I Forgot To Tell My Wife

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Forgetful Stag husband fails to tell wife about appointment he agreed to with a realtor to show their house that’s listed for sale... rings

Hot Wife Wendy gets a surprise visit from a realtor and his client. 


My name is Chris Cavanaugh and I’m a typical man. Yes ladies, I sometimes forget to tell my wife stuff I should. You know? Like dinner plans, or guests coming to see us, company get togethers or other details I may forget. It’s not on purpose but I know it’s important for my wife, Wendy to know these things in advance and be prepared. 


Well this story is about one of the many times I FORGOT to tell Wendy about an appointment and it turned into something really exciting for all involved. 


Wendy and I are a Stag and Vixen couple. If you don’t know what that means I’ll try to explain it briefly. I love Wendy with all my heart and she knows it. It’s an overwhelming and all consuming love I have for her. I wouldn’t deny her anything that makes her happy or brings her joy. That means anything! Wendy and I are totally devoted to each other. 


Whatever Wendy desires, I want her to have because my joy and pleasure stems from hers. That includes the pleasures of another man. Yes we have some limits to that, but for the sake of this story I’ll just say, she and I agree on these limits and we openly and honestly communicate with each other. No secrets. No deception. No disrespect. Total devotion to and from each other. 


We’d had a few adventures as a Stag and Vixen couple, but never apart. Always as a couple and always with prior agreement as to with whom and where. That is until May 6th of this year. 


I was at work that day and had totally forgotten about an appointment with our realtor who was showing our house to potential buyers. Wendy and I wanted to move closer to the city where I work, and out of our 3,000 square foot home. It was just too big for the two of us. 


The 45 minute commute was wearing out tires, and hastening wear and tear on our vehicles. Plus the extra fuel it took each week were just a few reasons we were ready to buy another house closer to my job.


My agent, Jim called me a week prior while I was in the middle of a meeting with a customer of mine. So I quickly agreed to the date and time and hung up. I totally forgot to make a notation of the appointment and thus, forgot to tell Wendy about it too. 


Monday May 6th comes, and off to work I go. Wendy was off that day and decided to sleep in late. She woke about 9a and sat on the couch in the living room until about 10:30 enjoying coffee and catching up with her friends on social media. She was also sending me some very naughty text. I rather enjoy those! Distracting. But very hot.


Wendy is gorgeous. She has the most piercing blue eyes you’ve ever seen. I mean they’re jaw dropping and captivating! 


Despite being a woman in her 40s and having had two children years ago, she has a gorgeous figure and body. She’s incredibly sexy and has a highly active libido. She also has a very active imagination and her and I can talk fantasies for hours. 


When we make love, it’s ON and I mean hot and heavy. She’s incredible. I mean an extraordinary lover. She loves giving and receiving oral and she’s found she really enjoys them both simultaneously. Yes, she swallows. 


That morning I over slept so we hadn’t had sex, so after she’d sat on the couch checking messages and getting a chance to read a few private messages from one of her favorite thirds, (she only has 2 that we’ve been with) she found herself quite horny. 


Wendy has a few toys and she likes to bring them out in situations as I’ve described. So she decided to have a hot shower and some alone time. 


She text me at about 10:30a to tell me her plans for the next hour and said she’d send me a few pictures. Of course I was thrilled. So I encouraged her to adjourn to our bed and take as many pictures as she liked. 


In a little while I get a selfie in messenger  of her naked in our shower. She was holding her phone up and shooting down on herself. Water cascading down her body and steam rising from the heat. She was biting her lower lip with her left hand between her legs. The hot water was running down her gorgeous body. Geez she’s hot! 


A few minutes later she sends another pic. Now she’s wrapped in a towel and shot the selfie looking in the bathroom mirror. Beautiful! 


Next I get a text from her that says she has her favorite toy and is laying in our queen size bed with nothing but her satin bathrobe on. She asked me if I could FaceTime with her for a few minutes? You know? To encourage her a little. Of course I accepted and immediately excused myself from the office and went out to my car for some privacy. 


Wendy’s FaceTime request came up on my phone as I was walking out the door and into the parking lot. As soon as I accepted the request, there was my gorgeous wife. Piercing blue eyes staring right at me. 


She said “hello babe... how’s your day?” “Better now, gorgeous! You’re being rather frisky for Monday. What’s gotten you all fired up this morning?” 


She smiled and said “Just thinking about you and me and...” she picked up her toy and showed it to me. It’s a realistic and lifelike vibrating dildo. Slightly larger than my cock at 8” long and 4” girth. 


I’m an average guy at 6” long and 2.5” girth. So her toy takes a few minutes for her to get use to. 


Her toy is also a deep cocoa shade. She’s had many fantasies about interracial sex in the past. We just hadn’t had the time opportunity or met anyone she’d felt comfortable with to act on those. So her toy was her way of making that fantasy close to reality. 


Wendy tells me she’s going to put her phone in a stand on the bedside table and let me watch her for a few minutes. As she places the phone down, I can hear the television in the living room just down the hall. She grabs her drink first and finishes off what appears to be whiskey on the rocks. Her favorite. 


“Babe, how many of those have you had today?” I asked with a chuckle.


“A few” and smirked back at me. I love it when she’s feeling uninhibited. 


“What were you watching on tv?” The voices I hear are of two men and a woman. In the background. The woman is moaning and I can hear the two men giving mumbled directions and grunting. 


Wendy reaches for the silicone lube and squirts a little on her toy. “I was watching some threesome DVDs we have.” She smiled at the camera and strokes her toy. “Do you mind?”


I had to clear my throat and I looked around the parking lot to make sure I was not being approached. “Babe you know I don’t mind that at all!” 


Wendy laid back on the bed and begins rubbing the vibrator against her clit. From the camera position I couldn’t really see much. But I can tell she’s easing the toy in slowly. I just watch in relative silence. There are few soft moans from Wendy and in the distance I can hear the television. 


I hear a door open and close in the background but write it of as part of the porn DVD. I hear to new voices as well, but again write it off to the DVD playing in the living room. 


Wendy is now moving her hand up and down a little faster now as reaches her first orgasm. She looks over toward her phone and smiles and says “That’s one. I wish you were here because I could really use t...” 


Suddenly a look of surprise comes over her face and I hear two men gasp! “We’re terribly sorry Mrs Cavanaugh! We had no idea anyone was here!”


Wendy was quickly removing her toy from her pussy and sat up to cover herself with her robe. I said nothing!


I realized at that moment that the two people in the house were Jim, our realtor and his client! I had no idea who he was, but was sure they both seen more than either had ever imagined. 


Wendy scowled at that phone for a split second and then changed the scowl to a smirk! 


“God I’m so sorry, gentlemen! Apparently Chris forgot to mention you were coming today!” I see her stand by the bed and tie her robe. 


I can hear foot steps going down the hall as Jim replied “Please forgive us ma’am. We’re terribly sorry. We’ll come back another time.”


Wendy looks straight at the camera and whispers “This is going to cost you, babe!” I stammer a “I... I... but...” she places her index finger to her mouth as if to shush me. 


“Wait a minute gentlemen!” She says down the hall. “Before you leave, we have to talk. I’ll be in there in just a moment.”


“Uhh ok. Are you sure?” “Yes.” Wendy replies. She looks at me in the camera and says, “You be quiet and behave. I’m going to leave the camera on but black out my screen. You sit right there and watch or you’re going to be in serious trouble when you get home.” 


With that the camera moves around the room and I now have a clear view of our bed room. Wendy placed her phone on the mantel above our fireplace at the foot of our bed. 


I can see her walk out of the bedroom still wearing her satin robe. Her toy is still on the bed. 


I listen intently and can hear the dvd still playing in the background and bits of Wendy, Jim and another voice from the living room. I can’t tell what they’re saying. 


Several minutes pass and I was about to turn my phone off when I see movement in the door way of our bedroom. Wendy is walking backwards and leading Jim and another gentleman I’ve never seen before into the room. Not by their hands. No, she has their cocks in her hands!


As she clears the doorway, she glances toward the camera and smiles. I gasped out loud but quickly covered my mouth to catch myself! 


As she approached the bed, she released their cocks, spun them around and pushed the two men back onto the bed. “Sit down and make yourselves comfortable, gentlemen. I’m going to put on a little music.”


She walks over to the mantle and looks straight into the camera to wink at me. She’d flipped the camera view around so the HiRez camera has a clear view of our bedroom looking toward the foot of our bed. I see Jim and another man seated on the edge of the bed with their cocks protruding from their open zippers. 


I hear our little bookshelf stereo pop to life and some R&B music play. 


In the meantime, Jim and the other man are watching her intently. Jim laid back when Wendy turned around, but the other gentlemen stayed sitting up and stroked his rather large cock. 


Jim was well dressed in suit and tie. Black slacks with a white shirt and blue tie. He’d taken his jacket off and placed it on a chair near the bed. 


The other gentleman was a tall, dark skinned black man. He was in kaki pants with a red polo shirt. 


Wendy walked back to the bed and once again held their cocks in each hand. “As I said in the living room, Chris failed to tell me you were coming today. That’s not the first time he’s forgotten to tell me about something as important as having guests. So I feel I owe you gentlemen an apology of sorts for driving all this way and me not being prepared to greet you.”


“Mrs Cavanaugh...” But he’s interrupted, “Wendy.” She corrected Jim. “Wendy” he continued “I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose.” 


“No, I’m sure of that. But I’m sure he won’t mind if I show you both how sorry we are that HE forgot about your appointment. Besides, I have some unfinished business of my own that I think you and Jamal can help me with.” 


Jamal! That’s the client and potential buyer’s name! Crap! Now I remembered! 


On my iPhone screen I can see Wendy stroking both cocks as Jamal puts his hand around the back of her head to pull her mouth to his. Wendy is on fire and I can tell she’s loving the control she has over these two men. 


To see my wife in that situation was incredible. Damn that looked so hot and my own cock strained against my dress slacks. Given that I was sitting in my car in a public parking lot in the middle of the day, all I could do was suffer with the uncomfortableness of it, and watch. 


Jim sat up and reached for Wendy’s head. She broke her kiss with Jamal and leaned toward Jim to kiss him, all the while continuing her slow stroking of their cocks. 


After their long passionate kiss, Wendy knelt on the floor between the two men.

sitting on the bed. She admired both men, making eye contact with each and deciding which cock to devour first. She chose Jamal. 


Still stroking Jim, Wendy took as much of Jamal as she could into her mouth. I could see her toy still on the bed and it was abundantly clear he was bigger. He was going to be a challenge for her. 


Jim watched as intently as did I from my iPhone screen via FaceTime. After a few minutes, Wendy moved her attention to Jim and showed him the same diligence. 


Jim cock was bigger than my own. He was closer in size to Wendy’s favorite toy she’d been caught with. He was probably a full eight inches long and as thick as her toy. 


Wendy continued to devour Jim’s cock while stroking Jamal’s enormous manhood. With her hand only barely wrapping around his girth. Jamal had to be nine to ten inches in length. 


After a few minutes of sucking and stroking them both, Jamal suggested that Wendy get on the bed and make herself comfortable. With that, Wendy drops her robe to the floor and now stood naked before the two men. 


Jim and Jamal move in to kiss her. Each taking one side of her face, neck, shoulders and moving down to her breast, leaving no part of her untouched by their lips. As they do, Wendy’s head tilts back and her legs parted, giving the men full access. Her lips parted and I could hear her sigh in ecstasy. 


When they both move to her nipples, she moans aloud and physically shutters. Both men help her onto the bed. Jim and Jamal remove their clothes and join her. Jamal first as he has only his shoes, socks, shirt and pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear. 


Jamal obviously very fit with a well toned, dark muscular body climbs on top of Wendy and kisses her deeply. Jim looks on as he takes off his tie and lays it on a chair near the bed. He sits down and methodically removes his shoes, then his socks. All the while not taking his eyes of Jamal and Wendy on the bed. 


Jamal moves down Wendy’s body while kissing and licking her. He slowly and purposely pays close attention to her nipples, belly and clinches Wendy’s belly ring in his teeth for a moment. Then further down toward her pussy. 


Wendy’s small white hands were holding Jamal’s head and I’m sure guiding him where she wanted him. Her white skin in stark contrast of Jamal’s coal black skin. As he reached her pussy, her back arched and she moaned again. 


Jim stood and stepped out of his pants, folded them neatly and placed them on the chair. Then he removed his boxers. Again he folds them in half and places them in the chair. He begins to unbutton his shirt and I can see he’s rock hard cock protruding from the front of his tailored shirt. He’s enjoying the scenery on my bed, as am I. 


Jamal obviously has a very talented tongue and found its mark. Wendy is in the middle of an intense orgasm. Her back highly arched, mouth open, hands grasping Jamal’s head and her hips grinding her cunt into his face. The gasps and moans are so loud, I again have to check my surroundings to make sure no one has walked up to within earshot of my car! That’s two orgasms for her. The men zero... so far. 


Jim removes his shirt and is now also naked as he approached the bed. Wendy recovered from her earth shattering climax. With her hands she pushed Jamal’s head away from her clit and announced “I want cock gentlemen. I want you both to fuck me and good.” 


Jamal replied “Get on your hands and knees and I’ll give you what you want.” Wendy complies quickly. On all fours, Jamal lines up his cock to her now very wet pussy and begins to rub it against her swollen lips.


“Jim, feed me your cock please.” Wendy sighed. With that, Jim climbed on the bed and while remaining on his knees, brought his cock to Wendy’s mouth once again. She licked him a few times and then took him fully into her mouth. 


As she did, Jamal slowly eased his cock inside her. I couldn’t see her face, but I could see her pull away from Jim’s cock and hang her head down. “Slow, Jamal. Please go slow. Oh my God you’re so damn big.” Jim bent down, took her head in his hands and kissed her deeply again. I could hear her moan through their kiss. 


As Jamal eased more of his cock into my wife’s pussy, Jim broke his kiss to Wendy. Her face still in his hands, he straightened up and moved his cock back to her mouth.  Wendy moaned around his cock. 


Jamal started to ease his hips back and forth slowly at first. From the camera’s view I could see Wendy’s hand reach back to Jamal’s hip. She was guiding him. Pacing him so that she could get use to his size. Jim was simultaneously holding her face in his hands and fucking her mouth. 


Another moan of ecstasy from Wendy let me know she was having yet another orgasm. Gasping and moaning around Jim cock and breathing heavily she began pulling Jamal into her more rapidly. 


Now Jamal began to meet Wendy’s directions and grasped her hips. He was taking over the pace setting and Wendy’s hand moved back to support herself. 


Both men now had my wife in the throes of ecstasy and she was obviously loving it. She loves the attention of two men. This was the very first time that I was not one of them. 


I watched my cell phone screen intently as Jim and Jamal continued to fuck her. Not abusively. But with great passion. After about 5 minutes, Wendy came yet again. This time her entire body shook and she collapsed on the bed. 


Both men withdrew their oral and vaginal assaults. Jamal laid down next to her and stroked her hair. “Are you ok?” He asked with a grin. “Yes, I’ve never been better!” She gasped. “Now it’s your turn. You both need to cum and I’m going to make sure you do.” 


She told Jim to lay down next to her on his back. He complied. She then sat on Jim’s stomach with her back to him. His cock between her legs she ask Jamal to hand her the bottle of lube on the nightstand. 


With the bottle in one hand and Jim’s cock in the other, she applied a liberal amount to his dick and stroked it until she completely covered it with lube. 


“I’ve never been DP’d before, but I’ve always wanted to try it. Lay back and relax Jim. I want you to cum in my ass. Jamal, once I get comfortable with Jim, I want you to cum in my pussy. Do you think you gentlemen can do that for me?


Both men agreed. Wendy looked directly at the camera on the mantel and smiled, and while stroking Jim’s well lubed cock slid him into her ass. 


With a bit of a wince, I could see his cock penetrate her ass. She eased him into her fully. The she looked back at the camera again and leaned back. Jim reached around her grasping her breasts. He pinched and twisted her nipples. 


Jamal sat up and kissed Wendy deeply. Again Wendy moaned. She leaned her head back while grinding her ass against Jim’s cock. Jamal kissed her neck. He then took the bottle of lube and poured some on her clit. It ran down to Jim’s cock that was still plunging into her ass. 


Jamal put the bottle down on the bed and rubbed her swollen sweet spot with his hand. Wendy continued to grind Jim’s cock in her ass. She looked over at Jamal and said “I want you in me. I want you both to cum in me.” 


Jamal climbed on top of Wendy as she spread her legs wider to accommodate him. His massive cock slipped past her well lubricated lips. With one smooth push, he entered her completely. Only momentarily stoping Wendy’s own thrusts against Jim’s cock. Both men were now balls deep inside her and I could see it from the camera angle I was watching. 


Wendy gasped. She laid back on top of Jim and wrapped her arms around Jamal’s neck. I could see him lean down to kiss her again and at the same time withdraw almost the entire ten inches of his cock, then push it all back inside her. 


Wendy’s legs lifted and she wrapped them around his waste, digging the heels of her feet into the cheeks of his ass. Again the striking color contrast of their skin caught my attention. 


Jim now had room for his pelvis to meet Jamal’s strokes and he began thrusting his cock into Wendy’s now we’ll adapted and lubricated ass. Both men fucking my wife with growing ferocity. 


With Jamal and Wendy kissing, again I heard the familiar, muffled grunts and moans from her as she was skillfully DP’d by two rather large cocks. Jamal and Jim pumped her with building intensity. 


After only a few minutes Wendy breaks her kiss with Jamal and announced “Oh God! I’m coming!” Her back arched and her legs quaked with each wave of an incredibly intense orgasm. That made five! 


This must have had an effect on Jim and Jamal. Jim announced first “I’m going to cum.” From my small screen I could see him shove his hips as hard as he could against Wendy’s ass. Slamming his cock into her so hard, his balls were tossed upwards and bouncing off of Jamal’s. 


Jamal tried to withdraw his cock, but Wendy told him “No Jamal! Cum in me! Cum inside me!” 


Jim’s grunt and moan let me know that’s exactly what he was doing. His thrusts slowed but were hard and forceful. Each one with a distinctive grunt. 


Jamal pushed his torso up with his arms and slammed Wendy’s pussy with his cock. A few strokes later he was grunting and grinding his load into her too. He buried the full length of his cock into her now well used pussy. 


When he finished, he rolled off her onto the bed. Wendy lay on top of Jim on her back, flush red, covered in sweat and gasping for breath. Her pussy gaping and now oozing Jamal’s cum on to Jim’s balls. I can see his cock is now shrinking and soon saw his cock plop out of her ass, followed by his cum. 


Wendy rolled off Jim onto her stomach and laid motionless between Jim and Jamal. The two men lay on their sides caressing her. “Are you ok Mrs. Cav... uh Wendy?” “Yes Jim. I’m just completely spent.” 


Jamal kissed her shoulder, then got out of bed and went to the master bath. I could hear water running. He returned with a wash cloth and towel. He wiped Wendy off gently with the wash cloth, then toweled her dry.  


While Jamal cleaned Wendy, Jim got up and went the bathroom to clean himself up. Both men got dressed while Wendy lay spread eagle on our bed. She rolled over on her back to allow Jamal to clean up her cum filled pussy and ass. 


“You gentlemen will forgive me for not getting up. I hope you don’t mind showing yourselves out?” “Of course not. You rest up. I’ve got to schedule another appointment with Jamal here to see the rest of the house. Today we only got to see the living room, master bedroom and bath. He has to get back to his office to work. So, we’ll have to come back.”


Wendy rolled her head over to look at Jim and smiled. “I look forward to that.” Be sure to schedule it on a Monday when I’m off work, please. I’d like to be here for that visit too.” Jim and Jamal smiled at her. “Absolutely!” was Jim’s reply. 


Then men left the room and I could hear them walk down the hall, the back door open and then close. 


Wendy looked up at the camera on the mantel, got up out of the bed and walked over to it. She looked directly into the lens and bit her bottom lip with a pout. “You need to get your forgetful ass home and reclaim your naughty wife. I love you. Bye.” She blew a kiss and the FaceTime call ended.

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