The Pleasure Broker

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Neither of us said a word about what both of us were thinking. We waited 2 hours to be sure she wouldnt come back. I went up to my room and he followed. We both stripped down I sat on the bed and he was standing next to it. Luxury

My name is Meggie. Im 20 yrs old and a junior at the local college. For the past two years, since I've been "legal", I've supported myself by being what they call a sex worker. I prefer to call myself a pleasure broker. Men come to me and I help them find pleasure. Its simple. I grew up with my single mother who ran thru men like a hot knife thru butter. When I was 15 she married a big city man who decided he liked exposing himself to her daughter. I didn't mind though, I was always curious about sex. I liked reading erotic stories, watching porn on the laptop she bought me and diddling myself with whatever I could find that would fit in my pussy. I masturbated with everything from hairbrush handles to cucumbers and carrots I found in the fridge. Once out of desperation I even used a sausage that I found thawing on the counter. I got off with it once in my room after school and again as I watched my stepfather eat it and tell my mom how delicious it was.

I mentioned my stepfather exposing himself to me. Not long after they were married and we moved into his house, I was lounging in the living room and he walked thru wearing a towel after he had showered. On his way back thru, his towel slipped right in front of me. I got a good look at his dick and balls. He had a nice set. Another time he came out of the bathroom naked just as I was coming out of my room. He acted surprised and ducked back in. Then there was the time we were hanging out by the pool, he stopped by the lounge chair I was sunning myself in and propped his foot up on the end of the chair. His dick and balls were clearly visible as his trunks were short and loose fitting. He knew I could see and made no move to cover up, just kept talking to me about cleaning up my room. As time went on he just stopped pretending and would expose himself to me any chance he got. He knew I liked it, and I did.

One night when I was a senior in high school, my mom went out with some friends from her work. I wasnt naive. My room was right right across from the bathroom upstairs. I waited till he was in the shower. I let my door open a crack, then stripped and got on the bed. I found my favorite porn movie and turned up the volume a bit. I positioined myself so if he lookd thru the small crack he'd have a birdseye view of my masturbating. I began to diddle myself with a cucumber as the movie played. I heard the shower go off and then the door open. I started moaning. Sure enough, the door eased open a little bit further. I knew he was watching. I had my legs spread, was stroking the cucumber in my pussy and rubbing my clit. After a little while the door opened and my stepfather stood in the doorway. He watched me pleasure myself. Then his hand went to his dick and he began jerking off with me. I watched him, enthralled. Id never seen a man do that other than in movies. I licked my lips and said, "come closer".

He shut the door and came and stood by the bed. We watched each other masturbate. I started to orgasm. He was breathing heavy and jerking his cock. He said, "Thats it, come baby, come!" As I finished and lay there panting with a cucumber laying between my legs. He aimed his cock at my stomach, grunted and came in big spurts. I'd had many things in my pussy but never a mans cock. I'd sucked on many things and pretended they were cocks but never sucked a real one. I touched the puddle of cum that lay on my stomach. It was warm and sticky. I put my fingers to my mouth as he watched. I sucked them clean. I suddenly wanted to suck his cock but wasnt sure if he'd be able to get hard again. He was close to sixty yrs old. Then there was the sound of a car door slamming. We both started. He took off for the bathroom and I pulled the covers over me and pretended to be asleep.

I lay there thinking about what had just happened. I knew I should feel guilty but I didnt. I know my mother well. I know she was not the faithful sort. I know she had cheated on my stepfather more than once. I dont know if he knew or not.  She wasnt a bad person but her mothering skills werent the best. I decided my stepdad was going to be my first lover. Thinking about it made me horny again so I foung my cucumber and lay there in the dark fucking myself with the veggie, pretending it was my stepdad. I didnt find him attractive in the least, but he had a really nice dick and balls for a man his age.

Not a word about what we did passed between us for over a week. Then one night at dinner my mom says they are invited to the wedding of a coworker and it will be an overnight trip. She told my stepdad he didnt have to go if he didnt want to since she knows he dont really like the friend that was getting married. I looked at my stepdad and gave him a suggestive smile. He looked away and said, "Yeah, I think Ill sit this out. I'll stay here with Meggie. Dont worry about us, just go and have a good time." That weekend she left on Saturday morning, kissed us goodbye and said to behave and she'd see us Sunday night.

Neither of us said a word about what both of us were thinking. We waited 2 hours to be sure she wouldnt come back. I went up to my room and he followed. We both stripped down I sat on the bed and he was standing next to it. His cock was starting to get hard already. I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. He was startled, but didnt pull away. He said he thought we were just going to jerk off together again but if I was sure....
I stopped long enough to say, "Oh Im sure. Tonight I am going to do all the things Ive been thinking about for years. You are going to be my first." I started sucking his cock again.

He said, "Your first? You mean you've never...youre a virgin?" I bobbed my head my sucking him.

"I had no idea." He said. Then he started moaning. His cock was throbbing in my mouth. Id never given a blow job before but he seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. When I let his cock go and began licking and sucking his balls, he said, "Oh fuck that is so good!" He grabbed my head and held it as I sucked his balls. His cock throbbed against my face. He pulled away.

"For a virgin you sure know how to suck some cock and balls. I need a break or Im gonna cum". He said.

I scooted back on the bed and spread my legs. "Then why dont you play with my pussy for a while." I told him.

He lay next to me and ran his fingers between my pussy lips and found my clit. He played with it, making me squirm and moan. "Eat me. Eat my pussy." I panted. He needed no other coaxing. He began licking my pussy, sucking my clit and sticking his tongue in my opening. I writhed and pushed up at him. When he sucked my clit and finger fucked me I came, clutching his head between my thighs and arching my back while screaming out in pleasure.

When I came down he was positioned between my legs, his cock aimed at my pussy. "Are your sure youre ready for this?" He asked.

"YES, yes, please fuck me now!" I begged him.

He rubbed his cock head between my pussy lips, teasing my clit then he slipped into my opening and in one hard thrust, he entered me. My years of masturbation made his entry easy. He paused to enjoy how tight and wet I was. "Oh baby you are so hot and wet and tight. This is going to be incredible." He started to fuck me slowly at first with long slow strokes. Then he picked up speed. He pushed my legs up and back letting him go deeper. I gasped and moaned with pleasure as he fucked me. I loved how it felt as he moved in me.

Suddenly he pulled out of me and flipped me over. He spread my legs and enterd me from behind. He pounded me mercilessly, grunting and growling. I was moaning and cooing. It felt so good being fucked by my stepfather. I could see us in the mirror. I was spread eagle, face down, gripping the bars of the headboard. He was bracing himself on his arms, his legs straight out behind him, his hips thrusting in and out of me pussy. He face looked fierce as he growled out his pleasure. His eyes were closed, his lips were drawn back showing his teeth. He reminded me of a wild animal. It was enough to make me come again.

"Oh fuck! oh fuck! Thats so good. Fuuuuuck meeeeeee!" I cried as my orgasm ripped thru my body.

He continued to fuck me as I came. When I was done and lay there panting, he pulled out and turned me over again. He straddled me and aimed his cock at my tits as he jerked every last drop of cum from his dick.  Then he fell onto the bed next to me. 

I was 18 yrs old and had just been fucked for the first time by my almost sixty yr old stepfather and I didnt feel one bit guilty about it. I was thinking about how many times we could do it before tomorrow. Six. We fucked six more times before my mother came home the next day. We did it standing up, bent over a chair, doggystyle, sitting in a chair, me on top. We did everything but anal. He tried but it hurt too much. It was the beginning of a wonderful stepparent/stepchild relationship.

At the beginning of this story I said I was a pleasure broker. When I went to college, my stepfather paid for an apartment close to campus for me. We met there as often as we could and had all kinds of sex. If he had 10 mins Id blow him quickly, if he had more time we'd roleplay all kinds of stuff.  One day we pretended I was a hooker and he was a out of town businessman.  After we'd both come and were satisfied. I told him how I sometimes think about how exciting it would be to be a call girl. All the different men, doing all their favorite things and getting paid for it.

Long story short, he set me up. He had lots of older wealthy clients that he did business with. By the end of my freshman year I had a nice roster of clients that I pleasured. I was making good money and paying my own rent. One of my regular clients was in charge of handing out scholarships. So in exchange for a full ride scholarship, he got free weekly sessions with me. Everyone was happy. I cant wait to tell you more stories of my life.

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