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A Lustful Liaison - Part 1

JSKNIGHT   September 24, 2016   | 57757 Views
A man begins a daring, taboo relationship with two eighteen-year-old girls rings

The dictionary defines lust as ‘a strong sexual desire.’  But I think it’s more than that.  There is something pure… something primeval about true lust. 

It began like any other day.  Being early September, it was more autumn than summer, although it had turned decidedly warm for the time of year.  That and the fact that I had just begun a week off work meant that I was in high spirits.

Like every day, after breakfast I logged into Facebook, read my notifications and scrolled down through the usual random nonsense.  One particular status caught my eye not least because it was by one especially hot young friend, Jasmine.  Jasmine had enrolled on my geology course along with her friend, Alia earlier in the year.  I do it as a hobby although my degree and Masters were in that science and I charge very affordable fees for the six week introductory course.  It attracts a wide cross section of types and ages, though Jasmine and Alia were definitely the only ‘hotties.’

Both girls had just passed their Advanced levels, which for American readers are a higher pre-university qualification.  I had assumed they were going straight to university, but Jasmine’s status indicated that she had opted for a gap year.  To expand on her words, she was struggling to afford a three-month ecological camp on Mauritius for want of funds.  It appeared that she was three grand short, with not much time left to enrol and was having a general moan as a result.

Now, I don’t think I’m any more pervy than the next man and at 45 I still have everything in working order, though certainly with far more inclinations than opportunities.  So, I suppose it was natural that an entirely improper thought crossed my mind at the point that, as I read her status.

Jasmine and Alia were both recently eighteen.  Jasmine is half Asian Indian, half English and Alia has middle eastern parents, from the Lebanon.  They are both gorgeous with golden-olive skin, and brown eyes.  Jasmine has shortish black hair, while Alia’s is long, waist-length nearly.  Both girls are very, very pretty and hot but in a rather demure way. 

I got on well with Jasmine and her friend on my geology field trips and while we weren’t terribly close or anything, I thought we had a healthy rapport and my occasional glance at their boobs wasn’t met with obvious disdain and if anything I think they enjoyed the attention.  I suspect they accepted that there was a certain amount of lechery that was par for the course when you were an eighteen-year-old girl, which probably sounds incredibly sexist, but is also probably true.  For whatever reason they found rocks ‘sexy’ and were fascinated and engaged on our trips.  In what I considered to be an entirely normal, healthy if somewhat taboo way, I frequently fantasized about both of them.  Suddenly, a crazy idea had entered my head, which I thought might turn my fantasy into reality.

I had always saved and dabbled on the stock market as an alternative to paying into a pension, and I was quite comfortably off with a good salary and no mortgage – thanks to my parents leaving me the house before they had retired in the country. The point was, I had the funds and Jasmine had all the attributes of an eighteen-year-old and it didn’t take a massive leap of the imagination to follow my train of thought.  I dismissed the idea immediately, but looking at her latest photos, I entertained the idea of an improper proposition again. 

I am, if I say so myself very young-looking for my age and – crucially –  I think young, and I believe and hope that I’m well-received among the younger members of my course.

So, while I didn’t exactly have a cold start, I was still cautious of approaching Jasmine with my offer.  I tried to anticipate how she would react.  I thought it might depend on the manner of my approach.  At some point, no matter what kind of euphemisms I employed I was going to suggest that sexual favours were part of the deal.  How did I make that obvious without actually saying it?  I wanted to stay friends, so considered a kind of roll-back option.  It was a tricky one and at the same time a very exciting one.  Even as I began to type my message my heart was pounding.  I saw she was online, so struck while the iron was hot.

‘Hi Jasmine.’

There was the obligatory wait and then the ‘Jasmine is typing thing.’


‘I just noticed your status.’

‘Which one?’

‘About the Mauritius trip.’

‘Ah.  Okay.’

‘Must be frustrating about the money and everything.’

‘Ha yeah, it is.’

‘I might be able to help with that.’

‘Oh?  How?’

So far so good.  I’d engaged her interest and now committed myself, which was a bit scary.  But I pressed on.

‘I have the money.  That is, I can let you have it.’

There was a much longer pause between messages here.  She probably assumed I was winding her up.

‘Three thousand?!’

‘Yeah.  I thought it would help.’

‘That’s an incredible offer but I couldn’t pay you back.’

I had to think through how I worded my next message very carefully.

‘I wouldn’t want to put you in an awkward position.  At the same time, I don’t want you to pay me back.  I was thinking it might be more of an investment.’

‘An investment?’

‘Yeah you know… one that pays interest.’

A very long pause…

‘James, are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?’

‘Yes.  Are you angry?’

‘No, why would I be angry?’

‘Well it’s a bit bold, isn’t it?’

‘Like I said, it’s an incredible offer.  I’m sure we could come to an arrangement.   I so want to go to Mauritius.  The experience and associated diplomas would greatly enhance any future job applications.’

‘It’s a big deal then?’

‘Yes!  Cos I got five A stars, I have like first refusal, but I have to commit and pay the deposit, next week.’


‘Alia wants to go to.’


‘Yes, we’re going to do the same degree.’

‘And she’s also short of cash?’

‘Yeah, but she’s raised a thousand from her weekend job somehow!  Has put me to shame lol

‘Wow okay.  Do you think she’d be interested in the same deal?’

‘I’ll have to ask obviously, but I think she’ll be fine.’

‘Good.  That would be nice.’

‘Yeah lol.  Have to go, will let you know asap.  Thanks again.’

It was as easy as that.  I mean, no knock back, no shocked replies or offended dignity.  For a minute I was like, did that just happen?   

It was another two weeks before the next geology outing, but I didn’t have to wait long for a message from Jasmine.  It was about tea time the same day.  I had spent the day in a bit of a haze coming to terms with the fact that I was on the verge of every man’s fantasy come true.  The fact that the girls weren’t flirtatious or slutty but sweet with that pretty ‘girl next door’ appearance made it seem all the more a hotter proposition.

I got the notification from Jasmine on my phone.

‘Hi James, Alia wants to take up the offer.’

‘Cool. And she’s definitely okay with everything?’

‘Yes.  Totally.’

Jasmine alone would have been amazing but to have a threesome with her and Alia was an unbelievably erotic prospect.  My own imagination made me hard, as I began to explore the possibilities in my mind.  Getting them slowly naked; kissing their smooth young bodies all lover; fingering their hot, wet pussies.  It was too much and I had to go for a wank to calm myself down.  It might be costing me six thousand pounds, but I was certain that it was money well spent. 

I have been single for two years now after two medium term relationships.  I tend always to lose interest after the initial intensity and for a while now I concluded that I wasn’t monogamous by nature.  Perhaps if I meet the right woman, who’s my age and has the same interests and ticks all the boxes I might settle down.  For now, I had a craving for something more exciting.  I don’t think I appreciated girls my own age when I was 18, in my fumbling stumbling forays into sex and experimentation.  By the time I had reached an age with the necessary experience and predilection, it was too late.  There is, somewhat understandably a rather ageist attitude to relationships and it’s just not practical or even feasible to date hot younger girls.  However, it seemed when there was a sufficient incentive, money talks.  I was under no illusion that I wouldn’t have pulled this off without the cash.  I knew there was always the option of escorts, but I wasn’t that desperate and the idea of sharing women was a massive turn off.

So it was with particular relish that I arranged my first assignation with the girls.  Jasmine liaised with Alia and they planned to come and see me on the following Saturday.  I trusted them enough not to back out, which might have been foolish and paid the money into their accounts straight away. 

It was a long three days and I did my best to enjoy my week off and not become obsessed with the prospect of the threesome.  That was easier said than done, but I found running helpful, as it cleared the head and gave me a nice serotonin boost.  I had a couple of nice days out visiting local tourist attractions and a day at home, sorting out the garden. 

By the time Saturday came around, I was full of nervous anticipation.   The clement, warm spell had lasted the whole week and I was curious as to how they would be dressed.  Apart from on Facebook, I’d only ever seen them in jeans, leggings and T shirts, as the geology outings dictate that sensible clothes were worn.

It was close to two o’clock when the doorbell chimes sounded and I took a quick look in the hall mirror before answering the door. 

I had told myself to stay in control of my feelings as long as possible, but on opening the door it was clear that that would be tricky.  Both girls were dressed in playsuits – Jasmine’s a light blue with little white flowers and Alia’s a was white with a big pink swirly pattern of roses.  At a glance I could tell that both girls weren’t wearing any bras.  Their up-tilted breasts were distractingly obvious and Alia’s round nipples were clearly visible through the fabric of her play suit.  Their gorgeous, olive-tan legs were just too lovely for words.  The effect on me was instantaneous.  As they stepped into the hallway, I got a whiff of their perfume and I began to get a hard on. 

It seems ridiculous to say that I felt embarrassed, but I was.  I was unprepared for the overwhelming effects of their sensuality with their shiny brushed hair, carefully applied make-up and overall gorgeousness.  I wasn’t sure if there was any etiquette covering the situation and kissed each girl on the cheek and gave them a brief hug, while shielding my growing erection.

Alia was the first to notice my predicament and giggled, naughtily.  Jasmine smiled, looking down and then looking at me, as if to say ‘What are you like?’

“No self-control, sorry.”

“Ha, it’s okay!” said Jasmine.

Alia looked at me curiously and then smiled her beautiful smile.  Her naturally deep pink lips were complemented with a little lip gloss.  Jasmine, who I had never seen with make-up, had a little lavender eye shadow and a hint of rouge. 

I showed them through to the front room and offered them a glass of wine each, which they happily accepted.

After supplying the refreshments, I invited the girls to sit down and broke the ice with a little small talk, which helped me cool down a little.  The girls looked so delectable though, I struggled to quell my arousal completely as I tried to focus.

I inquired about Mauritius.  It was a once in a life time trip, it seems and had been offered to the top students following a degree in conservation strategy.  It would give them first hand experience of some amazing animals and allow them to conduct in depth studies of the biology of lemurs and what factors threatened endangered species, such as the Mauritius Kestrel. 

I began to understand the importance of the trip and why the girls had been so keen to take up my offer.  I didn’t know too much about their backgrounds but it seemed their parent’s hadn’t been able or willing to stump up the fee to pay for the course.  I didn’t get why and it was none of my business, so I didn’t pursue it.

I asked them if they wanted a top up of wine, but they said they were okay.  As they drank up, I relieved them of their glasses and stood in front of them.  Alia’s long black hair was so beautiful, I decided to make the first move and stroked her hair and ran my fingers through the silky strands.  This alone was enough to get me going again.  Jasmine and Alia both stood up and looked at me in a way that it was obvious they wanted me to touch them.  I put a hand around each of their waists and gradually slid my hands over their sexy, pert behinds.  To my astonishment, I could feel no pantie line. 

I asked them if they had indeed gone ‘commando’ and there were nods and cheeky glances to the affirmative.  I stood behind Jasmine and ran my hands up the inside of her thighs, pausing to touch her between the legs through the flimsy fabric.  Her body was so soft and so hot.  Alia’s was the same, as I fondled her.  Their breasts felt squishy and yet still had a kind of resilience, bouncing against the inside of their playsuits as I caressed their nipples through the garment.

I suggested that we go upstairs and I led them through the house and up to my bedroom. 

I pulled Alia towards me and kissed her deeply.  She was a wonderful kisser.  I began to undo the hook and eye at the back of her playsuit and at the same time I turned to kiss Jasmine.  Jasmine reached for my zipper and started undoing my trousers, while I undid the catch on her clothes and we all proceeded to undress.  

Peeling off their clothes was sheer joy, as I revealed their perfect young bodies inch by inch.  Jasmine’s breasts were a bit bigger than Alia’s and she had the most amazingly plump nipples that were irresistible and I bent down to suck them without hesitation.  This elicited a satisfying murmur of appreciation.  My hands were everywhere of course fondling arse and pussy as I drew Jasmine’s sweet nipples into my mouth. 

Alia’s nipples were darker and rounded off her perky little tits.  As Jasmine dragged down my boxers, I stooped to kiss and suck Alia’s breasts. 

There were quiet gasps of delight when they saw my raging hard cock and I turned the girls round as I eased off their playsuits, rolling them down over their deliciously pert butts.  Both had a round, meaty ass, but Alia’s is worthy of special mention in its glorious shape and I was filled with brazen lust as I slid my fingers down their warm, sexy cracks.  I nibbled on their shoulders and necks as my fingers toyed with their ass holes and I continued, further exploring between their legs until I found their wet little pussies.

It might be a cliché to describe eighteen-year-old pussy as tight and wet, but believe me these girls were just that.  Their hot, slippery little twats cloyed and gripped my fingers.  I knew then, if I didn’t already, that fucking these two was going to be an unadulterated pleasure.

Alia was clearly enjoying the experience and joked that she would have done this for free.  Jasmine agreed that she didn’t expect all the foreplay.  I’m pleased to say that they went with the flow.  I hadn’t considered their perspective and it made me wonder what their experiences had been hitherto.  Maybe they just thought I wanted to bend them over and get on with it.  We hadn’t discussed any details but I was determined to indulge myself and taking things slowly and enjoying foreplay was my thing. 

I turned both girls to face me so I could have a good view of their pussies.  They both had neatly trimmed pubes and their labia were a deep rouge and nicely swollen from the intimate fingering I had given them.  Along with the constant fondling and kissing, I think I had got them nicely worked up.  I slid both index fingers between their legs and continued the stimulation of their tight little cunts.  I tasted and sniffed my fingers, which elicited giggles from the girls but the sweet muskiness of their sex was a further turn on.  On asking them if they enjoyed oral sex, I was amazed by their response.  They said no one had ever done it for them.  This was incredible.  What is it about the youth of today?!  Going down on a girl is one of the first things I want to do.

We made our way to the bed and I told them that it was something that I would enjoy doing for them and that I thought they would enjoy it, too.  Jasmine was very giggly about it, in a way that I felt that she found it a bit embarrassing, but Alia was more enthusiastic, and persuaded her friend to let me lick them out.

I had them each bend over the side of the bed with their legs apart, which exposed their puffy pink labia just at the perfect height for licking.  I knelt behind them and began with Jasmine simply because one had to be first.   Her cunt was sopping wet and her juices seemed to pool around my tongue as I lapped up the length of her beautiful pink folds.  Her lips became even puffier as I rubbed my face against her honey.  She made soft whimpers in response to my tongue, with short breathless gasps, but I sensed she was holding back.  Alia seemed to find it amusing but her giggly behaviour was tempered as I turned my attention to her equally wet, musky sweet pussy.  My cock didn’t go down the whole time as I noshed on their velvet soft vulvas. 

I think they enjoyed their introduction to cunillingus, but my dick was throbbing as I stood up and got them to kneel on the floor at the side of the bed. 

Let’s face it, staying power is one of those attributes that men cherish jealously.  But I have to say I had little faith in my own stamina as I offered my cock up to Jasmine’s mouth.  She opened her lips with a mixture of bashful surrender and a kittenish playfulness. 

I was almost beside myself with the indescribable pleasure that seared through my raging hard-on.  I fucked her mouth slowly, running my fingers through her hair.   Alia sat there and watched, as my cock went in and out of Jasmine’s mouth, her lips brushing my shaft.  My intentions of making it last were thwarted by the sheer sensations of her hot mouth yielding to my movements.  I thought she might shrink back as I started to come, but she just stayed there with her lips clamped around my cock as I erupted.  I pushed my cock deeper and wanked myself into her mouth, as Alia stroked the back of my thighs.

I emptied my balls, until the spunk was dribbling out of Jasmine’s mouth.  By that time my legs were wobbling and I was half choked from intensity of my orgasm.  I think the girls were partly shocked and partly amused by how I came.  I don’t think I had ever been turned on for so long since I had been there age and the old adage ‘youth is wasted on the young’ never seemed more true.

A little time later I began to regret securing any sort of an agreement, but it just never felt right.  I had given them a lot of money, so I expected and hoped that they didn’t think it was a one off.  I’m pleased to report that they were happy to do it again – in fact straight away or as quickly as my libido would allow.

To be continued…

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