My Ex-wife, how it all began

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Once again, just as we got to the critical point, she leaped up and ran for the bathroom banner1 When I met Sue I had just come out of another relationship, I suppose you could say I was on the rebound.I first met her at a riding stables I was working on, I was doing a lot of those at that stage in my life.
She was a small slim woman, 18 years old, about five feet tall with long blonde hair, not exactly stunning, she never wore make-up, not unattractive, sort of a typical, girl next door.
I had hardly spoken to her on the yard, just a 'hello' every now and then, it was a shock when I ended up dating her, and I say a shock, because, initially, I had no designs on her whatsoever, let me explain how I ended up meeting the woman who was to become my first wife.
Having come out of one relationship, I was keen to get back in the loop, I'd seen a nice looking girl at the stables, a blonde, and fancied a crack at her. The only problem was that, like most of the others, I'd barely spoken to her and didn't have the nerve to ask her out.
This problem was solved however when I realised that a girl I did speak to was a good friend of hers, well, it would have been solved better, had I known the blonde girls name, at this point it all started to unravel, although it would be to late, by the time I realised this.
The stables had two stable blocks, and each held a number of horses, Sue had her horse in one, and the other girl had hers in the other, and this was to lead to the mistake that would only become apparent later. There was a function coming up at a local club and I'd decided that this was the perfect time to try and get a date with this young blonde girl, we were all around the same age, they were in their late teens and I was 21, so not a massive age gap, I'd just got a car and was convinced this would give me an advantage, so I went for it!
                        One evening I was packing up to leave the stables, it was quite late and there were hardly any of the girls around, I would be working somewhere else for the next few days, so if I was to do anything it was now or never, I decided to go for it. Spotting one of the girls I knew, I decided to make my move, she was walking across the yard on her way out, here goes, "evening love", I called out to her, "evening, are you working late?" she replied, "no, just on my way, can I give you a lift?" I responded, it was a fairly long walk from the stables to her bus stop and she gratefully accepted, "ooh please, my boots are killing me", she said, suddenly smiling, "good, jump in" I replied, opening the door for her, she looked down at her long black riding boots, they were covered in a mix of mud, straw and horse manure, "don't worry, jump in" I said, knowing what she was thinking.
She got in, I got in and off we went, it turned out I was almost passing her house, so I  said I'd drop her off, it would give me more time to ask her for a favour. We drove along and I casually mentioned the event at the local club, could she possibly, I wondered, do me a favour and ask the blonde girl if she'd like to go with me, she seemed a little surprised, but said she'd do it and ring me before weekend and let me know.
       On the Friday I got a phone call from the girl I'd spoken to earlier, she'd spoken to the girl, Sue, and she'd be really happy to go, in fact she'd meet me there, I coldn't believe my luck, remember, at this point I had barely said hello to the girl, let alone got around to introducing ourselves, so naturally I didn't really know any names.
Saturday evening came, I arrived at the club smartly dressed and went inside, I ordered a drink from the bar and looked around, I couldn't see her anywhere, still it was early, maybe she hadn't arrived yet, half an hour later and still no sign. I was begining to think she'd stood me up when I saw a familiar figure, the other blonde girl from the stables. She smiled when she saw me and nervously approached, "hi, it's Phil isn't it?" she asked, "yes, that's right, I've seen you at the stables haven't I ?", she smiled, "yes, I'm Sue". Suddenly it dawned on me, the reason the other girl wasn't here was that obviously she wasn't Sue! "I'm glad you asked me out, but you could have asked me yourself, I don't bite" she continued, I offered her a drink, she replied she didn't normally drink, because she didn't normally go out, she'd have half a lager.
The night went reasonably well, she was a little quiet, she didn't dance, but hey, what the hell, she told me she hardly went out and spent most of her free time with her horse, she was horse mad in fact. We ended the night agreeing to meet again, I gave her a lift home and that was that, for now.
I hadn't the heart to tell her she was actually the 'wrong date', she seemed to have very few friends and was really quite shy, so we began dating, well, I began to spend a lot of my evenings at her house, her mother worked at a restaurant so was out most nights until late, and her father worked abroad.
When it came down to getting intimate she was quite keen, we'd spend most nights kissing and cuddling on the couch, one night I decided to go a bit further and by the end of the night she had her top off and I was happily playing with her small pert tits, small but perfectly formed. She looked a little strange lying there on the couch, her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders, partly covering her pert tits, my eye wandered lower, across her toned slim stomach, down to her slim waist, the top of her dark brown jodhpurs, her slim legs, and those long rubber riding boots, I swear she lived in those bloody boots and jodhpurs!
We lay there chatting, I playfully toyed with her nipples with one hand and slowly moved my other across her belly, no resistance, on I went, over the jodhpurs and into the V where her legs met her body, still no resistance, she gasped slightly, but parted her thighs as I began to rub her crotch gently through the tight jodhpurs, and that was the end of the night.
Encouraged by my previous success, the following night I continued from where I'd left off, she was beging to enjoy me playing with her tits and by now it was a mere ten minutes after arriving that she was lay topless on the couch, those damned boots and jodhpurs however remained firmly on!
This time I slid my hand down her belly, but instead of going over the jodhpurs, I undid the button and slid my hand inside, no resistance, feeling the waistband of her full-cut panties I slipped my hand inside and felt the soft pubic hair beneath, I stroked for several minutes, she was getting wet, and panting. Gently I slipped a finger inside her, although well lubricated, she still let out a soft gasp as my finger penetrated her, her breathing became heavier and she began to squirm slightly. Just when I thought she was about to cum, she leaped up and ran for the bathroom.
The following night the same thing happened, we'd get to a point and off she'd go, at this rate we'd never get any further, I had to do something, so when I arrived the following night, I'd already formulated a plan. Instead of getting 'down to business' , I produced a bottle and we began to have a drink, I asked her if she felt uncomfortable with what we were doing, and she said she actually enjoyed it, I then asked why if she was enjoying it, did she keep running off to the toilet, when she explained why, I suddenly realised just how inexperienced she was!
As we chatted, she told me she was keen to move on further, she'd had almost nothing to do with men before me, she'd allowed one to grope her tits over her top, but nobody had ever gone lower, and nobody had seen her topless, let alone have their hand down her pants, she wanted to go further, but there was a problem, and she couldn't see a way around it, she couldn't ask her mother, she thought sex was dirty, and her older sister, she felt, would laugh at her, she didn't know where to turn, why not explain to me? I suggested.
Maybe it was the drink, she wasn't used to that either, or maybe she was begining to trust me, either way she began to tell me the problem. She found that playing with her nipples gave her a 'strange pleasant feeling' this was even better when I rubbed her crotch, when I slipped my finger inside her, well, it felt amazing, the problem was that just when she felt something wonderful was going to happen, she got another feeling, and this one frightened her! Every time she reached a certain point, she got an overwhelming urge to have a wee, she was terrified of wetting her pants while I was with her, so, she'd rush off to the bathroom!
I almost burst out laughing at this point, partly with relief, and partly at the realisation of just how little she knew considering her age. I began to explain that if she just relaxed and let things happen she wouldn,t wet herself, she'd have an orgasm, she wasn't convinced, this was going nowhere. I decided to try a different avenue, did she trust me, I asked, she replied that she did, I then asked her to remove her jodhpurs and boots as I wanted her to do something for me. Slowy she pulled off the long rubber boots, followed by the tight brown jodhpurs, I stood up and removed her top and bra, leaving her stood their almost naked, the only thing left was a pair of very unflattering full cut pale pink cotton panties.
I sat back down and pulled her onto my knee, we kissed and cuddled and I fondled her nipples as usual, then I slid one hand down and began to stroke her mound over her panties, her breathing quickened and she began to squirm, we were almost there, I stopped and asked her to stand up.
Standing in front of me wearing only the pink panties she looked a little lost, why had I stopped, had I gone off her, had she done something wrong, she asked. I re-assured her, she'd done nothing wrong, but I needed her to do something for me, the question is, would she, she told me she would.
I explained that, although it might sound strange, I wanted to watch her wet her panties, would she do that for me? she said she would, She said we should go to the bathroom, I said I wanted her to do it where we were, she was worried about the carpet, so I picked up one of her riding boots and told her to do it in that. she stood facing me, her panties were almost level with my face, I picked up the boot and held it between her legs, "go on, lets see you wet those panties" I encouraged, seconds later she blushed as a trickle ran through the crotch of her panties, "let it all out" I told her, the flow increased and a minute or two later she was done.
I placed the boot on the hearth and stroked the damp crotch of her panties, she blushed slightly, "now, I've seen you wet your panties, so you don't need to worry in future" she nodded, "I suppose not, but why did you want me to do it?" she asked, looking a little puzzled, "because, when you've done it once, you won't worry about doing it again, will you?" I replied, "oh, ok" she said, smiling now. I pulled her back down onto the couch, "well, lets see if you can wet them again" I said as I began to kiss and cuddle her, I played with her tits, then slipped a hand into her wet panties, played with her clit for a few minutes, then gently slid a finger inside her, using a finger inside and my thumb on her clit, I went for it, her breathing became quicker and deeper, we were almost at that point again. "I saw you wee in your panties earlier, remember" I whispered, as she began to squirm, "that's right, and I think I'm going to do it again" she replied between gasps, "especially if you keep doing that". I carried on with my fingering, "well in that case, you'd better wet them, because I'm not stopping". before she could reply she let out a yell and went rigid, I felt her panties suddenly become very wet as she gasped for breath. I stopped what I was doing and waited for her to recover, "what the fuck was that?"she asked, finally able to get her breath back, I was gobsmacked, it was the first time I'd heard her swear.
I planted a kiss on her forehead and smiled, "that Sue, was an orgasm, did you like it?" she smiled dreamily, "oh yes, can I have another?" I kissed her full on the lips, "of course you can, you can have as many as you want, but I think we should leave it until tomorrow.

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