Mary’s Big Brother

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He could see her wisps of her pubic hair poking out from behind her panties. cheating Dan grew up in a strict religious family. His parents had been married since they were 19 years old, and they started having children shortly thereafter. By the time they were 28, they had two sons and a daughter. Dan is in the middle. His brother, Mark, is three years older. His sister, Mary, is three years younger. Dan is 21 years old and doesn't quite fit into the family dynamic

His family's lifestyle revolves almost completely around church. Mission trips, bible studies, prayer groups...the whole works. Mark and Mary pretty much fell in line with the expectations, but Dan had never felt any connection to the religion that had been shoved down his throat his whole life.

He was entering his third year of college and lived at home. His older brother moved out of the house after he finished college a year earlier, leaving Dan and his soon-to-be high school senior sister at home. Mark and Dan had always gotten along great, but Mark had fit into the straight-edge evangelical routine much more easily than Dan. Recently, they hadn't spent much time together. Mark's wife fit the mold his mom envisioned, and they were on their way to starting their own family. 

Mary is a spitting image of their mom, both in personality and appearance. Just like her mom, Mary has a petite, athletic figure. She has sculpted legs and a shapely butt, probably from all the years of dance classes. She has 34C breasts. Dan only knew this because both she and her mom hung their bras on the drying rack in the laundry room regularly. He hadn't ever thought much of it until a few weeks ago when he went in to his parents room to ask his dad a question. His mom was coming out of their walk-in closet, completely unaware her son was in the room. He saw his mom wearing her white cotton underwear and nothing else. Dan apologized and turned away from his topless mom covering her boobs with her hands, but she hadn't covered up quickly enough. Her large, dark areolas and pointy nipples were engrained permanently in his memory. 

Mary is a smart and capable young girl, but extremely sheltered and naive about the real world, at least from Dan's perspective. She is a good looking girl, and lately he couldn't help but imagine what her tits looked like. The one nice part about their parents house was the backyard pool. Mary had worn the same modest bikini for the last couple years, and it didn't show off nearly as much skin as Dan wanted it to. 

One day when he was doing laundry, Dan found her bathing suit in the washer and had an idea. He ripped the strap that holds it together, then hung it on the drying rack. She would have to get a new one now, and Dan hatched an idea to make sure it was one he liked. She turned 18 the week before, and he hadn't bought her anything other than a birthday card. He decided to go buy her a new swim suit. He told her about the ripped strap, and she was bummed out. She hadn't been babysitting much because of the pandemic, so she was completely broke. Dan sighed and told her he would help her out with a late birthday present. Her eyes shot wide open as she smiled at her big brother.

"You would really do that? They're like 50 bucks," she asked excitedly.

"I have some extra cash, and it's about time you ditch that boring old bathing suit anyways," Dan replied.

"Thanks! When should we go get it?" she asked.

"What do you mean we?" Dan asked playfully. "It's a present. Shouldn't I be the one to pick it out?"

"Um, I guess. Usually I try them on first, though," Mary said.

"They don't let you try things on with Covid going around," I told her. "If you hate it or it doesn't fit you can take it back."

"Okay, that works! Let's see if you have any taste," she joked as Dan grabbed his keys and left for the mall.

Dan was excited as he shuffled through the racks looking for one that he liked. He wasn't familiar with sizing of women's clothing, but he had an idea of at least her bust measurement. He didn't want to take a chance guessing, though, so he decided to text and ask her what size she wears.

"What size you wear sis?" he texted her.

"The ripped one is a small, so that should work," came the reply.

"You bought that like three years ago, though. Not to sound weird, but you've kinda grown up a bit since then," Dan replied. "It says to get a small for A or B cups. Is that gonna work?"

Dan knew she was a C cup, but texting his innocent little sister about her breasts was turning him on.

"I'm a 34 C. Maybe I need medium," came her reply.

"Thanks, sis," Dan said as a purple halter top and matching string bikini set caught his attention.

It was a light purple with frilly trim. The top was cut to accentuate cleavage while still covering a respectable amount of skin. It was held up by a string around the back of the neck and a tie around the back. The bottoms matched the color and style of the top. The string together style allowed for enough coverage to not seem weird, but the bikini cut would show off her ass more than anything she'd worn before. It would sit low on her hips and the crotch was cut much more narrowly than her old suit. There wasn't much of a liner, and it seemed almost like a mix betweenas bathing suit and underwear. This was the one. Dan checked the price tag, and it was $39.99, but it had a red sticker on the label. The sign above the racks of bikinis indicated "all swimwear and intimate wear with red sticker buy one get one equal or lesser value free."

Dan's face turned a little red as he processed what that meant for him in this moment. He was already turned on buying the swimsuit, and now he was going to push it even further, all under the guise of taking advantage of the sale. He wandered over to a display of lingerie. After a few minutes he found a white lace bra and panties set that left little to the imagination. The lacey fabric left small gaps in the pattern, making it partially transparent. He pictured seeing Mary's nipples peaking through the lingerie, even though she never walked around in her underwear. He found her size and went to the checkout. The woman behind the counter smiled and told Dan his lucky lady would be happy with his choices. He felt his dick move in his pants, and nearly told the woman he was buying his sister a birthday gift before changing his mind.

"There was a sale on swimwear, so I grabbed some undies for free for you," he texted Mary.

"Lol. I have enough underwear, Dan"

"Those old worn out cotton briefs I always see in the hamper? I think you could use a bit of an upgrade, girl!"

"They are kind of old, I guess," she said.

"I'll be home soon. Are you busy? I wanna make sure everything fits, or else I can return them," Dan texted her.

"I'm just reading a book in my room," she replied.

Ten minutes later Dan walked in the front door. The house was silent. His mom and dad were at our pastor's lake home for a weekend of married couples' bible study with a group of other couples from church. He walked up the stairs and knocked on Mary's door before opening it and walking in. She was lying on her belly with her elbows propping her up as she read. She closed her book and sat up as Dan entered, eager to try on her new suit. Dan set the bag down on her bed and she pulled the bikini out first.

"Wow, this is cute," she said. "Not sure if I can pull something like this off, though."

"Sure you can," he told her.

"I'll try it on, but it's a lot smaller than what I'm used to," she replied.

"Okay, I'll step outside while you change. Let me know when I can come back in," he said.

He waited outside her door for about five minutes, and was starting to wonder what was taking so long when she cracked the door open and told him it was too small for her. Dan gently pushed the door open and slid past her and sat on her bed.

"Fashion show time!" he said. "It doesn't seem too small. Give me a little twirl."

She was blushing as she looked at him nervously. "I don't think I can wear this. Don't you think it's too skimpy?"

She spun around, giving Dan a good look at her wearing the purple bikini. It molded to her form perfectly. He had never seen this much skin on her, but it didn't seem slutty or anything. It just made her look really hot. Her breasts were held up perfectly by the top, and he thought he could see a faint outline of her nipples. The bottom covered a decent amount of her butt, but seemed to be held relatively loosely in place. The front was snug, but didn't show any camel toe. Dan wondered if she had a bush or if she trimmed down there. He adjusted himself to make sure his hardening dick wouldn't make a tent in his pants. Dan playfully whistled at Mary.

"You look great, sis! It fits perfectly," he said.

"Are you sure I don't look stupid? I feel like I'm half naked," she said.

"That's how it's supposed to be," he came back chuckling. "Have you seen my swim suit? My shorts only go halfway down my thigh, and I don't even have a top!" 

"Haha okay, I guess you're right," she told him.

"Perfect. I hope you like the underwear I picked out, too," he said walking to the door. "Do you want to go swimming soon?"

"Yeah, I'll meet you out there in ten minutes," she said. "I'm gonna try the undies on quick first."

Dan went back to his room and took his clothes off and lay back on his bed. He pictured his sister trying on the lacy lingerie he bought her and he was rock hard. He couldn't wear his tight swim trunks with a hard on, so he tugged himself thinking about Mary. He cleaned off with the boxers he had been wearing then found his trunks, put them on and went outside to the pool. He lay down on one of the lounge chairs reclined all the way back and put sunglasses on. After just a couple minutes under the hot sun the patio door slid open and Mary came outside. She walked over and laid her towel on the lounger next to Dan. He pulled his sunglasses off his face and looked up at her. She had some pretty distinct tan lines where her old suit had covered her skin.

"You should put some sunscreen on," he told her.

"I already did, but can you help me with my back?" she asked. "I'm pretty sure I missed a spot or two."

Dan told her to lie down on the lounger and stood up as she handed him a bottle of sunscreen. When she lay down he straddled the back of her thighs and sat on top of her. He rubbed the lotion thoroughly into her back, careful to not miss anywhere. Right before he stood up he noticed a strip of pale skin at the top of her legs and onto the part of her butt the suit left uncovered. He slid back, squirted some lotion in his palms and rubbed it into the skin beneath the bottom cut of her suit. She turned her head back surprised.

"Doesn't look like you got any down here," Dan said calmly while his fingers touched the hem of her bikini as he finished rubbing the sunscreen on her butt cheeks.

"Hurry up! your hands are freezing," she giggled.

"All done. Quit your whining," Dan joked as he stood up. "Did the undies work for you?"

"Um, did you even look at them? They're practically see-through. I can't wear them," she said.

"Really? If you don't like them we can go back later and you can pick out some different ones," Dan said, excited by the idea of underwear shopping with his innocent little sister.

"That sounds embarrassing. I could just go by myself," she said.

"It's on my credit card, so I kinda have to go," Dan replied. "Plus, someone has to make sure you don't get more granny panties!"

"Whatever, weirdo," she said jokingly as she jumped into the water.

Dan laid back down on his lounger, but was hit with a splash of water almost immediately. Mary laughed wildly, and Dan ran towards the pool as she swam into the deep end. Dan jumped in and swam towards her. She was climbing up the ladder on the other side as he caught up to her and grabbed her ankle. She screamed and giggled as he tugged on her leg. She wrapped her other leg around the top step of the ladder as he tried to pull her back in the pool. Her legs spread apart and Dan could see a few dark curly hairs showing where the crotch of her bikini had slid over. He let go of her leg and she crawled up and out of the pool laughing.

Mary grabbed one of the inflatable tubes and walked into the shallow end with it. She climbed up on it and leaned back with her legs dangling off each side. Dan swam over by her and she braced herself, expecting him to flip her over. He just glided past her, playfully ignoring her. When he felt a splash hit him in the back again, though, he ducked his head under the water and swam below the surface and under the tube. Her bikini clad butt was hanging through the tube, and Dan put one hand beneath her and the other on the back of the tube as he flipped her over. As he pushed her up, his hand slipped briefly into her crack. She let out a little scream, which became a giggle as she hit the water. She splashed him again and waded to the walk in steps in the shallow end to walk out of the pool. Her bottoms were bunched up and a good portion of her ass cheeks were on display.

"Can we go trade those underwear in now?" she asked.

"I suppose," Dan answered. "Give me ten minutes."

After Mary walked back into the house, Dan got out of the pool, his erection tenting his shorts quite obviously. He slid his dick down his leg a bit which made it much less noticeable, and walked to his room. As he walked past Mary's room he knocked and asked her to try on the bra and panties one more time to make sure she didn't want them.

"Ugh. Fine," she barked back. 

Dan changed into jeans and a t-shirt and made his way back towards her room. He knocked on her door.

"Can I just see what you're talking about? I bet they're just fine," He asked as he slowly pushed her door open.

She looked at him in her mirror as he walked in. She was wearing the lingerie and covered herself up with her hands when she saw him. 

"Told you they are ridiculous," she said as she turned around and faced Dan, uncovering herself with her hands.

Dan could see her nipples pretty clearly through the bra. He glanced down and could see pubic hair sticking out both sides of the panties and possibly the shadow of her slit through the material. She covered herself back up and told him to leave. Dan walked back to his room and jacked off once again.

The trip back to return the lingerie didn't take too long. Mary picked out a black lace set that appeared to cover quite a bit more skin. Before they checked out, Mary walked off to the men's department. She came back a couple minutes later with a pair of white Calvin Klein short leg boxer briefs.

"You should buy those too," she said. "Otherwise, no fashion show from me!"

"Wow, okay, fair enough," I laughed. "You ready to go?"

The ride home seemed to last much longer than it should as Dan anticipated seeing his little sister model the black lingerie. They got home and she told him to change into his new undies while she did the same, then meet in her room. He put his jeans back on over the Calvins and went to her room shirtless. She was sitting on her bed wearing just the bra and panties. As he came in she got up and did a spin for him. She looked beautiful. Dan noticed a pair of blue cotton panties on her bed. They must have been the ones she had been wearing, and he picked them up and brought them to his nose.

"Mmm mmm," he said as he sniffed the old panties. "You are gorgeous. And you smell pretty good, too"

"Oh my gosh. You're so weird!" She was blushing bright red as she stood in front of her brother. "Your turn!"

She sat down beside him cross-legged and Dan stood up. He unbuckled his pants, pulled them down and stepped out of them. His dick was partially erect and getting harder. He had it tucked down his left leg against his thigh, and it was clearly visible through the thin spandex material. The head poked slightly out the bottom of his leg hole as he grew to his full 7 inches. Mary stared at his cock twitching in his boxer briefs, then looked up in his eyes.

"Have you ever seen one?" Dan asked his little sister.

"No. Well, a couple times in movies I guess, but not in person," she said as she gazed back down at his crotch. "Have you seen girls naked before?"

"Yeah, a few times. I hooked up with a couple party girls last year," Dan answered. "And I walked in on mom and saw her boobs once, too." 

Mary looked up at him and almost whispered, "Were they nice?"

"Yeah, but I bet yours are even better," Dan said.

He looked at his little sister sitting in front of him. Her tits looked perfect in the black bra she wore, and he could see the outside of one of her pussy lips covered with dark brown hair peeking out from behind her panties. Dan reached into his underwear and adjusted his cock so it stood straight up, poking out of his waistband.

"Can I see your breasts?" he asked her, his voice trembling.

"If you want to," she answered, reaching behind her back to unsnap the bra.

Her bra fell down, and her naked tits came into view. Her areolas were about an inch and a half in diameter, and her nipples stuck out half an inch. They were deep brown and contrasted sharply against her pale breasts. They looked a lot like her mother's but were perkier and looked even bigger.

"They are the nicest ones I've ever seen," Dan said as his hand went down to his shaft to readjust his prick again.

She was completely red in the face, but smiled as she looked in his eyes and asked, "Can I see yours?"

"See my what?" Dan whispered.

"Your penis. Can I see your penis?"

Dan lowered his underwear and his cock sprang to life in front of Mary's face. She gasped as she saw a hard cock for the first time in her life. Dan wrapped his hand around his shaft as he breathed heavily.

"Is it always that big?" she asked.

"I don't think it has ever been this big, actually," he told her. "You're so beautiful. Can I see you naked?"

"Yes," she said and grabbed the top of her waistband before Dan stopped her. 

"Allow me," he said as he put his hands on her waist. She lay back and lifted her butt up as Dan pulled the black panties down her legs and off.

Mary lay there, completely naked, as Dan pulled her thighs apart and looked at her virgin pussy. She had trimmed before, but she had a decent amount of pubic hair covering her mound. Her outer labia were puffy and red, split apart just enough to barely see her clit atop her thin wet gash.

Dan was slowly pumping his cock while she watched him and bit her lip.

"Do you want to touch it?" he asked.

"I can't. We shouldn't be doing this," she tried to convince herself.

Dan crawled on top of her and positioned his dick by her face. "Go ahead," he told her. 

She reached her hand out and he helped wrap it around his shaft. He slowly pumped her hand, then grabbed his cock and guided it to her lips. She opened her mouth and he slipped inside a few inches. She licked his head and sucked on it lightly. Dan began to thrust slowly in and out of her mouth as she stared back up at him. When he felt an orgasm coming soon, he pulled back out and kissed her neck as he slid down her body. Dan licked her perfect tits and sucked her nipples as she panted. He reached a hand down and found her soaking wet slit and rubbed up and down. She was moaning in ecstasy as he lowered his head and buried his face in her pussy. Dan lifted her legs off the bed as he tongued her clit and slid his middle finger in and out of her pussy.

Her legs clamped against his head as she came all over his face. Dan drove his tongue inside her vagina as she grunted. He rolled her over onto her belly and told her to get on her knees. He once again ate her pussy out as she buried her face in a pillow. He licked up and down her slit and then pulled back and lined himself up at her entrance.

Dan toyed with her pussy by letting the tip penetrate her and moving it up and down as she tried to back herself into it. He lubricated his thumb with her juices and pressed it up against her bum hole. She gasped and looked back at him, and as she did so Dan drove his cock deep inside her. He pumped in and out slowly as she quietly screamed, pushing his thumb half an inch into her ass. She was bucking back against him as he buried his entire member inside her virgin pussy. He felt her tighten up around his dick as she had another orgasm, and he couldn't help himself. Dan came inside as he felt her pussy spasm.

He stayed inside her as they both regained their breath, then pulled out and rolled her onto her back. Her cunt was wide open and pink, and Dan fingered her gently as he kissed her on the mouth. Their tongues met and they made out passionately. Dan stuck his dick back inside his little sister and they were fucking again. She came again, and Dan followed shortly after, this time pulling out and cumming on her boobs.

Just then, Mary's cell phone rang. It was their mom calling. She answered it with a quivering voice, and her mom told her they would be home in twenty minutes. Dan got up and stared at the beautiful girl in front of him. 

"By the way, your tits are better than mom's," he told Mary with a wink. "And I imagine your pussy is, too."

"I guess you'll never know," she said.

"I'll let you know if I find out!"

Dan smiled at her and walked back to his room.

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