next week! What was she thinking! Did she think this guy was in love with her or something! 

"I've wanted to fuck you ever since I first laid eyes on you. Every guy at the school wants to fuck you! Every guy in the football team fantasises about you. And here I am cock in your hot pussy about to blow my stash all inside your wet walls!" 

"You can have me anytime Danny! You know that now don't you." Mom said moving her hands from his ass up to his face and kissing him the way she kissed my dad! It obviously turned Danny on even more knowing she was loved up on him because he took a hand of off her breast up to her mouth, opened it up and gave her the deepest horniest deep tongue French kiss I've ever seen! While he Frenchied her he banged her harder and harder and harder until eventually, he was ready to blow.

"Oh fuck!" He shouted. "I'm cumming babe I'm cumming. Open up your pussy wider I wanna shoot as far and deep in you hot hole as I can!" Danny said grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs down and apart. He just pounded down on her with all his weight and power pumping his cock in her hole as hard as he could until he shot everything he had into her wet pussy! As he did it she gasped and cried in excitement. It was almost like she was in tears of ecstasy! As soon as the pounding stopped her hands moved from his face back down to his ass.

"Stay inside me baby, I want to feel you inside me." She begged him!

But he didn't give a shit, he just pulled his cum covered cock out, stood up and went around the side of the bed knelt down to where she lay deep Frenchied her one time and then just stood back up and slammed his cock deep in her mouth and face fucked her while his cum started to slowly trickle out of her gaping pussy! 

After about a minute of hard face fucking he pulled out to reveal her panting dripping face and lips! Danny bent down again and gave her a deep kiss and mom clearly gave a loving kiss and smile back at him. 

While he kissed her one of her hands slipped down from her breast and into her gaping pussy. She slid her middle finger inside her pussy and pulled it out again with Danny's hot cum. Covered in white cum she eyed it desirously and proceeded to clean off her finger with her wet lips and tongue. When she was done Danny simply opened up her mouth again with both hands on each side of her mouth and pushed his cock back in again as deep as it could go!

By now I was kind of mesmerised! The whole show was like an out of world, or out of body experience! As my mom continued to finger her wet cum filled pussy while Danny face fucked her gagging mouth all I could do was watch unable to move or even think! 

The only thing that pulled me out of the trance was when a phone rang again. Danny looked over and announced! "It's your husband again!" Which made him stop the hard rhythmic movements into her mouth. Instead, he pushed his cock into her mouth as deep and hard as he could trying to make her gag on his hefty shaft! When mom really started to gag and choke hard he stopped, withdrew, leant down and gave another deep kiss before saying. "Talk to him, tell him you're on your exercise bike and really tired!" 

Danny handed her the phone and mom did her best to regain her composure. "Hi, honey. I'm on the bike going pretty fast right now. Was there something you wanted?" Mom asked, Danny's own hand now slipping down to her gaping pussy. He slipped a finger inside and started jacking her off! 

As my dad answered her question Danny whispered something into her ear smiling! Whatever he said it must have been funny because she immediately spanked his ass and gave him a scolding look! 

Then she returned to the call and said, "I want to listen to you hun. Tell me all about your day baby while I work out! Tell me every little detail, I really wanna hear everything hun." 

She then put the phone back onto the side cupboard while on speakerphone and dad started telling her all about his long day at work! Meanwhile, Danny flipped mom over tits down as mom pulled something from deep in her side cupboard and gave it to him! When I saw what it was I couldn't believe my eyes! I knew exactly what he was going to do to her next! Yes! Right now while she and my dad were on the phone together and I was watching! 

In his hand, Danny had a bottle of sex lubricant. He opened it up and massaged some onto his still massive erection and then into my moms' ass! 

Shit! I thought! Now Danny was gonna fuck my mom in her ass! All while she was on the phone with my dad! Plus while I, her son, was watching! 

To be continued!

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