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First Sex Teacher My Sister

naughtyharshith   April 24, 2018   | 104357 Views
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First Sex Teacher My Sister
I recieved these story by one of my friend by mail ... story goes as follows My name is Sneha. I am 25 years old. This happened to me when I was 18 years old. I used to live in a joint family with 2 cousin brothers and a cousin sister. I have a sister named Priyanka who is 3 years elder to me and a brother who is 1 and half years younger to me. You would be shocked to know but I used to be a really innocent girl when I was very young. Me, my sister, brother and my cousins, we all were really close since we had grown up together.

Me and my sister shared a room with an attached bathroom. I had noticed my sister making way to the bathroom way too often. I don’t know why I noticed that but I grew suspicious. She would spend a long time in the bathroom and this made me really curious. One afternoon she went on her usual long trip to the bathroom while I was in the room listening to music on my headphones.

When she didn’t return for a while I decided to check on her. I put my headphones aside and when to the bathroom door. I couldn’t hear anything so I decided to put my ear on the door. It was quiet for a bit but then I heard her saying “aaahh”. It was soft sound and it didn’t seem like she was trying to shout for help or anything. I listened for a while and heard her voice again “ohhhh…. hmm. aahh”.

I grew really suspicious now. I knew she was up to something but what it could be was the real question. I heard for a while and similar sounds were heard. Then I heard the sound of tap running, so I went back and sat on the bed and put my headphones on and acted as if everything was normal. She came out of the bathroom and looked normal and happy. I decided to check out a few more days just to be sure as to what is happening. This kept an eye on her for about 2 weeks. I heard the same sounds over and over again. She made me really curious now.

One day when she came back from her usual trip to the bathroom I stopped her. I told her I wanted to talk to her about something. We have always been close so she didn’t mind answering my query and she sat down next to me on the bed. I first hesitated but then I gathered courage and asked her about the noises from the bathroom. She was shocked to hear what I just said. But she calmed herself and told me that she would tell me in the evening when everyone goes out. I agreed and waited till evening. In the evening my cousins and brother are out of the house playing or hanging out with friends and all the female members usually go to the temple or to neighbour’s house to chitchat.

When the time came, my sister came into my room and locked the door. She didn’t speak anything. She switched on the computer in my room, inserted a CD, played a video and asked me to watch. There was a young girl with dark hair on screen in her lingerie. I kept watching. She started stripping slowly but my sister forwarded it to a place where the girl on screen took off her panties.

This was my first porn experience and I was curious. I watched the girl play with her pussy and make noises. The same kind of noises my sister made in the bathroom. I watched for 5 minutes and then paused the video and turned to my sister. She was definitely blushing. So I asked her:

Me: What is this?

Priyanka: Masturbation video.

Me: What does that mean?

Priyanka: When you are excited sexually and want to release tension it helps.

Me: So this is what you do in the bathroom?

Priyanka: Yes. (not looking into my eyes)

Me: I have never done this. Could you teach me please?

My sister was shocked. She refused at first. But then I told her that I cannot ask about this to anyone else. So she is the only one who can help me. She sat in front of me and thought for a while. Soon she smiled a little and agreed to teach me. She told me to take my skirt and panties off and lie down on the bed. I quickly took my skirt off. I was wearing a dark blue panty. I took that off as well and I could see my sister looking in my direction.

As my complexion is fair, my thighs are white. My pussy was white and hairy. I had never shaved. I was too young. I could see the hungry look in my sister’s eyes. I simply put a pillow under my head and lied down on the bed. My sister lied down next to me in bed. She first put her right hand on my milky white right thigh. She moved her hand on my thigh and it felt good. I didn’t believe that my own sister could excite me this way. I could feel her big boobs on the side of my body. Then her hand slowly moved to my pussy.

I felt a jolt of electricity by her touch. I looked at her and she kept smiling. She caressed my pussy hair and then found my clit. She slowly rubbed it in circles with her finger. It was an amazing feeling. But next what she did made me really horny. She took her hand away from my pussy and put it in her mouth. She put spit on it and put her hand again on my pussy. She was making me crazy. She slowly rubbed my pussy with her right hand. She took her left hand and put it in my hair. Her fingers gliding through my hair. It was the best feeling ever.

She rubbed my clit. Her fingers slowly moving up and down my pussy lips. My breathing was becoming heavy. Suddenly she stopped. She got up and removed her top. My sister had an amazing taste in lingerie. She was wearing a red lacy bra. Her massive boobs could barely hide behind that bra.

Honestly, big boobs run in the family. Me and my sister Priyanka are both D cups (34D to be precise). When your mom is a healthy 36D then having big boobs isn’t a big deal. My mom has 2 sisters and they are busty as well. So it wasn’t a surprise when me and my sister ended up having big melons.

Priyanka then unhooked her bra and let her tits move freely. We have been very close. We used to change clothes in front of each other. But I had never seen her naked boobs. Her complexion is fair too. Her tits were big and round. Looked really firm and had dark brown nipples and areolas which went perfectly with respect to the size of her boobs. I couldn’t help but stare. She blushed and smiled and asked what I was staring at. I didn’t reply. I just looked shyly away from her. She lied down again beside me and continued playing with my pussy. She didn’t penetrate my pussy with her fingers. She just rubbed.

All this made me immensely excited. Her boobs moved freely and she did magic with her fingers. I don’t know what came over me. I leaned a little to suck her nipple. She looked down at me and didn’t say a word. I sucked for a while and I could feel her breath getting heavy. Here an immense pressure was building inside me. My pussy was wet like a river and soon I was overtaken by my first ever orgasm.

I didn’t want to make noise but an involuntary “aaahh” came out of my mouth. I crossed my legs together and shuddered hard. Her hand was still on my pussy and I held it tight over there. I was shaking a lot. My first orgasm was hard and strong. I played in the shower with my pussy. It always felt good. But I never knew that there was something beyond a normal tingly sensation. I and my sister stayed in bed for 2 minutes.

Then my sister got up and put her clothes back on. She told me that now I can do this on my own whenever I felt the need and left. She had a mischievous smile on her face when she left my room. I didn’t know that this incident would change my life so much. Me and my sister started getting along a lot better. We were already close but this brought us closer. One day she suggested we masturbate together for fun and we did. Little did I know that in 2 months times we would be indulging in lesbian sex. I didn’t mind because it never felt awkward doing with her. This was the time when she fingered my pussy and broke my hymen. It hurt and I bled. But my sister for there to comfort me and told me it was okay for the hymen to break. I am lucky to have such an understanding and caring sister. She also taught me how to shave my private area. As I was still young and my boobs were growing, we couldn’t share a bra but we did share panties.

I hope you liked my story. I have many experiences to share with you all. My email is [email protected]

Please share your views regarding my story and how I can improve it. Your good advice is appreciated.

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