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Pleasure Broker #2

bettyheartssex   September 12, 2017   | 65357 Views
He “wakes up” and acts shocked. “Gina! What are you doing?” he says. I lift my head and let him go. “Im sorry daddy, I was so horny and I have wanted you for so long. I couldnt help myself. Please let me go on.” Luxury



Hi! Meggie again. I want to tell you about a client I had today. I'll call him Rick. He is 45 and a nice looking man. Rick works with my stepfather. Rick told me about his life. He told me about his cold fish wife that just lays there while he fucks her. She just waits for him to be done. He told me about his daughter who he says resembles me. He told me his dirty little secret is that he thinks about his daughter while fucking his wife. He says its the only way he can get off while fucking a cold, lifeless pussy. He told me how he thought about approaching his daughter, but before he could he heard her telling her friend that incest is disgusting. Oddly enough it made him want her more. I told him I get it, my first was my stepfather.


So he tells me he wants me to pretend to be his daughter. He wants me to call him daddy and he will call me Gina. He will pretend to be asleep and I should approach him and wake him in a sexual way and really want it with him. I can do that, I tell him.


He's lying in the bed covered only by a sheet. I udress and pull off the sheet. He's still limp. Nice. I love making a cock go from soft to rock hard. I lie down next to him and not using my hands, I take his limp cock into my mouth and begin to suck it. He moans. He “wakes up” and acts shocked. “Gina! What are you doing?” he says. I lift my head and let him go. “Im sorry daddy, I was so horny and I have wanted you for so long. I couldnt help myself. Please let me go on.” I dont wait for an answer, I resume sucking his now growing cock and now Im fondling his balls.


“Gina, baby girl, your mouth feels so good on my cock”, he is stroking my hair as I suck him. “Yes baby, suck daddys cock. Make it hard for daddy.” he says. I do. He is moaning, “mmmm yes Gina, you suck cock so well. Dont ever stop sucking me.” he says. I leave his cock and start licking and sucking his balls while stroking him with my hand.


“Oh Gina! Where did you learn that? Have you done this to your boyfriend?”


“No daddy. Ive never done this to anyone before, you are my first. Ive always wanted you to be my first.” I said. I alternate between his cock and his balls. He moans. “I love you baby girl. Ive wanted to feel your lips on my cock for so long. I want to taste your pussy and have your come on my face, then I wasnt to put my hard cock into your soft, wet pussy and fuck you till you scream out in pleasure.”


After a while he stops me. “I want to make you feel good too baby girl. Let daddy eat your pussy.” He puts me on my back and spreads my legs. He begins to lick me, his tongue running back and forth between my pussy lips.


“Oh daddy! Yes daddy, yes! That feels so good. Mmmmm. Lick me, lick my pussy daddy.” I say as he is licking me up and down, flicking my clit, sending small ripples of pleasure thru me. “Oh, oh oh! It feels so good. Daddy please, suck my clit, suck it daddy please!” I cry out. He does. He is sucking my clit and Im pushing up at his face. “Mmmmmmmm! Daddy! Daddy...put your tongue in me, fuck me with your tongue.” I say.


He does. His tongue is thrusting in and out of my pussy and he's flicking my clit with his finger. “OHHHHHHH! Daddy, daddy, daaaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyy!” I squeal as I climax on his face. He dont stop. “Daddy! Dont ever stop, its so goooooood.” I croon. As I come down from my orgasm. He's still licking, he cant get enough. I know its me calling him daddy that drives him.


“Daddy. Daddy. Daddy” I moan softly as my head turns from side to side. I feel another orgasm start. Its not as big but its there. “Ohhhhh Im cumming again! Daaaaaadddy!” Still he keeps licking and sucking at my, his fingers and tongue taking turns in my pussy.


“Daddy I want you to fuck me now, please daddy, please fuck me!” I beg him.


He looks up, his face is glistening with my juices. “Are you sure baby girl? The first time it might hurt you. Ill be gentle but it might still hurt.”


“I dont care daddy , I need to feel your big hard cock in my pussy now!” I tell him.


He takes his cock in his hand and runs it up and down my pussy, teasing my clit. “Now daddy. Do it now! Dont be gentle, just do it. Do it hard. I want to feel it daddy. Please!” I wrap my legs around him as he puts the head of his cock inside me. “Fuck me now daddy, do it now!” I growl. I pull with my legs as he thrusts into me all the way. I feel his balls against me, he's balls deep. I gasp and grimace as if it hurts. He stills.


“Did I hurt you baby? Are you okay?” he asks.


“Yes daddy Im fine, go. Fuck me now, daddy I need you to fuck me. Make me cum again with your big hard cock in my tight little pussy. Daddy! Fuck me!” He begins to fuck me fast and hard, his eyes are wild as he thrusts in and out of me. “Oh fuck daddy” I repeat over and over with every thrust of his cock. I feel a third orgasm start. “Im....gonna...cum....daddy.” and I do. I cum as he is fucking me, he keeps going fucking me as I cum on his cock. “oh daddy you fuck so good, I want to do this all the time. You make me feel so good daddy the way to lick my pussy and fuck me. Please tell me we can do this over and over daddy.”


He looks at me and gives a thrust and I feel his cum spurt out of him. Spurt after spurt of hot cum in my pussy. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh!” he collapses on me. “Thank you Gina baby, that was incredible”. He rolls off of me.


I stay on the bed as he dresses . “Thank you. I haven’t had sex that good in years. Its well worth the money.” He says as he puts a wad of bills on the table. “Ill be in touch.” He leaves the room.

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