My Mom and I in Las Vegas

taylor   January 25, 2020   | 40656 Views
My mom had recently been suffering because of a divorce. I guess maybe she had decided that she no longer wanted to be married to a womanizer anymore. It has only been drugs and alcohol… rings

My mom had recently been suffering because of a divorce. I guess maybe she had decided that she no longer wanted to be married to a womanizer anymore. It has only been drugs and alcohol for her since then. So, I like any other smart girl asked her to come to Vegas with me.We had the much-needed fun though. With both of us going to spas and getting our bare butts massaged by hot guys. Yet mom was not ready to get into the Dick business. Though I did notice that she silently enjoyed the attention she was receiving.Interestingly though, I did notice some startling noises from her side of the bed in the night. WTF my mom was rubbing her pussy like crazy! I just pretended to be sleeping since getting caught masturbating by your daughter is perhaps the last thing any mother would want.NEXT DAY…
We decided to go for dinner together in a fine restaurant to just chill and enjoy Vegas. Things were good. We ate while hearing to a band and mom was all smiley again.While we were sitting on our restaurant table, a really hot guy came over and said, “The first time I saw you both, I thought, what a cute pair of stunning sisters.”Mom surprisingly was blushing like a 16-year-old. He corrected him while giving him her best sultry smile. “I think the staff is about to shut down this place in a while. Say we go together to my hotel room?” Any other given time, I would have said, “No fuckin way Mister” but I like any other girl wanted my mom to be happy.After reaching his room, he got out the wine and grabbed us by our busty asses. While doing so he said, ” You two are so fuckin hot, I don’t think I will be able to control myself.”Before I could even react to what was happening, the son of a bitch had put his slimy tongue in my mom’s mouth. All I could manage to say was, “I am Reilly and her name is Tera”. I guess I did so that at least he had our names before things started to get even more freaky…20 minutes later…
We removed all our clothing and become sex-hungry animals. I was for the first time in my life watching my dear mother giving a blowjob to a stranger. Then she told me to join her. And like any obedient daughter, I compliedAs my experienced mother guided my head while I sucked his dick, she gave a pro tip, ‘Open that slutty mouth and try to keep your filthy tongue out.”Well, I thought maybe this was going to be the end but mom had other plans as well. She grabbed my hair roughly and then forced me to deep throat his dick. This was becoming an interesting class. I was getting lessons and was able to get hands-on practice as well.It turns out mom was a total slut when it came to SEX. “Suck that dick “, “Make sure to tickle his blue balls” “You are getting wet like a whore” Out of frustration, I loudly shot out. “MOM!!!”But she had an answer ready for that as well. She walked me over to the wide bed and put her body on mine. We were kissing passionately as our tits and pussies ground together like anything. Our cunts started to grind like anything and I suddenly grabbed her butt to increase the pressure on my pussy.He could not stay away from the action as well. Jacob pulled her hair like a bitch that she was and jerked it into my wet cunt’s entrance. I was in heaven! He was drilling her from behind in doggy style while I was getting the best oral sex of my life.Things took another turn as I grabbed her hair and said, “Lick me harder, you cunt, lick me harder!” Just in a minute mom had my G Spot and I was screaming like a wild jungle animal. I got scared at one point about the hotel staff…But mommy was far from over. Her decades of experience was paying off and now she wanted me to lick her out! “Lick me, honey, Make your mom squirt like never before “Jacob did not let this opportunity pass as well and decided to fuck my virgin asshole. Her hips started to arch up in an orgasmic contraction and my asshole was getting destroyed by his big hard cock. I have no idea whether you have had your mom cum or squirt in your face but believe me, it is really hot. Jacob was grunting like a pig and came in my ass while also filling it with his thick white cum. Mom came like a shuddering engine and just plastered my face with her pussy juices.3 Months Later:
My mom and I have now a routine of fucking guys together. She is now in an open relationship with a hippy and I do enjoy my ‘quality time’ with them both whenever I can find. I guess fucking my mom did change my life a lot. 


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