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Can all mistakes be fixed? Lesbian


               Some mistakes can’t be overcome….

               I came home at my normal time on Friday and was surprised Susan, my wife wasn’t home yet. I got off at five o’clock and was always home by five thirty, every day. Susan got off at four and was home before me all the time.

               I assumed that she was going out with her coworkers after work. She did that a lot on Fridays. But she almost always told me she was going before she went.

               I started dinner and set the table. It was about six-thirty when I had dinner ready and I heard her pull the car into the driveway. I waited in the kitchen as I herd her walking up to the door giggling and laughing loudly. “Stop that, we will have time when we get in the house.” more giggling. “Stop that now. You are being naughty. Wait till we get to the room.”

               The door opened and in walked my wife with another man. She looked right at me with a big smile and said. “Honey how are you. This is Mike.” She put her arms around Mike like they were long-lost lovers. “I see you have dinner ready for us. Hey we will be ready to eat in about a half hour. That ok with you, you can keep it worm till then.” She then took Mike’s arm and dragged him to our bedroom. Our bedroom!!!!

               I fell down. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt I just went into the twilight zone… I watched my wife of two years take another man into our room, right in front of me. I wanted to say something, scream or something but for some reason I couldn’t. I just stared at the door of our room totally miffed, not understanding.

               She got loud… her cries of lusts where easily heard threw the door. “Oh, OH… MY GOD… YES THAT’S IT KEEP THAT UP. OH, OH I AM GOING TO CUM ALREADY… OH YEA... YES, YES MORE… JUST LIKE THAT…. DON’T STOP FUCKING ME GOD PLEASE DON’T STOP……”

               I crawled up into one of the dinning room chairs. I could feel the bile coming up from my stomach. I ran to the kitchen and barely made it to the kitchen sink before I hurled. I cleaned myself up and made it back to the table and had a seat.

               As she said about a half hour later, she came out of the bedroom. She had his shirt on, and nothing else. He wore only his boxers. They came to the dinning room table where I was setting still filling like shit. They took a seat and started to load their plates with food that I had prepared. Both of them where acting like this was just a normal Friday afternoon.

               “You’re not eating Dear?” Susan asked me.

               I just stared at her.

               “Oh, by the way dear, who was that woman you had lunch with yesterday at Danny’s Dinner. About noon time.

               I looked up for a second trying to remember then I told her “My sister Cindi.” My sister and I go to lunch a couple time a month. She new all about it. I told her to join us if she ever saw us together.  

               Susan’s eyes went big, and she suddenly turned white and dropped her fork.        

Thank you for reading.

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