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These story gives more pleasure to the anties those who wanna have secret affairs.... cheating


I am Harshith from Bangalore and this is a real story because I’m not person who can keep secrets within me, so this was an idea suggested by my aunt to upload it..

Coming to the story, I had completed my 12th standard and was waiting for my results for medical college but I couldn’t get because of a small difference in a rank. I was really upset over it and it was an idea suggested by my dad to go and live in my aunt’s house. Every time I go with my family to Kerala but this time they sent me alone as I was really disturbed with my result. So on my way to Kerala, there were almost very hot chicks. I was not able to look at them because of my disappointment. The 45mins of flight travel from Bangalore to Trivandrum was really not good. Then from airport to Kollam was another hour of drive and it was my aunt who came to receive me from airport. She is my mom’s sister. So she is not the actual heroine. She started pestering me by asking l lot of questions and I was really disturbed a lot.

Then I reached and the first two days were really bad. Then all my cousins started and I was also in their mood. The second day another aunt called me for a lunch to her house. She actually didn’t talk to us for years but that day only she called me alone and I was a bit reluctant and I when took my cousin brother to her house. After lunch she told my cousin to go and she told that she wanted to talk to me personally. She started asking me why I was not really talking to her and blah blah. She was crying and she had taken her saree and pallu to wipe her tears. That was the time I realized her beauty. Her hip, her boobs wow. That was a real treat for my eyes. But I didn’t know whether to console her and after so much of crying I told her that I’m going and before going she told me that her husband has not returned from use from past 2 years and she took my no.

Then afterwards I started receiving some strange messages and after wards I called them it was Nirmala aunty. From then I started receiving spicy messages from WhatsApp and I would give an angelic gesture. These two days she was calling me and would tell some rubbish over the phone and she would end the call. On 5th day I received the call at night and she asked me to come to beach orchid a resto bar and when I went there she acted as if she was drunk. Then I thought I had to take her home. But she told that she already had booked a room over here and she asked me to take her to her room. She bought a bottle of gin and we left the place. Believe it or not this was the first time I touched a women in my 18 years of life. It was just a best moment.

Then I carried her to the room and then made her lie. And there she comes dominating me and pushed me to bed and locked the door. She called room service and asked them to get a can full of ice cubes , which I thought it was for mixing it with alcohol and there the room service men placed the ice cubes in the table and left. In meantime she told me to hide in the bathroom. After that she asked me whether I had girlfriends for which my reply was no. Because all my years I was working hard studying and lost the interest and she told me that today that I was her man. You didn’t dream but from today you will she started promising me and then lip locked me. I was really awestruck. I didn’t know what was going on for a moment then I took a break n then I had a real feeling and started to kiss her back.

I almost enjoyed touching her almost everywhere while kissing. She then commented a pure virgin and she made me to smell and lick her navel. I was going on licking on top of her saree and she just gave me a slap and moved the pallu aside. Then she just took her hand and forcefully entered my nose on her naval. Whew it was a pungent smell and she made me lick it. After sometime I started enjoying the smell and started licking it. Then she was horny by then and she stripped me nude. I was shy for a moment but at last when I started removing her pallu I had a confidence.

I started licking her naval and within that she was moaning. Then Nirmala aunty had taken some ice cubes in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. That was a real mixed feeling. It was really cold due to ac temperature moreover that a blowjob with ice. I ejaculated within minutes and then it was my turn. I removed the entire saree inch by inch every round kissing her licking her all over her naval her back her tummy. Wow that was something nice. After removing the saree I felt a bit nervous in removing the blouse. Aunty just poured some gin in my mouth on the rocks which was a bit pleasant for my body. Then she caught my hands and made me remove the blouse hook by hook.

When I was removing each hook I was licking the cleavage, kissing her boobs everything. After blouse I had to remove the bra. So I wanted to have a bit fun, so I took the ice cube and started rubbing the entire bra and the portion where bra was not there and made the bra wet. Then I started licking each and every part and finally removed the bra. Oh and that was really wonderful in seeing her nipples, the way the boobs were hanging. Then I started licking from down of the breast. Carving that hanging part I was licking and kissing like a mad dog. Then from hanging part to nipples and then it was a good time. The heat of that breast was really mesmerizing and the warmth had driven away the cold. And then came the petticoat.

I started removing and by a pull of knot it came down. I started seeing it and it was a real treat for my eyes. Then I started kissing her back. On the back the cuts were really good. Back of hips some big lines and would give curves have some real sweat. I started licking those cuts and reached till the ass cracks. Then I went to legs. I started licking, kissing everything from feet to knees and from knees there were some real moans. The whole room was filled with moans and she started pleading me to fuck her. But I was not yet ready and started teasing her by fingering her slowly over the panty. Then started again licking from thighs to inner thighs and I made her lie on cot. Made her back facing and started licking and kissing in middle. Rolled ice cubes over there and she started moaning like anything. Then made her turn around and I pulled her wet panty and was enjoying and looking at her.

She started then again the torture. Filled my dick and rolled the ice over my entire dick and testicles. She rolled I till 2 ice cubes melt and within that my dick was frozen and she made my dick enter into her pussy. And that’s it. It was a heavenly experience. Within 3 strokes I removed my dick and I wanted to tease her again. So I broke an ice cube and shoved it in her pussy and she was also taken aback. Then afterwards I put my dick into her pussy and I was fucking her and ripping her hardly and in the middle of fucking I got a call from my aunt’s house and that made me like really tearing her up. I couldn’t complete cumming and if it’s stopped suddenly the way the body reacts. Oh it was unimaginable.

Then I told some lies and somehow escaped. The tension I felt during that period was really unimaginable. Then after drinking again and the odour from both her ass and pussy made me again horny and I fucked her so bad that all my tensions were shown to her. I fucked her and fucked her that we both ejaculated and cummed together. We were really tired and I almost lost my stamina. Then she told me that she has booked the room for entire night. I think it was almost 2hrs of fuck session we almost had and we were hungry. So aunty ordered some food and in the meanwhile we were thinking of what lies to tell in my aunt’s house. We both changed into gowns. She had bought luggage, so I wore her gown and she wore some nighty.

Then later I told a lot of lies to my aunt and she told that only today she would allow me to stay in friend’s house and to never repeat it again. Then the food came. It was some 3 plates of kappa and beef fry (a typical Kerala dish) and we had just one plate by removing our dresses. It’s actually a nice feeling when aunty is nude and she feeding you. I was lying down in her lap and then she started feeding me. Then frequently I used to bite her boobs and after the dinner we planned another round. After the dinner she suggested me that I had to shave my pubic hairs. She usually has a trimmer in her bag as she usually goes for frequent meetings and she told me that she actually shaves her arms.

Then she took the trimmer out. It was that Philips aqua shave and then she started trimming my armpits. After trimming she smelt it and then licked it. Once you trim the hair with trimmer there is a heavenly experience and that too a women trimming was an unimaginable experience. Then she shaved my pubic hair which was surrounding my dick and that was a real kinky experience. I can’t tell you guys how I felt but I thought that this would be enough for a peaceful death. Then it was my turn to shave her up. So first I started with the pussy itself. I started fingering and started shaving. Every time the trimmer is around I start finger fucking her and then after trimming she was oozing with cum. I was ready by then and we had another quick fuck and I told that I’m going for a bath. She suggested we could have morning and we completed 1l gin and dozed off.

I don’t even remember what happened the night after we drank and it was morning 9:00a.m when I woke up. When I woke up I saw my aunt in a saree with no blouse and petticoat, purely in her saree. That was really amazing, a morning cute view. Then I was about to fuck her but she refused and pulled me to the bathroom. There she had somehow got body oil and she started applying over my nude body. She started masturbating my cock gave a blowjob and made it rock hard. Then she told that I have to apply oil over her saree itself and started applying. After a good long massage she asked me to fuck her asshole. Then afterwards removed her saree and applied extra oil in her ass and finger fucked her ass.

Then afterwards we let the bathtub full and in that time we went to bed and fucked her ass properly and then we had a good bath. I was lying and on top of me she was lying down and ended our day. Afterward I had to drop her to her office and I went. Got a good shouting from another aunt and I had to return to Bangalore because my entrance coaching class would start after a week. Before going she told me that she would miss me and she told that from next June she would not even miss a day. I could not keep the secret in my mind so my aunt suggested that post it on iss. So friends as this seems to be a story only one in millions would get this lifetime opportunity. Do post your comments on [email protected]

waiting for your feedback friends !!!!!

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