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Each action has consequences and in this case a very dangerous ... Luxury We're all super, for some reason my mouth felt tired and had a taste, my ass hurt, the other night we were having a great time on a record. It's the only thing I remembered from the other night. Suddenly the teacher said that a new student was going to enter. We were excited by a new student, fresh meat. The teacher said that his name was Melany, for some reason it became familiar, and a sensation of cold ran through my body, I suddenly realized that he was staring at me and was paralyzed by his gaze. She sat behind me and when I passed next to me she said to my ear: delicious lips. I did not know how to react to that, I did not understand anything in the classroom and they thought it was great and that I had already conquered the new girl. Nobody knew who he was and I did not remember anything yesterday. Everyone was rumored that it was my new conquest. The class continued normal as every day at this university. Suddenly my phone rang, a photo had arrived, I was afraid to open it, for some reason. In the picture I was with a huge thick white cock, inside my mouth, full of lots of milk. All my world was paralyzed I did not know what to think, suddenly I got hard and I got wet. in the photo he said that he sucked very rich and they had never felt this way, they had it, that made me think about many things. There is more where it came from in the photo. with melany I turned around slowly and she was staring at me and she wrote me another text. At 12 pm, I'll wait for you in the men's room ... I was very nervous, I did not know what was happening, everything around me turned around, I just wanted to escape from there. At the same time I felt a huge pressure coming from Melany. All the recess time came to meet the new girl and I was with my friends but at the same time there was not, my mind was thinking that it had happened. The weird taste in my mouth when I woke up and my aching ass, all this was making me more nervous than I already was. I went to the roof to be alone with myself the final I could not listen to anyone, I was now in my own thoughts ... My phone rang and it was her with a message ... If you do not want all your friends and family, see how sissy you are, do not forget our appointment, with love Melany. I felt as if I was sinking into an abyss. My head said that this could not be happening, I have no face to face my parents and tell them that they had raped me. And even more so I am someone who is always bothering others and I am surrounded by beautiful girls, who will think of me. I could not let this continue like this. I have to face that DEMON. Time passes and the lunch hour arrived and I'm ready to face that witch, I do not deny it I'm scared all my way can get fucked by this. Every time I approach the man's bathroom I do not know what happened, I'm getting tense. The phone rang and there was a message with another picture, where I had his cock deeper in my throat, and I saw how I was choking milk from my mouth, photo I said I am in the last one. He ran desperately and kicked open the door. When I see Melany with her beautiful blonde hair and big thighs and hips, a little flat but she looked beautiful, I'm saying do not let me be deceived, she said. I ran out to take the phone and suddenly she took it out, I had all my contacts including my parents, all of them with photos of me sucking his penis, and her big toe where he said send. She told me if you take a step more everyone in the school will know how sissy you are and your parents will reproach you and leave, you poor unhappy boy. He had me sheltered, M: close the door and undress Me: What's up with you bitch? M: she tells me another protest and you will be history. I closed the door and lock and suddenly separated her legs slowly and under her skirt, I saw her huge bulge. I was already very nervous. She told me come here dog, I put a protest face but still I did. Every time I looked at her bulge she became bigger and bigger and looking at her face she seemed to enjoy a lot, I raised her lack and was surprised at how big her pantyhose looked. I had no way out, grabbed my head and told me on my knees bitch. I wanted to take away the phone but just rubbing it without wanting that button I'm dead. He is looking at her from below between his legs, from here his bulk looked bigger and the smell was sweet. I grabbed his face and I tied it against his big penis, I could feel the penis monster he had. I was stunned without knowing what to do. She pulled her panties off to let out her cock was the biggest cock I had seen and that smell mmm, even bigger than mine, which was always proud. I stopped my mouth and fought because I did not want to open it, he gave me blows with his penis telling me that this is what you eat dirty bitch. I had the muddy face of his precum I felt sticky. I could not stand it anymore and I opened my mouth when without warning I felt like his penis entered my throat and became bigger and bigger. I could not believe my tears came out of my eyes and she just made me laugh and sink more his cock in my mouth, I was fucking my mouth, this penis that I can barely fit, my mouth is full there is no room for anything else. I was so focused that I did not realize how much they were recording me and I was taking a picture, but I felt weak and helpless. Suddenly some friends of mine came to the bathroom saying they do not know Melany's bad luck because she was a womanizer and she was not fixed with anyone, without knowing that she was being used by her. I could not take it anymore, he made me jerk off and feel his big cock. I no longer felt my mouth was numb. 40 minutes later without warning she exploded and yet I still did not take it out, I sank it more as if I wanted it to reach my stomach directly. When I took it out I felt that I could breathe well and could not close my mouth, I felt empty, I watched as my tears and milk fell on the floor, while I heard the flash of your phone pulling more photos along with his diabolic laughter. my body was still in shock, I could not think clearly, how much milk I left, then I vomited and had a very strong and disgusting smell on top. After a while she stopped and I saw how she got her big dick inside her panties that you could see on the lake of her pantyhose. When she left, she told me, this is not over yet, baby ... and she left me a picture of today with her cock full of milk pounding my face.
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