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Hi friends , The incidents happened during my colleges, currently working MNCs. To start with my story like every teenagers my hormones were ragging in that age and always curious about sex. I started watching porn ever since 11 th std. Like all masturbated every day.

My maid was in her late 40s widow her hubby was failed business man who got sick then passed away, to meet their needs my maid had to work and she had 3 daughters who are couple of years elder to me. Since we were small and this story is about the elder daughter of maid who was in higher secondary level. We used play together so let’s call her latha (30c-28-32). So once we were playing and me and my cousin were only boys in family.

And very often we used to play so many games like cricket, more often hide and seek. And in my home everyone saw me as kid. So dint mind anything and we used to play hide and seek. Irrespective of age differences.

On one such occasion the maids elder daughter attended her puberty and so the fun was all down. So after that she never came and days passed by and I was in my college 1st year by that time and she was in nursing where we met again at my home since her place was nearby she used to visit me and my elder sister used to teacher her because she was lecture and she latha was weak in english.

Once my sister had to go out suddenly with her friends and I was alone in home watching porn and masturbating in my room. And I forgot to lock the door since no one was at home. I don’t know from where latha came and saw me naked holding my cock. I was shell shocked and tried to cover myself , but she immediately went laughing but I was really pissed to core and the day went unpleasant.

Next day she came for tuition and my sister asked me. And her to study and left. A minute after she left she asked me “How often you shake it”.

Me: daily(in shock state)

She : how big itself, really will you show me once

Me: I don’t know, will you show your if you showed yours

She : I ‘ll think

And my sister came in

After few days went uneventful later one day when I was alone at home. She came to my home and asked about my parents and sister. When I told they were out , she sat close to me and asked “Will you show”. Honestly guys I was so nervous . I simply pulled down my pants and vest and showed.

Latha- why is it small, it was big when I saw

Me- I don’t know

L-do you want any help?


Suddenly she caught hold of my cock and gave me hand job. Slowly my cock started rise in size, btw mine is 6. 5 inch and 2. 5 width. And she was shaking fast for 5+ mins and I was verge of cumming.

I simply scolded I was cumming she immediately took her handkerchief and put it over my cock and I cummed like anything that exhausted

Latha simply replied “Wow you came so much” touched and smelled my cum. And suddenly took little cum in her finger and licked it sand said “Nice”. In a short while when I recovered I put my pants and she told “Wait im not done yet with u”.

She lifted her shirt and gave her titties . I dint talk more but I simply saw her black titties , I pressed it to my hard with all heart content since it was my first boobs I was playing it , she was hissing and was horny like anything , I licked her nipples nicely and it was pointing like rubber in the end of pencil.

Then slowly when I was about to move to south , the calling bell rang. I was scared to shit and we got dressed and I opened to found my aunt. I cursed my luck and we acted as if we were watching some movie and she gave some vessels and left. When I was about to start again in 5 mins everyone in family came back to come.

Later the next day when we were studying together I asked her “Did you like it”

Lath- yes

Me- shall we do again

She replied yes

I told her to come to terrace after studying and we both studied fast and completed out portion and I started first to terrace and she followed I was standing in balcony of terrace and she came close to me and I slowly slide my hand to her boobs and dint press it but just moved around it for sometimes latha scolded me stop teasing and press it I asked what was the urgency she replied what if someone comes and she also added that she wasn’t able to sleep the whole night and she was all horny

So I pressed her boobs hard and for that she told pls but press but softly, I never listen I was pressing like animal and I put my hand inside the tops and pressed it hard and later she took my cock in her hand and started to shake by this time I was full hard and she was shaking it very fast.

I slowly pulled her pants down and place it over panties and man it was wet and sticky like anything I was rubbed around her cunt and suddenly her hips vibrated and she fainted unconscious I was scared to core dint knew she cummed :d . I was worried slowly dressed her and she woke up. I thanked god and asked her what happened she told she cummed .

Later after some 10 mins again I started my play by pressing her boobs and she suddenly kissed me passionately and said “Thanks” opened my pants and sucked my cock, I was in such a pleasure. I could hold longer than 5 mins I cummed in her mouth. And we stopped there for that day but this was just the start of the whole new game.

Next one week was uneventful and it was going as such, she started coming very often to home helping my family and whenever I got a chance I would exploit her and it happened one fine evening in chennai there used to be often power cuts on one such occasion she was at my home. I signaled her to come to terrace since relatives where there they were chatting . I was waiting in the terrace impatiently and she came and smiled upon me , I pulled her near and started fondling her tits and sucked her nipples , my lucky she was wearing slip alone.

I knew she was horny since we dint play much. So I wanted take a step more and wanted to finger fuck her. She screamed in pain and said its burning. So I learned she was virgin so I made her sleep in ground and I licked her she was salty and musk smell really friends it was weird aroma . She was hairy and I told her next time it must clean shaved. She simply nodded her head.

And I started to lick her like anything slowly and darted my tongue in her clit , she was moaning and panting “Ahhaha pls lick there on the top “She started to come and exhausted she told she would go down but I dint let her, was fondled and pressed her tits and asked her to suck my cock. And she sucked like a pro and she was using her teeth little man I really loved it. I was playing with her while she was fondling my balls and sucking me out , I came within 15 mins. Within few mins of my blowjob the current came we dressed up and went down as if nothing happened.

That night I planned to fuck her somehow , I went to medical shop with shyness and asked for condoms , the shop guy saw me in weird manner and gave me . I took it and went to home hid it and slept. The next few days was uneventful and it was a friday my sister went for college tour with students because some staff could not come and my parent were planning for buying some land so have to start to bangalore.

And I was awaiting for this chance and I called her come home. She knew my plan she told she won’t and cut the call. I was so upset and called her after 10 times she told she would come. I told her come with panties and bra and asked her to shave. She told ok will come by 3 pm.

Since all will be nap streets will be empty. Every minute was going slow and I cleaned my public hairs and etc . Calling bell rang I opened to the door to she her standing in white top with frock type dress.

I pulled her in and started to fondle her removed her dress and slowly kissing her every spot and I asked her to un dress her and kept kissing her. She was horny and fondled her to heart content in day light so many days it was in dark. Her boobs were grown a size since the 1st time I saw and she was having shiny black pussy dripping wet with her juice. I made her sleep and kissed her and licked her it was better than last time. Latha scream -vicki super da, do it faster ahaaaa. . Lick in side , do it down to up I licked her asshole she was in horny to core, I was continuously licking her till she cum

Later I put on the condoms when she was tired and she got scared told no etc , I dint listen I pulled her and spread her . She told do it softly I slowly put inside I dint know which hole to put it in pussy and she guide me and it was tight like core I slowly pushed she was crying , so I pushed its way through. She told pls let me go. I kissed her fore head and told latha its just for few mins the pain will reduced. She innocently nodded. In one hard push it was 75 in. It was hard for me since I was also virgin so took little oil applied in condoms and her cunt put few drops and pushed in.

In one bag it went in she was crying in pain. I started pumping slowly and I started to fuck her with slowly she started to enjoy and I started ramming her pussy , since she was very tight I was not able to hold and I came in 5 min.

She went and got up from bed limped little and went to restroom she was scolding that it was burning while pissing.

Later round 2 I fucked her for 1 hour straight in missionary and when I tried to fuck her in doggy she told she was feeling painful so left with missionary. We had sex 4 times that day and slept exhausted in each others arms. Later we took bath together in night and she went home little limping

She called me stating that mom asked why she limping she told sprain and put some bands in leg. Later we fucked in every position we can in every place in my home and enjoyed for few years . Later she was married and left the city.

I hope you liked my story. I have many experiences to share with you all. My email is [email protected]

Please share your views regarding my story and how I can improve it. Your good advice is appreciated.

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