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My aunt’s sessions

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My aunt’s sessions
Lets coming to the the story….She was the very first woman I ever saw naked. I do not remember the age correctly but she was babysitting me. I was in the bathroom with her while she was in the bathtub soaking in bubbles. I guess I was with her in the bathroom so she could keep a constant eye on me. She insisted on me being in there with her and I really didn’t mind.I watched as she used a washcloth on her huge breasts. I stared at the naked flesh as bubbles disappeared only to be replace by fleshy tits and nipples. I was very turned on even at that young age. I watched as she stood up and I saw a black patch of hair between her legs. I was fascinated by the hair there. I wanted to reach out and touch it but I knew better at that point so I just continued to stare.My aunt used the washcloth between her legs and she still had a lot of bubble on her body. I didn’t realize at the time but what she was doing was sexy. It made me want to touch her, to explore what I was seeing. I never masturbated at that point, but if I had, it would have sent me into a marathon of masturbation sessions.I didn’t realize at the time but I wanted my aunt Kay. She was fun, sexy and a twin! I wasn’t so crazy about her twin who lived in another state though. Her name is Mandy. She wasn’t as sexy as my aunt Kay, at least she wasn’t in my eyes. Still she was attractive and had the same figure as my aunt Kay: huge tits that make your mouth water, a woman’s figure with wide hips and a perfectly round ass that you want to take a bite out of.When I was in the hospital, a year or two ago, with a bad case of pneumonia, my aunt came to visit me everyday and she seemed to come at times when we would have more time alone together.

Even after all these years, my aunt Kay is still sexy. I sometimes get the urge to grab her, rip her clothes off her, and fuck her brains out. I can barely contain that urge at times. My aunt Kay gave me amazing foot massages and she always seemed eager to please me or cheer me up when I am feeling down. She always felt bad about my bad experience with my ex girlfriend Beth because she introduced me to her and told Beth not to hurt me because I am sensitive.My mom and brother walked in the room and my aunt loves joking, playing pranks, and shocking people. What she said next floored me.“If you weren’t my nephew I would fuck your brains out!” She said.My mom and brother laughed. I must have turned beet red because I felt embarrassed as can be. If we had been alone at the time, I would have told her my feelings but unfortunately we were not so I remained speechless. She laughed, enjoying my response. I think I could see a little lust in her eyes as well because she kept looking me in the eyes and acting sexy. I would not have been surprised if she stripped for me right there in the hospital room even with my brother and mom there. Aunt Kay has always been wild like that.I have had experience with incest in the family before. As you know, if you read other stories of mine, I fucked my aunt Rachael and other stories to cum will show how I fucked my cousins Kathleen, Sheri, Liz, Tiffany & Rose. None of those experiences were planned .I have a habit of getting nervous when I plan to seduce or fuck a woman even if I know I won’t find any resistance. For me the first time with each woman is something new and exciting. Sex with any woman is exciting to me especially my first time with her. That feeling is multiplied when I plan to seduce a female relative and that makes it that much harder for me to do in some cases.

I wanted to fuck my aunt Kay so I thought back to my experiences with my cousins and aunt Rachael. They all seemed to happen so naturally and not take effort, on my part. In most of those cases, it was a mutual seduction. I knew with my aunt Kay I would have to be the sole seduce .I talked the situation over with a friend of mine on Literotica, Angelo, about how I should go about seducing my married aunt Kay. He has experience in the field because he regularly fucks his mom, the stories are titled: My Mother My Whore chapters 1-6 (they are HOT too). Anyways, my friend Angelo tells me to write a fantasy about my Aunt Kay and to leave it out in the open the next time my aunt comes over to my house.It just so happens my aunt planned to come over to my house this Friday to clean my room and spend the night so we can watch movies together. It has been awhile since she last did this but it was our ritual before I met my fiancé. The last time we did this, before I met my fiancé. My aunt got out of my waterbed to go pee and her nightgown rose up enough so that I saw her pussy. She was shaved! I was so shocked. My fiancé going away for the weekend to visit her family was pure luck and amazing timing. I have not seen my aunt in a long time. She has been busy with a new job. I have been missing her a lot lately and I have been dreaming and fantasizing about fucking her. I sat at my computer the other day and wrote a fantasy I had about seducing her, as Angelo suggested. It has been some years since I last fucked a female relative so I am nervous just thinking about it, let alone planning to make it a reality! The last time actually involved aunt Kay because it was at her house and mine. I fucked my cousin Sheri who told me that she loved giving blowjobs. I talked to her about my girlfriend at the time, Kathy, who looked like a cross between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (this was before I knew who either of them were). She did some modeling. My cousin Sheri was turned on and we ended up fucking & sucking on the couch that night (more on that story when I get around to writing it).In this fantasy, about my aunt, I run to the bathroom needing to pee badly.

The door is shut, but I open it thinking that nobody is home. I whip out my dick, look up, and realize that my aunt Kay is sitting on the toilet peeing. I stand there shocked with my cock mere inches from her face. My aunt stare at my hard prick and looks up to my face with a wicked smile and returns her gaze to my cock. She licks her lips seductively, leans forward, and takes my cock in her mouth. She starts to give me a fantastic blowjob until I cum into her hot, wet mouth. She smiles and looks at me and swallows my cum!The rest of the fantasy is about me fucking my aunt in various positions and in her pussy and ass and licking her sweet pussy to multiple orgasms. I would tell more about the fantasy but it takes away from the reality of what is to follow.I print out the story from my computer and carefully place it in an incest book titled: Family Secrets. I make sure to bookmark it in a page about a nephew who fucks his sexy aunt. If she doesn’t get the hint after seeing that, then there is not much else I can do other then come straight out and tell her I want to fuck her….Friday.My aunt Kay comes over and uses her remote for the garage that I have given her. She comes in the house and we both smile. I give her a hug and make sure to press my boner into her pussy some through our clothes. I smile and kiss her on the lips hard and we both laugh.“What’s gotten into you?” My aunt Kay said smiling.“Just happy to see my sexy aunt Kay. You are looking good enough to eat!” I said.My aunt laughed and seemed a little shocked.

I know my aunt likes to start on the upstairs so I watched as she took her coat off and threw it on the couch. I made a point of going to the closet and grabbing my Coat. My aunt paused on the stairs.“Where are you going?” She asked with an eyebrow raised.“I need a walk. I have been stuck in the house too often this winter. Some fresh air will do me good.” I said as I put on my coat and zipped up.“Well have a Good time. I am going to do a little shopping for snacks, when I’m done cleaning, so we can eat and enjoy some movies tonight!” My aunt said and it seemed that she was as eager to be alone with me almost as much as I was to be with her.I watched her turn and walk up the steps and I kept my eyes on her hot ass as it swayed back and forth, as she climbed the steps. Damn! I really wanted to grab her and fuck her. Even if it was rape, I knew my aunt loved me and would forgive me. Most likely, she would enjoy it because I remember stories about her having many boyfriends when she was young. I also remember when she was comforting me about Beth and her boyfriend a few years ago she told me how she had once dated two guys at one time and even had a threesome with them. I could tell she loved sex. It is easy to spot a woman who loves sex over the frigid one’s. I think she didn’t like my fiancé because she is a cock-teasing bitch at times. I heard the vacuum going, put my coat back in the closet, and silently climbed the stairs. I peered around the corner, making sure to stay out of sight as I watched my aunt vacuum my room. Her ass going back and forth and she seemed to be in a good mood. She was humming and I was throbbing, in my pants. I wondered what it would feel like if she was humming on my cock. I reached down and gave it a gentle squeeze. She approached my desk which holds my computer and she shut off the vacuum.I know my aunt is nosy because she pretty much told me so many times. She reached for something on my desk and I saw she picked up my Family Secrets book which was lying face down to give the impression that I was trying to hide my little secret from her. I watched as she looked at the sex ads on the back and turned the book over. I heard her gasp as she put her free hand to her mouth.

She looked back but I know she couldn’t see me as I was out of sight from that angle of the room. I saw her flip through the book and came to the papers that marked the book. It was now or never. My aunt sat down on my waterbed with her back to me. She took the papers out and lay them on the waterbed and read the story from the book, I heard her say “Oh my!” Several times during the course of the story.I was beginning to wonder if she would get around to the papers when she reached down to grab them and put them back into place. Curiosity got the best of her, as I knew it would. She opened the papers and I heard her gasp. She must have read the title “Fucking Aunt Kay!”She put the book on my chair at the desk facedown with it open to the page I had book marked. She stood up with the papers, walked around my waterbed, sat down, and kicked her shoes off. She lay back on my bed, got in the middle, and started reading the story. I looked around the corner of my door and saw her breathing start to increase. She started rubbing her breasts absently while reading the fantasy and her hand moved down to her pussy and rubbed her through her tight jeans. She unfastened her jeans, unzipped them, and put a hand inside and underneath her panties.She started moaning softly and her hand started moving up and down and in and out. She licked her lips several times, as she read the story.

 She stopped and put the papers down and lifted her hips and brought her jeans down to her knees. I noticed that she once again had that sexy black hair between her legs. I wanted to walk in right then but I decided to wait for later. I would enjoy this peep show for now.She picked up the papers and began rubbing her pussy again in circles. She began rubbing harder and faster.“Oh lick me Mike!” She said calling out my name.I almost walked in the room and did as she said but I would wait for later. Anticipation sometimes adds excitement to the sex.“Oh lick my pussy baby. Eat me! Oh you want aunt Kay’s pussy cum get it baby!” She said getting louder with each word.I started rubbing my cock and it was throbbing for release. It got so big and hard that I needed to take it out of my pants because it was painful. I started jerking off Watching my sexy aunt Kay play with her pussy. She stopped for a moment and lifted her shirt up and taking both breasts out of her bra. What I saw next amazed me. She brought her one tit up to her lips and licked, sucked and bit the nipple before doing the same to her other tit. I almost came from that alone.She started playing with her pussy again and this time she shoved a finger inside of her. After a few minutes, it became two and three fingers. Her fingers were soaked and I looked down at her pussy and could see some of the hair was wet and it almost looked as though a man came inside of her already. She was so damn wet and it looked sexy.She began increasing the thrusts of her fingers at a faster rate and was on the last pages of the fantasy where I fucked her.“Oh fuck me Mike!” She said screaming out my name,I watched as she dropped the papers and used both hands on her pussy and kept moving her one hand back and forth between her pussy and tits playing with each. She was getting wilder with each passing moment.“Oh that’s it baby! Fuck me harder Mike! Make me cum.

 I want you to cum inside of me! Oooh yeah I m cumming Mike.. She screamed.I kept jerking off faster and when I heard her say that I exploded and used my free hand to catch my load. I watched as my aunt Kay collapsed to the bed. She then took my papers and wiped her pussy with them. WOW. She made sure to soak the papers and put them back down. She lay there exhausted. I watched as she raised her hips and pulled her panties and jeans back up. She stood up on the far side of the bed and looked at the large wet spot she left. She took the sheets off the bed and changed them. She never bothered to redo her pants and her jeans were sliding down showing some skin and teasing me with a nice view of her ass. I watched as she made the bed and then returned the papers to the book and put it back exactly as she left it. She looked around and satisfied she had put everything right started walking to the door.

I ran downstairs with all my speed and as quietly as possible. I know she didn’t hear me because I took my shoes off before going upstairs. I went to the kitchen sink and sprayed some soap on my hands as I heard her in the bathroom upstairs doing the same. I turned the water on and washed my hands thoroughly. I returned to the front living room, put my sneakers back on, returned to the closet, and retrieved my coat. Luckily, my aunt had the bathroom door shut. I opened and shut the front door acting like I just came in.“I’m back!” I called out.“I’m in the bathroom baby. I’ll be right down!” My aunt said. She was still out of breath.She opened the bathroom door and I put my coat away. I looked up and saw that her jeans were still undone and sliding some showing me her white panties. She looked down as I did and we both looked back to each other’s face. She fastened her jeans and zipped them up as we both watched. She looked in my direction but not directly in my eyes and gave a slight smile. Even if I had not watched her masturbate, I would have been able to tell she did something sexual because of the flush of her cheeks and the slight embarrassment. The tension was getting worse.She jogged down the steps and I admired her ass in the jeans. I love a woman in jeans..She grabbed her coat and said she was going to the store and asked if I wanted anything.“Yeah something juicy and wet.” I said and she stopped breathing.“Like pineapple, strawberries, grapes, and some other fruits.” I said.

She started breathing again and was relieved. She walked toward the door but I stood in her way and hugged her. I playfully patted her on her sexy ass and she smiled and laughed. She seemed to loosen up some. She walked to her car in the driveway and left.That night.We lay down on the waterbed and I put in a steamy Kevin Costner movie called Revenge. It had some sex scenes and showed some of Madeline Stowe’s naked body. The tension in the air was so thick I almost could not breathe. My aunt started snacking on some Doritos. I was eating a bowl of various fruits sliced up and mixed together.“Do you Smell that?” I asked.“What?” My aunt asked sniffing the air.I was making a point of sniffing around and started sniffing her and she laughed. I moved down and sniffed her nightgown near her pussy. I lifted her nightgown some and saw that she wasn’t wearing panties and I sniffed some more. My aunt lay her head back down and her smile started changing into a wicked one and then a full-blown look of lust.“Oh that must be your pussy I smell!” I said.“Hmm.” She moaned.I raised her nightgown further and started seriously sniffing her pussy. She was really turned on and began thrusting her pussy at my face. I withdrew every time it neared. She grabbed the back of my head and forced me into her pussy and I began eating it like a starving man.“Oh yeah eat my pussy!” My aunt Kay was saying for real now. No fantasy.I devoured her pussy. I ate like there was no tomorrow and I loved the taste.“I love how you taste aunt Kay!” I said.She just moaned in response. I then got an idea and reached for my bowl of fruit. I inserted a cherry in her pussy and sucked it out. She loved this and so did I. I did the same with a strawberry, a grape, some blueberries, and raspberries though they were harder to suck out. I stuck two orange slices halfway between her pussylips and bit them in half.

I then used my lips and tongue to pry the rest free. The fruit tasted better after being in my aunt’s pussy.I then unpeeled a banana and began fucking her with it and bringing it out and sucking on the juices before fucking her with the banana some more.“Oh yeah fuck me with that banana! Eat me! Suck my juices. Oh I fucking love it!” My aunt said.I cannot believe that I was now using my aunt’s body as I dreamed of for so many years. Finally! Her breathing started getting faster and I ate the banana as I fingered and sucked on her pussy. I started using just my tongue and lips on her pussy and she was thrusting at my mouth with all her strength.“I’m cumming Mike!” She screamed.I buried my tongue in her pussy as far as I could and let her soak it and my face. She was cumming so much it was as if she was peeing. Her cum tasted fucking good too!She laid back and I climbed up her body and lay atop her. She looked up at me and pulled my basketball shorts down and my cock sprang free and nestled in her hairy snatch. It was at the point of entry but I still moved up her body. I sat on her chest with my cock laying between her big beautiful breasts .She pressed her tits together around my dick and I began fucking them. I grabbed onto them and we both held her tits as I fucked them. She began moaning and obviously loved it. Each time my dick neared her mouth she stuck her tongue out trying to touch it.I decided to surprise her and suddenly thrust into her mouth. She went crazy on it and sucked me like no woman ever has before. She swallowed my dick and used her tongue lips and hands on my hard cock.

She was going fast, trying to make me cum.Just the sight of my cock in her mouth was driving me wild. I shoved my cock all the way inside her mouth and unleashed my cum.“Oh yeah baby!” I said as spurt after spurt flowed from my cock into her mouth.She moaned around my cock in her mouth. She rubbed her tits, reached down, fingered herself, and moaned loudly around my cock. She had cum.She began licking my cock and swallowing my cum.“That was fucking good!” She said as I pulled my cock out of her mouth.I laid back down on my waterbed and she climbed on top of me. She reached down and began jerking my dick with her hands.“No way am I going to let this thing get soft on me now. I need it in my pussy!’ She said as she raised her ass and pointed my cock at her pussy and slammed down onto it.She began riding me and moaning.“Oh fuck yeah! Oh Mike, your cock feels so fucking good in my pussy! Fill me up! FUCK ME!” She screamed. I flipped her over onto her back, spread her legs wide, and fucked her with abandon. She was moaning and screaming. I flipped her over again and entered her from behind and began fucking her hard and holding her tits. I slapped her ass and she whimpered and seemed to Enjoy it. On one thrust my cock slipped out of her pussy and I thrust back. Unfortunately, (or should I say fortunately?) She leaned down and her asshole was where her pussy was a moment ago. My cock slipped entirely inside of her ass.“Oh My GOD!” My aunt screamed.I slid in all the way easily from her pussy juices soaking my cock.I began thrusting in and out of her ass.“Wait hold on a second baby.

Stop! It has been a long time since I have been fucked up the ass. Let me get used to it. Let’s just lay here and let me get adjusted to your cock and then you can start fucking me again!” She said.I nodded my head and lay there behind her resting my head on her back until she began thrusting back at me and I began thrusting again.I grabbed both her cheeks and thrust in and out with passion. It felt so fucking good. I held her in place fully impaled on my cock, I sat back on the bed, and she rode me with her back to me. I watched her ass move up and down and it looked so fucking sexy!I pulled her off my cock and had her turn around and face me. She put my dick inside of her and began riding me again, I was sitting up and her tits rubbed against my chest.

 Her nipples felt so good and sexy. I put my hands on her ass and helped her ride up and down on my cock. We began kissing and our tongues met. We started kissing very passionately and moaning as we were fucking so wildly.She broke the kiss and moaned louder and I knew another orgasm was nearing. I thrust in and out of her faster hoping to cum at the same time as her. She started moaning even louder.“Oh FUCK ME Mike! Oh, fill me with your hot fucking cum! I want to feel it in my pussy! Oh yeah you hot fucker you! I’m going to cum!” She shouted at the top of her lungs.“Oh fuck yeah!” I yelled as I buried my cock inside of her and let loose a hot load of cum,She started rubbing her pussy and put two fingers inside when I took my cock out and she began eating my cum. It was so fucking sexy. I never thought I would see my aunt do this.

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