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wonderful story for the anties ,moms etc rings

Harshith  from Bangalore soo fair n handsome,height 5’10 athletic body.I love aunties with big boobs and big ass.I cant control myself if i see aunties.coming to the story..

When I was 18 and studying inter. We used to live side by side Portions…… This story is about my neighbourhood aunt Rekha about 32. She was very fair and had a good figure of 36 28 38 and was about 5’6.I was very much attracted to her boobs and big ass.Her ass would swing like a pendulum when she walks.I never missed a chance of watching her figure. She has 6 years old daughter. Her husband is working in O.N.G.C. He goes out on tour frequently.

She was every man’s dream. Whenever I see her I used to watch her body structure I used to make fantasy and I think that i am fucking her. Every time she was wearing a saree, as she bent down every time I saw her body, her skin, he bare hips. Her boobs insider her blouse and that nicely shaped buttocks, at that time I was getting nice mood and I controlled my self and enjoyed to see.

One day I heard her husband going to tour for one month to andaman of office deputation. On that day rekha aunty asked my parents to send me to stay in their house in the nights with here till her husband return back from the tour. My parents said as we wish. I fell happier. She invited to me to sleep in nights in her house.

I went to her house, she had finished dinner and had just put her child to sleep. She went to taking bath and door was not closed fully (half-opened). I slowly walked to see, since the place where I was standing was dark, she could not see me, but I could see her beautiful breasts, buttocks and nice curved body, she was very fair.

She finished her bath, she was in nighty and owing to her huge tits, her cleavage was visible and, eyed it whenever I got a chance, but I think see noticed at that time and she asked me about my college, and favorite actress and actors. It long conversations is over she said iam getting sleep I said o.k, good night, and she replied sweet dreams. I went to bed.

She never wore a bra and panty at home,may be that is why her boobs had gone so huge. One day she was changing in her room and I entered her room without knocking the door, oo my god my dream rekha aunty was standing naked in front of me at that time she ran away and cover her self with sari

I feel embarrassed and leave that place. After I said sorry I haven’t knocked the door and made that fault im feeling guilty of it. She replied quickly you are the second person to see my full naked body. Ok don’t tell any one about this. I said o.k. That time I knew he has a good impression on me (sexual feelings).

At that night I heard some faint noise coming out, it was 11 clock then I went slowly and see, she was masturbating herself.Every night she masturbates i eagerly waited for the clock to reach 11 clock, she squeezing her boobs he rubbed her pussy, and she quickly went in and had a bath. I understood that to satisfy herself she was masturbating which means she in not getting enough from uncle.

Me, Some times during night time whenever my penis grows in size. I used to grasp it tightly and sleep, suddenly I heard some sounds and slowly open my eyes to see, I was shocked to see in front of me….rekha auntu was watching my erected big cock. She was thinking of touching it. I thought this is the time to proceed.So i acted as if im sleeping a deep sleep.She confirmed that i was sleeping by calling my name but i didnt respond so now she slowly pulled my boxers down an was shocked to see my 7 inch cock.she touched it and measured size of my cock.she just watched it for sometime and went away to her bedroom.

I slowly followed her without her notice and she stared masturbathing.i slowly opened the door.She knew iam watching and continues her masturbathing, she was hungry to have sex with me, without wasting time, I went to her bedroom,she moaned uyou naughty boy…i have waited for this time from many days.Ive seen u noticing my assets.

Hearing this I grabbed her body hardly with my hands, then she opened my T-shirt and short and then I removed her blouse and kissed her hardly.we almost kissed for 15 minutes till our lips went dry meanwhile I was squeezing her boobs and nipples are got red by squeezing. she was moaning aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaa, ushsh, and then I remove her underskirt and kissing her from top to bottom.I sucked her boobs and nipples for almost 20 minutes.I cant control myself when i see nude boobs.her nipples got erect due to mu sucking and she was moaning heavily…these mones made me more horny. Then I slowly went down and removed her saree and kissed her pussy from top of her panty and she let out a big moan.I slowly pulled her panty down and saw her pussy which was cleanly shaved,

I was fucking her pussy by my tongue like a mad man, she started moaning, suck me, suck me hard, she said my husband doesn’t do this like that. She feels so good.And hearing this i began to suck her pussy and finger fuck her pussy harder.She had her orgasm.

I drank her juice and she said that this was the best orgasm she ever had.Then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop and i cummed in her mouth.She drank all of my cum.After that i again started sucking her boobs for 10 minutes and my cock became erect again.ThenI went on top of her and pushed my cock into her pussy….she moaned ahhhhhhhhhh offfffffff ahhhhhhhhh yessssss fuck meeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhaaaaaaaa, she dragged, hugged me hard and also locked her both legs around my waist and said, start fucking I began to fuck her slowly and picked up speed faster and deep, she moaning heavily when i do faster, faster, she moaning aaaa ahaaha, ooooooaooooaooaaa.., a..ya.ya., ush..ush.,

then I removed my cock and i lie down on bed and we started fucking in missionary style which is my favourite position.First she started fucking my cock jumping up and down.While she was jumping her boobs were jiggling like ping pong balls.After sometime she was tired so i started fucking her first slowly and later on i incresed my speed.The whole room was filled out with sounds of my cock hitting her thigs…like ”THAP THAP THAP THAP”and her maons..”offffffffffooooooooo ahhhhhhhh yesssssss krishhhhhh fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK AHYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YAAAAAAAA OMAAAAAAA”

Then I fucked her in doggy style which she enjoyed the most I started fucking her fastly, she was yelling in pain, ohoh enough, please. Enough enough. My stokes become longer and faster, finally I began pumping her ass. I was on all over In her ass and her ass was shaking like a ballon filled with water.,

And finally I was abot to cum I said aunty I am cumming…..she said cum inside me…i wanna feel your juices inside me….cum inside me….ohhh ya ya ya ya cum cum cum cum……Hearing this i started fucking her hardly and after 2 min i filled her pussy with my juices..

After this we had 4 more sessions all over night….I was very much tired an we slept nude till morning…..

In the morning she said that this was the best sex she ever had……i said mine too honey….and till then onwards we used to have sex whenever we had chance and romance every day secretly…

We used to have fast sex sessions whenever her husband is in town…….When i return from college i used to go to her flat and quickly surprise fuck her while she was working in kitchen by lifting her saree up and inserting my cock in her pussy without removing my pant……and cumming inside her and she used to suck my cock clean and i used to go to my house….this happened till 1 year and her husband got transferred to kerala.

Now im not in touch with her…

If any aunties want to have secret relationship or wanna get satisfied mail me [email protected]  Please share your views regarding my story and how I can improve it. Your good advice is appreciated.

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