Milk Me Momy

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It was only supposed to be for three weeks but now he was wishing the commitment was for longer, so much longer.What she was doing felt so wonderful and he knew he was getting close.… Lesbian It was only supposed to be for three weeks but now he was wishing the commitment was for longer, so much longer.

What she was doing felt so wonderful and he knew he was getting close. He also knew that she knew.

She had to be able to feel his nutsack tighten up in anticipation but he knew he wouldn't be allowed to go over the edge until he said it again.

Why did she insist on hearing it?

On hearing those exact words?

Todd raised his hips and started to thrust into her grasping hands. He loved the way they looked wrapped around his stiffness and the way the blood red fingernail polish contrasted with his pale stalk.

She loosened her grip in response to his thrusting and the frustration was palpable as he was so tantalizingly close. He wanted to grasp his manhood himself and finish the job but knew it would be so much better with the possibility of greater delights if he only played along with her little game.

"No no, not yet you naughty boy."

"Please Mrs Jensen! I'm so close. Please!"

She squeezed his shaft anew and he lowered his bare ass once again to the straw floor in the barn.

The cows were quiet except for the chewing sounds they made while munching the hay bales.

They were contented after having been milked earlier by Todd.

Now Todd needed to be drained, needed to be milked.

Inga ran a thumb over his straining mushroom helmet, coating it with the precum that was flowing so freely now.

"My my! Your balls feel so full. So full of cream."

"They are full. I'm going to burst Mrs Jensen. Please do it!"

"Please do what?"

"You know what."

"I'm not sure I do."

Inger said this while she was exactly sure what he wanted her to do.

She wasn't going to satisfy him however until he said what she needed to hear. What she had missed hearing for almost four years.

Before her friend Lois Walker had so generously volunteered her son Todd to come and help her in the mornings for a few weeks before he went off to college she wasn't sure she would ever hear it again. Now she was going to hear it, and she was going to do it, and do so much more.



Their first meeting was auspicious. Inger Jensen had accepted an invitation to tea from Lois Walker after having put her off several times before.

What had changed her mind this time was Inger having run into Lois Walkers young son Todd at the feed store the previous week.

He had helped her load her pickup truck and had smiled at her in a way that made her heart melt with longing.

It had also made her pussy moisten in an almost forgotten way.

"Let me help you with those."

"Thank you young man. They are not really heavy but I hate to discourage politeness."

"No problem Mrs Jensen."

"Excuse me but do I know you? Forgive me if I don't remember."

"I'm Todd. Todd Walker. From the farm next to yours."

When she stared at him without recognition he continued, "I've been staying with my grandparents for the past eight years. I'm back for the summer now before I set out on my own."

"Oh my goodness! I would never have known you. You have grown up so big and strong."

At this Todd blushed a little and then a little more when the blond widow squeezed his bicep.

"My Lars was very strong too, like you are."

Her expression grew sad for a moment at this remembrance.

"I'm sorry about Lars Mrs Jensen. My mom phoned me when it happened. He was the big brother I never had. War is so stupid."

"Not all wars are stupid young man. You are right about this one though. It was stupid and it cost me my boy. Enough sad talk. Are you going to be home long?"

"Just for the summer. Then I go off to college."

"Good for you. Get smart. Make your Momma proud."


"Mrs Jensen will be coming for tea this afternoon Todd, will you be around?"

"Mrs Jensen from the farm next to ours?"

"Yes. Of course. How many other Mrs Jensens do you know?"

"None I guess. But I thought she had always said no to you when you had asked. Why would she change her mind
when you asked this time."
August 1971: Nebraska
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Lois turned from the sink where she had been washing dishes and addressed her son sitting at the kitchen table.

"This time I didn't make the call. She called here and asked if you would be joining us if she were to come over. I said I wasn't sure but I thought you would be."

"I've got nowhere else to be so I suppose so."

"I wonder why she is so interested? She tried to pass it off as a casual question but I could tell that your presence was important to her."

"I met her at the feed store last week, helped her load her truck. We talked about Lars for a moment or two."

"Of course. She has been so lonely and withdrawn since he's been gone. It must be three years now."

"Four actually since he went to Nam."

"So young. Too young."

Lois added. "I'm sure you brought back some memories of him for her. She probably wants to talk some more about him. It will do her good. She has been too repressed, too alone."


This was the most exquisite torture possible but it had to end.

Inger was leaning over him now. He could feel her hot breath on his cock and when she ran her tongue over her lips he wanted to will her mouth down over his dick but he would wait.

She needed to control the pace he instinctively knew.

Todd had never experienced a blowjob although he had imagined what one would feel like. He had experienced being tugged off by his equally inexperienced girlfriends during his time in Ames at his grandparents. That was the extent of his sexual experience prior to the past few weeks. Furtive fumblings with virgin teenagers and counting second base as a major victory.

Now he might finally know what it was like to be blown, to be fucked hopefully.

He only had to say it. Why the hell not?

Had he not said it many times over the previous mornings?

If it was what she wanted to hear, needed to hear, so be it.

"Please milk me Mrs Jensen."

Inger squeezed the base of his cock hard and looked up at him reproachfully.

"Mrs Jensen? You know better?"

"Milk me mommy. Please milk me."

"That's better. I will milk you my baby. Would you like a special treat?"

"Yes mommy."

"Would you like mommy to milk you with her mouth?"

"Oh yes. Please mommy. Milk me mommy. Milk me with your mouth."

"Good boy. Give mommy your cream now."

With that Inger dropped her head down over Todd and engulfed his penis in one fell swoop.


"You like?" She said after slowly sliding up the shaft and coating it with her lipstick. The head emerging from her suctioning lips with an audible pop.

"Oh yes Mrs... er mommy. Oh yes mommy I do."

"Good. I like it too. Now let's milk all of the boy cream from those balls of yours."

Inger bobbed her head down taking the eighteen year old once again into her salivating mouth. Her long blond hair tickled his balls while she swirled her tongue around his helmet head as she stroked and milked his shaft. Todds balls tightened further and she knew from experience that her reward was on its way.


At tea back in July Inger Jensen had dressed conservatively and had been very proper and appreciative of the invitation from Lois.

"I'm so very glad you decided to finally come over Inger. I don't think we have had a nice friendly afternoon together since the funeral."

"I believe you are right. I was such a wreck for such a long time that I wasn't good company.

I think I may have been near a nervous breakdown for a while there. It's time to get over it or they might as well bury me next to Lars and Peter."

Lois had never met Peter Jensen as he had been deceased for many years before she and her husband Ralph and bought this place to get away from the hustle and bustle of California and to work on their marriage. The working on the marriage part was to no avail as it turned out because Ralph just couldn't manage to be faithful for very long.

They had divorced when Todd was twelve but he had gone to stay with his grandparents a couple of years prior to that. This was purportedly so that he might be of some help to them as his grandfather had experienced a recent stroke.

Another rationalization for the move was that Todd would be able to go to better schools in Ames Iowa, but the major reason was that Lois wanted to minimize her son's exposure to his father's womanizing ways.

Their move to the heartland was an attempt to shield Ralph from the temptations of the free love environment of San Francisco as well as the drug culture he was becoming enamored with. It was no use.

Ralph was spoiled in so many ways and it was remarkable that he had ever fallen in love with and married a simple midwest girl. They had met at Berkeley where Lois had gotten a scholarship and where Ralphs wealthy parents had been able to send him.

Opposites apparently attracted but their differences made staying together difficult and eventually impossible.

Ralphs parents wealth made it possible for Lois to keep the farmhouse they had purchased and to receive a generous monthly alimony to raise their son. She was not very interested in farming and leased most of the acreage out and the Jensens farm had shrunk as well in the years since Lars death. Inger still had some chickens and and a couple of milk cows.

She had been raised to live off the land in Denmark and wanted to keep at it as long as she could.

"How long have you lived on that farm Inger? I don't believe that I ever asked."

"It feels like my whole life but not really. I was sixteen when my family came over from Denmark just before the war."

"A lot of people were fleeing Europe around then I suppose."

"Oh yes. Peters family had relatives over here in the US and they sponsored them. Our family followed just after they were settled.

"So you knew Peter over in Denmark?"


"I didn't know that. Did you know that Todd?"

Todd had been quiet during much of the conversation and was having a hard time focusing on what was being said. He had been seated on the bench chair in the farm kitchen when Inger had arrived and she had seated herself next to the eighteen year old instead of across from him and next to Lois. He could feel the heat from her thigh as it pressed against him. Inger had slid closer to the young man when reaching for the sugar and had not moved to seperate since.

Todd could smell her clean freshness with just a hint of perfume. He had never given any thought to Mrs Jensen as a sexual being but then he hadn't really seen her much since he was ten years old. His mother was seemingly oblivious to the subtle hints of her attraction to him that Inger was putting out.

"Todd. I asked you a question."

"What was that mom?" Todd replied, emerging from his reverie.

"Did you know that Mrs Jensen and her husband knew each other over in Denmark before they ever came to America?"

"I don't think so."

"It doesn't matter," Inger said. "Peter has been gone so long. It seems like another life."

"How have you been managing over there by yourself Inger? It seems like a lot of work for one person to manage even a small farm like yours."

"It is hard. There are times when I could really use some help."

"What kind of help Inger? What can we do?"

Inger hesitated some before responding to that question. She knew that if she started down the road she was considering it would probably change a lot of things for all three of them in this country farm kitchen.

"My hands have started cramping and hurting a lot the past few weeks. From the last time this happened I know that they need to rest. I was able to give them that rest then because Lars was still with me."

"Rest from what?" Lois asked.

"I'm almost embarrassed to say."

"Go on. We are friends after all aren't we? No need to be embarrassed."

"Well, the last time I had this condition the doctor diagnosed it as tendinitis and had me stop milking the cows for a few weeks. That cleared it up. I know it seems foolish to want to continue hand milking cows but it's a hard tradition to break. I could sell the cows I suppose."

"I can tell by your expression that you would rather not."

"It's in your blood after a while. I can't afford a milking machine and it would hardly pay for just two cows. I can't afford to hire help either. The perils of getting old."

"You're not old Mrs Jensen." Todd offered.

"That's very sweet of you to say young man but I'm older than your mother." Inger said while she patted his hand with hers and pressed her thigh against his.

Todd blushed but did not move away from the contact.

"I was born in nineteen twenty three which makes me forty eight and I doubt if your mother has seen forty summers yet."

"Forty one actually but thank you. Most days I feel every year of that forty one."

"You don't look it though Lois."

"I think you both look great whatever the age." Todd interjected.

"You are a dear. So well mannered and so strong too. You have raised quite the young man here Lois."

"Todd." Lois said turning to her son, "Do you think your schedule would allow for helping Mrs Jensen for a few weeks before you go off to college. Three weeks would give her just the time she would need to get over her tendinitis flare up."

"I wouldn't want to impose like that." Inger said. "I'm sure the young man has a lot of other things he would rather be doing than milking cows for an old lady."

"I wouldn't mind. Really I wouldn't. I don't know how though."

"I could show you. You certainly have the muscles for it." As Inger said this she stroked his forearm from elbow to wrist. When she did so her right breast pressed against his upper arm. Todd shuddered and his cock strained inside his denim as it hardened with instant desire.


That first July morning when Todd arrived at the Jensens farmhouse door well before dawn was a very exciting one for him. It was the day after the tea at their house and he had agreed to arrive before dawn so that she could show him how to milk the cows. Lois had offered to come over as well but Inger had said she was already imposing too much on them and Todd would be able to master the task quickly in her opinion.

For his part Todd was glad his mother didn't tag along. He had gotten a strong sexual vibe from Mrs Jensen and his teenage hormones and imagination were running wild. Had she deliberately rubbed her thigh and breast against him or was it innocent contact?

He had hardly slept and had masturbated twice during the fitful night. He was hard again as he stood in the darkness outside her door and knocked.

He was almost ready to knock again when the door came open and Inger stood there and smiled at him. She had on a robe tied at the waist which was not doing a very good job of disguising her cleavage. Todd could also immediately ascertain that she had taken time to put on more makeup than she had on the day before as well as going heavier on the perfume.

"Good morning Todd. You are even earlier than I expected. I appreciate eagerness in a young man."

When she said this Todd noticed that her gaze drifted to his bulging crotch.

"I am eager to get going Mrs Jensen. Like I said yesterday I have never milked a cow and I don't want to make a fool of myself."

"Don't you worry. You won't make a fool of yourself in my eyes. I'll be gentle and I know you'll get the hang of it quickly. Let me put some shoes on and then follow me to the barn."

When they got to the barn Inger placed the milking stool and pail in position near the first cow who she called Betty. She rubbed her hands together to warm them a bit and then grasped one of the cows teats and squeezed and pulled expertly so that a strong stream of milk splashed into the pail.

After several pulls she changed spots with Todd and had him seated on the stool and reaching out to the cows udder. Inger knelt behind him and reached around his waist so that her hands could cover his and demonstrate the correct technique for milking.

Todd was intoxicated by her nearness and her scent. When she leaned into him he could feel her breasts pressed against his back and it seemed to him that he could feel her hard nipples through the material of her robe and his thin T shirt.

Inger was able to glance down over his shoulder and see the effect she was having on her neighbors son as evidenced by his tented jeans.

With only a few weeks to work with she knew she had to move fast and she resolved that she would.

When both cows had been milked Inger asked Todd to come into her kitchen so that she could fix him a breakfast.

He accepted gladly as it extended his time with her. He loved the way her full ass cheeks undulated under her robe as she walked in front of him. When she turned just so he thought he could catch a glimpse of a nipple through the opening in her robe.

Was she toying with him, teasing him, or was she putting out a real invitation?

Those questions were answered during that breakfast conversation.

"How do you like your eggs Todd?"

"Any way is fine." he said to her full breasts when Inger bent to place his coffee before him.

"Scrambled?" Inger said from the stove, looking over her shoulder to see the teenagers eyes riveted to her ass. She was at this moment very glad that farm living had kept her in such good shape.

"I asked if scrambled was ok." Inger said a little louder to break the boy out of his trance. He had been absentmindedly touching himself as he continued to ogle the buxom widow in the early dawn light.

"Uh, yeah, sure Mrs Jensen."

"You did very well this morning Todd.

The cows were very satisfied."

Inger did not have to look over her shoulder to know that the teenagers eyes were boring holes through the robe stretched over her cheeks. They jiggled with the extra hip action she added to the beating of the eggs.

"Its so good to see you again Todd. It seems a lifetime ago that Lars was teaching you to play catch and ride a bike. I'm also glad that you found time to help me. I hope I'm not making any of your girlfriends jealous by stealing you away like this."

"I don't have any girlfriends Mrs Jensen."

"I can't believe that!"

Inger in reality knew it to be true after having surreptitiously quizzed Lois on the subject.

"A young man needs a girlfriend."

"I had a couple in Ames."

"Good. Were they good to you? Did they take care of you?"

"What do you mean Mrs Jensen?" Todd said after swallowing a forkful of eggs.

"Did they make you happy?"

Todd just stared at her so Inger continued.

"Todd, did you notice how happy the cows were after you milked them this morning. That was because their udders were full and straining. They needed relief. They needed release. You helped provide that."

Todd continued to stare and shifted in his chair to help reposition his teenage erection.

Inger continued. "Men need that kind of release too. You are quite the young man Todd. I guess I was asking if those girlfriends helped you to release."

"I don't know how to answer that Mrs Jensen."

"Then let me ask you some direct questions. Answer me honestly and I promise that you won't regret it.

Do you masturbate Todd? If you say no you are probably the only man or boy on earth who does not."

"Yes." Todd answered after a moments hesitation.

"Good. Did you masturbate last night?"

"Yes, twice." This time the answer came more quickly.

"Do you find me attractive?"

"Oh yes!"

"Good. I could tell that you did by the bulge in your pants."

"Did these girlfriends stroke your cock, make you come, milk you?"

"A couple touched it but no one has made it come. I had to do it myself afterward."

"That's a shame. It is so much better Todd when someone who knows what they are doing does the milking. It makes for contented cows and hopefully a contented boy."
Todd reached out to touch the one of her boobs that had now worked itself entirely free from the robe but Inger backed away before he could fondle it. She covered it again with the robe and smiled at his eagerness.

"Patience, patience young man. We have spent all the time we can this morning without arousing suspicion. You need to go home now. I want you to agree to a few conditions and if you do I promise you the best three weeks of your life."

"Anything!" Todd immediately exclaimed.

"First. Your mother must not suspect anything about this."

Todd nodded in immediate agreement.

"Second you need to be here only between five and seven in the morning. You can't come over any other times. It should only take an hour to milk the cows which will leave us plenty of time for other fun."


"Third. I don't want you to masturbate, at least to completion. I want your boy balls full when I administer a proper milking. You can touch yourself and jerk it some. Just don't come. I'll know if you do."

Precum was now flowing freely and seeping through his denim as Todd absorbed all of this and shivered in anticipatory delight.

"Fourth. I might ask you to say certain things, to do certain things. I would like you to do as I ask. You won't be sorry."

"Whatever you say Mrs Jensen."

"Good. Now finish up your breakfast and head on home. Take some of the fresh milk back with you. I want your Momma to know that you're getting something out of this. I wouldn't want her to think I'm taking advantage of you."

With that Inger leaned over and kissed the awestruck teen, teasing his mouth with her tongue as she groped his erection through his jeans.

"Go on now. See you tomorrow. Bright and early, but not before five. I have a feeling I'm going to need my rest."


The next series of days were an introduction to heaven for the eager teen. When he arrived promptly at five they set out to the barn to commence the milking. It took less than the hour Inger had budgeted probably because Todd worked so efficiently in order to get to his own milking.

The first morning she allowed him to fondle and play with her naked breasts. She showed him how she liked them to be touched and licked and explained that all women were different in the way they liked theirs played with. He would need to ask what they liked and observe their reactions.

"Did your girlfriends like to have their titties played with?"

"One sure did. I think she came when I was sucking on her nipples and rubbing her through her pants down there. She wouldn't let me put my hand inside her pants though."

"I'll let you touch me Todd. I'll let you touch me everywhere and show you how I like to be touched, but not this morning. This morning I'm going to touch you. Now take off those pants and lay here on your back."

Almost before the sentence was completed

Todd had peeled off his jeans and underwear and his erection slapped up against his pale abdomen.

"Oh my goodness! We are the eager beaver aren't we?"

Todd lay naked from the waist down on his back atop the blanket Inger had placed on the barn straw.

She squatted down with her legs straddling one of his so that he could feel the heat and moisture from her pussy through her sheer panties and see the wisps of blonde pubic hair peeking through the leg band. It was a provocative pair which Inger had not worn for a very long time. They made her feel like a tigress and she was now eyeing her prey.

She wanted to make this last and be very memorable for the frantic youth wriggling beneath her.

She had to make the first touch count.

"Todd, I'm going to take your cock by the base and squeeze real hard. This is because you look like you are ready to pop right now and I want you to enjoy a nice thorough milking. I may tug on your balls a bit and squeeze the base of your dick when I sense you getting close. Are you ok with that?"

"Anything Mrs Jensen."

"Also Todd, Don't call me Mrs Jensen. You can call me Inger for now."

"Ok Inger, anything you... Ooooh! That feels so good."

Inger had wrapped one hand around his throbbing dick and then as she had warned squeezed him hard near the base with her other hand until his imminent eruption feelings subsided.

He was beginning to lose some of his turgor when she slowly stroked down on his shaft with her right hand, her left hand remaining in place but releasing its orgasm denying death grip and awaiting its return to action.

As her right hand continued its slow decent Todd's foreskin peeled back over his lovely bulbous mushroom cock-head. Ingers mouth watered and it took great restraint on her part not to take him into her mouth and taste the boy right then.

She resisted and stroked his cock slowly and deliberately. On each upstroke she would run her thumb back and forth coating the sensitive underside of the shaft near the tip with his freely flowing precum. On the downstroke she would have peeled the foreskin back taut and would tickle and graze his balls with her delicate fingernails.

Inger had to squeeze and delay his orgasm three or four more times during this first exquisitely torturous milking.

Her mouth hovered over his hardon and she dribbled her saliva down onto him in order to slicken him up for her ministrations.

Todd moaned and Ooohed and Aaahed throughout his jerking session. He felt her grinding herself against his thigh and flexed from time to time to give her a jolt and let her know that he knew she was getting off on this.

Finally after about forty minutes it was getting close to seven and Inger said.

"Are you ready to give me your cream now?"

"Oh yes. Please! Am I ever ready?"

"Good. I want you to do something for me honey. Actually to say something for me."

Inger had stopped stroking him and was lightly tickling his overfilled balls.

"Sure Inger. Whatever you want. Just make me come. Please!"

"I want you to call me mommy. I know I'm not your mommy but I'd like you to do it. I want you to say Milk me mommy. Can you do that for me my sweet boy?"

"Yes! Yes! Milk me mommy. Please milk me."

Todd had not paused to ponder the strangeness of the request and would have agreed to almost anything to explode.

Inger shivered with delight at the words and ground down harder on his thigh rocking her sopping panties back and forth on the well muscled limb.

"Oh yes baby boy. mommy will milk you. mommy wants all of your cream."

She began to stroke his shaft furiously with both hands, lubrication being provided from his precum and her ample supply of drool.

"Oh yes! I'm gonna shoot. Im going to come!"

"Yes. Do it. Do it for mommy. Spray it. Spray momm..."

Ingers exhortation was cut short by Todds first volley exploding up and into her face, some of it reaching her open mouth. Several more bursts followed and Inger directed these toward her naked breasts which Todd took great pleasure in thoroughly coating with his built up jizz load. When his orgasm was reduced to a slow ooze Todd looked up to see Inger coming down from her own heightened state of arousal. She had soaked his thigh with her orgasm and had swallowed the wad of semen which had found her open mouth.

Todd thought she looked extra sexy with his come decorating her face, hair. and breasts.

He said the first thing that came into his head and it was the perfect thing.

"You're a mess mommy."

"Thanks to you I am, you naughty boy. Now get dressed and go home. I have to wash up before I go into town later. Did you like that?"

"You know I did."

"Good. Save mommy another load for tomorrow."


Each of the next several days was much the same but also very different. Todd wondered at the kink of his having to call Mrs Jensen mommy to help her get off. He had no doubt that it was her trigger. He chose not to dwell too long on the probable implications. He understood that if he played along he was going to experience sexual delights on a daily basis and that was enough for his hormone addled teenage brain to process.

After each days start of milking the cows Inger had a new sexual surprise in store for him.

One day it was fucking her beautiful full breasts until he sprayed all over them and her face again. Of course he had to say milk me mommy. Milk me with your titties. Milk me with your milk jugs. She had liked it especially when he had ad libbed the milk jugs line. He was pretty sure she had orgasmed while frigging herself as she heard the line.

"Oh you bad bad boy." was what she said after he had soaked her.

Another morning she let him explore her pussy with his fingers and he got to feel inside her velvety slick smoothness and imagine what it would feel like wrapped around his virginal dick. She orgasmed several times while she demonstrated how he should play with her pussy.

And of course she milked him dry every morning. Each milking lasting over thirty minutes before he was permitted to explode. He was building tremendous stamina as a lover Inger thought proudly. He was going to make the future women in his life so very happy, almost as happy as he was making this now merry widow happy.

She milked him with her feet, to which she had taken care to apply toenail polish. She used butter as a lubricant which the farm had in ample supply. Todd found this a little strange but also very exciting.

Inger would always sense when he was getting close and he would be required to speak his lines. They were coming more easily to him now and he was varying them for her pleasure. She would masturbate herself openly when he said them and she would more often than not come when he squirted.

"Milk me mommy. Your boy needs to come. Please milk me. Only you can milk me mommy. You know best. You can make it squirt mommy. You can do it. You do it best. Ooooh mommy."

One morning she milked him with her ass cheeks. This was a special surprise and Todd was only able to hold out about ten minutes under the delightful pressure. Inger had lubed him up with butter with her usually expert handjob and had then peeled off her panties and straddled his abdomen facing away from him.

She looked over her shoulder at him as her ass cheeks settled down on his rigid cock.

"I'm going to slide back and forth and milk your beautiful cock with my ass. Would you like that baby?"

"Oh yes mommy. Very much."

Inger slid back and forth clenching and gripping the virgin cock with her well toned ass, milking him as she always did. Todd could see her asshole when she bent forward and wanted so badly to slide his cock up inside. He wanted to be inside her asshole, or her pussy, or her mouth. He wanted to penterate her but he remained patient. He was sure his time would come. He just watched his cock head emerge from the gripping butt cheeks time and again each time coming closer to release.

She was grinding herself against him the entire time and was very close to coming herself.

Todd sensed this and said the words.

"Milk me mommy. With your ass. Come for me mommy. Come on my hard cock while you milk me. Squirt for me while you make me squirt. Oooh mommy. Yesss!!"

With that said a rope of come erupted from the teenagers cock and sprayed the length of his chest. It narrowly missed getting him in his own face as he turned just in time but did shoot several feet beyond him onto the barn straw. Inger came as well and soaked his cock and scrotum with her juices. She swung around and off him and then bent her head to lick up all of the jizz covering his abdomen and chest. When she reached his softening cock she licked the last of the come from the tip and then gave it a kiss.

"Tomorrow mommy will milk that with her mouth. Now you best be getting home young man."


Inger was quite ready for the explosion that occurred in her mouth as the teens cock swelled and then spasmed. She did he best to keep all of her reward but some dribbled out and onto her heaving breasts.

Todd gasped with the exctacy of exploding into this sexy womans mouth and when she swallowed what he was pumping it drove him even wilder.

"My oh my. What a lovely tasting load you saved for mommy. I am going to love sucking on this nice cock for the next week until you have to leave. Is there anything else you might like to do?"

"Oh yes. I'd like to fuck."

"No you naughty boy. We couldn't fuck. I could milk you with my little kitten though. My kitten likes cream, especially boy cream. Could you give my kitten some cream tomorrow?"

This was getting weirder every day but Todd would have said anything at this point to get his dick inside her.

"Yes mommy. Of course. Milk me with your kitten and I'll give her lots of cream. I'll give her cream all week."

And he did. Every day of that last week in early August 1971 young Todd Walker pumped his boy cream into the kitten of Mrs Jensen. The first day she straddled him and sank down on his virginal rod and she let him come after a few strokes. Feeling him splash inside her set off her own orgasm. They fucked for two hour that morning.

Inger had taken to getting up and milking the cows at four so that they would have the full time for their frolics. The tendinitis to her hands was a made up story from the beginning and she was a much more efficient milker than Todd was. She didn't want to waste any of her valuable boy-toy time on mundane farm chores.

This was a week of bliss for her and she was going to hate to see it end. It had been too long since she had enjoyed herself like this and she was eager to savor every moment, to enjoy every sensation.

She felt that if Todd enjoyed it as much as she did he would make time for her when he came home from college breaks even after he started dating young beautiful coeds.

She needn't have worried.

Todd was already thinking about his first return trip home and hoping that Inger would want to continue their play time together.

During their last week she showed him many different positions for fucking. She seemed to especially like being taken from behind while he groped and fondled her hanging breasts.

On the second to last day she let him take her ass.

This was something she had only done once before but she wanted him to want her so she was offering all she had.

"Get the butter for mommy will you dear?" She had said over her shoulder while he was driving into her from behind. "It's right behind you. I brought it out for a special treat. I want you to coat your dick with it and work some into mommy's brown hole. Mommy wants to milk you with her asshole. Would you like that?"

Todd had pulled out of her steaming pussy and was already lathering his cock and her asshole in response. None other was needed.

He lined himself up and she pushed back onto his well lubed dick. They both let out a sigh of pleasure as he sank into her tight channel to the root of his hardon.

"Oooh yes. Milk me mommy. Milk me with that beautiful tight asshole. I want to give you my cream."

"Pump it baby. Fill it up. Mommy wants it all. Oooh yes!!" Inger hissed as his hot seed coated her rectal walls.

When he pulled out and lay exhausted on his back he was delightfully shocked to feel her mouth on him again, licking the spent jizz, butter, and ass juices from his re-hardening cock.

"That was delightful young man. You have to promise to come see me when you are back home."

"You know I will Mrs Jensen. You know I will. We still have tomorrow as well. One last milking for the road."

As he got up to get dressed to return home the cows mooed contentedly munching their straw.

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