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Confession #2

randadw   January 16, 2017   | 63815 Views
Let's be honest, when you have a pussy that craves wetness and a husband who loves your pussy full of another mans cum, you never know how a night out away from kids will turn out.… banner2 Let's be honest, when you have a pussy that craves wetness and a husband who loves your pussy full of another mans cum, you never know how a night out away from kids will turn out. Well here is another Wet Pussy Confession. I was wanting to change things up and take Sean (my husband) out with me for some extra fun. So we had been in contact with a guy named Rob to join us for a night out. We only had plans to have some drinks and see where the night leads us. Sean and I pick Rob up at his apartment and we all go down to Rosita's for a bite to eat and some margaritas. We all laughed and talked, until we moved across street to a club. Where the drinking picked up and our inhibitions were coming down. So we all head back to Rob's for a different kind of fun. I had brought a naughty little outfit for the guys, so I slipped into the bathroom and changed. Sean and Rob were talking in living room and I walk in with this little black lace with hot pink trim,sheer in areas, that holds these big tits up and fits tight all the way down to the top of my ass where I have a black lace see through hipster panties that lets my ass cheeks hang out. Sean and Rob both stop speaking and just walk towards me running there hands all over my body, eyes full of lust and desire to give me what I want. All I can do is smile and lick my lips for I am ready for what is to come. I am led to the bed and sat on the edge as Sean stood in front of me and Rob on the bed at my back. Sean leans down to kiss me and Rob reaches around and lift my boobs up and out of my outfit so he can fondle my nipples. I have large fat nipples and it drives me insane to have them manipulated until they are erect and begging for torture. By this time I take out Sean's dick and tell him I want it down my throat. I get up and place myself on all fours on top of the bed....looking over my shoulder to tell Rob to lick my bald, pulsating pussy. I then focus on taking Sean's dick in my mouth...slow at first but faster and deeper as Rob is fucking me with his tongue. Rob licks me from clit to ass....and I am loving it so much that I am gagging myself on the dick in my mouth. They finally can't take anymore and start taking turns shoving their dicks in my pussy hard and fast just like I like it. They go from my pussy to my mouth and I am able to taste my own juices and oh how I taste sweet. I am flipped around into different positions, them trying not to cum and buying time. I just bite my lip and want all I am given. After my pussy is abused and needing the wetness promised .....I get filled one at a time by both men, and just smile as the wetness rubs down my ass onto my legs.....but is my pussy satisfied???? Well I change back into my jeans and top, but leave my panties in my purse ( I don't know why I did this) and Sean and I leave. We bid our goodbyes to Rob.....had a great time...yadayadayada. So Sean and I get back to the truck to find that Kevin has text us. See Kevin is a friend of a friend who has an extremely BIG dick....I mean we are talking 10 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. I am not exaggerating!!!!!! So I had never fucked anyone with a dick like this and I was curious so a friend put me in contact with Kevin. A bonus is Kevin is a firefighter( and I am always hot for a fireman or any man in uniform). Anyways, Kevin is on duty and just wanted a face to face meeting since all we have done is text and talk. So Kevin tells us which fire house to go to since were in the area, and we park in the parking lot and wait for him to come out. We all 3 chit chat and I make the comment that I would love to see this big dick in person. He just smiles and walks over to me places his hand on my back and in one motion unsnaps my bra....and says" only if I can see these big tits in person". In my head I am thinking " this really can't be happening out here in the damn open at a fire house...good thing it is dark". So I stand up and let him pull up my shirt and let him have a view of my DDD boobs. His eyes full of heat at the moment and I tell him " go head and touch them". I let him fondle, pinch, suck, and grope my boobs in return that I want to see this MONSTER dick, because I just couldn't imagine something so big. Sean is just watching, not saying much because he knows what I want. So I put my hand on his crotch and can feel he is getting I tell him " take it out". is true!!!! This dick is fucking huge!!!!! My mouth starts to water....I can't let this opportunity pass me by so I reach out and stroke it....just thinking in my mind how would my pussy stretch to take this. He sees it in my eyes and looks at Sean for approval. Sean just smiles and gives a nod. I open the door to our truck and slip off my jeans while Kevin smacks me on the ass and says "no panties"? I forgot that I had left them in my purse...hahaha. I just lean over the back seat and he leans down to lick my pussy( he doesn't know that I just got fucked by two people) and makes the comment...."ooohh you are already so wet for me". I don't really respond, I just smile. As I am standing out in the parking lot bent over the back seat of Sean's truck Kevin shoves his MONSTER inside my tight little pussy, slow at first. I actually let out a grunt because I have never felt so full in my life. Dear god!!!!! This is wow, amazing, outside my mind......I bet my little pussy is on verge of tearing.....but it feels so fucking great. I look over my shoulder and he says " you ready"? I ready.....for what??? Then he pushes the whole thing inside me...mother of god...that wasn't all of it ????? Now he is sliding in and out dragging my pussy lips in and out with him. This MONSTER dick rubs my clit without any trying....I am just stretched to the max.....fucking awesome!!!!! He ask me " do you like my dick"? All I could do is moan "mmmhmm". With each thrust his dick is just stretching and stretching my little is fucking great. He tells me " your pussy is so damn tight". He ask " where do you want me to cum"....and I tell him " just fill me full"!!!! It doesn't take long before he explodes inside of me leaving a deposit of wetness that is deeper than ever, but pulling the wetness from earlier out and running down my legs. He smacks me on the ass again and says let's meet up again. I am still in shock and just put my jeans back on, not my bra ( it goes in my purse with the panties). Kevin has got to go back into the fire house and we need to head home to relieve the babysitter. So we make plans to meet again and Sean and I leave to head home. But something fills my mind.....I wonder what my pussy feels like after being fucked with a MONSTER dick? I tell Sean to pull over and fuck me. He is at loss for words because he is probably wondering how the hell can I need anymore dick tonight....but he pulls over and I plan on sucking him to get hard, but find he already is hard from watching me getting fucked a few mins ago. I just climb onto his lap and slide down his hard dick without any don't get me wrong Sean doesn't have a small dick, my pussy is just open from the abuse by Kevin. After a few mins my walls start to clench around Sean. I think and probably Sean thinks too "Thank God".....and as we are sitting in the Chili's parking lot fucking, not giving a shit if we are been pussy gets filled again one last time for the night. I can truly say that my desire for a wet pussy was completely "filled" and satisfied that night. But it wasn't satisfied for long....... 
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